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The modern trends in this IT age inspired the AC Bitola to start with the first ever computing project. This project contains series of six workshops during the three months period which will take place at the American Educational Center. For the needs of the project, through application process, a group of twelve high school students from Bitola were selected. The students will have the chance to participate in all the workshops organized during the following three months. This project’s goal is to reach the high school students and inspire them to effectively use the Internet as a source of creativity and new ideas, and most of all, make them aware of the possibilities for e-learning available to them. The first workshop from this project happened on March 12th and was aimed to give the participants an idea of what is included in the field of Internet technologies and which media, applications and tools are the ones most frequently used. During the first workshop “Basics of Internet Technologies� Ana Dajovska, AC Bitola Staff and a Business Informatics Master student, gave an overview of the best online apps and tools and talked more about the development path of Internet technologies. After the introductory session, the participants got a chance to name their favorite Internet tools, which putted in a panel, generated the conclusion about the most frequently used Internet sites and tools by them. At the very end of

the presentation, Ana gave the participants their first task connected with discovering Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. The AC Bitola sincerely hopes that the interest shown by the AC members and high school students will be a great inspiration with a productive overcome from every workshop during “The Computing project” and is truly looking forward to the second workshop themed “Blogs and Blogging Community” which will take place on March 24th at the American Educational Center.


On March 24th at the American Educational Center the participants of “The Computing project” met for the second time. This second workshop was especially dedicated to understanding the importance of Blogs, their usage and how everyone can get involved in the blogging community. Ana Dajovska, AC Bitola Staff and Business Informatics master student, started the workshop with a short introduction of

the history of Blogs and a written story on how Blogs are used in real life. Ana introduced the participants to the most popular blogging sites and showed examples of blogs built on those sites. Taking in consideration the fast lifestyle we all practice, Microblogging was introduced as one especially efficient way of expressing individual opinion via short posts on the two most frequently used microblogging sites: Twitter and Tumblr. After learning the most important roles of the Blogs as a way to connect with people, expressing opinion and exchanging information, the practical part of the workshop followed. Every participant got a task to start their own blog and during this process Ana explained the most important elements when creating one. After successfully finished first task, the participants were divided in two teams and got their homework connected with Microblogging and finding a useful tip or app which they think would be the best to use for the AC Bitola’s Twitter profile. The winning solution resulting from the second task will be applied on the actual ACB Twitter profile:!/ACMBitola

“This new world of geographical togetherness has been brought about, to a great extent, by man's scientific and technological genius. Man has been able to dwarf distance, place time in chains and carve highways through the stratosphere. Through our scientific genius, we have made the world a neighborhood…”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

As part of “The Computing project” the “Conferencing with AC Belgrade” event took place on April 4th at the American Corner Bitola. Videoconferences and their importance in learning more about the possibilities to connect trough videos and be included in different learning experiences such as DVC conferences, Co.Nx sessions or joining a talk via “ooVoo” or “Skype” were the main goals of the workshop. During this event, the participant had an amazing opportunity to meet the AC Belgrade Coordinators Sandra Nikolic and Branka Stojicevic. The video conferencing system and how it works was planned to be introduced to the participants, and the AC Bitola and AC Belgrade connected through the Digital Videoconferencing System in live broadcasting. After this test connection, in order to see other connecting possibilities, the conference continued on Skype, where Sandra and Branka presented the AC Belgrade and their programs via presentation on Sky Drive. To make this conference more exclusive, through this video conference the participants of “The Computing project” got an opportunity to take a look at the “Little school of design” which was happening at the AC Belgrade at the same time as the video conference. After the stunning meeting with AC Belgrade, the basics elements of videoconferencing were presented, and Ana Dajovska, AC Bitola Staff and a Business Informatics master student, initiated a brainstorming session where the high school students gave their ideas of how videoconferences can be used. By seeing the benefits of videoconferencing, the main ways to get involved and use this technology, the necessary tools, as well as the H.323 Standard for Videoconferencing systems, the participants were amazed by the functionality of this concept of video collaboration and were immediately motivated to take part in it. In conclusion, this workshop besides being a good opportunity to introduce the teenagers to the various usages of the Internet as a tool was also a great way to cooperate an d enhance video collaboration with the AC Belgrade, and the AC Bitola would like to thank them for their effort and immediate response to AC Bitola’s invitation!

The fourth workshop of “The Computing project” took place on May 2nd at the American Corner Bitola. This time the nine high school students who are part of this project had the opportunity to learn more about video and photo editing software. Camtasia Visual Studio and Photoshop were the two programs that were presented to the students. The workshop started with an introduction to Camtasia Visual studio and Goran Dajovski, Technical faculty graduate, talked more about the program, the editing options it offers, and showed numerous practical examples on how to use it. After the first part, Zoran Malakovski, Technical faculty student, continued to the photo editing session and guided the participants through the Photoshop learning experience. Zoran’s precision in editing photos amazed the participants and everyone enjoyed in learning more about the options and usage of this program. Practical examples were shown together with tutorial videos which contributed this workshop to be a great learning experience for everyone present. The interesting topic of the workshop initiated numerous questions about Camtasia Visual studio and Photoshop, and the options they offer compared to other software available nowadays.

The fifth workshop of “The Computing project” dedicated to searching the available data bases and using various internet resources was divided in three stages. The first part took place on April 17th when the AC Bitola had the honor to host the representatives from the Library of Congress, and the World digital Library. After this astonishing presentation, the participants of “The Computing project” shared their impressions on the ooVoo meeting which took place on May 6th. During this session the participants were given different links from useful Internet resources by the AC Staff Ana Dajovska. On the ooVoo session the Twitter apps the participants found were showed as part of the completed tasks by the two teams. To round this workshop, the participants gathered at the Corner on May 11th in order to

approach the Corner’s eLibraryUSA account and to check the resources available to them on to which they can access from the Corner. For this session, the participants of the project also requested an introduction to the amazing website for making interesting presentations-, and Ana Dajovska, AC Staff gave a short twenty minutes tutorial on how to use Prezi. Also, the new editing options offered by Prezi will be used as an introduction to the last workshop of “The Computing project” which will take place on May 31st where the participants will have the chance to hear and learn more about the phenomenon of Cloud Computing.

The two months project aimed to efficient usage of the Internet technology for youth was rounded on the Saturday afternoon on June 2nd at the American Educational Center. The final workshop named as “Cloud Computing� was dedicated to learning about the new cloud computing applications and software, and the certificates awarding ceremony. At the beginning of the workshop the participants were invited to the Prezi meeting via their e-mail addresses and everyone was following the presentation from their own desktop computer. Ana Dajovska, AC Staff and Business Informatics Master Student, talked more about the Cloud computing phenomenon as something that paints the future of IT and as a future way for online collaboration. As a pre-presentation activity, just to sense the cloud computing usage and the collaboration possibilities it offers, the ten participants of the project were jointly editing a Prezi in which they put their impressions and shared their opinion about the project which can be found HERE. Introduction to cloud computing concept of Google and efficient usage of the possibilities offered by Google Drive was the core topic of the presentation. By

Individual sessions on how to use Prezi concerning some details and instructions. – at the AC Bitola

explaining the difference between the public and private cloud computing, as well as the different cloud computing platforms offered by the companies who invest in this software were also mentioned. Different apps for photo and video editing, data storage, online collaboration and much more were displayed and the participants had the opportunity to dive into the sea of cloud apps on the Internet. After the workshop, the certificates awarding ceremony took its turn and everyone present received their certificate, evaluation form, EdUSA promotional materials and a

small gift by the Corner. Ten students ages 14-17 finished the project and were part of the first initiative of this kind at the American Corner Bitola. To end the project in flying colors, Team 1 comppiled by Stefan B., Nevena, Angela, Nikola and Stefan D., found a Tweeter app as part of their task which will be applied on AC Bitola’s Twitter profile. At the very end, the AC Bitola would like to thank Angela Gorgievska, Stefan Baltov, Nevena Todorovska, Stefan Dzalev, Katerina Kolevska, Tomislav Matlievski, Andrijana Jovanovska, Mihail Krstevski, Georgie Femic and Nikola Gelov for their interest, innovativeness and contribution to “The Computing project”. The AC Bitola is eagerly looking forward to the new season of this project in the Fall 2012, when the number of participants for the project will be tripled.

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Two month long project at the AC Bitola.