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// Use only one space between sentences. // Use real quotation marks. // Use real apostrophes. // Make sure the apostrophes are where they belong. // Hang punctuation off the aligned edge. // Use en or em dashes, use consistently. // Kern all headlines where necessary. // Never use the spacebar to align text, always set tabs and use the tab key. // Leave no widows or orphans. // Avoid three hyphenations in a row. // Avoid too many hyphenations in any paragraph. // Avoid hyphenating or line brakes of names and proper nouns. // Leave at least two characters on the line and three following. // Avoid beginning consecutive lines with the same word. // Avoid ending consecutive lines with the same word. // Avoid ending lines with the words: the, of, at, a, by.. // Never hyphenate a words in a headline and avoid hyphenation in a callout. // Never justify the text on a short line. // Keep the word spacing consistent. // Tighten up the leading in lines with all capitals or with few ascenders and descenders. // Use a one-em first-line indent on all indented paragraphs. // Adjust the spacing between paragraphs.

Rules of Typography  
Rules of Typography  

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