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REUSE EVERYTHING! Top 10 re-useable common household items

Daisy’s are simple to re-grow!

1. Reuse seeds from fruit and vegetables and try to grow them!

2. Reuse an old key board as a seedling stater Make sure to plant indoor plants!

The older, the better!

3. Reuse Old jeans to make pot holders.

So much Cheaper than buying a set!

Add lots of padding to protect your hands!

~ Cut a slit in the side, but make sure not to make it to wide or long or the stamps will fall out!

4. Reuse old film canisters for stamps Great for lables & to use as wedding invites!

5. Reuse Ketchup Containers for Pancake batter Makes the perfect size pancakes! Yummm!!!

~ Easy Clean up & Almost No mess!

6. Reuse Glass Jars & bottles to make lights

Be coutio us & Wear Ey e covering While Cutting Gla ss

7. Reuse wood Pallettes to decorate your home Great for Picture frames!

~ Use Caution while cutting wood!

Using different colors adds a fun touch!

8. Reuse Scrap paper to make a Notebook or Notepad

9. Reuse Toilet paper rolls ~ Great for organzing cords

~ Keeps all your hairbows in one place!

Great way to let mu fa mily know wha t is for dinner!

10. Reuse an old frying pan as a recipe holder

The purpose - where I start - is the idea of use. It is not recycling, it's reuse. - Issey Miyake Designed by: Amanda Almond

Reuse Everything  

Top 10 Reuseable household items.

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