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Dear Riverview Students and Families,


Erin Haughey, Principal

Kathy Wilks, AP of Curriculum

Jay Lorenz, AP of Administration

I hope you are enjoying your summer break and relaxing with family and friends. As the administrative staff prepares for the 2023-2024 school year, I want to introduce you to two new faces joining the Riverview Administrative Team. Ms. Jessica Fuesy is returning to Riverview High School as an Assistant Principal after six years in administration at Brookside Middle School. Ms. Fuesy is an IB Riverview alum and previously worked in Leon County as a math teacher, Project Manager, Dean of Curriculum and Assistant Principal before joining Sarasota County School in 2016. Ms. Fuesy was also the 2023 Assistant Principal of the Year for Sarasota County Schools. Welcome home, Ms. Fuesy!

Mr. Joshua Grant has been in education since 2013 and in Sarasota County schools since 2016. Mr. Grant was the 2020 Venice High School Teacher of the Year and Sarasota County High School Teacher of the Year. Mr. Grant has also worked for the Tampa Bay Rays since 2009 as a PA Announcer/DJ and looks forward to a World Series run this year. Go Rams (and go Rays)!

Jessica Fuesy Assistant Principal, IB

Joshua Grant, Assistant Principal

Meredith Norris, Assistant Principal, ESE

Ashley Hernandez, Assistant Principal

Student Orientations will be held on July 31st for Seniors at 9a.m. and Juniors at 12p.m. On August 1st, we will host our Sophomores at 12p.m. and Freshmen at 5p.m. At Student Orientations, students can receive their student IDs, purchase student parking (seniors and juniors only), get lockers and have a chance to check out the Student Success Center right above the Cafeteria. Riverview has a state-of-the-art College and Career Center that is equipped with 21st century technology and a plethora of resources for our students as they excel through their educational journey. Anthony Campbell, our College and Career Coordinator, will be available to students 7a.m.-3p.m. Monday- Friday to answer questions as well as support students and families throughout the school year.

Please join us on social media via the Riverview High School’s official Facebook page or on Instagram at Riverview_ Rams. As the year progresses, we utilize Facebook and Instragram to highlight all the incredible events happening daily on Riverview’s campus.

Our first day of school this year is August 10th. Our overall mission is to give your child every opportunity to reach his/her highest potential and we hope to work with each of you moving forward to fulfill this goal.

Please mark your calendars for Open House on September 13th from 6p.m.-8p.m. This night will give families the opportunity to walk your student’s schedule and meet all the staff that interacts with your child on our campus.

Dr. Joe Bazenas, Intervention Specialist counseling DePArtMent Rose Beach, Dept. Chair

ADMinistrAtiVe offices

M-F 7:00 a.M. to 3:00 p.M. 941-923-1484

RHS Foundation: rhsfoundation.org

Words cannot adequately express my pride as the leader of Ram Nation for the 2023-2024 school year. There truly is no place quite like Riverview High School.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Mission - The mission of Riverview High School is to provide a learning environment that nurtures a passion for intellectual curiosity; that promotes global understanding, independence, and innovation; and that is committed to a tradition of academic excellence and social responsibility.

Vision - The vision of Riverview High School is to create a school community, which works together so that all students will reach their highest potential to become life-long learners and responsible citizens through quality instruction and a challenging, world-class curriculum at a state-of-the-art facility.

Transportation: sarasotacountyschools.net/departments/transportation

Policy AgAinst DiscriMinAtion - Sarasota County School Board Equity Policies are located on the District website as well as on the school website http://sarasotacountyschools.net/ schools/riverview/. Copies are also available in the Principal’s Office.


HigH ScHool graduation requirementS

Standard diploma

To graduate from high school in 2024, a student must meet the following requirements:

• A student must earn the following credits: 26 and successfully complete all required courses (or equivalent)

• Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale on all courses except for those courses forgiven according to the district forgiveness procedure.

• A student must earn passing scores on the 10th grade FAST ELA in reading. Students are also required to pass the Alg. 1 EOC.

ScHool counSelorS

1. A certificate of completion will be awarded to students who: (1) have met all course, credit and GPA requirements, but have not passed one or both sections of the appropriate state tests required for graduation or (2) have passed both sections of the appropriate state tests required for graduation and met all course and credit requirements, but have not

Standard High School Diploma 26 Credits English 4 Major concentration in composition and literature Mathematics 4 One credit must include Algebra I or its equivalent and pass the EOC Geometry or its equivalent is required and EOC counts as 30% of their final grade Science 3 Biology or its equivalent is required and EOC is 30% of the final grade Social Studies 3 World History (1 credit) U.S. History (1 credit) Economics (1/2 credit) with Financial Literacy American Government (1/2 credit)
COUNSELORS RM # EXT # STUDENTS Ciara Van Ness 5-131B 64284 A-C Vicki Hughes 5-131C 64283 D-I Kristen McMahon 5-207B 64225 J-M Katherine Borriello 5-207C 64224 N-R and IBCP Kathryn Sperber 5-207A 64226 S - Z
Harding 5-331C 64243 IBDP A-Ma Rose Beach 5-331A 64244 IBDP Mc-Z REGISTRARS RM # EXT # STUDENTS Bendel, Brittany 1-138 64011 A - L Lepow, Blanca 1-132 64049 M - Z Asadorian, Tina 5-131 64286 TPP, FTE TRY BOTH OF OUR FANTASTIC SARASOTA LOCATIONS 3590 TRY BOTH OF OUR FANTASTIC SARASOTA LOCATIONS

SAT & ACT RemindeR

Registration for SAT is completed at www.collegeborad.org and ACT registration at www. actstudetn.org. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify for free/reduces lunch. Fee waivers may be obtained by seeing Ms. Fulmer in room 5-331, and test registration will be required at that time.

GRA de PoinT AveRAGe S

act teSt dateS 2023-24

Grade Point Averages (GPA) are computed as both weighted and unweighted for specific purposes related to athletic eligibility, graduation, class ranking, scholarship opportunities, etc. and are determined by averaging the quality points per credit earned by a student.

Sat teSt

dateS 2023-24

The achievement of a cumulative unweighted grade point average of at least a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in the courses needed for graduation is required. All courses mute be included in the unweighted GPA calculation unless the grade has been forgiven. Grade Point Average weight is dependent upon the course. High School grade point averages shall be calculated on both a weighted and unweighted scale. Students earning credits in honors level courses and all level three instructional courses will earn an additional 1.0 quality point. Students earning credit in AP, DE, AICE, and IB courses will earn an additional 1.5 quality points.

ACT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Reg. Deadline Sep 9, 2023 Aug 4, 2023 Aug 18, 2023 Oct 23, 2023 Sep 22, 2023 Oct. 6, 2023 Dec 9, 2023 Nov 3, 2023 Nov 17, 2023
10, 2024 Jan 5, 2024 Jan 19, 2024
13, 2024 Mar 8, 2024 Mar 22, 2024
May 3, 2024 May 17,
Jun 8, 2024
SAT Test Date Registration Deadline Late Reg. Deadline Aug 26, 2023 Jul 28, 2023 Aug 15, 2023 Oct 7, 2023 Sep 7, 2023 Sep 26, 2023 Nov 4, 2023 Oct 5, 2023 Oct 24, 2023 Dec 2, 2023 Nov 2, 2023 Nov 21, 2023 Mar 9, 2024 Feb 23, 2024 TBD May 4, 2024 Apr 19, 2024 TBD June 1, 2024 May 17, 2024 TBD

10 ThinGS yoU CA n do now To helP yoUR Child SUCCeed in hiGh SChool

1. Make sure your phone number and home address are up to date with the registrar. Inaccurate information makes it difficult to contact family members.

2. Sign up for the Parent Portal- your chance to view your student’s real- time attendance and updated grades. Go to www. sarasotacountyschools.net, click on parents and then click on Family Access Portal.

3. Attendance! Attendance and school success are directly related; use the Parent Portal to monitor your student’s daily attendance. Make sure absentee notes are turned in right away. If you are getting an automated attendance phone call, your student has missed a class!

4. Using your student’s schedule, email their teachers and counselor to introduce yourself and establish email communication.

5. Be proactive- Sarasota Co. Schools is going paperless. Please keep up with crosspointe to monitor your child’s grades. The end of the marking periods for 2023-24 are:

a. End of quarter one- October 12th

b. End of quarter two- December 21st

c. End of quarter three- March 7th

d. End of quarter four- May 24th

6. Graduation requirements are outlined for each class in the Program of Studies located under the ‘Website Menu’, then click on Academics on the RHS website.

7. Keep a copy of all of the fact sheets from each of your student’s teachers. These outline their grading system and expectations for each class.

8. Create a file folder at home to keep report cards and other school related information in one place.

9. Be familiar with the Bright Futures Scholarship. It changes from year to year. This is your student’s opportunity to earn money for college and should always be a goal.

10. Visit www.sarasotacountyschools.net/schools/riverview for current news and information about RHS- know what’s going on.

*Bonus* If you are in doubt, ask!

Be involved, double check the information coming home to you from your student!

RA mP iT UP m ATh TUToRinG


Have you started using SchooLinks?

Sarasota County Schools is phasing out the use of Naviance at all high schools with the Class of 2023. All college representatives should now schedule visits using SchooLinks.

https://app.schoolinks.com/onboarding/district_college_rep/NeKm4G/ Seniors: Do you have a plan for after high school? Don’t know where to start? Visit the Student Success Center for assistance so we can help you develop your plans for after graduation!

• Complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA! All students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Completion of the FAFSA will determine your eligibility for need-based federal financial aid for college, career, and technical school. This may include grants, scholarships, work-study and is the only way to get the best rate on student loans. Apply now at: www.fafsa.gov

• Apply for Scholarships! Many Scholarships are available and the local list can be found at: https://edfoundationsrq.org/scholarships/. Report any local scholarships earned to the Student Success Center.

Juniors: Register to take the SAT and/or ACT before the end of Spring.

• Visit the SSC on a regular basis!


• Continue to complete community service hours and submit forms (30+ hours) to the Student Success Center. .

Freshman: Stay involved, join a club, and attend events on campus. Continue to work on community service hours. Instructions on how to obtain the log sheets can be found in MySCS - SchooLinks.

ATTenTion Cl ASS of 2024!

Seniors may go on prestigeportraits.com to book their appointments. All senior pictures will be taken on our campus. Prestige Portraits is the official photographer for Riverview High School.

RAMp It Up Math Tutoring is open for business. This organization is funded by the Riverview Foundation and run by math teacher Tammy Moore. Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society students help as well. Tutoring help for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 and MCA is offered. Find us in room 5-335 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30. Remember…get help BEFORE you fall behind! We are here for you.


ThinGS To K now A boUT A PPlyinG foR


1. Seniors! Apply now for the Bright Futures Scholarship at: www.floridastudentfinancialaidsg.org Create an account and complete the application. This can be done before community service hours, GPA and SAT/ACT requirements have been met.

2. Create your FSA ID https://fsaid.ed.gov/ then complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) www.fafsa.gov

3. Search for local and updated scholarship information on www.LaunchYourPlan.com, in the Student Success Center, and https://www.fastweb.com/ for national scholarship searches.

4. Check with the colleges you apply to for internal scholarships. Many of these require a separate application from your admissions application.

5. Check with the companies where you or your parents work and any other affiliated organizations. There are many scholarship opportunities available beyond the ones mentioned!

6. Organize Scholarship applications by due date.

7. Plan ahead for recommendation letters! Counselors require 10 business days to write letters of recommendation. Don’t forget to provide your counselor with a resume of your activities while in high school. Pro tip – be sure to follow up with a thank you letter once your recommendation letter is completed!

8. Order copies of your transcript with the registrar at least a week before they need to be submitted with your scholarship applications. Transcript request forms are located in the Attendance Office and in Guidance.

9. Review your Essay. Highlight your accomplishments, goals and note relevant obstacles.

10. Follow the guidelines of the scholarship! It is important to submit a well organized and complete application.

volU nTeeR CoRneR

We have lots of different opportunities to volunteer with students and staff…Holiday Parties, tutoring, mentoring, and rocking the babies in Cyesis to name a few. See Rebecca Bilbrey (email: rebecca. bilbrey@sarasotacountyschools.net) at the front desk for more information. Contact Rod Dragash (email: Rod.Dragash@sarasotacountyschools. net) for Business Partnership opportunities.

If you are a natural at organizing, sales and seek to give back to RHS community, WE NEED YOU! Please contact the principal’s assistant for more information, Stacy Lahdenpera at 941-923-1484 ext: 64003. “Team-Up”, the District Volunteer office can also provide further details of what each position entails at 941-927-9000 or check out the website at: www.sarasotacountyschools. net/departments/vpo.

Comm U niT y SeRviCe

A completed application form must be submitted and approved prior to starting volunteer hours (sarasotacountyschools.net, Students & Parents, High School Community Service). Hours completed without an approved community service log sheet will not be accepted. The high school community service logs (30+ documented hours) can be turned in during all lunch periods (Monday-Friday) to the Student Success Center (6-204).

Step by step instructions and service hour guidelines can be found in SchooLinks (MySCS, College & Career Readiness tile).

Dinner • Brunch | Catering & Private Dining | Happy Hour Daily F RE E D E S S E R T O er good for one complimentary dessert with the purchase of any two entrées Must present coupon to receive o er O er valid for Dine-In only. One o er per person, per check. Gratuity not included. Not redeemable for cash. O er valid at Sarasota ocation only Expires 9/30/23 624 0 S Tam i ami Trail, Sa raso ta, FL 3423 1 7 27 -7 26 -6 0 61 R e s e r vat i ons a t G RILLSMI T H C O M

ACA demiC GRA dinG in hiGh SChool

Academic Grade: The grades reflecting achievement in academic courses in grades 9-12 with numerical equivalents shall be:

A 90-100% 4.0 Outstanding Achievement

B 80-89% 3.0 Above Average Achievement

C 70-79% 2.0 Average Achievement

D 60-69% 1.0 Lowest Acceptable Achievement

F 59% and below 0.0 Failure

I Incomplete

N No Grade

Students receiving a grade for incomplete work (I) are to satisfy course requirements within ten days of the last day of the previous grading period. The principal may extend the time requirement for extreme hardships. The final grade for a full-credit course is the mathematical calculation that includes the Term 1, Term 2 grades, the midterm and final exam. For courses with a state required End of Course examination (EOC), the EOC is 30% of the final grade.

Employability Skills - For each course taken in high school, twenty percent (20%) of the quarter grade shall be based on the development of employability skills. Those skills will include:

• Attendance

• Coming to school or class on time

• Bringing required work tools, such as paper, pen/pencil, textbooks, notebooks, etc.

• Maintenance of an assignment notebook or similar system

• Completion of homework

• Appropriate dress for class

• Attitude of cooperation with teacher and fellow students

• Time in class devoted to the appropriate task

nATionA l honoR SoCieT y

If your child is hoping to be a member of National Honor Society at some point during their time at RHS, please be aware of the requirements for induction as outlined below.

Requirements for membership:

• Rising 11th or 12th grader

• 3.5 unweighted AND 4.0 weighted GPA

• 5 teacher recommendations (students do not seek these out, teachers make recommendations on the document given out in February-see below)

• No incidents of academic dishonesty

• A substantial number of community service hours (outside of school and not all related to club activities) [The specific number is not released to avoid fraudulent applications.]

• Consistent involvement in a variety of extra-curricular activities [Again, the specific number is not released to avoid fraudulent applications.]

Applications for qualified candidates are distributed via email to students in Quarter 4. Induction is held in late April/early May.

Questions? Email Jewell DeMarco at jewell. demarco@sarasotacountyschools.net

ASSOCIATE | BACHELOR’S | CERTIFICATES State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate and baccalaureate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota. State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota does not discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, race, religion, age, national origin/ethnicity, color, marital status, disability, genetic information or sexual orientation in any of its educational programs, services and activities, including admission and employment. Direct inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies to: Equity Officer, 941-752-5599, 5840 26th St. W., Bradenton, FL 34207.
Find yours here!



Sarasota County District Schools

Riverview High School


FreSHman Football

*Home games in Bold

JV Football

VarSity Football

– F/JV/V – 5,6,7

SEP 6 - @CHARLOTTE – F/JV/V – 5,6,7

SEP 7 - @SARASOTA – F/JV/V – 5/6/7


SEP 12 – LEMON BAY – F/JV/V – 5/6/7

SEP 14 - @BRADEN RIVER – F/JV/V – 5/6/7


SEP 21 – BRADEN RIVER – F/JV/V – 5/6/7

SEP 26 – NORTH PORT – F/JV/V – 5,6,7

SEP 28 - @VENICE – F/JV/V – 5,6,7

OCT 3 – CHARLOTTE - F/JV/V – 5,6,7

OCT 5 – SARASOTA – F/JV/V – 5/6/7

OCT 10 – GULF COAST – F/JV/V – 5/6/7

OCT 12 - @ODA – 5:30 JV, 7:00 VARSITY

Ram Way Sarasota, FL 34231
telegRam rHS SportS
2 30-Aug at Venice 6:30pm Week 3 ... 6-Sep .... at Sarasota ............... 6:00pm Week 4 ... 13-Sep .. Cardinal Mooney .... 6:00pm Week 5 20-Sep at Booker 6:00pm Week 6 27-Sep Venice ...................... 6:30pm
11-Oct Sarasota .................. 6:00pm
Week ..... Date ......
Week 8
Week 9 18-Oct
Week 10 . 25-Oct
Opponent ....Time Week 1 ... 24-Aug .. at Venice ......6:30pm Week 2 ... 31-Aug .. Palmetto ......6:30 PM Week 3 7-Sep Booker 6:00pm Week 4 ... 14-Sep Week 5 ... 21-Sep .. Sarasota ......6:00pm Week 6 28-Sep Week 7 ... 5-Oct Week 8 ... 12-Oct ... Manatee .......6:30 PM Week 9 19-Oct Venice 6:30PM Week 10 . 26-Oct ... at Sarasota ...6:00pm
Home games in Bold
Week ..... Date ......
Date .... Game ............................ Site ...... Time 8/18 Hillsborough High Home 7:00pm 8/25..... Southeast High ............. Home ... 7:30pm 9/1....... Buchholz (Gainesville) .. Home ... 7:00pm 9/8 Palmetto Home 7:30pm 9/14..... Cardinal Mooney ........... Away .... 7:00pm 9/22..... Open 9/29 Venice (District) Away 7:30pm 10/6..... Berkley Prep ................. Away .... 7:00pm 10/13... Clearwater Academy International Home 7:30pm 10/20... Manatee ........................ Away .... 7:30pm 10/27... Sarasota(District) .......... Home ... 7:30pm lady ramS Volleyball PRESEASON AUG 15 – SARASOTA 5PM @MOONEY AUG 17 – @MOONEY 7PM 2023 SEASON AUG 22 – PALMETTO – F?/JV/V – 5?,6,7 AUG 24 – VENICE – F/JV/V – 5,6,7 AUG 26 – FISHBOWL F/JV TOURNAMENT AUG 29 – PORT CHARLOTTE – JV/V – 6,7 AUG 31 - @LEMON BAY