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Houston Thyroid And Endocrine Specialists

M. DeeDee White, nurse practitioner, brings over 15 years of varied critical care nursing expertise with her to the Holtorf Medical Group, Inc. She obtained her graduate degree from the University of California Los Angeles, California and got her nurse practitioner coaching with centered emphasis in Adult Cardiology. Upon end, she spent 5 years of her expertise at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. It was during this time she also became very active in medical research particular to disease prevention with various on-going research studies. She was co-researcher for the EISNER research study and worked closely to the NOET and PLACE study.

Because endocrine are mutually-dependent, a lack of one can create surpluses of still another, and vice-versa, with several chances for imbalance and unhealthy symptoms. Imbalances of estrogen, progesterone, and hydrocortisone are linked to low thyroid. 80% of low thyroid sufferers have reduced cortisol or "Adrenal Exhaustion" and vice-versa. Many research have found that Human Growth Hormone (GH) amounts are extremely low in hypothyroid patients and when GH is changed in these individuals, the thyroid is usually normalized. Low Testosterone levels can also be discovered

in hypothyroid patients (particularly men) and Testosterone replacement therapy enhances significantly their thyroid perform.

The M.D. will track the amount of you thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). He's likely to try and ensure it is remain inside a specific numerical range by always correcting theof your medication. But-- TSH isn't a good mark to utilize for those who have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis See, the TSH of a woman with Hashimoto's proceeds HIGH and LOW nearly at random. The TSH could be high one week, but low the following week. TSH amounts do not get at the origin of your issue. Observation and managing your TSH will not help your autoimmune condition. Your immune system is the difficulty.

A simple physical examination can show an enlarged thyroid, irritated or bulging eyes , and indications of increased metabolic process, including fast pulse and high blood pressure. The doctor will also call for blood checks to assess for high levels of thyroxine (T 4) and reduced amounts of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), both of which are signs of Graves' disease. A radioactive iodine uptake could also be administered to measure how promptly the thyroid takes up iodine, which it needs to work properly. A high uptake of iodine is an indication of Graves' disease. Treatment of Graves' Disease

Most people with an unresolved thyroid problem have not learnt of Hashimoto's - but their doctor knows about it. So, if Hashimoto's is the top cause of hypothyroidism in America why is not it contained in every thyroid testing protocol? There's no medication for an autoimmune thyroid! The medical options for an auto-immune thyroid are to irradiate the thyroid gland or surgically eliminate it. Neither choice is likely to assist you to feel better - you just end up with more radiation or less thyroid tissue - but it's still true that you have all the same symptoms! Thus, it's likely a good thing that doctors blow off it. For more information

Houston thyroid and endocrine specialists  
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