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February 1, 2018 Volume 16 Issue 2

For the Parents/Guardians, Staff, Students, and Community of Cypress Lake High School

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Students graduating from CLHS will be independent thinkers and responsible citizens with the skills and knowledge to make quality decisions ensuring future success.

Principal’s Message

Panthers, Congratulations to the students, staff and parents of Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts for their hard work and support in achieving a successful first semester! We will continue to focus on academic success in all areas, preparation for state and district tests, spring athletics and major art shows and performances. Teachers and counselors are very focused on preparing students for the many assessments that come in the spring. However, each year during second semester all schools experience an increase in absences, late arrivals and sometimes a gradual decline in academic performance. This is sometimes referred to as the “Second Semester Slide.” Cypress is determined to break this trend, and we are asking parents to join us in supporting the academic success of their student. Below are three ways parents can assure their student’s continued success. 1. Monitor your child’s performance and attendance via your FOCUS portal (https://lee.focusschoolsoftware. com/focus/) or through Parentlink. For information on how to sign up, to retrieve passwords, or to download the app, visit Staying informed and engaged with your student’s school life – and talking about it - has a tremendous positive effect. 2. Be vigilant in making sure your student attends school every day and arrives on time. MAKE DAILY ATTENDANCE THE EXPECTATION. Very few things have as much negative effect on academic performance as poor attendance. Be clear in your attitude towards attending school every day. In the working world, attendance is equated with dependability. 3. Re-establish your student’s homework and study routine. Help him/her to reclaim the space and time meant for this important purpose. Encouraging and supporting this vital activity will improve your student’s attitude and performance at school and instill a work ethic that endures for a lifetime. SET A SCHEDULE: establish a regular timeslot for this important daily activity. Seek your child’s agreement and commitment to dedicate this time each day for homework and study. Parents: you are our most important partner. Together we can eliminate the “Second Semester Slide.” Thank you in advance for your support. Great things are happening at our school! It is a privilege to be the Principal at Cypress Lake High School Center for the Arts. Our staff is hard-working and student-focused. The support and commitment from the parents and community means so much to us. Cypress Lake students make us proud to be Panthers each and every day.

Angela Roles Principal

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Translation of the newsletter is available in Spanish and Creole. Contact the Main Office for details.




Student Assignment 2018-19: January 22– March 23, 2018

Parents of currently enrolled students in Lee County Public School grades five, eight, and students in Pre-K attending Lee County Public Schools who are eligible for kindergarten for 2018/19, will be mailed their child’s personalized application between January 19 - February 9, 2018. To alleviate the volume of people in the Student Assignment office, applications will be mailed out by level. ·· Current 8th grade student applications will be mailed on January 19th. ·· Current Pre-K student applications will be mailed on February 2nd. ·· Current 5th grade student applications will be mailed on February 9th. Students new to the district will continue to be enrolled during the entire first enrollment period. This is a very exciting time of year for students and parents as they plan for 2018-2019. Those receiving applications can save time by applying online! Please read the documents sent to you very carefully, and determine if you want to apply online, mail it back to us, or bring it to one of our offices in person. This is an application collection period. There is no need to stand in long lines the first few days as all applications are processed as a group after the first enrollment deadline. Those who apply online will be able to view their results 1 week earlier than assignments are mailed out. Parents of children who will be five on or before September 1, 2018 and who are not enrolled in one of the district’s Pre-K programs must visit one of our offices to register for kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year (bring registration requirements). This should be done during the first application period (January 22 – March 23) to increase the chances of being assigned to your preferred school. Brand new students cannot apply on-line – they must be registered in person. There are no automatic assignments – parents need to register incoming kindergartners even if they have an older sibling already attending the preferred school. Please visit for registration requirements and Student Assignment Office locations. Lee County is home to Florida’s top ranked virtual school. Lee Virtual Instruction Program is the only Kindergarten through 12th grade public virtual school in our area. This challenging virtual learning program follows the school district calendar. Students have access to many of the same courses as they would in a traditional school including Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (FGCU, FSW, FMTC and CCTC) along with the flexibility of a dynamic schedule. Students who complete the virtual course of study receive the same accredited diploma as any other public school. There are two application periods for LVIP. The first application period coincides with the Student Assignment’s first application period. The second one begins the Monday after Thanksgiving for second semester enrollments and closes prior to final exam week of the first semester. Applying to LVIP does not affect your current School Choice assignment until the student completes orientation and enrollment in the LVIP program. Lee Virtual also offers a variety of summer courses for original credit. Visit Lee Virtual Instruction Program at SELECCIÓN ESCOLAR 2018-2019: ENERO 22 – MARZO 23, 2018 Los padres de estudiantes actualmente inscritos en las escuelas públicas del Condado Lee de quinto y octavo grado y estudiantes de las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Lee elegibles para kindergarten para 2018/19 recibirán por correo la solicitud personalizada de su hijo entre el 19 de enero y el 9 de febrero. 2018. Para aliviar el volumen de personas en la Oficina de asignación de estudiantes, las solicitudes se enviarán por correo por nivel. ·· Las aplicaciones actuales para estudiantes de 8 ° grado se enviarán por correo el 19 de enero. The School Board of Lee County, Florida Mary Fischer, District 1 (Chairman) Jane E. Kuckel, PhD, District 6 (Vice Chairman) Melisa W. Giovannelli, District 2 Chris N. Patricca, District 3 Steven K. Teuber, District 4 Pamela H. LaRiviere, District 5 Cathleen O’Daniel Morgan, District 7 Dr. Gregory K. Adkins,
Superintendent The School Board of Lee County, Florida, prohibits discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation.

·· Las solicitudes actuales de estudiantes de Prekínder se enviarán por correo el 2 de febrero. ·· Las solicitudes actuales de estudiantes de 5to grado serán enviadas por correo el 9 de febrero. Los que reciben esta aplicación pueden ahorrar tiempo aplicando por computadora. Por favor lea los documentos que le enviamos cuidadosamente y determine si usted quiere aplicar por computadora, mandar la aplicación por correo, o traerla en persona a una de nuestras oficinas. El periodo de aplicación es de nueve semanas. No hay necesidad de pararse en líneas largas los primeros días de aplicación ya que usted tiene nueve semanas para aplicar. Todas las aplicaciones son procesadas en grupo. Los padres de los niños que cumplirán cinco años antes o el día 1 de septiembre, 2018 y que no están matriculados en una de las escuelas del distrito en el programa de Pre-K deben visitar una de nuestras oficinas para matricular a sus niños por primera vez en kindergarten para el año escolar 2018/2019. Por favor aplique durante enero 22 y marzo 23 para aumentar los chances de ser asignado a una de las escuelas de su preferencia. Estudiantes nuevos no pueden aplicar por computadora, estudiantes nuevos deben aplicar en persona. No hay asignaciones automáticas – los padres de familia necesitan matricular a todos los niños que van a entrar a kindergarten aun cuando tengan hermanos que ya están asistiendo a esa escuela. Por favor visite la página del Internet para los requisitos de matrícula y para información acerca de donde están situadas nuestras oficinas. El Condado de Lee tiene una de las mejores escuelas virtuales de la Florida. El Programa de Instrucción Virtual de Lee es la única escuela pública de Kindergarten hasta el grado 12 en nuestra área. Este desafiante programa de aprendizaje virtual sigue el calendario del distrito escolar. Los estudiantes tienen acceso a muchos de los mismos cursos como lo harían en una escuela tradicional incluyendo la Clases Avanzadas (AP), Inscripción Dual (FGCU, FSW, FMTC y CCTC) junto con la flexibilidad de un programa dinámico. Los estudiantes que completan el curso virtual de estudio reciben el mismo diploma acreditado que cualquier otra escuela pública. Hay dos períodos de aplicación para LVIP. El primer período de solicitud coincide con el primer período de solicitud de la asignación de estudiante. El segundo comienza el lunes después del Día de Acción de Gracias para las matrículas del segundo semestre y cierra antes de la semana del examen final del primer semestre. La aplicación a LVIP no afecta su asignación actual de Elección Escolar hasta que el estudiante complete la orientación y la inscripción en el programa LVIP. Lee Virtual también ofrece una variedad de cursos de verano para el crédito original. Visite el Programa de Instrucción Virtual de Lee en ENSKRIPSYON ELÈV 2018-19: 22 JANVYE – 23 MAS, 2018 Paran elèv ki enskri nan lekòl Leta Lee County ki gen senkan, wit ak elèv ki nan Pre-K ki ale nan Lekòl Piblik nan Konte Lee ki kalifye pou klas jadendanfan pou ane 2018/19, ap voye aplikasyon pèsonalize pitit li ant 19 janvye 9 fevriye, 2018. Pou soulaje volim nan moun ki nan Biwo Asiyasyon Elèv la, yo pral poste aplikasyon pou nivo. ·· Elèv ki nan klas 8yèm ane yo ap poste nan dat 19 janvye. ·· Elèv yo ap aplike aktyèl elèv yo anvan 2ye mwa avril. ·· Prensipal 5yèm ane eskolè aplikasyon pou elèv yo ap poste nan dat 9 fevriye. Moun ki resevwa aplikasyon sa yo pap pèdi tan si yo aplike nan entènèt! Silvouplè fè atansyon lè wap li dokiman nou voye yo, e deside si w vle aplike nan entènèt ou byen si w vle plen aplikasyon an e voye l bak pa lapòs, ou byen si w vle vini nan yon continued on next page


nan ofis nou yo. Peryòd aplikasyon sa a ap dire néf- semèn. Ou gen néf-semèn pou soumèt aplikasyon ou an, donk pa gen rezon pou kanpe nan yon liy ki va long pandan premye jou yo. Tout aplikasyon yo asiyen ansanm. Paran ti moun kap gen senk an le 1e Septam, 2018 ou anvan dat sa a e ki pa enskri nan pwogram Pre-K nan distri a dwe vini nan yon nan ofis nou yo pou enskri pou kindergarten pou ane skolè 2018/2019 (vini ak dokiman nesesè pou enskripsyon an) Sa dwe fèt pandan premye peryòd enskripsyon an (22 Janvye- 23 Mas) si w vle ogmante chans ou pou jwen lekòl ou vle a. Elèv ki nouvo pa ka aplike nan- entènèt. – yo dwe vini pèsonèlman. Nou pa otomatikman asiyen yon elèv- Paran yo bezwen vin enskri ti moun ki pral nan kindergarten menm si gen lòt frè ak sè ki deja prale nan lekòl yo vle a. Silvouplè vizite pou dokiman ke wap bezwen pou enskri pitit ou an e si w bezwen konnen kote Ofis Enskripsyon pou Elèv yo ye. Konte Lee se lakay yo nan tèt klase lekòl vityèl Florid la. Lee Pwogram Virtual Enstriksyon se Jadendanfan a sèlman nan 12yèm lekòl leta klas nan zòn nou an. Pwogram sa a defi aprantisaj vityèl sa a kalandriye a distri lekòl la. Elèv yo gen aksè anpil nan kou yo menm jan yo ta nan yon lekòl tradisyonèl ki gen ladan Davans Placement (AP), Enskripsyon Doub (FGCU, FSW, FMTC ak CCTC) ansanm ak fleksibilite nan yon orè dinamik. Elèv ki konplete kou a vizib nan etid resevwa menm diplòm nan akredite ke nenpòt ki lòt lekòl leta. Gen de peryòd aplikasyon pou LVIP. Peryòd la aplikasyon premye konyenside avèk peryòd premye aplikasyon Plasman elèv la nan. Yon sèl nan dezyèm kòmanse Lendi a apre Jou Aksyon de Gras pou enskripsyon semès dezyèm ak fèmen anvan semèn egzamen final la nan premye semès la. Aplike nan LVIP pa afekte aktyèl plasman chwa lekòl ou jouk elèv la konplete oryantasyon ak enskripsyon nan pwogram nan LVIP. Lee Virtual ofri tou yon varyete de kou ete pou kredi orijinal la. Vizite Lee Pwogram Enstriksyon Virtual nan

Counselors’ Corner

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Believe it or not, registration is already upon us for the 2018-19 school year! Registration packets will be given to students on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Counselors will be visiting classrooms the week of March 12-16 to help students plan courses for next school year. COLLEGE APPLICATION TIPS FOR SENIORS: Seniors planning on attending college should be applying now and know each college or university’s admission deadline. Check that your applications are complete and filled-out properly. Stay organized and keep copies of application materials. Extra-curricular activities make your application stand out. Students should see Mrs. Abbott in the guidance office to have transcripts sent to colleges. All Seniors must complete the FAFSA on-line. A Few Helpful Links: ·· Bright Futures: ·· College and Finanical Aid Resources: ·· Are you aware of the updates to FAFSA Application Processes? Review the website below to see what changes have been made. ·· Scholarship ·· Occupational Handbook Outlook: ·· Job Corps: ·· Student Please remember that the counselors at Cypress Lake High School are available to meet with you to discuss high school graduation requirements and help support your child be more successful at school. Please make sure to email or call for an appointment to ensure the counselor will be available to meet with you. Counselors are often in meetings, presentations or out in the building and we want to make sure counselors have dedicated time to meet with you and address your needs. ·· Kevin Dawson, School Counselor (Last Name: A-D grade levels 9th-12th) ·· Kathy Moldawsky, School Counselor (Last Name: E-L grade levels 9th-12th) ·· Rosa Skinner, School Counselor (Last Name: M-R grade levels 9th-12th) ·· Jessica Owen, School Counselor (Last Name: S-Z grade levels 9th-12th)


College Transcripts?

College transcripts need to be requested in writing; form available on Senior Google page. There is a fee for sending transcripts: $1.00 for electronic, $2.00 for mailed transcripts.

School Bus Stop Change?

To change your school bus and/or bus stop, you must change your address. You will need a utility bill – water, electric, cable-- or a completed lease with parent/guardian’s name and new address on it. Send information with the student to the Guidance office to have the address changed and then a new bus pass can be issued. Address verification paperwork will be returned to you.

STAR Reports and the Parent Portal: Your Link to Your Student

All students take STAR tests in Reading/Writing and Math. Students taking US History and/or Biology take a STAR test for these content areas as well. These tests are used to monitor your child’s progress toward mastering content and standards in their classes. Access your student’s STAR progress reports via the Parent Portal. You will find the link to the Portal on the CLHSCA main page: “Paw Prints” February 1, 2018 Published Five Times Per Year Cypress Lake High School 6750 Panther Ln. Ft. Myers, FL 33919 Issue #2

Social Studies Honor Society

The following students have met the academic criteria for Rho Kappa, the Social Studies Honors Society. Go Panthers! ·· Emily Nguyen ·· Kayla Williams ·· John Stewart ·· Morgan Templeton ·· Lesly Martinez ·· Esabella Ramos ·· Bryan Cron ·· Mallory Donaldson

Scholars Club on the Move

The Scholars Club had the opportunity to tour the Florida Gulf Coast University campus for College for a Day. Dr. Michael V. Martin, President of FGCU, took time out of his busy day to meet with the students and answer questions about college life.

National Honor Society

Cypress’ National Honor Society members had a busy Holiday Season. During the Heights Foundation “Operation Christmas” event they were found passing out presents to families in need, entertaining children with art projects, and handing out cookies and milk. Members also collected stuffed animals for the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

FGCU, Home of the Eagles

Scholars Club with the President of FGCU

Academic Team Challenge

The A Team provided stiff competition at the Academic Team Challenge in January. Team members included: Daniel Whitehouse, Bailey White, Chandler L’Hommedieu, Talia Pincus, Ashley Walters, Rachel Dominguez. Fun was had by all!

Non-Highly Qualified Teachers

Florida Statute 231.095 recognizes that teachers may be assigned duties in a class outside the field in which they are certified. If they are assigned to one or two classes outside their area of certification, they are required to enroll in additional college credit courses. The Cypress Lake High School out-of-field subject area teacher that is currently engaged in training to add “Technology Education” is Angela Amos. The Cypress Lake High School ESOL out-of-field teachers that are currently engaged in training to add the endorsement “English as a Second Language” to their current certificates are: Anthony Ficarro, Joery Jeanty, Charles Kerkesner, Brittany Camp, Jill Poposki and Rachel Karouzos.

Art Miami

Visual Arts students visited CONTEXT Art Miami, an International Art Show. This event attracts collectors, curators, artists, connoisseurs and designers from all over the world. Students experienced cutting edge works of art in a professional marketplace, and had the opportunity to see work from more than 140 international galleries and 961 artists from 22 different countries and 60 cities. They came back inspired, making connections creatively, personally and academically. Everyone had a great time!


Edison Children’s Tree Trail Exhibit

Visual Arts students, Natalie Klackle - Klepfer, Layla Jones, Luis Sanchez and McKenzie Dahmen participated in the Edison Children’s Tree Trail Exhibit for 2017. The theme this year was ‘Red, White and Blue.’ Cypress honored and thanked our veterans with photographs of our family heroes inserted into Christmas ornaments. The community voted and Cypress tied for 1st place for the popular vote.

Florida State Fair Art Portfolio Contest for High School Seniors

Out of 408 students from 90 schools in 24 counties that entered their portfolios, Sam Finley was one of only 32 student portfolios chosen to exhibit their work at the 2018 Florida State Fair. The jurors were extremely impressed with the quality and creativity of the artwork presented and carefully deliberated before making their decision. A major consideration was the consistency of the body of work in the portfolio; they could hang 3 to 4 pieces and tell that it was from the same artist. Congratulations Sam!

National Art Honor Society



Cypress Lake High School website; click on Senior Timeline Join Class of 2018 Google Classroom with code y82c75; click on Senior Timeline **Timeline UPDATED December 19, 2017**

January 2018 Jan.-Mar. Applications due for Southwest Florida Foundation Scholarships Apply at Jan. 15 OFF School Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan. 22 Senior class meeting 9:30-10:07 a.m. in Cypress Lake Auditorium. Information about Grad Bash, Awards Night, end of year, and Graduation. Jan. 22-Mar. 15 Submit baby pictures for Senior Memories video at Graduation Collection box in Media Department at Center for the Arts or submit electronically to Jan. 22-Mar. 15 Submit copies of scholarship offers for Senior Awards Night to Assistant Principal Mrs. Conn in Guidance Department Jan. 23 Optional portraits of seniors dressed in graduation caps and gowns one day only 8:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in Cypress Lake Media Center Select package and prepay online at At sitting can pay with cash or check to Leonard’s Studios Jan. 31 Final date to order cap and gown at $42-includes tax-before price increase Paid to GradPro, Inc./Herff Jones $75 after Jan. 31, 2018 until final order March 15, 2018 Order online Company office is at 2126 Andrea Lane / Phone (239) 278-4555 February 2018 Feb. 7 Mr. Cypress competition 7:00 p.m. Cypress Lake Auditorium $3 entrance Feb. 12-16 Grad Bash tickets on sale in Media Center before school (6:306:50), after one week only school (1:35-1:50), and during evenday lunches. Cost: $140—cash or check paid to Cypress Lake High School. First come, first served for this optional recreational senior trip. Trip is Saturday, April 28 to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Feb. 19 OFF School Presidents’ Day Feb. 20 OFF School Teacher In-Service day March 2018 Mar. 16 End of third quarter Final day to turn in baby pictures for Senior Memories video Collection box in Media Department at Center for the Arts or electronically to Mar. 16 Final day to buy cap and gown at $75 to walk at Graduation Order online at Mar. 16 Final day to submit copies of scholarship offers to be announced at Senior Awards Night on Apr. 24 to Assistant Principal Mrs. Conn in Guidance Department Mar. 19-23 Spring Break Mar. 26-Apr. 27 Sale of honor cords to seniors with weighted GPA 3.5 and above $10 cash or check paid to Cypress Lake High School

Panther Den School Store- only purple days- all lunch shifts Mar. 30 OFF School Good Friday April 2018 Apr. 21 Junior/Senior Prom 8:00-11:00 p.m. at Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center. *Must arrive by 9 p.m.* Tickets sold one to two weeks before in Cypress Lake Cafeteria. Apr. 24 Senior Awards Night in Cypress Lake Auditorium. 6:30 p.m. ceremony/Seniors arrive 6:00 p.m. in Cafeteria for lineup. Apr. 27 Last day for sale of $10 honor cords to be worn at Graduation Panther Den school store-- only purple days-- all lunch shifts Apr. 28 Grad Bash trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando. 3:00 p.m. charter buses leave and return April 29 at approx. 5:30 a.m. May 2018 May 1 Deadline for completion of online classes and E2020 classes for seniors participating in graduation ceremony on May 19, Alico Arena. May 7 Tentative last instructional day for seniors, pending District approval Senior Meeting in Cypress Lake Auditorium 9:30-10:07 a.m. Information about senior check-out and graduation May 8-11 Final exams for seniors only / Exams taken in regular class periods Tuesday, May 8 Wednesday, May 9 Period 2 Review Period 1 Review Period 4 Review Period 3 Exam Period 6 Exam Period 5 Exam Period 8 Exam Period 7 Exam Thursday, May 10 Friday, May 11 Period 2 Exam Period 1 Exam Period 4 Exam Period 3 Senior Check-out: begins in Cypress Lake Cafeteria and exits from Media Center May 10 All Arts Senior Tribute Night 7:00 p.m. Cypress Lake Auditorium May 11 Senior Check-out begins in Cypress Lake Cafeteria 8:43 a.m. Period 3 moves to Media Center to pick up caps and gowns. Gowns not picked-up will be distributed at graduation practice May 18. All books must be returned and fees and fines paid before gowns are given. May 14-16 Seniors only on campus to make-up final exams. Required check-in at Main Office. May 16-17 Senior grades and graduation walking list finalized. May 18 MANDATORY Graduation Practice: Cypress Lake Gym, 8:0011:00 a.m. May 19 Graduation Ceremony at Alico Arena. Ceremony at 7:00 p.m. Graduates and guests arrive at 6:15 p.m.

Cypress Lake High School SPORTS

2017 Season Football and Cheer Banquet

Cypress Panthers commemorated the end of the 2017 Football and Cheer season with their annual banquet. About 200 coaches, athletes and their fans gathered to celebrate the successful season, catered by Lamattas Italian Restaurant. Congratulations to the following honorees: News-Press All Area Honorable mention - Offense: 1. Kelsey Demps 2. Jayson Riches 3. Jerry Ridley 4. Tim Addison 5. C.J. Shedd News-Press All Area Honorable Mention – Defense 1. Jermaine Teague 2. Chris Joseph 3. Jestin Jones 4. Jean Malivert 5. Angelo Smith F.A.C.A District 18 1st Team Defense 1. Chris Joseph 2. Jean Malivert F.A.C.A. District 18 Honorable Mentions 1. Kelsey Demps 2. Jayson Riches 3. Camron Nelson 4. Angelo Smith 5. Jermaine Teague 6. Tim Addison 7. Nathan Porter 8. C.J. Shedd Lee County Athletic Conference 1st Team 1. Kelsey Demps – running back 2. Jean Malivert – defensive line 3. Chris Joseph – defensive back Lee County Athletic Conference Honorable Mention 1. Tim Addison 2. Jerry Ridley 3. C.J. Shedd 4. Jermaine Teague 5. Jayson Riches 6. Jestin Jones 7. Angelo Smith

Alumni News-- Hall of Fame Induction


We are pleased and excited to announce that De’Vondre Campbell, Cypress alumni and linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League, was selected to be inducted into the Lee County Athletic Conference Hall of Fame for 2018. The inductees will be honored at a banquet scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The banquet will begin at 5:00 p.m. and tickets are available for purchase for $25/person. De’Vondre Campbell, NFL camp at Cypress Lake

29th Annual Rotary South All-Star Classic

Congratulations to Jestin Jones, Jermaine Teague, Jean Malivert, Keeley Sherman, and Jade Nance-Jackson for being selected to participate in the 29th annual Lee County Rotary South All-Star Classic. This event showcases the best senior players and cheerleaders in Lee County football. Participating players and cheerleaders are nominated by their coaches, attend the awards banquet, come together as teams, and compete against each other as North vs. South.

The Shrimp Run 5k Returns on March 1, 2018

The Cypress Lake High School Athletic Booster Club has exciting news! In conjunction with the 59th annual Fort Myers Beach Lions Club Shrimp Festival, we are proud to announce the return of The Shrimp Run 5k, presented by Cypress Lake High School Athletic Booster Club and Cypress Lake High School. The “Shrimp Run” has historically been one of the most popular races in Southwest Florida. The festive 5k course takes you over the Matanzas Bridge twice while thousands of onlookers cheer runners on! The race starts at 9 am and precedes the ever-popular Shrimp Parade. For more information you can follow and register at com/fort-myers-beach-fl/running/distance-running-races/the-shrimp-run-5k-2018?int=

Baseball Gives Back

Panther Baseball spread holiday cheer this past season by reading to the young patients at the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

Panther Wrestling

While most enjoyed a restful respite over Winter Break, the Cypress Lake Wrestling team was busy collecting medals and trophies! The team started the break by placing 2nd in District Dual competition, a first for Cypress Wrestling and a proud moment for any Panther in attendance. After a few days off, the team headed to Lambert Georgia to compete against more than 35 teams from across the country. Student-athletes and coaches were treated to a day of education and exercise, hiking Stone Mountain and learning some cool facts, such as: the carvings at Stone Mountain are actually bigger than those at Mount Rushmore! On the mat, the Panthers were ferocious, placing 5th overall. Several Panthers took home medals: Jalen Soto 2nd, Cole Lewis 3rd, Jermaine Teague 2nd, Jean Malivert 5th, and Brian Gimenez 3rd. The Panthers started 2018 with a 3rd Place finish at the Chase Life tournament in Naples, where they competed against more than 20 teams from the South. Again, they had medalists: Jalen Soto 1st, Jermaine Teague 1st, Cole Lewis 2nd, Brian Gimenez 2nd, and Jean Malivert 5th. If the Winter break success is any indication of what lies ahead, 2018 is on track to be a record year for one of most recognized programs in the State. Currently, the Panther Wrestling program is ranked #6 in the State of Florida. POWER TO THE PURPLE!!!

Cypress Lake High School

NonProfit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Ft. Myers, FL Permit NO. 321

The School District of Lee County 2855 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33966

To Addressee or Current Resident

8 13th Annual “Be a Buddy” Special Olympics

A huge Panther ROAR goes to the 13th Annual Special Olympics, “Be a Buddy” event! Special thanks and recognition goes out to Mr. Dusenberry and the entire department. Our buddies are world class because of the time that our teachers and helping teachers take to train them. The athletes get so much out of the day, but the peer buddy may get even more out of the experience. So many lessons for us all: cooperation, patience, teamwork, “I can attitude”-- truly a day where all involved learn, grow and create memories for a lifetime! We would be remiss if we didn’t send our heartfelt thanks to the support shown through the community from our sponsors: Mona Lisa, Outback, Hooters 41, Hooters Cape Coral, Il Primo, Bellacinos, Pizza Pub, Buckets, Lil Caesars, Ron Dao’s, Blue Mo, Stevie Tomato’s, Zaxbys, Two Meatballs, Coyote Wings, Lowes Estero, Save a Lot, Jets Pizza, Bahama Breeze, Jason’s Deli, Citrola’s, Ford’s Garage, Klare’s Carpet, Dr. Carmen Aulino, A Better Bug Man, Mel’s Diner, Solomon’s, Paragon, Gavin’s Ace Hardware, CNS, The Young Family, Island Inn. We couldn’t do this without your generosity and support! What a powerful and amazing day. See everyone next year for the 14th annual Special Olympics! A big “thank you” to all the students and athletes who volunteered their time to the Olympics.

Cypress Lake High School Newsletter  
Cypress Lake High School Newsletter  

February 2018