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Training Subject Matter Expert - Intelligence Training Travel: 10 - 30% Location: Multiple (CA, KS, LA, NC, VA, and Germany) Apply on-line at Responsibilities The Wexford Group International is currently seeking Intelligence Training SMEs to serve as members of a unique, multi-discipline team providing training assistance to U.S. Military and Interagency partners as well as International partners. Training SMEs will focus on teaching analytical methods for fusing operations and intelligence information in an effective, seamless process that enhances effectiveness against enemy networks that employ Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The Intelligence Training SME will assist in internal training of organization personnel as well as training members of deploying units and selected Interagency/International partners. The Training SME will focus on the use of a broad range of tools, methodologies and datasets in order to develop greater fidelity of enemy networks employing IEDs. The Intelligence Training SME should be able to train analysts to: - Prioritize, categorize and satisfy requests for information - Conduct near and long term analyses of device and network-centric threats - Fuse and prioritize the multiple intelligence disciplines to disrupt and defeat enemy networks that employ IEDs - Provide analysis in a Joint, Interagency, and/or international operational environment - Operate as a member of a multi-discipline team to identify capabilities and vulnerabilities of targeted enemy organizations as well as decipher and identify trends, patterns and key nodes, highlighting their relationships to the targeted enemy networks - Operate effectively in austere environments by leveraging internal and external resources. The Intelligence Training SME should have the ability to work with and operate most or all of the following web-based intelligence tools, software, and databases: Multimedia Message Manager (M3), Tripwire Analytic Capability (TAC), NCTC Online, Terrorism Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE), ICReach SIGINT database, Cultweave SIGINT database, PROTON SIGINT database, Skope SIGINT analytical toolkit, Analyst Notebook /Palantir link analysis software, ArcGIS spatial analysis software, Google Earth spatial analysis software, and Microsoft productivity software and applications.

The Intelligence Training SME should have familiarity with some or all of the following methodologies: F3EAD, CALEB/IWA, Social Network Analysis and CARVER. This position may require recurring domestic and international travel to include deploying to combat zones. The applicant may be called upon to support shift work. Experience and Education: Required: This position requires the ability to obtain and hold a TOP SECRET clearance with SCI eligibility. (Resume must show that proposed employee currently holds a TS clearance with previous access to SCI level of information.) A BA/BS degree with 5 years of relevant experience. 10 years of relevant experience may substitute for degree requirement. This experience should demonstrate the ability to meet the duties described above. Applicants must be fully deployable to the required theater of operations, wear uniforms as prescribed by the supported unit commander, and bear arms as prescribed by the supported unit commander. Strongly Desired: Post-9/11 experience conducting deployed Intelligence production at the tactical or operational level (Battalion/Brigade, Division, or equivalent). Recent experience in the Iraq or Afghanistan theaters of operation. Post-9/11 experience training analysts in a military or IC school setting. Preferred: Post-9/11 experience developing targeting packages or irregular warfare products in support of tacticallevel operations. Experience providing analytical or training support to Interagency or International partners.

Training Subject Matter Expert - Intelligence  

Apply on-line at Location: Multiple (CA, KS, LA, NC, VA, and Germany) - Conduct near and long term analyses of devi...

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