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Dear Teague Families, Summer break has been a busy time on our campus. The month of June provided academic and enrichment opportunities through participation in Band Camp and Summer Reading Quest. New students are enrolling, new teachers are being hired and new administrators will be joining our family. As I am sure many are aware that Dr. Johnson, Assistant Principal and Mr. Bundy, Dean will be retiring during the month of August. Their service to SCPS and especially to Teague has been an asset to our students, our staff and our families. They will be greatly missed by all. We are, however, gaining two new administrators who will take the baton and continue the journey. I am honored to welcome Assistant Principal Berna Munoz and Dean Kelvin Ferrell to our Administrative team. Both come to us with experience in Seminole County middle schools and each will be an asset to our students and community. Our summer staff is working to have all aspects of the school campus ready for the return of students, teachers and staff. The interior rooms and hallways are being painted, the floors are being polished, schedules reviewed and books are stacked. Many of our teachers have been actively participating in professional development opportunities in preparation for quality instruction that includes differentiated instruction, blended learning, higher level thinking and student-centered engagement. In addition to preparing for the academic success of all students, we have also been actively preparing for positive engagement of all students. To be academically successful, each student must positively and actively engaged in learning. This engagement occurs in the classrooms, during tutoring, through participation in clubs and organizations and in the community. We also want to assure that we provide support to families, so they too, can continue our message into the home. Teague Middle School will begin the 2018-19 school year with a Free and Reduced Lunch population of approximately 61%. This data has allowed Teague to be identified as a Title I school, thus receiving additional support in staffing, equipment and Family Engagement opportunities. Teague will continue to focus on the skills identified in the Florida State Standard, use data to inform instruction, consistently implement, with fidelity, newly adopted direct instruction strategies and provide exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students. In addition, we will build positive relationships that inspire and encourage all students. We will be consistent in our academic and behavioral expectations. Instruction that is student centered, focused on standards, guided by data and expectations that are positive and consistent will assure that our students are given every opportunity to be Future Ready Graduates who INSPIRE, CREATE and INNOVATE. Teague cannot be completely successful without the support of our parents, families and community partners. It is our vision that parents join us in our efforts to provide students with a well-balanced academic and social experience. I welcome parents to help in the Media Center, hallways and lunches. Please join us as we walk the halls, mentor students and model the behaviors expected on our campus. I encourage you to actively participate in PTSA, SAC and all events of the school. I welcome you to contact teachers, guidance and administration with questions, concerns and feedback. Together we will assure the success of all students. Respectfully, Debra Abbott, Principal

Positive Behavior Support Mission Statement: To institutionalize a consistent positive culture supported by the school community where expectations are clearly identified, communicated, and understood for positive behavior and mutual respect.

Please visit our website for more information about our school.


Schedule Pick-up August 1

8:30 am - 10:30 am 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Grades 7 and 8 Grade 6

Open House August 23

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Student Drop-Off/ Pick-Up

Parent Verification of Absence

For safety concerns, students may not be dropped off before 8:50 a.m. The front gate will be opened at 8:50 a.m. for students to enter school. Car rider students must be picked up before 4:25 p.m. For the safety of the student, the parent or guardian must show photo ID when signing out a student. No student will be released to anyone other than the parent, guardian, or adult who is listed on the emergency security card with a proper ID. If a student returns or arrives late to school, he/ she must sign in at the main office with a parent/ guardian or note.

On the day a student returns to school, in compliance with the procedures established at the school, parents/guardians are expected to provide written documentation explaining the reason for a student’s absence. The absence note should include the student’s first and last name (printed), the date of absence, the reason for the absence, the parent/ guardian’s first and last name (printed) along with a signature, and telephone number. Documentation must be provided by the 3rd day of a student’s return to their first period teacher. E-mails or phone calls are not accepted for documentation of the absence.

Involvement in Extracurricular Activities All students interested in participating in extracurricular activities (Sports or club activities) must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no referrals resulting in an Out of School Suspension.

Counselor’s Corner Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for a great school-year! We welcome all of our new and returning students and look forward to getting to know all our new families soon. Jill Halsey and Aleisha Kraft will continue to be Teague’s Certified School Counselors. Ms. Kraft will continue working with students with the last names beginning with the letters A-K and Mrs. Halsey will be working with students with last names beginning with letters L-Z. As School Counselors, our goal is to help every student be the best student they can be; this includes working directly with students as well as collaborating with families and staff. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your child this year. What Services Are Offered? Guidance services are child-centered, developmental and preventative focusing on academic, social and career development. For Students: For Parents: How Does a Student See • Small group counseling • Referrals to community a Counselor? • Individual counseling; as resources • Self-referral needed • Parent/Teacher conferences • Request by the counselor • Progress monitoring • Academic/Behavioral • Teacher referral • Attendance support support (MTSS) • Parent referral • Scheduling • Transition Meetings • Administration referral • Crisis intervention • Referral by a friend


Summer Reading 2018 The summer slide: it sounds fun, but it can make the transition from one grade to the next really difficult. Teague Middle School students can start strong in the fall if their reading habits don’t slide away during the summer. The more students read, the stronger their skills are in all subject areas.

‘Tiger Prints’ July 2018 Published Four Times Per Year Seminole County Public Schools 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773 Issue #4

Rising 6th Graders

Students must read at least two (2) books this summer to complete the assignment, but more books = extra credit! • Part I: Complete the attached Reading Log. • Part II: Book Cover-Design an original front and back cover of the book. The front cover needs to include an illustration, the title and author. The back cover needs to include a brief summary and a book review without giving away the ending.

Rising 7th Graders Standard Level Classes

Rising seventh grades are being given the choice over their summer break to read either "Flush" by Carl Hiaasen or "Taking Sides" by Gary Soto. Students are responsible for reading ONE of the novels to prepare for corresponding activities along with a short comprehension quiz during the first two weeks of instruction. Assignment: • Read the book and complete a short 1-2 sentence summary of each chapter. Be sure to capture the central idea of each chapter in your summary.

Advanced Level Classes

Book: Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall Students currently attending Teague can opt to purchase the book on their own or obtain a copy from their ELA teacher prior to summer. Assignment: • Read the book and complete a short 1-2 sentence summary of each chapter. Be sure to capture the central idea of each chapter in your summary. • An in class project will be completed upon return to school. • Open note novel test will be given upon return to school.

Rising 8th Graders

Incoming 8th graders will read the novel, Restart, by Gordon Korman over the summer of 2018 and complete the following assignments. Students should be prepared to present their projects in class August 24th, 2018. • Part I – Dialectical Journal. (Students will need to obtain a composition notebook for the journal) Think of your journal as a series of conversations with your book as you read it. This process is meant to help you develop a better understanding of the novel as you read. Your journal is used to record personal responses to the text as you read. • Part II – Creative/Multi-Media: (Poster Board, Publisher, Word, Power Point, Video, Prezi) Choose one option. *Please see the Teague website for more detailed information and the rubrics for the assignments.

Transitioning to Middle School Middle school requires students to be more independent and better organized. Students move from one classroom to another. A student may not be comfortable with the variety of teachers and their varied expectations which can be challenging for a child. A parent can listen, sympathize and guide a child through the social and physical maze of adolescence, but it's also important to clearly communicate your expectations. In addition, parents can help their preteens prepare for this transition by gathering information and staying involved in their child’s education. Please sign up for Skyward to continuously monitor your child’s school work and grades. Email your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns and feel free to set up conferences whenever the need arises.


TEAGUE NJHS CRITERIA Dear Parents / Guardians, At Teague Middle School, we take great pride in recognizing students who attain high academic standards and give back to their school and local communities. To celebrate these students, I would like to present you with information about Teague Middle School’s chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Membership to this nationally recognized organization is reserved for seventh and eighth grade students who demonstrate excellence in the following five areas: scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. To share a little bit about the process, admissions will begin after the second semester and will conclude with an induction ceremony that takes place each fall. The final selection of inductees will be made by a five-member faculty council. Please read the following criteria for membership, especially the service and citizenship sections. • Scholarship – Students will be deemed academically eligible after earning a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6 over the duration of the first and second semesters of the school year. Additionally, students must maintain this average throughout the entire selection process. We feel that these standards need to be instituted within our chapter in order to ensure the tradition of the NJHS. • Service – Students must complete a minimum of 5 service hours to the school or community without compensation and with a positive, courteous and enthusiastic spirit. The hours must be completed prior to the selection process, but within a year of the selection process. For example, the service hours of a seventh-grade student must be completed during the sixth-grade school year, or during the summer prior to the seventh-grade school year. (Service done in elementary school will not be accepted.) The service hours of an eighth-grade student must be completed during the seventh-grade school year, or during the summer prior to the eighth-grade school year. Students must show proof by way of a signed letter from the activity advisor or a certificate of completion must be attached to the Student Information packet. Rather than completing one’s service at one time, students are strongly encouraged to volunteer over a series of appointments/sessions. • Citizenship – Candidates must participate in at least one ongoing club or activity that they have been involved in before the selection process began. The club or activity may be school based, or it may take place outside of school. Advisors of the clubs or activities will need to complete recommendation forms that will comment on the

• •

applicant’s leadership and character. Character - Students must demonstrate the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and reliability, as well as acts of kindness and consideration towards others. Student disciplinary records will be reviewed and considered. Finally, a list of students eligible for membership will be sent to all faculty members. Teachers will be asked to provide information about the students in regard to leadership, citizenship and character. This information will be used to supplement the student activity information and file.

In an effort to clarify the procedure, the following steps outline the process towards membership: 1. At the end of the second semester, the guidance department will prepare a list of all eligible candidates with a GPA of 3.6 or above. Please note: Average is cumulative. 2. These candidates will receive Student Information packets, which must be completed and submitted within two weeks of receipt. The packet contains a profile sheet and service/activity verification forms. Only those students who have submitted the necessary paperwork will receive further consideration. 3. Completed packets will then be reviewed by the Faculty Council, which consists of five faculty members appointed annually by the Principal. The chapter advisors shall be ex-officio members of the faculty council. 4. The Faculty Council bases acceptance on the evaluation of the Student Information packet, faculty input, and students’ disciplinary records. Membership is not automatic, but rather an honor bestowed upon a select group of students. 5. The final decision for membership is made by the Faculty Council, which represents the school faculty. 6. Regarding non-selection, schools are not obligated to share information concerning the non-selection of specific students with parents or students. According to NASSP legal counsel, constitutional due process requirements do not apply to non-selection cases. NOTE: STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN INDUCTED INTO THE TEAGUE NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY WILL NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE SELECTION PROCESS AGAIN. THESE STUDENTS MUST MAINTAIN THEIR MEMBERSHIP BY FULFULLING THEIR CHAPTER OBLIGATIONS. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Peggy Clarke at 407-320-1492 or


Math Department As the school year gets closer and closer, the math teachers at Teague encourage all students to take a few moments each day to sharpen their math skills. Research shows that as little as 20 minutes a day practicing math makes sure that students don’t lose what they learned the year before. Be sure to revisit the four operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - skills, including using fractions and decimals. It is extremely important that students come back to school refreshed with these skills because they are vital to the math curriculums. The more you remember, the ease the new material will be! So where can you practice these skills? Students can log on to ePassport and access Khan Academy through the class tools tab. Khan Academy is a great tool frequently used at Teague because it adapts it’s lessons to fit the needs of the student. It includes videos, practice problems, and a hint feature for students while they work. Using Khan Academy in the summer will help ensure students are best prepared for August. When we begin the new school year, all classes will teach using Florida state standards. The start of each course involves a unit designed to use previously learned material to begin introducing new content. All students in all grade levels and class placement are held to the same high standards of effort and participation. Your math class will include rigorous instruction coupled with cooperative learning structures and critical thinking. Throughout the year, you’ll be challenged with in context mathematical scenarios as well as expected to be able to justify or explain your responses. Home practice is a critical component in math as it provides additional exposure and repetition of concepts learned in class. Homework is taken for a grade by all teachers. We encourage you to have an organization plan before entering the New Year. Student supplies needed for math will be provided by the individual teacher within the first week of school. It is, however, advisable that all students have pencils (not pens!), a composition notebook, a folder, and dry erase markers for their math course. Lastly, each year Teague competes at the Seminole County Math Festival in April. Students compete against all the other middle schools in four unique categories. Students should be on the lookout for information regarding team registration and practice within the first month of school. We are excited to see you soon for a great school year! Jaquelyne Fulco

Pre-Algebra Welcome to 8th grade Pre-Algebra! We will be using a 1” three ring binder daily in class and students will need a four function calculator, notebook and graph paper along with plenty of pencils for this class. Our textbook, Florida Go Math PreAlgebra is a consumable book and will be inserted into the binder for each unit. We look forward to exploring the world of math that covers: Real Numbers, Exponents, Scientific Notation, Proportional and Non-proportional Relationships and Functions, Solving Equations and Systems of Equations, Transformational and Measurement Geometry and Statistics. Let’s make it a great year and get ready for High School.


Social Studies Department Introduction Welcome back, Tiger Families! The Teague Middle School Social Studies Department hopes everyone had a great summer! We are looking forward to another exciting school year. The middle school social studies curriculums have a focus on lifelong learning to understand, analyze, react to and act upon the relationships between people and their environments in time and space. In 6th Grade, students will be learning World History which covers topic such as: basic Geography, Early Humans and the agricultural revolution. Students will also learn about specific ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, the Israelites, Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In closing out the year, students will use their geography skills to track the spread of different religions and the people of the Americas prior to the Age of Explorations. In 7th grade Civics, students will be learning about various governmental topics that will be beneficial for students to use in their everyday life. Some of these topics include: constitutional democracy, productive civics engagement, foundations of our American democracy and the abilities to demonstrate civics engagement in addressing public problems. Civics is not limited to the study of politics and society. Civics will help students understand how to contribute appropriately to public discussions of real issues. Their contributions will range from personal testimony to abstract arguments. They will understand the civic practices of voting, volunteering, jury service and joining others to improve society. Students in 8th grade will cover material in the first part of American History up until 1865 and the Civil War. Students will be immersed in curriculum that covers the settling of America, the move toward independence and the American Revolution. Students will review materials learned in 7th grade civics that dealt with the foundations of American Government and the formation of our Democracy. Students will also study the expansion of America into the westward territories, the early divisions in American society, and leading to the Civil War and Reconstruction. The curriculum will focus on analysis of American History, reading in the content area, and writing the DBQ (Document Based Question) all skills that are reinforced in each social studies class. We look forward to seeing you and your families during our open house event in the fall!

Greetings from the Exploratory Department! Hope each of you is enjoying your summer! We’ll be back to school before you know it. Here is a little information to help you get ready for the 2018-19 school year: 1. The Exploratory Department is a diverse group. We offer physical education, art education, theatre arts, chorus and music, all different types of band, Spanish, health education, ROTC, a variety of computer classes, and more! 2. Upon the start of the new school year, please check with your specific teachers in order to determine specific supplies needed for each class. You may also go to eCampus for each teacher once school begins. 3. We are happy to assist parents and students throughout the school year and are available by phone or email. All contact information is available on the Teague website. Email is the preferred method of communication, but we do our best to return all phone calls within 24 hours. 4. We look forward to meeting all parents at the Teague Open House, TBA. Some of us will be assisting during schedule pick up this summer so please make sure you say hello if you see us helping out. Thanks! Have a great summer and see you soon!


Science Department The Science department would like to welcome you to Teague! Science in middle school has changed recently. We have ditched textbooks and have gone digital! Our curriculum and course content will be on ECampus. Throughout middle school the students will be studying the same six units, Hierarchy of Organisms, Variation, Homeostasis, Change Over Time, Interaction of Spheres, and Beyond Our World. Sixth grade starts with a basic understanding of each topic, deepening the knowledge each year. In Sixth grade students will begin with Nature of Science, then Atoms to Molecules, Classification, Symbiosis, Rocks and Plate Tectonics, Layers of the Earth, Land forms, and the Solar System. Seventh grade will also start of off with Nature of Science, then onto Erosion, Water Cycle and Heat Transfer, Weather, Stars, Cells and Organelles, Homeostasis in cells, Genetics, and the Health unit. Eighth grade will again start with the Nature of Science, then move into Rate of Change, Technology and Travel, All Spheres with Biosphere, Evolution (fossils and superposition), Tissues to Organisms (body systems), and Homeostasis in Humans. We hope you have an awesome year at Teague! All the best, Rebecca Thomas-Ghent, Middle Grades Science Teacher, Science Department Co-Chair

Additional Tips for School Success •

Reading Department Summer is here! Time to relax, rejuvenate, and read. To help students’ reading skills refined, there are many opportunities available. Students have access to I-Ready now through July 20th. Students can complete lessons and play games while increasing their comprehension skills. Interacting with I-Ready throughout the summer will ensure students are prepared for the upcoming year. Summer Reading assignments are another great way to keep reading skills refined. A list of the Summer Reading titles for each grade level can be found on Teague’s website. Let’s READ! READ! READ Tigers!

• •

Organize, organize, organize! Have your child keep his/her materials where they belong both at school and at home. Have designated folders and notebooks for each class and be sure that work is filed accordingly in the right place. Remember, organization is a skill. Some students will need more support than others. Your child may benefit from cleaning out his/her backpack on a daily or weekly basis. Use the Planner! Students are responsible for several academic subjects. Using the planner as a tool to assist students with organization and time management is an essential skill needed in all aspects of life. Again, students may need assistance with how best to utilize this tool. Take the time to sit with your child and create a weekly plan for how homework, projects, and studying for tests while balancing after school activities can be managed. eCampus: eCampus is a new platform for online and blended learning in Seminole County. As a parent, you can view the content of the courses your child is enrolled in. Teachers will post the weekly agenda (common board), homework and classwork assignments. Please go to t he Teag ue website for additional information and gain accessibility to the website. Stay engaged with your child and teachers. Be proactive. Don't wait until the first report card. Make sure you know what is expected of your child and they are meeting the teacher's expectations. If you wait for the report card, it may be too late. Student grades can be monitored using Skyward. Model good reading habits. If your child sees you reading, then he will be more likely to become a reader, too. Talk to your kids about what they are learning; not about grades, but actual content.

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Tips for a successful 6th Grade Year • •

• •

This is a transition year and the students desperately need the parental support for keeping school materials and backpacks organized. Weekly backpack checks are highly recommended! Students will continue to utilize their planners on a daily basis to keep track of important due dates and assessments. Please check your child’s planner on a regular basis to ensure they are writing in their planner and completing the assignments/projects in a timely manner. If your child informs you that they completed the work in class, however, their grades are suffering, reach out to the teachers for additional support and clarification. Each class will have different expectations, so students and parents will need to communicate with each teacher via email or phone. Parents are encouraged to schedule a parent/teacher conference by contacting the school counselor secretary, Ruth Consolato, at 407-320-1554. Conferences are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-9:15 am.



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