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Student Survey Most likely to become a rockstar Adelia Donohue and Christian Carter-Kaye Most likely to be famous Scout Jaysen and Adelia Donohue Most likely to rule the world Vincent Axel and Evion Najeev Most likely to cause the apocalypse Emily Buchanan and Evion Najeev Most likely to be ID’d at thirty Dylan Truss and Ellion Kelson Most likely to be on Cops Aubrey Night and Alyssa Dudek Most likely to win a reality show Jonathan Patrick and Alyssa Dudek Most likely to be a millionaire Dwayne Carlson and Britt Davis Most likely to be president Ezra Spencer and Emily Buchanan Most likely to get married right after graduation Elliot Wyld and Verity Laurence Haruhi Nozomi and Britt Davis Most likely not to change after graduation Haruhi Nozomi and Bryce Butler Most likely to be unrecognizable at our first reunion Britt Davis and Isabella James The impossible couple you always wanted to happen Liam Garretty and Emily Buchanan Most attractive Scout Jaysen and Marcus Bentley

Most artistic Ebony Hernandez and Sonja Feldlerche Most terrifying Andreika Selkie and Evion Najeev Most lovable Elliot Wyld and Haruhi Nozomi Most optimistic Jenica Blackwood and Haruhi Nozomi Most pessimistic Elliot Wyld and Marcus Bentley Most temperamental Emily Buchanan and Evion Najeev Coolest Christian Carter-Kaye and Nona Harrison Weirdest Ezra Spencer and Liam Garretty Cutest couples Britt Davis and Haruhi Nozomi Dylan Truss and Sage Finnegan Class clown Ezra Spencer and Danny Watanabe Best smile Kayden Waite and Scout Jaysen Most athletic Kayden Waite and Brennan Alavarez Class creep Vincent Axel and Morgana Blackwood Friendliest Verity Laurence and Elliot Wyld

Best dressed Isabella James and Britt Davis Shyest Maxmillian Jones and Ebony Hernandez Favorite hangout The upstairs lounge Favorite professor Professor Caydence Murphy Favorite class Physical Education and Math Favorite song TiK ToK by Ke$ha Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey Favorite movie Avatar Favorite game Truth or Dare Favorite TV show Bones Gossip Girl Favorite food Sushi Best trend Thigh high boots Snuggies Worst trend Uggs/Crocs Snuggies


ACA Yearbook