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JULY 2018

Volume 18 Issue 4

Principal’s Message Dear Parents, I hope you are enjoying summer with family and friends. Next school year is fast approaching and we are preparing for an awesome year full of new opportunities for our students. Sixth grade student orientation will be August 9th from 6pm – 7pm. We will start promptly at 6pm in the Cafeteria. There will be a presentation about student expectations, student opportunities, and other important information. Students will also receive their schedules and have an opportunity to walk to their scheduled classes and meet their new teachers. We want to ensure that all new students are familiar with our campus and their teachers before the first day of school. Also, PTSA will have new College Park Bulldogs T-shirts on sale. The first day of the 2018-2019 school year will be Monday, August 13th. On the first day of school, all students will receive their lunch forms, student planners, new club application forms, and other important information. As we continue to ensure quality learning opportunities at College Park Middle School, we want to facilitate student achievement starting with students dressing for success. Students are to follow the College Park Middle School student dress code policy. The student dress code can be found on our website at or pick up a copy in the front office. Students starting the 7th grade this school year will need to have an updated Tdap Vaccination. Students without the Tdap Vaccination will be held out of school until they receive the vaccination. Please consult with your doctor or local clinic

now to make sure your child’s vaccination is up-to-date before school starts. The City of Orlando will continue to offer its Orlando AllStars Before and After School Program at College Park Middle School. The before school program will begin at 7:00am and the after school program will conclude at 6:00pm each school day. College Park Middle School’s student supervision starts at 9am and ends at 4:30pm. Students that need to be dropped off before 9am or remain on campus after 4:30pm will need to enroll in the Orlando All-Stars program. In addition, students are to participate in our summer reading program. Please visit our school website or stop by the front office for recommended summer reading activities. Furthermore, we plan to offer many opportunities for students to meet academic goals. Tutoring, academic programs and academic boot camps all with provided transportation. These are just a few options that will help your child excel this upcoming school year. Enjoy your summer and keep in mind that we are only a phone call or an email away if you have questions or concerns. You can now follow us on Facebook at CollegeParkMiddleSchool or Twitter @CPMS_OCPS. Remember to have your child read, read, and read some more this summer. Best Regards, Cynthia Haupt Principal

College Park Middle School Vision Our school is a positive learning environment that enables and inspires all to acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing, multicultural world. “Our goal is for students to learn and achieve. We invite you to give your input on our instructional program. You may request an Administrative FeedbackSurvey for any administrator who is assigned the responsibility for evaluating the performance of instructional personnel by contacting your principal.”

To download a PDF version of this newsletter, go to


Volunteers ADDitions Chaperones

Our volunteers and chaperones are a valuable commodity to College Park Middle School. The instructions below will walk you through the volunteer application process. • ADDitions: An application must be submitted/updated EVERY year. Please list every school where you would like to volunteer. • Chaperone: This application must be submitted for EVERY field trip(An ADDitions application must also have been completed). • For ADDitions: To become a school volunteer simply 1. Go to the Community Resources web site: 2. Click on ADDitions Online Application. 3. Enter your information into the online application; remember you must fill in the highlighted red boxes to have your form accepted. Move from box to box using the tab key. 4. Make sure to indicate College Park Middle School as your choice for volunteering. One application can include up to four schools if you need to register for other schools. 5. When the application is completed, please review all information for accuracy. 6. Click on the “send” button to submit. • For Chaperone: To become a field trip volunteer: 1. Fill out the online ADDitions application (if you have not already done so) 2. Go to the Chaperone Volunteer form: Then click on Chaperone Application. 3. Print the application, fill it out and send to your child’s teacher. Thank you for all of your time and commitment to College Park Middle School. It is truly appreciated. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ADDitions Coordinator Karen Reid or 407-245-1800 Ext. 5132236.

Student Laptop Pick-Up’s

This school year begins our transition into digital learning! All of our students will be receiving a laptop computer for educational usage during the school day and at home. In order to facilitate this process, we’ve dedicated laptop pick-up days for our 6th – 8th grade students. Please note the calendar below for the dates: • Aug 2: 8th 9am-12pm, 1-4pm • Aug 3: 7th 9am-12pm, 1-4pm • Aug 4: 6th (Saturday) 9am-3pm • Aug 8: Make-up Day ‘College Park Middle School’ July 2018 Published Four Times Per Year Orange County Public Schools PO Box 271 Orlando, FL 32802-0271 Issue # 4

Community Project

The Community Project provides an opportunity for students to complete a service learning project where they will use skills learned in the classroom to make a positive impact on tier community. Students should begin brainstorming ideas for their project during the summer and will get more information at the beginning of the school year. The Community Projects guide can be found on the CPMS School website.

Join the SAC Team!

As a parent or guardian, you are an important part of the College Park Middle Scholl community and we want to know your opinions about our school and its plans for the future. We hope you will consider becoming a member of our School Advisory Council (SAC). The School Advisory Council is a team of people that represents various segments of the community – parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/industry people, and other interested community members. They meet to discuss our school’s academic plan and progress, and help create the School Improvement Plan (goals and objectives for the school). The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to increase student performance. Parents and families are the heart of the education process. You can make a difference by becoming a SAC member. By working together, we can provide a positive educational experience for every student. SAC meets on the second Tuesday of every month. We hope to see you there!

Guidance Department

From registration and scheduling to time management strategies and counseling, we are here to provide quality guidance services to our students and their families. As we start a new school year, we would like to provide you with some important information regarding contacts with our school counselors and registrar. Mrs. Jay can be reached at 407-245-1800 ext. 5132305 or via email at If you are looking to set up parent teacher conference or a meeting with the counselor, please contacts our registrar, Mrs. Wilson, at 407-245-1800 ext. 5132225 or e-mail her at Our guidance department will be happy to assist you!

Media Center

All students with an account in good standing are allowed to check out three items at a time for three weeks. If your child has overdue or lost books from previous school years, please return books or bring payment to the media center. You may log in to Destiny at any time to view your child’s current checkouts by visiting http:// Click on College Park Middle School. All College Park Middle School students have access to thousands of free digital books through myON Reader. Go to and click on the myON app to get started. “Read on the Go!” with the OCPS Title 1 myON Summer Reading Contest 2018! Students who spend at least 15 hours reading on myON by August 10, will be entered in a district level drawing to win great prizes! The Battle of the Books team will begin meeting in October on Friday mornings in the media center. New and returning students are encouraged to prepare for meetings by reading the books on the 2018-2019 Sunshine State List. If you are interested in joining the CPMS Battle of the Books team, please see Mrs. Barringer in the Media Center for more information. The Fall Scholastic Book Fair is coming to the Media Center this September! Stay tuned for more information about contests and giveaways when school begins in August.


School will be starting again before we know it, so here are a few pointers from your PTSA to prepare for a great new school year: 1. Become a PTSA member. Membership costs as little as $5, and all funds go directly to support our students. Come visit us on orientation night — we take checks, cash and credit cards! 2. Join a PTSA committee. Whatever your time and talent, we have a role for you. From Staff Appreciation to Fundraising to Student Fun and more, we’d love your help to make this school year great! We’ll have information and sign-up sheets ready for you at orientation night, so come and see us! 3. Buy a school t-shirt. Help your student show their school pride by purchasing a newly redesigned College Park Middle t-shirt for just $10 on orientation night. 4. Review the dress code. You’ll find it posted on the school web site www. Pro tip: The new CPMS t-shirts comply with the dress code, so stock up! 5. Support the school supplies closet. While you’re getting your student ready, please consider picking up a few extra items for the school supply resource closet that serves our kids in need — especially if you find BOGO deals but only need one of the items. We especially need the following items: • plain backpacks • mechanical pencils • binders • college-ruled composition books • colored pencils • 3-prong pocket folders We’re looking forward to seeing you all in August. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

International Baccalaureate (IB)


What is MYP? MYP stands for Middle Years Program. It is a framework for teaching and learning geared towards students aged 11-16. The MYP is typically a 5 year program (from 6th – 10th grades), but at CPMS we have a 3 year program that culminates with the completion of the MYP Community Project. Students wishing to continue on with the IB MYP may elect to attend one of the area high schools that offer years 4 and 5. The Learner Profile: The Learner Profile plays an important role in the MYP. It is a set of characteristics that all learners strive to develop in pursuit of becoming a responsible and caring leader in their communities. IB learners strive to be: • Inquirers • Knowledgeable • Thinkers • Communicators • Principled • Open-minded • Caring • Risk-takers • Balanced • Reflective

Beta Club

Beta club is a national club in middle and high schools. This club invites students that display: • ACHIEVEMENT - Recognizing and honoring high academic achievement. • CHARACTER - Preparing young people for life and empowering them to be successful. • LEADERSHIP - Developing the leaders of tomorrow. • SERVICE - Demonstrating our motto: Let Us Lead by Serving Others. Invitations will be distributed in mid-October as we roll out enrollment for all 3 grade levels.


Riding the School Bus is a Privilege

Transportation safety guidelines are established to help ensure the safest ride possible for your student on the school bus. Riding the school bus is a privilege. Each student extended this privilege has a right to a safe, non-coercive environment on the school bus while riding to and from school or related events. Each student has the responsibility to follow the direction of the driver and established safety guidelines. Failure to do so adversely affects the safety of all other passengers and will result in action being taken. This action may include but is not limited to assigned seats, detention, and/or suspension of riding privileges. Printed below are the safety guidelines and consequences: At the bus stop: • Get to the bus stop five minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. The school bus driver usually cannot wait for late students. • Respect the property of others while waiting at your stop. • Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself. • Use appropriate language. • Stay away from the street, road, or highway while waiting for the bus. Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus. • After getting off the bus, move away from the bus. • If you must cross the street, always cross in front of the bus where the driver can see you. Wait for the driver to signal before you cross the street. • No fighting, harassment, intimidation, or horseplay. • No use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. On the bus: • Immediately follow the direction of the driver. • Sit in your own seat, facing forward. • Talk quietly and use appropriate language. • Keep all parts of your body in the bus. • Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself. • No fighting, harassment, intimidation, or horseplay. • Do not throw any objects. •No eating, drinking, or use of tobacco or drugs. • Do not bring any weapons, cigarette lighters, or other dangerous objects on the bus • Do not damage the bus. Consequences: • Verbal warning, seat re-assignment. • First referral: Conduct report issued, parent notified, possible detention. • Second referral: Conduct report issued, parent notified, possible detention and/or one to five (1-5) day suspension from bus. • Third referral: Conduct report issued, parent notified, possible suspension of riding privileges for up to full school year. Conference may be scheduled with parent, administrative representative, and transportation representative. “I’VE BEEN GIVEN MY LIFE BACK”

Former Patient - Recovery Solutions

Inpatient Detox, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Care Often times life can be overwhelming. We are here. Let us help you navigate through life’s sometimes unpredictable turns. Adult Acute Mental Health Inpatient Treatment Adult Detox Program Adult Inpatient Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorder Treatment Children and Adolescent Acute Care Adolescent Residential Treatment



2500 Discovery Dr. Orlando, FL 32826


Road to Success Making a Strong Start

It is time for school again and what can parents do to help their kids stay focused? It will sound familiar but a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are key. Teachers hear all the time how students are too tired to do work, when asked if something is wrong or happened the most common response is, “I was up until ____ a.m. playing games on my phone/computer.” Remind your student to use their planner to write upcoming assignments so they don’t forget, and parents/guardians please check it to ensure you are current on what is going on in all of their classes. Check Progressbook regularly, sometimes you will see a missing assignment and there is still time to make it up. Just a few minor things can make or break the school year. Have a wonderful year at College Park Middle School.

Parents, Establish A Solid Home-Study Routine

Encouraging and supporting this vital daily activity will improve your student’s attitude and performance at school and instill a work ethic that endures for a lifetime. 1. SET A SCHEDULE: Establish a regular timeslot for this important daily activity. Seek your child’s agreement and commitment to reserve this time each day for homework and study. Encourage this discipline. In many ways, it’s his/her job and should be an important part of the daily routine. Your support and involvement in your student’s home-study effort makes a huge difference in the high school experience. 2. CREATE THE ENVIRONMENT: Students can be easily distracted. Create an atmosphere conducive for concentration. Minimizing social media/phone access, loud music, and other detractors will improve effectiveness and retention. If you notice distractions or deterrents, suggest possible remedies. Having a defined study area works with some students but not all. The most important factor is the discipline of doing it every day. 3. OBSERVE AND ENGAGE: Psychologists suggest that it takes three weeks to break or establish a habit. When school resumes, commit three weeks to observing your students daily routine. Make good homework practices a habit for both of you. Your daily assistance and attitude toward school have a huge impact on your child’s success.

Four “Must Do’s” For Parents To Assure Success At School

1. GET AND STAY CONNECTED. Register and access our online parent access software, monitor your child’s progress on a weekly basis and communicate with your child’s teachers if you have questions, concerns, or if you’d like to request additional information regarding resources that may help your child master course standards. Be aware of what’s happening in your student’s school life and TALK ABOUT IT. Your interest and involvement has a tremendous effect on your student’s performance and attitude at school. 2. ESTABLISH A SOLID HOME STUDY ROUTINE. Encouraging and supporting this vital activity will improve your student’s attitude and performance at school and instill a work ethic that endures for a lifetime. SET A SCHEDULE. Establish a regular timeslot for this important daily activity. Seek your child’s agreement and commitment to reserve this time each day for homework and study. Encourage this discipline. CREATE THE ENVIRONMENT. Students can be easily distracted. Teach them to create an atmosphere conducive for concentration. Minimizing social media access, loud music, and other detractors will improve effectiveness and retention. Having a defined study area works with some students but not all. The most important factor is the discipline of doing it every day. OBSERVE AND ENGAGE. Psychologists suggest that it takes three weeks to break or establish a habit. Commit three weeks to assisting with your student’s daily routine. Make good homework practices a habit for both of you. 3. MAKE DAILY ATTENDANCE THE EXPECTATION: Very few things have as much negative effect on academic performance as poor attendance. Be clear in your attitude towards attending school every day. In the working world, attendance is equated with dependability. 4. ENCOURAGE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Involvement in any of our many clubs, sports, and arts programs improves academic performance, attendance, and discipline issues. We have something for everyone. Participation in these activities enhances school life and looks good on career and college applications. Also, help your child plan and execute community service, which is a requirement for earning Bright Futures scholarship money.

Creating the Brightest Smiles in the Sunshine State

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Curriculum Mathematics

All CPMS’ students will be issued their own computer device as we start the new year. The computers will become part of daily life at school, and home, as students transition to this format. In addition to computer work, some paper and pencil assignments will continue to take place in math class as well as the use of Interactive Notebooks. INB’s will be an integral part of class for students to take notes, do practice problems, write reflections and take quizzes. INB’s will also be part of student’s grades. Sixth grade students will begin middle school with a study of number sense and integers; positive and negative whole numbers. They will study what they are, how they are used to compare and order numbers, and students will begin to look at how we use negative numbers in everyday life. In addition, we will study multiples and factors, GCF and LCM, and when and how they are used in real world situations. Sixth grade Gifted / Seventh grade will start the year working to solve multi-step real life and mathematical equations, with positive and negative numbers. Students will learn how to model addition and subtraction of integers and rational numbers, using a number line and counters. Furthermore, students will work with pictorial representations of multiplication and division of integers and rational numbers. Seventh grade Gifted / Algebra I classes will begin the year by looking at the foundations of Algebra and studying operations with polynomials. Students will then move on to modeling, solving, and graphing linear equations and inequalities. Pre-Algebra students will start the new year investigating the number system followed by solving problems using exponents and scientific notation. In addition, students will hone their skills adding and subtracting integers and learning the perfect squares. Algebra 1 Honors students will begin the year by looking at the foundations of algebra: relationship between quantities, exponents, operations with polynomials, expressions and equations, and inequalities in one variable. Geometry will begin the year with an introduction focused on parallel and perpendicular lines, transformations (translations, rotations, reflections, and dilations) and geometry constructions of line segments. Then the focus will shift to learning about properties of angles and how to complete geometric proofs.

U. S. History 8th Grade Team- 1st Quarter

As we navigate through these units, students will understand: • Geography: How to use different maps; the physical and cultural characteristics of places; the relationships between Earth’s ecosystems and populations; the characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations; and how human actions can impact the environment. • Colonial Settlements: The causes, course, and consequences of British settlement in the American colonies. • The French and Indian War: The causes, course, and consequences of British settlement in the American colonies (continued); the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution and the founding principles of our nation. • The Causes of the American Revolution: The causes, course, and consequences of British settlement in the American colonies (continued); the causes, course, and consequences of the American Revolution and the founding principles of our nation (continued).

7 Individuals and Societies

In 6th grade, students will be discovering the world’s earliest civilizations in the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. These include Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Kingdoms of the Kush and Axum as well as India. Students will be exposed to the multiple subjects of world history including geography, economics, government, religion, and philosophy. Students will also be taught how to analyze primary and secondary documents. Furthermore, students will answer a document based question in the form of an argumentative essay. Here is a short supply list to help your students start off the year; pencils, blue or black pens, glue sticks, colored pencils and/or markers, scissors, college ruled paper, highlighters (any color), and a college ruled composition notebook. The 7th grade Civics department will begin the year learning about the value of citizenship and what it takes to be a responsible citizens. Other curriculum topics will include Origins and Purpose of Government, influential individuals and historical documents on our government, and The Declaration Independence. Here is the list of supplies that we will need for next year: pencils, pens (black and blue), glue, colored pencils and/or markers, highlighters (any color), scissors, paper (college ruled), and a college ruled composition notebook. We look forward to an exciting 2018-2019 year!

Sciences • • • • • •

6th Grade Life Science Advanced- The Practice of Science, Theories and Laws, Evolution, Ecology, Carbon Cycle 6th Grade Comprehensive Science 1- What is Science, The Practice of Science, Energy, Force and Motion, SSS Review 7th Grade Comprehensive Science 2- The Practice of Science, Energy, Heat and Temperature, Waves, SSA Review 7th Grade Earth/Space Science Honors- The Practice of Earth/Space Science, The Universe, The Solar System, Movement in the Solar System 8th Grade Physical Science- The Practice of Science, Types of Forces, Motion, Kinetic and Potential Energy, Energy Conservation, PMA Review 8th Grade Physical Science Honors- The Practice of Physical Science, Motion, Newton’s Laws, Work and Power, PMA Review

Language and Literature

The beginning of the year is such an exciting time in eighth grade Language and Literature! We begin to mine the inexhaustible ore of learning to understand at a deeper level the ways in which an author will put a story together. (Obviously, that includes clever metaphors.) We begin, of course, by looking at the central idea of a piece of writing, and as an ancillary to that, looking at how words and phrases are used in a text, as well as the ways in which we would find and cite evidence that supports a close analysis of that text. In earlier grades, the learning will end at the technique itself. By grade eight, however, the students will begin to explore not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’. The reasons why an author would make a stylistic or content-related choice in her or his writing are first. Then we move on to the even more scintillating area of applying the new knowledge. The student will actually write articles of their own, using the new-found nuggets of wisdom to craft pieces that reflect not just knowledge, but the intentional crafting of the way that that knowledge is presents so that it conveys not just information, but beauty and wisdom. Teaching of such is, of course, a tall order, but by beginning the process early, the hope is that the students will come to an appreciation of their own abilities.

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an extracurricular activity which involves teams of five to seven students working to solve problems as creatively as possible. The problems require the students to integrate math, science, technology, graphic design, and drama skills. Students get a chance to take creative risks and think outsidethe-box. An informational meeting will be scheduled during the 2nd week of school for any students and parents interested in learning more about the program.


Non Profit Organization US Postage PAID Orlando, FL Permit #885

Orange County Public Schools P.O. Box 271 Orlando, FL 32802-0271



Hello, College Park Community- everybody enjoying summer break? Of course you are! The CPMS reading department sincerely hopes you’re all having a fantastic vacation, with lots of warmth and sunshine, lots of fun with friends and family, and lots of rest, too!! Back here at school, we’re preparing for the arrival of students in a few (very short) weeks. Inventories have been taken, curriculum and supplies ordered, and classroom materials distributed and organized. We’ll be utilizing research-based curriculum as our primary interventions, again, during the coming year, and we anticipate building on our successes from last year! We have an experienced and dedicated reading department, eager to help our students maximize their learning potential and close achievement gaps. One way that you can help at home is to encourage your children to engage in leisure reading over the break. Just 20 minutes a day will not only prevent the “summer slide,” but will also help build strong foundational skills in vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. With the basics in place, students will be poised to make impressive gains in reading. If you need a good read, have your child choose a book from the suggested summer reading list- lots of great titles can be found there! Or, check out MyOn reader- tons of free online books to choose from! Why not enjoy some good novels this summer… see you soon!

Chess Club

Did you know that College Park Middle School has a Chess Club? We do! Do you have a child that plays chess, or would like to learn to play chess? The Chess Club meets twice a month, in the mornings, before school. Next year we will be part of the OCPS Chess Club Initiative where we will have the opportunity to play in tournaments against other middle schools. Our first organizational meeting of the year will be in August, soon after school starts. Be on the lookout for a message (from the principal via a connect-ed message and/or school marquee) about the date and time. I am looking forward to another great year of playing chess! Mrs. Dietz, Chess Club Sponsor


School is approaching and kids are getting nervous about new teachers, new friends, learning their way around school, especially if a new school. Spend some family time enjoying those last few weeks before school supplies, homework, tests, school activities and sports. Enjoy your kids, they won’t be this age forever!


The College Park Middle School Band is ramping up for another great year of learning and musicmaking. Once school starts, returning students will prepare for the Edgewater Homecoming Parade while new 6th graders will be trying out all the instruments. If you have any questions about how to get your student started in band, please email the Band Director:


Welcome to a new year in Orchestra. The beginning students will be deciding which string instrument they want to play. The instrumental rental time will be the first of September or the last of August. There will be more information regarding this when school starts. The seventh and eighth grade students should be practicing the all-state audition music that was given to them before school was out. The music for All County Auditions will be passed out the first week of school.

College Park Middle School Newsletter  

July 2018

College Park Middle School Newsletter  

July 2018