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JULY 2017






Dear Teague Families, Summer break has been a busy time on our campus. The month of June provided academic and enrichment opportunities through participation in YMCA Camp, Art Camp, Band Camp and Summer Bridges Reading. All of these events allowed the students to sharpen their academic and social skills, all leading to a successful 2017-2018 school year. New students are enrolling, new teachers are being hired and new administrators have been selected to join me in leading the school. I am honored to welcome Assistant Principal Betty Rodriques and Assistant Principal Cynthia Woods to our Teague family. Both come to us with experience from other middle schools in Seminole County and each will be an asset to our students and community. Our summer staff is working to have all aspects of the school campus ready for the return of students, teachers and staff. The interior rooms and hallways are being painted, the floors are being polished, schedules reviewed and books are stacked. Many of our teachers have been actively participating in professional development opportunities in preparation for quality instruction that includes differentiated instruction, blended learning, higher level thinking and student centered engagement. I am excited to announce that the School Board of Seminole County has approved Teague for a new Program of Exploration. We will now be recognized as the Institute of Innovation @ Teague Middle School. The Institute of Innovation @ Teague Middle School aims to create an inspired, student-centered spirit in our school community. Our students will develop skills necessary to create their personal brand, to pursue their passions and to creatively solve problems. Teague will cultivate Future Ready Graduates who INSPIRE, CREATE and INNOVATE. An Innovation Lab is being developed to house the first course offered in the program. However, the theme to INSPIRE, CREATE and INNOVATE will occur campus wide. Details will be forthcoming. Teague will continue to focus on the skills identified in the Florida State Standard, use data to inform instruction, consistently implement, with fidelity, newly adopted direct instruction strategies and provide exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students. In addition, we will build positive relationships that inspire and encourage all students. Instruction that is student centered, focused on standards, guided by data and grounded on positive relationship will assure that our students are given every opportunity to INSPIRE, CREATE and INNOVATE! Teague cannot be completely successful without the support of our parents, families and community partners. It is our vision that parents join us in our efforts to provide students with a well-balanced academic and social experience. I welcome parents to help in the Media Center, hallways, lunches and throughout the campus. Please join us as we walk the halls, mentor students and model the behaviors expected on our campus. I encourage you to actively participate in PTSA, SAC and all events of the school. I welcome you to contact teachers, guidance and administration with questions, concerns and feedback. Together we will assure the success of all students. ...continued on page 2

Positive Behavior Support Mission Statement: To institutionalize a consistent positive culture supported by the school community where expectations are clearly identified, communicated, and understood for positive behavior and mutual respect.

Please visit our website for more information about our school.


‘TIGER PRINTS’ July 2017 Published Four Times Per Year Seminole County Public Schools 400 E. Lake Mary Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773 Issue #4

For safety concerns, students may not be dropped off before 8:50 a.m. The front gate will be opened at 8:50 a.m. for students to enter school. Car rider students must be picked up before 4:25 p.m. For the safety of the student, the parent or guardian must show photo ID when signing out a student. No student will be released to anyone other than the parent, guardian, or adult who is listed on the emergency security card with a proper ID. If a student returns or arrives late to school, he/she must sign in at the main office with a parent/guardian or note.


Students will not be checked out of school in the afternoon after 3:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, or after 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Parents, please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments and when you come to pick up your child and check him or her out before the end of the school day.


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I look forward to meeting you on August 2 during 7th and 8th grade schedule pickup (9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m..) and during 6th grade schedule pickup (1:00 p.m.– 3:30 p.m.- ice cream will be provided for incoming 6th graders). Also, please mark your calendars for Open House on September 17, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. Respectfully, Debra Abbott Principal

GOOD STANDING All students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate in sports and extracurricular activities. Details will be forthcoming.

SCPS DRESS CODE Students’ dress code rules may be found in the SCPS Student Conduct and Discipline Code handbook. The Student Conduct and Discipline Code is published to communicate the expectations of the School Board for students’ behavior in grades K-12 and to summarize the policies of the Seminole County Public Schools related to the management of student conduct.

ELECTRONIC DEVICES The use of personal electronic devices may only be used for instructional purposes with in the classroom, under the direction of the teacher.

STUDENT IDENTIFICATION CARDS Each student will receive a Student Identification card. Students must wear their card on a daily basis and use it to transition through the cafeteria lunch line and check out books from the media center. Replacement cards will cost the student $5.00.

BIKE RIDER EXPECTATIONS 2017-18 Teague students are permitted to ride bicycles to school. We are committed to doing all we can to ensure that bike riders are educated in the safe and responsible operation of their bicycles. Students must adhere to the expectations of bicycle safety and conduct while on campus to maintain their bike riding privileges. Although we try to provide a safe and secure area for bicycle storage, Teague Middle School cannot take responsibility for lost, stolen, or vandalized bicycles on school property and/or while in route to and from school. Bike riders are responsible for meeting the following expectations. Students who do not meet these expectations risk the suspension or loss of their bike riding privileges. 1. All students must wear safety helmets when riding to and from school. 2. All bikes must be stored in the bike rack during school hours. (Only one lock and chain per bike, no sharing) 3. Students must leave the bike rack immediately after locking up their bikes before school and immediately after they unlock their bike after school, each day. 4. Students must get off and walk their bikes from the street entrance to the bike rack, using the appropriate sidewalks and marked crosswalks. 5. Students are not allowed to ride on the driveway, around the school building, or through the parking lot. 6. Students may not “hang-out” inside the bike rack or congregate near the bike rack.



When filling out your student’s emergency ID card, please be sure to include any relative, neighbor, or friend that you may have to call in the event you are not able to pick up your student from school. IF you need to add/delete someone to the card, please come to the front office and make the change in person. The safety of your child is of the upmost importance.

Bullying in SCPS is not tolerated. All students are expected to be respectful and courteous to all students at all times. If you see someone being bullied, speak up, stop it or go get help from an adult on campus. Students can report bullying or an unsafe act in the discipline office. Bullying may be reported anonymously on the Speak Out Hotline by phone at: 1-800-423-TIPS, on-line at: or by text at CRIMES (274637).



On the day a student returns to school, in compliance with the procedures established at the school, parents/guardians are expected to provide written documentation explaining the reason for a student’s absence. The absence note should include the student’s first and last name (printed), the date of absence, the reason for the absence, the parent/guardian’s first and last name (printed) along with a signature, and telephone number. Documentation must be provided by the 3rd day of a student’s return to their first period teacher. E-mails or phone calls are not accepted for documentation of the absence.

CURRENT AND CHANGE OF ADDRESS Please provide the Guidance office your CURRENT address. When you change your address please provide: qq Copy of the recorded deed, homestead exemption, or lease qq Copy of the power bill or utility bill qq Copy of your driver’s license **ALL 3 ITEMS MUST HAVE THE SAME ADDRESS

FAMILY ACCESS Family Access is a secure Internet based website that will allow you to easily keep track of your child’s information. Family Access is a free service and is available to all parents with children enrolled in the district. As a parent with a student in Seminole County Public Schools, you will have real time access to the following items: • Academic History • Activities • Message Center • Student Demographics with Emergency Contact/Student Address Information • Schedule • Student Grades • Student Assignments and Notes • Attendance One of the outstanding features of Family Access is that as soon as an assignment, grade, or attendance is entered in the grade book, it is immediately available to you in Family Access. All data is updated instantaneously. If you have children in multiple Seminole County Schools, you only need to register at one school. Your Family Access login will be active for as long as you have children in the Seminole County Public Schools. If you wish to use Family Access, you will need to register for a login and password. You must show a photo ID and complete an enrollment form in person at Teague Middle School in the front office. By signing and returning the form in person to the school, you are authorizing the Seminole County Public Schools to provide you with your unique login and password. Family Access will help you stay informed about your student’s progress and attendance. We hope this tool will create a stronger relationship between parents and our school community

• Loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled) • Graph paper 4 or 5 square per inch • 7 Three-prong pocket folders (1 per class) • Pencils- No. 2 • Pens- Blue, Black, and Red (each color needed) • Highlighters (2 colors) • 2-Expo markers • White board eraser or old sock or washcloth • Colored pencils(box of 12 or more) • Page protectors- 1 pack (to be usedin all classes) • 2-Composition Notebooks Please note that this is a basic supply list and certain teachers may request additional items. Please no permanent markers of any kind.


3. 4. 5. 6.

Residence Documentation: Warranty Deed/Lease or rental agreement, plus a copy of a current electric bill or initial service order, and one of the following documents supporting stated address: auto registration, driver’s license, or voter’s registration. Immunization DH 680 Form/Physical: Current DH 680 State of Florida Immunization Form. If a student has never been in a Florida public or private school at any time throughout his/her school career, a new physical examination is required as well. Birth Certificate Social Security Number (optional) Verification only. Last Report Card, Test result FCAT, FSA Testing (Public Florida) Individual Educational Plan(IEP), 504 Plan, ESOL Testing and Placement


August 10th First Day of School. First bell rings at 9:12 A.M. and the day ends at 3:55 P.M. No students should be on campus prior to 8:50 A.M. due to supervision/safety concerns Student drop-off (no earlier than 8:50 A.M.) and pick up (no later than 4:25pm). No student can be picked up on the bus ramp until 4:25P.M. Breakfast will be available in the cafeteria starting at 8:50 A.M For safety reasons, all authorized individuals must have photo ID to pick up students during the school day Tank tops, jeggings/leggings, and pants that fall below the waist line are not permitted and compliance will be enforced daily – Please reference the SCPS Dress Code The use of personal devices may only be used for instructional purposes with in the classroom, under the direction of the teacher

ATTENTION PARENTS OF 7TH GRADERS The Florida Department of Health and the Department of Education requires all students entering 7th grade to have received a Tdap booster (adult strength tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis). An updated Florida Certification of Immunization DH680 form must be presented to your child’s school before he/she can receive their schedule or enter school on the first day of classes on August 10, 2017.Your child’s healthcare provider or the Seminole County Health Department can provide the Tdap booster.


FROM THE OFFICE OF THE DEANS TEAGE TIGER EXPECTATIONS T -Take Responsibility I -Integrity Always G -Gracious Attitude E -Engaged in Learning R -Respect for All S -Safety First

COUNSELOR’S CORNER Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for a great school-year! We welcome all of our new and returning students and look forward to getting to know all our new families soon. Aleisha Kraft will continue to be Teague’s Certified School Counselor; she will be working with students with the last names beginning with the letters A-K. We are also excited to have Ms. Jill Halsey joining the School Counseling team this year who will be working with students with last names beginning with L-Z. As School Counselors, our goal is to help every student be the best student they can be; this includes working directly with students as well as collaborating with families and staff. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help your child this year. What Services Are Offered? Guidance services are child-centered, developmental and preventative focusing on academic, social and career development. For Students: • Small group counseling • Individual counseling; as needed • Progress monitoring • Attendance support • Scheduling • Crisis intervention For Parents: • Parent groups • Referrals to community resources • Parent/Teacher conferences • Academic/Behavioral support (MTSS) • Transition Meetings How Does a Student See a Counselor? • Self-referral • Request by the counselor • Teacher referral • Parent referral • Administration referral • Referral by a friend

The Deans welcome new students and those returning as seventh or eighth grade students to Teague. We hope you have had a restful summer and are “Ready to Learn…Ready to Succeed”. Although most of our former students know and understand our school wide expectations, we will share these expectations with our new students during the first couple of days of school.

PARENT VERIFICATION OF ABSENCE On the day a student returns to school, in compliance with the procedures established at the school, parents/guardians are expected to provide written documentation explaining the reason for a student’s absence. The absence note should include the student’s first and last name (printed), the date of absence, the reason for the absence, the parent/guardian’s first and last name (printed) along with a signature, and telephone number. Documentation must be provided by the 3rd day of a student’s return to their first period teacher. E-mails or phone calls are not accepted for documentation of the absence

TRANSITIONING TO MIDDLE SCHOOL Middle school requires students to be more independent and better organized. Students move from one classroom to another. A student may not be comfortable with the variety of teachers and their varied expectations which can be challenging for a child. A parent can listen, sympathize and guide a child through the social and physical maze of adolescence, but it’s also important to clearly communicate your expectations. In addition, parents can help their preteens prepare for this transition by gathering information and staying involved in their child’s education. Please sign up for Skyward to continuously monitor your child’s school work and grades. Email your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns and feel free to set up conferences whenever the need arises.


This is a transition year and the students desperately need the parental support for keeping school materials and backpacks organized. Weekly backpack checks are highly recommended! • Students will continue to utilize their planners on a daily basis to keep track of important due dates and assessments. Please check your child’s planner on a regular basis to ensure they are writing in their planner and completing the assignments/projects in a timely manner. If you child informs you that they completed the work in class, however, their grades are suffering, reach out to the teachers for additional support and clarification. • Each class will have different expectations, so students and parents will need to communicate with each teacher via email or phone. • Parents are encouraged to schedule a parent/teacher conference by contacting the school counselor secretary, Ruth Consolato, at 407-320-1554. Conferences are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays mornings from 8:30-9:15 am. Additional Tips for School Success: • Organize, organize, organize! Have your child keep his/her materials where they belong both at school and at home. Have designated folders and notebooks for each class and be sure that work is filed accordingly in the right place. Remember, organization is a skill. Some students will need more support than others. Your child may benefit from cleaning out his/her backpack on a daily or weekly basis. • Use the Planner! Students are responsible for several academic subjects. Using the planner as a tool to assist students with organization and time management is an essential skill needed in all aspects of life. Again, students may need assistance with how best to utilize this tool. Take the time to sit with your child and create a weekly plan for how homework, projects, and studying for tests while balancing after school activities can be managed. • Stay engaged with your child and teachers. Be proactive. Don’t wait until the first report card. Make sure you know what is expected of your child and that they are meeting the teacher’s expectations. If you wait for the report card, it may be too late. Our school has an online grading system (Skyward family Access) that you can use, make sure you log on frequently to see how your child is doing. • Model good reading habits. If your child sees you reading, then he will be more likely to become a reader, too. • Talk to your kids about what they are learning; not about grades, but actual content.




The science department welcomes you to make a monetary donation to support increased opportunities for students to experience authentic science activities. All donations will be used to supplement the purchase of additional consumable materials to be used in the classrooms throughout the school year. A donation form will be sent home with each student. We thank you in advance for your support of the science program.” Also, your child will bring home a Science Safety Contract that will need to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Signed safety contracts are required for full participation in lab activities.

All Dividends, new and returning, must enroll each year to participate in the Dividend program in Seminole County. Dividends can begin the enrollment process from the homepage of the SCPS website. Click on dividends (on the left-hand side panel) of the SCPS homepage and follow instructions. All enrolled Dividends will receive informative emails about volunteer activities throughout the year from the schools they select during the enrollment process. Dividends no longer wishing to receive emails from Teague must remove Teague from their Dividend profile; the school does not have access to Dividend profiles.

JOIN TEAGUE’S SCHOOL ADVISORY COUNCIL Teague is looking for parents, business partner and community members to join our School Advisory Council (SAC). SAC is a diverse group of community members, teachers, school staff, students and parents who participate in the development of our school’s educational priorities and assessment of school needs. SAC meetings are open to the public and all parents are welcome to attend. Attending a SAC meeting will fulfill your monthly meeting requirement. Remember, you do not have to be a member of SAC to attend the meetings. If you are interested in being a member of the 2017-2018 SAC, and will have a student attending Teague during the 2017-2018 school year, please email your interest to Ms. Evelyn Phillip ( or 407-320-1543)

JOIN TEAGUE’S PARENT TEACHER STUDENT ASSOCIATION (PTSA) We want you! Teague Middle School encourages parent involvement. Joining the Teague PTSA is a great way to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about the PTSA and what you can do to be involved, please join us at our monthly meetings held at Teague. Once determined, the dates and times of these meetings will be posted on the Teague website. Volunteering requires all individuals to register as a Dividend. This is required every year. Visit to register. You are always welcome! Membership – We encourage all Teague families to become members of the PTSA. Membership does not commit you to any volunteering but is a financial support that allows the PTSA to service Teague in multiple ways. Single membership is $5.00. We hope that BOTH parents will become members and support our school. Checks can be made payable to “Teague Middle School PTSA”. Please complete the form below and have your child turn the form and your check into their first period teacher. Thank you in advance for your support!!! cut here ..........cut here ..........cut here ..........cut here .......... cut here .......... cut here .......... cut here .......... Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________ Student Name: _________________________________________________ Grade ________________ Student First Period Teacher: ____________________________________________________________ Amount enclosed: ____________________________________________________________________

YEARBOOK TEAGUE YEARBOOK: ONLY HOURS LEFT FOR THE SUMMER BLOW OUT SALE!!! Summer is almost over! You’re already buying school supplies, so why not pre-order your child’s 2018 yearbook now? Order now for $22.50, your specialty yearbook. This special package is only available until midnight Wednesday, August 9th. This will save you $17.50 off the end-of-year price. Visit NOW to see what options are available. School Code 10339. Thanks in advance, The 2017 - 18 Teague Middle School Yearbook Staff


READING According to current research, not reading during the summer can result in a two-year lag in reading

achievement. We expect all of our Teague Tigers to participate in two reading initiatives this summer: the Florida Department of Education’s Summer Literacy Adventure Challenge and Seminole County Public Schools’ Let’s Read, Seminole! Our first summer reading initiative is the Florida Department of Education’s Summer Literacy Adventure Challenge! Florida’s students are being challenged to pledge to read as many books as possible throughout the summer break. Each Teague student can fill out his or her pledge by following this link: Summer Literacy Pledge. Following the summer break, the Florida Department of Education will recognize the top 10 schools with the highest percentage of participation. The school whose students read the most books will receive a surprise visit from First Lady Ann Scott. More information about the 2017 Summer Literacy Adventure can be found at

Our 2nd initiative is Let’s Read, Seminole! Students, a reading log is your entry form for a chance to win great prizes. Reading logs can be found on the SCPS website using this link: Complete an online reading log, or fill out a printed form and return it when you start school in August. There will a school drawing held at Teague in September, with prizes to include 2017-18 Yearbooks, tablets and other goodies. School winners will be entered into the district drawing. District winners will receive a special prize award, and be recognized by the Superintendent and School Board Members at an October School Board meeting. So, students, take the Summer Literacy Pledge and participate in Let’s Read, Seminole! Read some great books, and join us as we celebrate literacy when we return to Teague in August!


SCIENCE DEPARTMENT During the 2017-2018 school year, our sixth grade students will be jumping into Comprehensive Science. Students will have daily access to technology in the classroom and they will be creating an interactive notebook. The students will no longer have to carry a textbook around! Students will start out the year with the Nature of Science unit, covering the basics of Science. Then they will move through six units: Hierarchy of Organisms, Variations (classification) Homeostasis, Change over time, Interaction of Spheres, and Beyond our World. While the students are enjoying their summer vacation, the Teague Middle School teachers will be preparing for the introduction of the Comprehensive Science Curriculum. Our Science department teachers for grades 6 and 7 will be attending professional development training for Comprehensive Science, using technology in the classroom, ECampus, interactive notebooks, and the imbedded resources! These changes along with teacher training will assure that our students will have an enriched learning environment consisting of digital learning opportunities. Seventh Grade science is looking for a revamp in the curriculum next year! We are shifting to the Comprehensive Science model which will allow the topics to flow much easier from grade level to grade level. We will be attending trainings over the summer for implementation of the new curriculum and to better serve the students. We are all really excited about these upcoming changes! Make sure you are still exploring different science topics over the summer, there are many resources in our communities, including the Orlando Science Center, to assist in this, and it will foster a love of learning and conducting science experiments! We were able to do that this past year using robotics, the Lake Lotus Field Trip, and frog dissection. We are all so proud of this year’s seventh grade students and the successes that they experienced in the classrooms. We hope that all of our students have an enjoyable summer and look forward to the first day of school on August 10th. -7th Grade Science Team Eighth grade Science teachers would like to thank the students and teachers that made the 2016-2017 school year a success! Teachers will be attending trainings over the summer related to technology in the classroom to prepare for next year. These professional development sessions are designed to provide instructional strategies that best support student learning. Please encourage your child to explore scientific inquiry over the summer by looking up answers to questions & asking them questions that involve more than one step to find a solution. Students will be conducting labs that include the following: roller coaster lab, sunset in a bag lab, density lab (layering colored water) and robotics reindeer rescue lab. We wish our current 8th graders continued success in high school and look forward to next year’s new 8th grade class! -8th Grade Science Team

Seminole County Public Schools Teague Middle School 1350 McNeil Rd. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Orlando, FL Permit # 2346


Teague Middle School


Teague Middle School offers a Sports Program that provides a safe and organized environment for friendly competition against other middle schools in the county. Students will have fun, develop skills, learn the game, learn what it means to be part of a team and practice good sportsmanship. The program offers four sports. Volleyball: August-October, Cross Country: OctoberDecember, Track and Field: January-February, Basketball: February-April. • Students will be required to try-out for Volleyball and Basketball (tryout dates TBD and will be posted on the Teague website as well as announced to students on TNN). • All students trying out must provide a Consent and Release form signed by the parent (can be found on Teague website). • If your child is chosen on a team, one parent/guardian must attend an informational meeting (date to TBD by coach) and the student must have a current school sports physical. • Each sport will have a fee of $50 (to offset the cost of buses, coaching and officials). • Parents are encouraged to come to all games and meets (volleyball and basketball games require a small door charge to cover gym costs). • Practices days are determined by the coach, but are usually in the afternoons after school. • Games and meets are held on campus or at one of the middle schools in Seminole County. • Transportation to away games/meets is provided by SCPS. • All Parent Consent and Sports Physical Forms can be found on the Teague website.

TEAGUE CAMPUS CLUBS Teague strives to offer all students extracurricular opportunities to participate in service and social clubs on campus. Teague Clubs are sponsored by Teague teachers or staff and usually meet before or after school. Our present clubs include: Reading/Literacy Club, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Green Team, Chess Club, UpStanders, Dance Club, Future Educators Club Bridge Club, Gamers Club and National Honor Society (academic requirements). If you do not see your club listed and would like to start your own club, contact Mr. Bundy for details!

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July 2017

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