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EDITOR Colin Meldrum ASSISTANT EDITORS Michael Bagwell Charlene Logan Burnett Amanda DiSanto Emily J. Lawrence Rachel Lieberman Lisa McCool-Grime Hayes Greenwood Moore Micah Unice

MANUSCRIPT READERS Jeffrey Allen Zach Buscher Ryan Fowler Janet McClaskey Michael James Wilson

A cappella Zoo (ISSN: 1945-7480): a magazine of magic realism and slipstream. Founded 2008. Published semiannually in spring and fall. A cappella Zoo is an independent, labor-of-love publication. Issues are available online for free and in print at non-profit prices. Readers help support A cappella Zoo and its contributors by sharing favorite works with friends and colleagues. New submissions are welcome during our reading period months, currently May and November; guidelines available online. Copyright © 2011 All rights retained by authors/artists of respective works. Cover art by ANNA BRON for Take Up the Bonnet Rouge.

APOSPECIMEN AWARD WINNERS Selected as especially noteworthy contributions to this issue: Poetry: Ginny, ELIZABETH O‘BRIEN Short Fiction: Mescal Reposado con Gusano, ROBIN LEE JORDAN Shorter Fiction: A Theory of Music, WALTER BARGEN

A cappella Zoo | Fall 2011  

(ISSN: 1945-7480) a web & print magazine of magic realism & slipstream.

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