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(left) Jill McLean, Rising Above (below) Jill McLean, Always

work? Help us experience it as you do. It’s an open door. Enter anywhere. It’s visceral and energetic. The color will bounce you around. There are places to rest and move on. But there are no answers. Nothing stops. Epiphanies evolve into others. Things unfold. Life is like that. Has her life been like that? I traveled a lot with my parents as a child: Europe, South Africa, Scotland, adventures – like balloon trips. And museums. Europe and the Met. Grand, huge Old Masters full of color and light. I was affected by the things I saw, by the immediacy of it all. It was if I had no filter against it. I couldn’t stop taking it in, and what I took in created a reservoir that I still draw from. When you think about it, an artist’s responsibility is to be wide open…an open lens. I’ve made that part of my process. As all artists’ work is a movement from style to style. Your early work was quite different from today’s exuberant joy. FEB/MAR 2016 37