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SO DO WE. 2018-2019

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT “We are living in a time of great challenge and fresh opportunity for the Church as it needs leaders to help it engage an ever-changing world. Our faculty will equip you to navigate ministry, regardless of where you are called to serve, by preparing you to wrestle with complicated social and ethical issues, as well as helping you to develop leadership skills in applying Biblical principles to contemporary culture. What sets Acadia Divinity College apart as a seminary is that we are a passionate community of believers who will care about you as a person, your ministry calling, and your spiritual formation. Come and be equipped to make a difference for Christ in our world.�

Dr. Harry G. Gardner Acadia Divinity College Dr.President Harry G. of Gardner

President Divinityof College DeanofofAcadia Theology Acadia University Dean of Theology of Acadia University Abner J. Langley and Harold L. Mitton Professor of Church Leadership 2 Abner | J. Langley | 2 and Harold L. Mitton Professor of Church Leadership






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So, you want to make a difference. God has created and called you to serve Him. Our calling is to equip you, whether serving in a local church, chaplaincy, teaching, or in countless other ways.

Acadia Divinity College is on the campus of one of Canada’s oldest and most respected liberal arts universities, Acadia University. As the seminary of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) and the Faculty of Theology for Acadia University, we have a distinguished history of equipping Christian leaders for full-time and volunteer ministry in Canada and around the world. Offering full-time and part-time degree, diploma, and certificate programs, our students are challenged by their professors to ask questions, explore the depths of their faith, and cultivate their calling through rigorous intellectual instruction, meaningful spiritual formation, and practical ministry experience. Our impact is local and global. Our diverse student population of over 200 students come from more than 13 countries and represent over 20 denominations. Through our many partnerships, you can study, research, and learn around the world.



ADC WAY We have a unique approach that aims to equip and prepare you for your calling.



As part of Acadia University, the quality of our education is unmatched. Studying within a modern, public university encourages high academic standards and fosters critical thinking. We teach with academic rigour and faithful commitment, help students develop skills in research and lifelong learning, and produce research and publications that build knowledge and explore new ideas.

If you want to make a difference, you need to be different. The development of your character is important for long-term, successful ministry. From classes to chapel, personal interactions and building community, our faculty cares as much about you as they do your academic work. Having served in various ministry roles, our professors bring their real-world ministry experience to preparing you for your calling. Helping to shape you into the person God has called you to be is their greatest assignment. We facilitate Christian formation, nurture relational community, and emphasize the exploration of identity, self-understanding, and personal growth.

CULTIVATING SKILLS Christ is at the centre of what we do and we care about His Church. We want to connect your head to your heart as you serve by giving you practical skills to do what God has called you to. We develop competencies for church ministry and broader Christian service, and mentor leaders in partnership with local churches and other agencies.





Gone are the days of “one size fits all” education. We strive to make education accessible where and when you need it. You can use a mix of different classroom experiences to complete your degree. Discover the wide variety of flexible options, including weekly, intensive, and online courses available to you based on your learning style, location, and preference.

ON CAMPUS Take advantage of all that Acadia has to offer. Live, study, and work in the beautiful Annapolis Valley within a community that has an impact like no other. Whether it’s for your entire degree, a semester, or just one course, studying on campus will make a difference in your education.

ADC HALIFAX AND NEW BRUNSWICK Coming to campus isn’t always an option. We travel so you don’t have to. We offer inperson, intensive format courses in a variety of locations throughout Halifax, Truro, and New Brunswick.



By combining the flexibility of online learning and face-to-face interaction, you can join live classes happening on our Wolfville campus through a video conferencing system. Study from a distance without feeling far away by interacting in real-time with your professors and classmates as if you were actually in the room. With most of our courses available as virtual seats, we’re just a click away.

ADC Go offers the best in accessibility to meet your demanding schedule without sacrificing personal experience and attention. Watch weekly, on-demand lectures at your convenience and meet with your professor online once a week for a live, personal, onehour teaching session. Discover a new kind of flexibility while still participating in discussion and building community.

These are just a few of the options available to you as an ADC student. To learn about travel study, guided readings, online courses and more, visit: www.acadiadiv.ca/courses

ACADEMIC CENTRES ADC has three academic centres of excellence: • • •

The Acadia Centre for Baptist and Anabaptist Studies The Charles J. Taylor Centre for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care The Andrew D. MacRae Centre for Christian Faith and Culture

Through these centres, we conduct research, provide resources, and facilitate study in specialized areas, from Baptist history to institutional chaplaincy, ethics and apologetics. |7





Acadia’s 11 residences offer a prime location for accommodations, only minutes from your classrooms, the gym, and library. Living on campus offers the ease of an eight-month, all-inclusive lease which includes furniture, heat, power, water, local phone service, phone with call display, high speed internet, in-house laundry facilities, and regular cleaning of public areas. Your housing options range from high-rise to heritage and from basic double rooms to deluxe single en-suite rooms. Acadia’s residence rooms provide a home base to study, get together with your new friends, or retreat for |8 some quiet time to recharge.



ATHLETICS You don’t have to be on one of Acadia’s 11 varsity Axemen and Axewomen teams to make the most of your Acadia experience by getting involved with sports. All our students are encouraged to participate in club sports and intramurals, and take advantage of the Athletic Complex – which houses a gymnasium, pool, fitness centre, group fitness and dance studio, squash and racquetball courts, indoor walking track, football field with outdoor walking track, and arena.

EXTRA-CURRICULARS With over 80 clubs and more than 100 volunteer opportunities, whatever your interest, Acadia probably has an extra-curricular activity that’s perfect for you. And if not, you’re free to create one of your own!

ACADEMIC SUPPORT Acadia University offers free tutoring in many subjects: the MASH (Math and Stats Help) Centre and the Writing Centre are just two of the free services offered. There are also many Accessible Learning Services available, including individualized plans to address classroom |9 and exam writing accommodations.





| 10



The best way to explore ADC is to come visit us. We are pleased to offer you a personalized visit that will fit your specific needs and questions. During your visit you can sit in on a class or lecture, meet with a professor, tour the main campus and residences, meet current students, participate in community worship and lunch, and tour the Town of Wolfville. We would love to have you!

CAMPUS Acadia University has been ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful campuses in Canada by Huffington Post. So beautiful, in fact, that often we hear the phrase, “I visited the campus and fell in love”. A sprawling, green 250-acre campus, we are home to historical buildings dating back to 1838 – which means ivy-covered walls, beautiful study spaces, and even a student-run farm that supplies vegetables and herbs.

Nova Scotia: Canada’s Ocean Playground Located in Eastern Canada and almost completely surrounded by ocean, the province of Nova Scotia is a place where you can feel your pace fall in sync with the rhythm of the sea, as the clean salt air breathes life into an afternoon. Immerse yourself in a culture that ranges from traditional to avant-garde, from bagpipes to world-class golf.




While you’re visiting campus, why not check out the beautiful Town of Wolfville, located in the heart of the Annapolis Valley filled with people who are always smiling. Take in wonderful views of Cape Blomidon, experience the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy, enjoy a coffee at a local café, take a walk along the Acadian Dykes, or visit the Wolfville Farmers’ Market – all within a short walk from campus. Wolfville has been declared Canada’s first Fair Trade Town for its commitment to fair trade coffees and teas. Fun Fact: Canada’s first fair trade coffee was created here at Acadia in the Entrepreneur Centre by local citizens who started Just Us!



THEOLOGY The Bachelor of Theology is a 90-credit hour undergraduate program (three years when enrolled full-time) designed to equip you for your call to a leadership role in the Christian community. In addition to giving an exciting introduction to Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, and Christian History, this program also introduces current and proven ministry approaches that make a difference in the lives of people. Foundational courses in arts and science also provide an understanding of the historical and current context for the practice of ministry.

ORDINATION TRACK Specifically designed to meet the ordination requirements of some denominations and churches.



FOR ACADIA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS A Second Degree – If you have completed your first degree at Acadia University, you are able to enroll in the “2nd Undergraduate Degree” program which requires, in addition to your first degree, a minimum of 30 additional credit hours of study in the Bachelor of Theology program to graduate. This option is designed to prepare you for leadership, bivocational ministry, or other work within a Christian context now or later in your life. If you have completed our BTh as your first degree, you are also able to take a second degree at Acadia University in another discipline.

Minor – If you are a Bachelor of Arts or Science student, you may choose to minor in Theological Studies. Bachelor of Arts students are required to complete 24-credit hours, while Bachelor of Science students are required to complete 12-credit hours, all chosen from available courses in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology.

Student Feature:

Electives – If you are looking to fulfill elective requirements for your respective program,

“I chose Acadia Divinity College because I didn’t want to attend a Bible school where everyone I interacted with was of similar mind and belief. I wanted a university where I could explore other faculties while doing my Bachelor of Theology degree.

you can take available undergraduate courses through Acadia Divinity College.

CRANDALL-ACADIA PARTNERSHIP This unique partnership gives you the opportunity to take our Bachelor of Theology degree concurrently with your Crandall University degree. You will take specialized courses that focus on personal discipleship and Christian service in the church and community, as well as courses in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology. Practical elements in the program will provide you the opportunity to serve and lead both locally and internationally. This degree is designed specifically for students who have a passion for serving God and developing a stronger relationship with Him. While not designed to prepare you for ordained ministry, this “double-degree” learning experience is an excellent foundation for those who wish to do further study towards an Acadia Master of Divinity degree, with graduates having the potential to receive advanced standing with credit. For more information visit: www.acadiadiv.ca/bth-partnership


Within the program, I am learning things that ground me firmly in what I believe. The classes are small enough for relationships to form, but also diverse enough for constructive debate and thorough dialogue to take place. This provides the opportunity to discuss different ideas, challenge perspectives, and be enlightened to new ones, which has had a major impact on my learning. My experience at ADC is making a difference in my life in the way that it facilitates the learning that I desire. One of the greatest joys is that I am always greeted by peers and professors who are also my friends. The College has a sweetness of spirit that facilitates learning, fosters community, and broadens the Kingdom.” | 13




The Master of Divinity is the primary degree designed to equip leaders for ordained Christian ministry. Building on a strong undergraduate background, this 90-credit hour graduate-level program (three years when enrolled full-time) will instruct you in understanding and interpreting Scripture, appreciating Christian history and theology, and understanding how to provide effective ministry leadership within the context of contemporary Canadian culture. Master of Divinity graduates are prepared for a wide range of ministry leadership including service in local churches, chaplaincy settings, | 14and global missions. Graduates also provide leadership to denominations and parachurch ministries. Some graduates engage in further study and then teach in colleges and seminaries around the world.




Pastoral Ministry Evangelism and Mission Next Generation Ministry Pastoral Care and Counselling Leadership and Spiritual Formation Prison Chaplaincy Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Student Feature:

Joel Okyere, MDiv ‘19 As an international student from Africa, I looked for a theological seminary that would prepare me academically as a pastor and demonstrated a strong and practical community of faith. Acadia Divinity College came strongly recommended by my pastor in Montreal. The Master of Divinity program at Acadia Divinity College has helped me build a strong Biblical foundation, provided me with tools for faithful Scriptural interpretation and studies, and equipped me with the skills to become a resourced pastor for Christ’s church. The staff, faculty, and students express an environment of love, welcome, and

Student Feature:

Joel Okyere, MDiv ‘19 “As an international student from Africa, I looked for a theological seminary that would prepare me academically as a pastor and demonstrated a strong and practical community of faith. Acadia Divinity College came strongly recommended by my pastor in Montreal.

passion, which I truly admire. This has helped me to grow more in my love and passion for Christ’s church and to fulfill my calling of reaching out with the gospel of Christ and His love.

The Master of Divinity program at Acadia Divinity College has helped me build a strong Biblical foundation, provided me with tools for faithful Scriptural interpretation and studies, and equipped me with the skills to become a resourced pastor for Christ’s church. The staff, faculty, and students express an environment of love, welcome, and passion, which I truly admire. This has helped me to grow more in my love and passion for Christ’s church and to fulfill my calling of reaching out with the gospel of Christ and His love.” | 15





ACADEMIC FIELDS OF STUDY Designed to equip you for advanced study at the doctoral level and thus, all programs require a thesis. Acadia graduates have been accepted into major research universities across North America and in Europe as a result of their studies and are teaching in Bible colleges, universities, and seminaries worldwide.



Old Testament New Testament Second Temple Judaism Theology | 16 Christian History


PRACTICAL FIELDS OF STUDY Designed to equip you for non-ordained leadership roles in church and society, these practical programs contain foundational study in Biblical Studies and Christian Thought, a broad introduction to ministry, and an opportunity to specialize in an area of ministry interest. All programs allow you to complete a major project or thesis applying what you have learned to your own ministry setting.

SPECIALIZATIONS • • • • • • • •

Evangelism and Mission Next Generation Ministry Pastoral Care and Counselling Leadership and Spiritual Formation Discipleship Prison Chaplaincy Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Indigenous Community Development Offered in partnership with NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community

Student Feature:

Jessica Bent, MA ‘18 “The skills that I have learned while doing my Master of Arts (Theology) have helped me connect the academic to the practical. As my understanding of others has grown, so has my desire to use the academic skills that I have developed. Acadia Divinity College has helped me to use both my heart and my head in serving people. The scholarship program was a vital component in choosing ADC. It allowed me to focus on my studies without unnecessary worry over finances. Additionally, the available assistantships allowed me to work as a teaching assistant for the College. This position, combined with my own courses, has prepared me to lead lectures and move forward in my academic goals. Acadia Divinity College was an obvious choice for me. It has provided an amazing environment for studying and equipped me for | 17 further studies and teaching opportunities.”


DOCTOR OF MINISTRY The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to encourage you as a leader and ministry practitioner to explore and enhance your ministry practice in today’s world. It is an advanced University degree intended to enable you to develop an integrative understanding of practice, Bible, theology, and theory, while growing in knowledge, skills, and spiritual maturity. Designed with today’s learner in mind, the Doctor of Ministry degree is structured for you to complete in four years while engaged in your full-time ministry. One-week intensive courses held at the Acadia University campus are scheduled to reduce your time away from work and family. Directed studies throughout the winter months allow you to continue your studies throughout the year. Through personal reflection, learning, and research, the culmination of these studies is the opportunity to contribute to the understanding and practice of ministry via a doctoral level thesis | 18 project in a ministry area of particular interest to you. Taught by experienced practitioners for practitioners, this Doctor of Ministry combines academic rigour with a commitment to advanced ministry practice in context.



ROOTED We have great respect for the importance of Scripture and Theology in determining faith and practice. Therefore, your program will include two advanced courses in Biblical Studies and two in Christian Theology.

RIGOROUS Advanced-level academic courses are taught by world-class instructors that prepare you to combine substantial, intellectual depth with study that will be practical and useful in your life and ministry.

PERSONALIZED While many programs only offer narrow “streams” of study, the Acadia Doctor of Ministry program allows you to personalize your program to focus on an area that aligns with your interests and passion. We draw in supervisors for thesis and directed studies from our own faculty, different denominations, and other institutions which allows for unprecedented customization without compromising academic quality.

AFFORDABLE Because we understand the financial pressures felt in ministry homes, ADC is proud to offer affordable tuition rates as well as generous scholarships to help you finance your doctoral degree.

DIVERSE Our student body represents more than 20 denominations and many different ministry vocations. Students from across Canada, the United States, and countries around the world choose to study at Acadia every year. Be challenged and enriched as you study alongside ministry colleagues from a rich variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Student Feature:

Stacey Campbell, DMin ‘22 CEO, Prison Fellowship Canada

“After researching many institutions across North America, I chose Acadia Divinity College for the depth of knowledge, breadth of network available to mentor me toward my end goal, and flexibility I need to study in my specific field. ADC has created an environment where I can reflect on the issues I face vocationally and develop relevant, innovative ideas that are shaping the way we do ministry. Peer interaction within the courses adds an enriched element to my learning as we discuss ideas that are both common and unique to us. The Doctor of Ministry program is providing me with a solid grounding in academics to go further in my field than I could on my own. It gives me the passion and motivation to further my professional development and deepen my sense of how God is at work. It is very invigorating, and I could | 19 not be happier with my choice to study at ADC.”



Even more options to meet your ministry needs.





If you would like to grow deeper in your faith through foundational courses in Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, and Christian History, and acquire additional skills in ministry leadership, the 30-credit hour (10 courses) Graduate Diploma may be the right program for you.

This undergraduate-level, non-credit program is designed to provide those over 55 years of age and seeking ordination with a foundation of Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Christian History, and Practical Ministry. You should normally have been accepted by your church or denomination as a candidate for ordination prior to applying. This certificate is awarded by Acadia Divinity College.

This diploma can be completed entirely online and is awarded by Acadia Divinity College. Courses taken can be applied toward a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts (Theology) degree.

NO PROGRAM DIVINITY If you wish to enroll in a course for academic credit at the undergraduate or graduate level at ADC without completing a program, you may apply as a No Program Divinity (NPD) student. NPD students are permitted to complete up to 15 credit hours (five courses). To complete more than five courses for credit, you must apply to a degree, diploma, or certificate program at ADC.

CERTIFICATE IN LAY LEADERSHIP If you are not seeking ordination, this undergraduate-level, non-credit program is designed to provide you with a foundation of Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, and Practical Ministry. Applicants from the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada will normally be referred by the Board of Ministerial Standards and Education; students of other denominations will typically be referred by their accrediting bodies. This certificate is awarded by Acadia Divinity College.

CERTIFICATE IN CHRISTIAN STUDIES A 30-credit hour undergraduate program designed to provide you with a foundation of Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, Christian History, and Practical Ministry courses. The Certificate in Christian Studies (CCS) can help equip you to be an effective volunteer leader in your church or ministry. The credits earned in the Certificate program can be applied toward a Bachelor of Theology degree. The CCS is also ideal for testing your interest in Christian studies with the possibility of applying to the Bachelor of Theology program.






How to apply:

1 2

Submit the online application form, which can be completed in approximately 15 minutes. To access the application, please visit www.acadiadiv.ca/apply

Send in your documents. Each program has different requirements for additional documents, so please verify that you have submitted everything by checking our website. Please have official transcripts sent directly from your university, college, or high school.



Bachelor of Theology

High school diploma or equivalent

Crandall-Acadia BTh Partnership

High school diploma; 80% average or above in five Grade 12 academic courses

Master of Divinity

Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, with a CGPA of at least 2.00

Master of Arts (Theology)

A four-year Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, from an approved university with a CGPA of at least 3.00

Doctor of Ministry

Three years of ministry experience, preferably following the completion of the Master of Divinity degree or its educational equivalent, and served at least one year in your present ministry position at the time of application

Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, with a CGPA of at least 2.00

No Program Divinity – Graduate

Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, with a CGPA of at least 2.00

No Program Divinity – Undergraduate

High school diploma or equivalent

Certificate in Christian Studies

High school diploma or equivalent

Certificate in Ministerial Studies

Over 55 years of age with no formal education beyond the high school level

Certificate in Lay Leadership

High school diploma or equivalent, in addition to recommendation from your church denomination


TRANSFER CREDITS Applicants to some programs may request that up to half of the required credit hours be transferred from an approved institution. For a course to be eligible for a credit transfer, you must have earned at least a C- (60%) on the course. No more than 15 of these credit hours can be earned via internet-based courses. Some restrictions apply to the Master of Arts (Theology) and Doctor of Ministry programs.

ADVANCED STANDING Graduates of the Bachelor of Theology degree at Acadia University and undergraduate degrees at Crandall University and Kingswood University who apply to the Master of Divinity degree may be eligible for advanced standing with credit for some courses, to a maximum of 30 credit hours. If you have completed courses at another accredited institution that have over 60% of the same content as courses offered in the Acadia program, you may appeal to the Academic Dean to take an elective in the same department. You may qualify to be admitted into the 30-credit hour Master of Arts (Theology) program versus the standard 60-credit hour program if you hold an Honours undergraduate degree within the same field in which you intend to specialize, or if you hold a master’s degree in a theological discipline with a CGPA of at least 3.0.

INTERNATIONAL REQUIREMENTS Depending upon your country of citizenship, it can take considerable time to get a student visa after you receive an offer of admission – up to six months in some cases. It is recommended that you apply as early as possible before the start date of your program to ensure enough time for visa processing. You will also be asked to provide supplemental documentation with your application; these may include a copy of your passport, West African Examination Council (WAEC) results, and English Proficiency Test results. For more information on international requirements, please visit: www.acadiadiv.ca/international



TUITION & FEES FULL-TIME STUDENTS (Canadian and International)

Certificate in Ministerial Studies and Lay Leadership









ADC Student Association Fee




Athletic & Health Services Fee












Certificate in Ministerial Studies and Lay Leadership





Senior / Ministry Partner








Senior Fees/ Ministry Partner




Tuition Full-Year Tuition

Fees Technology Fee

ASU Student Organization Fees


PART-TIME STUDENTS (Canadian and International) Tuition per in-class 3 credit hour course (including Virtual Seats)

Tuition per online 3 credit hour course (including ADC Go)

Fees vary depending on the number of credit hours and terms

DOCTOR OF MINISTRY STUDENTS (Canadian and International) Tuition*


Continuance Fee**


Non-ADC Student (per 3-credit hour course)


*Whole program fee - Students are billed each term over the course of their four-year program **The continuance fee is payable when a student’s program extends beyond 4 years. It is an annual fee, payable each September, until the degree is complete.



HEALTH AND DENTAL PLANS All full-time students (except Doctor of Ministry and Crandall BTh students) are automatically enrolled in the Acadia Student Health Plan and the Acadia Student Dental Plan. These fees are automatically charged to your student account, but students may opt out of this plan and receive a credit for the fee by signing a waiver by the specified deadline. Proof of comparable health care coverage is required to opt out of the Health Plan.



2018-19 ASU Health Plan

2018-19 ASU Dental Plan

Single Person, 12 months



Family, 12 months



International Single Person, 12 months





Full-Time Students

International Family, 12 months


Support that Makes All the Difference.

The generosity of donors over time has made it possible for Acadia Divinity College to offer you significant scholarships and bursaries. Our financial assistance program ensures that every eligible student receives support every year.



$4,330 per year – To qualify, you must be a new full-time student with a

Undergraduate – $2,080 per year (full-time); $225 per course (part-time) Graduate – $2,230 per year (full-time); $225 per course (part-time)

minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.50 from your most recently completed university degree, or an 80% average in five Grade 12 academic courses if you are a high school graduate.

ACADIA DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP $3,000 (up to $750 for each of the four years) – Based on your academic record, ministry track record, application letter, and financial need. You must apply for this scholarship by the specified deadline on the website.

$1,000 – If you are a student from outside North America, you may apply for an International Student Scholarship at the same time as applying for an Acadia Doctoral Scholarship.

All students may apply for bursaries through the appropriate form on the website by the specified deadline. Late applicants will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

CORA GRAY & MADELINE SAMPSON BURSARY (AUBA) This bursary was established by a generous gift from the estate of Rev. MacPherson Eaton. The Bursary is named in recognition of Deacons Cora Gray and Madeline Sampson who were choice servants of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Windsor Plains United Baptist Church. If you are part of an African United Baptist Association (AUBA) church or identify as African Nova Scotian, you may apply for this bursary through the appropriate form on the website by the specified deadline.



Catherine Cole

Manager of Recruitment and Admissions (902) 585-2220 catherine.cole@acadiau.ca Wolfville, NS Canada

1-866-875-8975 adcinfo@acadiau.ca www.acadiadiv.ca

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