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GROUND SIGINT SPECIALIST SELECTION AND EMPLOYMENT CRITERIA: Trained in SIGINT operations with a minimum of 4 years SIGINT experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies required, with operational level experience preferred. Must be knowledgeable of Army/Joint SIGINT procedures, data processing systems such as CIDNE, RT�RG, NSANet and associated SIGINT databases/search engines. Requires an Associate's Degree and a Bachelor's Degree preferred. Must be proficient in utilizing basic computer applications, mIRC, Jabber Chat, and intelligence related automation in support of analytical efforts and product development. Possess strong research and writing skills and be capable of effectively operating as a member of an analytical team from a remote location in support of Afghanistan Theater of Operations requirements. Former MOS 1N, 35S/P/N, 35B, 352N/P/Q/R/S, 18F, or equivalent. Requires a Top Secret/SCI clearance with CI Poly. DUTIES: Conducts support to ground SIGINT collection operations, SIGINT operations coordination and synchronization, and other SIGINT activities as necessary. Supports the timely, relevant, accurate and predictive SIGINT and Electronic Warfare support to enable the commander and subordinate unit commanders the ability to understand their battle space and enemy forces. The Ground SIGINT Specialist provides indications and warnings tipping and force protection reports. Provide direct support to the Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) as appropriate. Provide routine and recurring support to SIGINT activities from fixed and secure locations (defined, bases, camps and installations). Responsible for monitoring unevaluated traffic as it is received by the AROCC ONEROOF server resident on NSANet, and manipulates it as required to ensure proper processing. Possess working knowledge of relevant NSA tasking, collection, processing, reporting procedures, and communications architecture. Possess working knowledge of military ground and operations, target�area geography, place names, personal names, titles, and cultural norms, as well as relevant enemy objectives, tactics, techniques and procedures.

L3 Communications--Ground SIGINT Specialist  

Ground SIGINT Specialist position with L3 Communications

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