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WELCOME TO 5TH GRADE! during the “Age of Exploration” , and what it took to turn America I hope you are as excited to receive into the country we know today. this letter as I am to send it. As you We’ll explore the world outside of the classroom for adventures in know by now, we will be spending colonial and revolutionary America, your 5th grade year together. 5th ecology and, of course, at Sargent grade is full of amazing learning Camp (just to name a few!). opportunities and topics. I can’t wait to get started! I’m eager to learn more about you. When you have a free moment, A good theme for this year is please log onto our classroom “Discovery & Exploration”. We will website (you can get there through bring the world to our classroom the 5th grade site) and take the with virtual field trips, expert visits “Student Survey”. Try to do this to the classroom, and plenty of before school starts. We’ll use the hands on activities in our own info the first day! backyard. We’ll uncover what it was like to navigate the world It’s going to be a great year!

Hello Fellow Learners!


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What’s new in 5th Grade? Fifth grade is a year focused on preparing you for your journey to the middle school and your lifelong learning beyond Swasey. With this in mind, several things will be “bumped up” from 4th grade - especially the expectation of responsibility. You will need to be responsible for yourself, your choices, your work, and your learning this year. We will have several long term projects over the course of the year. You will need to help manage, plan, and complete each along with regular, daily homework assignments. Fifth graders also have to adjust to different teachers for Science and Math units throughout the year. For many reasons, it will be important to be organized. We’ll spend much of September setting ourselves up for success through good organizational strategies.

There will be lots of opportunity to stretch your wings as a learner this year as well. You’ll discover new things about yourself as a community member, a friend, a school leader, and as a person. We will be sure to have lots of fun along the way too! Throughout the year, you will have choices to make in what you explore and discover and how you share your learning with others. Be prepared to connect what interests you outside of school - sports, dance, nature, music, whatever(!) - to your work in the classroom. We are fortunate to have many technology resources available to us this year. We’ll learn using digital cameras, green screens (learn more about this on our website!), laptops, netbooks, ipods & ipads, blogs, wikis, website creation, and much more. Speaking of adventures - hold onto your hatS (with a capital S!). You’ll wear many of them this year as you try jobs such as tutorial designer, official scribe, researcher, collaboration coordinator, news broadcaster, and curriculum reviewer.

Our work this year will include collaborating locally and globally.

I’M HUNGRY! With all of the learning and hard work we’ll do this year, we need to keep our brains fueled! Our classroom DOES allow (all day) grazing on healthy snacks (only). Be sure to pack additional snacks to keep your brain running all day! Water packed in a re-useable, plastic bottle (marked with your name) is also welcome in our room. Additionally, to keep our hardworking brain focused, please feel free to bring in sugar free gum to chew throughout the day.


OLD & NEW This year, we’ll explore the world - past & present with tools of the future.... We will connect to the world virtually discovered, mapped, and governed (through blogs, book clubs, throughout history. We’ll uncover website creation, etc), and in how (and why) America was For more on 5th person (through field trips formed. We’ll also think about grade curriculum, like the one to Camp Lincoln how the environmental choices please visit our at the START of the year!). we make today will affect the website! We’ll also learn how the world, world we leave for future as we know it today, was generations. 5TH GRADE



* Ecology * Scientific Method

* Geography * Government * European Explorers * Colonial America * American Revolution

* Respiratory &

Circulatory Systems * Chemistry


* Fractions & decimals * Multidigit multiplication and division * Geometry * Using data * Ratios & rates

LITERACY * Metacognition * Inference * Determining importance * Summarizing * Synthesizing * Non-fiction * Memoirs * Blogs

10 Random Facts About Room 2

We don’t have desks...even the teacher!

Our class mascot(s) are the minions from “Despicable Me”. You’ll find them in the strangest places.

Our classroom jobs are unlike any others you’ve done before...the chores, on the other hand, are definitely things you’ve done before.

We do LOTS of academic simulations. You’ll get to be an EXPLORER, COLONIST, and REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIER.

We skype with other classrooms, people, authors, places often throughout the year.

You can eat & drink all day as long as it’s healthy and not near electronics.



Hard work always pays off. We create every day.

We work together often in lots of different ways inside and outside of the classroom.

10 Random Facts about Mrs. Cantone


9. 8.

7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Her family is made up of all boys (and her), including her husband and crazy but adorable son, Rocco; two dogs: a severely overweight Golden Retriever named “Bear”, and a cat-and-child-herding border collie named “Max”; and a cat named Fenway. Her favorite color is lime green. She still has the name plaque her 5th grade teacher gave to her on the first day of 5th grade. Her biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouth open. Especially gum. Yuck! She secretly wishes she could have a classroom pet guinea pig. Her favorite author is Roald Dahl. She loves to paint, draw, and create. She has a HUGE collection of Crayola stuff both vintage and new. It’s an obsession. Halloween is her favorite holiday...but she hates scary movies. She is a lifelong learner.

One Small Step for 5th Grade...

contributing member of a classroom and virtual community in the 21st century.

This year, you’ll also leave your first footprints as a digital citizen and global learner. We’ll learn what it takes to be a safe, positive,

We will take what we know as readers and writers and apply it to larger audiences in the form of virtual literature


Copyright 2010 Despicable Me Illusion Entertainment Universal Studios

circles, bloggers, and reporters. We’ll also set foot outside of the classroom on field trips and special activities!


Here are a few other items you might like to have for the year: Highly recommended items: Our class code is on the flyer mailed out.

2� plain binder (clear front sleeves are great!) 2 packages of hole punched wide ruled white paper 3 packs of insertable, write on dividers (5 subject packs)

Recommended items: GRAPH PAPER notebook (Staples has these) - 1cm squares are larger work best.

Index cards (100 or more) - we’ll use these for research and writing throughout the year


THIN wipeboard markers (2-3) Markers (thick and/or thin) Colored pencils Pencils Ruler (with inches and cm) Erasers (pencil tops are great!) Large, sturdy zipper bag (to hold pencils, coloring materials, etc.) 2-3 Pens (for correcting - bold colors are best) Highlighter Family Google Account (see website for more information!) cantoneclass

Email Mrs. Cantone with any questions about supplies :



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Oh, have homework too (sorry!): Don’t forget to complete the Reading and Math assignments given at the end of last school year. If you need a reminder log onto our website under the homework section.

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Math facts will be VERY important this year! Be sure to take time to practice BEFORE school starts!

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