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SUNY- Empire State College Graduate Certificate in Veterans Services

A completely online 12-credit certificate available to all those with an accredited bachelor’s degree. Courses for Spring 2012 Veterans Services and Public Policy – 3 credits

This course provides a holistic overview of the policy framework within which federal, state, community-based, and other veteran services are offered. Following an exploration of the figure of the warrior in society, students examine the evolution of public policy concerning veterans, identify current gaps and problems in the system, and develop an understanding of how policy and service-delivery interface. The course includes an historical perspective on veterans’ issues and addresses the need for continued advocacy regarding new policies, benefits, and technologies.

Veteran Programs and Benefits- 3 credits

This course provides a broad knowledge of specific veteran benefits and programs in health care, education, employment, criminal justice, and housing. Topics include needs assessment, services and service providers, and claims-management, review, and appeal. Students gain experience in identifying the benefits available to specific veterans and groups of veterans, explore issues of access and eligibility, and consider both the functional and the challenging aspects of the system of benefits.

Human Service Practice and Delivery – 3 credits

This course is intended for students with experience in military and/or veteran communities but no prior background or training in human services. It situates human services within a broad historical and sociological context; explores the roles of the human service professional vis a vis clients, social institutions, and the larger society; and then focuses on specific skills of communication, case and program management, and professional development.

Term Dates: January 17 – April 27, 2011 Tuition: $370 per credit for NYS residents

Veterans' tuition is covered by education benefits, including the post-9/11 GI Bill. The housing allowance does not apply to online courses.

The curriculum of the Certificate in Veteran Services includes three three-credit required courses, plus a fourth three-credit elective to be selected depending on the needs and interests of the student. Opportunities for fieldwork will be built into the courses as appropriate to particular student needs. The required courses provide a grounding in the history of veterans services and their historical controversies and challenges; a broad understanding of the role of the warrior and former warrior in American society; an overview of programs and benefits available to different classes of veterans; insight into the question of eligibility; an understanding of combat-related disability; and skills for advocating on behalf of veterans. Elective courses are designed to provide needed background depending on the prior experience of individual students. Required courses: Veteran Services and Public Policy Outreach, Service, and Advocacy Veterans Programs and Benefits

Elective options: Students will select one from the following Human Service Practice and Delivery Military and Veteran Culture: Developing Cultural Competency Veterans and Disabling Injury

Graduate Certificate in Veterans Services  

Tuition: $370 per credit for NYS residents Human Service Practice and Delivery – 3 credits A completely online 12-credit certificate availab...