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CREATIVE PET PROJECT By Rob Snow MAKING DREAMS INTO REALITY is always the aim of artists, to turn their imagination into an emotive work of beauty and desire. In my work as an illustrator, many times this inspiration has come from the best designer on Earth: Mother Nature. After saving my rescue dog, the passion and love for animals was heightened and one day I thought how can I help animals with my work? This is when the Creative Pet Project was born. Over the past two years, I have been working to gain the collaboration of many artists from the Pop Surrealist movement to well-known illustrators. What has come together is a collaboration of 111 artists and illustrators. Many collaborators are top in their field, celebrated worldwide through exhibition, and have a great fan following. However, this was not the only motivation for the project. The idea I had was to make an impact in the way the artists would be selected and be motivated. As the project was about animal charity support, the idea was to gain the interest from artists who all had companion animals and included them as inspiration animals in their artwork. The response has been immense. More artists ask to take part, even though the layout and book is ready to print. For this reason the project will continue. More volumes will be printed as interest rises. Artists have a strong connection with animals and even more with their companion animals. We have managed to gather the help and support of many top Pop Surrealist artists and it wasn’t hard to convince them to take part. Just to name a few, John Brophy has a cat; Martin Wittfooth has a dog and snake; Tara McPherson has a rabbit; Sas Christian has a couple of dogs and three tortoises. Anita Kunz especially jumped onboard the instant I mentioned animals. Anita Kunz, from Canada has been awarded a Medal of Merit and was the first woman to be allowed to have a solo exhibition in the Library of Congress. These are just some of the points from the book, but each page is full of artist biographies as well as touching stories of how they have become connected with their pets. It is all around a beautiful volume to have and treasure. All together the book project has twenty-four Pop Surrealist artists from around the world. Nature provides the colors; we put them into pictures. --- Rob Snow CHESIRE. HEIDI TAILLEFER, 2009

Currently, The Creative Pet Project is at a stage where funding is needed to support the endeavor. The proceeds for the art book will go towards animal charities such as IFAW, Born Free USA, and hopefully Wildlife Alliance in the coming weeks. For more information about the campaign, you can visit the campaign site at Indiegogo ( or the main website at http:// You can also join the Facebook page at http:// or find Creative Pet on Twitter at http://bit. ly/1jzHJSO. If you’d like to contribute to future editions, then contact Creative Pet at AKITSUSHIM. LOLA GIL, 2010