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learning French online

Do you want to learn French? Whether you are going to France for a holiday, need to speak the language for business, or are just interesting in learning something new, is the place to find the course for you. If you are worried that you will not be able to learn the language, or that you will not have enough time, stop now. At Academic society the tutors are always more than willing to work round your schedule at times and dates which suit you. You can learn French from a variety of people. If you want to learn from a native French speaker- you can. If you would rather learn from a native English speaker-you can. The possibilities are endless.


Can I meet the tutor for home learning? In principle, Academic society requests tutor and student tutor online. But if the student thinks it necessary, Academic society can also support Meet in Person with the tutor as long as the tutor and the student are in the same city. The student can pay a small fee to ask Academic society to release the tutor's contact information to him or her. learning French online


LANGUAGES / FRENCH (15) COURSES               

Francais Langue Etrangere French, English or Chinese Lessons French I for Beginners Parlez-Vous Francais? French class French Conversation Learn to speak French French: beginners conversation French 101 Beginners' French Portuguese cours de français pour tout niveau: Business & General French Language Courses French for all levels French Elementary/Intermediate/Adavanced



Francais Langue Etrangere French, English or Chinese Lessons French I for Beginners French class Beginners' French cours de franรงais pour tout niveau: French Elementary/Intermediate/ Adavanced



Learning french online  

Leading online foreign language learning platform. Learning French from world's most professional tutor at our Acadsoc online society. Welco...

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