Pop Surrealism - Spring 2014

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it is frightening or beautiful and Gina is not interested in just one or the other. her simple conclusion is balance, a calling she associates with Taoist philosophies of harmony and Japanese ukiyo-e prints. The existential distance of the arts is what keeps it whimsical and mysterious in the eyes of the viewers. however, it could also be the death of it and it’s important to keep it accessible to all communities. “i think the next step is to get one-of-a-kind fashion where you customize it for yourself and it doesn’t matter the size or what gender you are. Most people can’t afford art, especially original art but wear it on your shoes, wear it on your shirt, as a gown…usually fashion illustration is very straightforward. It’s not very deep; it’s not really considered fine art. Now I think the gaps are closing and fashion illustration can be fine art,” says Martynova.

“i think the gaps are closing and fashion illustration can be fine art”

was a un translator), her russian heritage, and an americanbased education through an international school in Thailand. Before coming to new york to attend the coveted fashion institute of Technology, she spent a year in the uk studying at the london College of fashion. Martynova’s Multi-cultural consciousness is especially noticeable in her of f & f Tales Collection. These whimsical pieces display portraits of women in a euro-asian aesthetic and wearing headdresses featuring culture infused pattern. Martynova nostalgically associates this imagery with russian folklore and its connection with nature, as well as fruits and fauna of Thailand. The incorporation of clothing itself is also a factor in the way of distinguishing culture. “When you go to a russian church, like russian orthodox, you actually see women covering their hair with the kokoshnik (headdress). in the northern hill tribes in China, they also wear headdresses as a daily part of life... The whole thing about the headdresses is this sort of contained opulence or contained detail,” says Martynova. Gina also describes her work as “eerie yet inviting” and it undoubtedly can be seen in the starry forest and of f & f Tales collections where she combines charming and stylized imagery with darker, juxtaposing images such as flies and skeletons in color palettes of blues, purples, pinks, and reds. The creatures she composes are decidedly feminine but also hold a sort of “otherworldliness” that is haunting and fiercely lovely. One cannot decide if

Whether we would like to admit it or not, fashion is often an intricate part of how we choose to visually represent ourselves. in some ways, clothing is more personal than a paintion the wall because it has many different personal uses. it is weaved into the everyday. it is something like a second skin, a material that can induce comfort and personal expression. despite reservations, fashion can serve as a viable agent in building bridges because of the personal and massively attainable nature of clothing. don’t miss an opening exhibition party on april 10 for Gina Martynova at Bristle + Crème in Manhattan featuring her spring fashion Tales collection in celebration of spring’s arrival. The exhibition will last a month. for more information, check out www.bristleandcreme.com. for further inquiry on Gina Martynova, check out www.ginamartynova.com --- Margaux Galli

Margaux Galli is currently based out of new york and is the editor-in-Chief at Pop surrealism Magazine. she is also a freelance writer and artist. for more of Margaux’s writing, check out her blog at www.urbanartistsblog.wordpress.com. her artwork is located at www.margauxgalli.com.