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April 2012


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We are a state licensed Counseling Center specializing in Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse / Dependencies while also being able to assist those with a co-occurring disorder. Our agency is supervised by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. We are locally owned and operated with a desire to serve the needs of our fellow citizens making the community stronger and safer one client at a time. Our mission is to assist clients in choosing their own path to a healthier life in a safe, respectful and manageable environment.

Our office will be closed April 6th for Good Friday

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Spirituality Corner Each of us looked forward to my Irish grandmother Clara’s annual weekend of spring-cleaning. The first time I helped, I found it unsettling- I’d never encountered anyone with so much to give or throw away. “But that’s perfectly good!” I would protest. When Grandmother realized I was in real distress, she called a story break. “There was this thriving little town in Ireland that the local folk wanted to see grow, so they decided to build a new town hall. But the town fathers decreed that it had to be built on the same site and of the same material as the old town hall. And the old town hall had to be kept in use until the new one was completed. And so,” so she said sadly, “the little town never grew. “What I’m doing today, Elaine, is making way for the new. New growth starts when you let go of the old.” ----- Elaine St. Johns, Time-Out for the Spirit 2007

Emotions Anonymous is chaired by Gloria F. a new face to Alternative Choice on Wednesday evenings at 5pm. She feels that the 12 steps based on those of A.A are very important tools that when directed toward our emotions can be beneficial and help us to overcome trials. Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on Wednesday afternoons at 11:30 are chaired by Leah G. The Forgiven group’s purpose is to provide a place they can find understanding and camaraderie. All are welcomed and accepted ! Faith recovery is chaired by Mr. Wesley Tomlinson, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church here in Humboldt. Meetings are on Friday evenings at 5pm. This faith based group is Christ oriented and spiritually filling. HAVE YOU BEEN CONVICTED OF A DUI?? CALL US AND WE CAN GET YOU SCHEDULED FOR YOUR DUI SCHOOL. WE HAVE THEM ON SATURDAYS EVERYOTHER MONTH AND YOU WILL GET YOUR CERTIFICATE THE SAME DAY. BELOW ARE THE NEXT TWO DATES FOR DUI SCHOOL. YOU CAN REACH US AT 731-784-8814, IF NO ANSWER LEAVE A MESSAGE AND WE WILL CALL YOU BACK.

STATE CERTIFIED DUI SCHOOL $150.00 TO REGISTER CALL 784-8814. NEXT CLASS ON SATURDAY April 21ST 2012 & June 16TH, 2012 TIME IS 9AM -9PM. LOCATION: 1309 MAIN STREET HUMBOLDT ***Must have three for the class to make. Page 2

Step Work This month we will cover step four: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. First, we should ask ourselves what we want out of recovery. Most of us answer this question by saying that we just want to be comfortable, or happy, or serene. We just want to like ourselves. But how can we like ourselves when we didn't even know who we are? The Fourth Step gives us the means to begin finding out who we are, the information we'll need to begin to like ourselves and get those other things we expect from the program-comfort, happiness, serenity. The Fourth Step heralds a new era in our recovery. Steps Four through Nine can be thought of as a process within a process. We will use the information we find in working the Fourth Step to work our Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Steps. This process is meant to be done over and over again in recovery. What are some of the benefits that could come from making a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself? Why shouldn't I procrastinate about working this step? What are the benefits of not procrastinating? How is my decision to work Step Four a demonstration of courage? Trust? Faith? Honesty? Willingness? Is there anything in this inventory that isn't true, or are there any stories I've told over and over again that aren't true?

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Alcoholics Anonymous.

We also offer self-help meetings: Wednesday at 11:30 am Wednesday at 5:00 pm Friday at 11:30 am Friday at 5:00 pm

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12 Step Facilitation Emotions Anonymous 12 Step Facilitation Faith Based Recovery

Interview with Thomas Wesley of Faith Baptist Church Once a minister in the Prisons of Florida is now giving back to the community by chairing the faith recovery. After getting saved in 2000 Mr. Wesley has become a changed man. He has now been a preacher at the Baptist church here in Humboldt for two years .Prior to his coming to Christ he too used drugs and alcohol. He admits that he didn’t believe in God then. Now after getting saved in 2000 Mr. Wesley has become a changed man! Now he and his wife are both saved and believe 100% in the Lord and his ability to help us overcome our troubles. They are raising there children up to know Christ. He ministers in jails and prisons, spreading the word of God to those behind the walls. Mr. Wesley stressed that once you are saved the work does not stop there! We must press forward- feeding our spirit daily with the word. He says that he reads his bible every morning before he does anything else. I believe we could all benefit from taking his advice and putting the Lord first on our to do list everyday! “Everybody needs Christ in their lives,” says Mr. Wesley ! And hopefully through his ministry he can reach at least one person… would like to reach them all! Look to God our Savior for he is real and can help us through any problem.

Spotlight Client of the Month for Gibson Co. Interview with Jimmy Darling By : Leah Gunn After 7 yrs of drinking Jimmy Darling has hope in his heart and a genuine smile on his face! Now 24 with a 2 yr old son, he finds himself excelling through his time spent in treatment at Alternatives Choice. While interviewing him he stated, ”I feel like an Eagle without wings, but they are growing through his days here. One feather at a time!” Amazing way to look at this road of recovery! He also stated that he now realizes that he is not alone in his battle against Alcoholism. As he is surrounded by others who too struggle with addictions and reframing from the bottle, he feels comforted. Life has become more clear to him now, and he has accomplished a lot during his couple of months here. He aspires to attend Business college at Jackson State ,and to attain a part time job. His counselor Mrs. Liz has helped him to fill out necessary paperwork for FASFA and also motivated him to submit at least 2 applications per wk looking for a job. He even went as far as to say that she is a motivating force in his life! How awesome is it that through trials we can attain these kinds of relationships?!Jimmy was nominated by not only one of his counselors but two! Ms. LeAnnda and Mrs. Liz both have equally good things to say about all that Jimmy has accomplished. They both state that he has shown a lot of growth and been going above and beyond to participate in sessions and groups. We are all proud of and for you here at Alternatives Choice and pray that you continue to succeed in all you do! GOOO JIMMY!

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Client Spotlight of the Month For Crockett Co. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Carol. Carol had never been an alcoholic or drug addict until after the age of sixty, however the alcohol took over her life very fast. She received her first DUI and was referred to Alternative Choice Counseling Center. Before coming to Alternative Choice she went through detox at Pathways. “She was very nervous, anxious, and confused. She also showed a lot of fear and resentment,” says her counselor, Mariela. She now has six months sober and thanks to Alternative Choice she has regained her self esteem, coping skills, learned not to judge people, and has regained her spirituality and relationship with her Higher Power. She has learned through her counselor to take it one day at a time and uses her words of wisdom as strength. “I have gradually found the real Carol,” says Mariela. “She utilizes her coping skills and is very strong willed to take the right path.” Way to go Mrs. Carol. We are all very proud of you. Keep up the great work. You are an amazing person and definitely an inspiration. Interviewed by: Heather York

CHRISTS CREATION Gratitude is more than an attitude or a frame of mind. It's a way of life for those who don’t want to be left behind. Look deep inside yourself and surely you will find, the desire to be true to be true to your neighbor, understanding and kind. For Jesus Christ lives inside you, your his creation, his one of a kind. Your life has purpose to be fulfilled your part of a specific design. With willingness and an open mind you'll persevere -taking one day at a time. So no longer fear the future nor what you've left behind. Pray and believe and you will receive the promises for they are yours as well as mine! By Leah Gunn ©2012

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English speaking Parenting is 4-8-12 at 1309 Main Street Humboldt 2-6pm cost is $40

A Kut Above Full Service Salon 120 S. 14th Ave. Humboldt, TN 38343 731-824-0028 Owner—Sue Davis

Spanish Speaking Parenting is 8-12 noon at 10 N Johnson Street Alamo on 4-7-12 cost is $40

Anger Management Class on 4-7-12 at 12-4pm at 10 N Johnson St. Alamo

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