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Wind Turbine Experimement

By Isaac Penhos, Alan Cassab, Isaac Salame

Our Project

Wind Turbine Experiment BY:

Objective Our objective in this experiment is to create energy with a wind turbine, this will be made by making the turbine spin and this will turn on a light (create energy). This experiment is to be more green, we are going to use air to power a light, in other words, create energy.


Hypothesis If we make a wind turbine then this will create energy because it will spin with air, and with that movement it will create energy and it is going to turn on a light.


Tasks Alan: He is going to go buy all the materials we need to Steren or Radioshack. Isaac P: Will bring the fan so our propeller will spin (the fan will replace the natural wind. Isaac S: Will write the procedure All: We will work in class by creating our own generator and are wind turbine, also in class we are going to work on our Ebook and posters.


Materials Materials: Turbine - buy it in juguetibici /steren /radioshack Fan - from home (penhos) generator - made from us • Copper Wire • Bar Magnet • Cardboard • Nail • Lightbulb LED


Procedure step 1 we are going to make a wind turbine that produces energy. step 2 look for the materials you are going to need. step 3 go to Steren and buy the materials that you are going to need for your experiment. step 4 make the generator. step 5 rap the coper wire around the magnets and generator. step 6 go to the physics lab and test the generator to check if it works. step 7 connect the wires to the wind turbine, and also to the light bulb (LED). step 8 put the wind turbine and try it with air and make it spin, then see if the light bulb lights.


Wind Power in the World This is how much wind power is used/ produced in the world in 2010 and 2007.


Go Green

How Wind Turbines Help the World The wind turbines help the world by producing energy and using it in the world. They are most often found in areas were theres a lot of wind, because the spin with the wind. Our project of making a wind turbine is green because it uses only the air to create energy, this helps the world a lot because it does not damage it in any way.


Science Fair EBook  

This book is all about how we built our wind turbine and some information about wind turbines from around the world.

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