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How to Get a Job Fast in Today’s Economy The present economy has brought a shift in the way employers decide who to hire. Graduating from a famous university is not a guarantee that you can find a job right after graduation. Employers nowadays prefer employees who can add value and who can really do the job required by their position. Here are some tips on how to find a job easily in the present set up. 1. Decide what jobs to apply for. Some people hunting for jobs apply to all job vacancies that they can find. But this could be a total waste of time. Remember that several hundreds to thousands of people apply for one job opening and the applications are sorted out by computers, which match the job requirements and the job applicants. If you do not meet he requirements, your application letter and resume would never land onto the hands of the people who are in charge of recruitment. 2. Join social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A strong profile that shows what you can do will help you find a job faster than your school records that show your top grades. Today, recruiters hire people for what they can do, not for what they know. By including your expertise and skills in your profile, it is most likely that a recruiter will be the one to contact you. Also, check websites where job vacancies are posted to find the job that suits you best. 3. While waiting to be hired, upgrade your skills especially if you finished a degree that is far from being in demand today. Take short courses and see to it that you learn the practical application of the skills that you learn in the program. Many employers will ask you a practical question during the interview; not theoretical ones. Prepare a clear and precise explanation of how tasks related to your work must be executed to ensure excellent outputs and high productivity. 4. Conduct research about the company where you want to apply and the nature of the job. Based on a research, many jobseekers do not have any knowledge about the companies where they are applying. To an employer, this attitude shows that they do not have the interest in the job or in joining the company; what is important to them is to find any job at the earliest time possible. 5. When making your resume, include details that are relevant to the job. Some job seekers make the mistake of making many resumes and application letters and use them to apply to any company. Read the job vacancy and customize your resume and application letter. Use keywords in the job post so that if ever the company is using software to sort out the resumes, your resume will have a better chance to be found right away. Do not make a very long resume because busy employers have no time to read them. Highlight what you can do to add value and your skills and experiences that are relevant to the job. 6. When you have an interview, look your best. Research about the company culture and learn how their employees dress. Try to find similar attire. Be well-groomed and clean. Remember that your personality counts and how you look will contribute to your chance of getting the job. Finding a job is difficult nowadays but it will be easy for those who possess the skills needed for the job.

How to get a job fast in today’s economy  

The present economy has brought a shift in the way employers decide who to hire. Graduating from a famous university is not a guarantee that...

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