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Small caps are uppercase (capital) letters that are about the size of normal lowercase letters in any given typeface. Small caps are less intrusive when all uppercase appears within normal text or can be used for special emphasis. Computer programs can generate small caps for a any typeface, but those are not the same as true small caps. True small caps have line weights that are proportionally correct for the typeface, which mean that they can be used within a body of copy without looking noticeably wrong. // Use small caps for acronyms. Set acronyms such as nasa or nasdaq in small caps when they appear in body text or headlines. // Use small caps for common abbreviations. Set common abbreviations such as am or pm in small caps so they don’t overpower the accompanying text. Use small caps for a.m. and p.m.; space once after the number, and use periods. (If the font does not have small caps reduce the font size slightly) // Use true small caps fonts. Avoid simply resizing capital letters or using the small caps feature in some programs. Instead use typefaces that have been specifically created as small caps.

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