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variations in thick & thins

variations in serifs

Faces also vary in degree of contrast between thick and thin strokes of the letters. In Garamond you can see a prominent characteristic of little contrast between thick and thin strokes of a letter. In Transitional faces there is a tendency toward refinement and greater contrast between thick and thins. Bodoni has maximum contrast in these strokes (extreme contrast of thick and thins, hairline serifs). With Serifa there is a return to very little contrast (almost monoweight). In Univers there is an absence of any noticeable thick and thin strokes; there is a uniformity of strokes (mono-weight).

Serifs also vary from one face to the next in their weight and in the way they are bracketed; that is the way that the serif meets the vertical stroke of the letter. Once again, you can see the evolution of type from Garamond to Baskerville, to Bodoni this was followed by the return of the heavy serif in Serifa and the elimination of the serif in Univers.

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