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The classical concept of the existence of basic classical elements, water, fire, air, earth, has been embraced almost universally by philosophers and cultures throughout history. Beginning with Babylonian mythology in 18th century BC, through the cultures of ancient Greece and Egypt and even in modern times, these elements affect our perception of the world around us. In addition to being the foundation of science and our modern existence, the elements have greatly influenced the work of artists, poets and musicians who express human thought and emotion. Many prominent musical composers have been fascinated and inspired by those forces of nature.

2013 2016

During the next three seasons ASO will explore the connections between music and three basic elements: Water in 2013/14, Fire in 2014/15 and Earth in 2015/16. We will present musical masterpieces in many different musical styles that reflect the fascinating connection between nature and sound. People living in South Louisiana are particularly aware of the element of water as it often determines their way of life, work and recreation. It can also represent tragedy and devastation as well as hope. Water will therefore be the first element we explore as the source for musical inspiration.

Acadiana Symphony Orchestra 13 14 Concert Series  

H20 Symphony of Elements

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