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We understand that moving can be a stressful experience. To make life easier, here is a handy checklist of things that you may need to do.

Moving Home Checklist

Jones Robinson will guide you through the whole process. We will help you with anything you need to ensure that you achieve a successful sale.

What you need to do‌ Get quotes

Change of address

Other things to do

A home survey Conveyancing Removals or van hire

Your local electoral registration office Your friends and family Your employer Your family’s schools Your old local council Your new local council HM Revenue and Customs (the Inland Revenue) Your bank or building society Your credit card company Your insurance companies Royal Mail (complete a redirection form) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (license and registration) Doctors, dentists and opticians Sports and social clubs Your pensions, investment providers and share registrars Your charities Stores where you hold a loyalty card Subscriptions (magazines, charities, etc.) TV Licensing

Have someone read your meters Dismantle your furniture Make an inventory of your possessions Pack your belongings and mark the boxes Leave valuable items at the bank Stop your junk mail

Transfer services Landline telephone companies Mobile telephone companies Satellite/cable suppliers Internet service providers Water suppliers Electricity suppliers Gas suppliers

On the moving day Have someone look after any small children and animals Hand in your old parking permit Shut down your electricity and gas supply

Please note that, while we hope you find this list useful, there may be things that you need to do that are not listed above.

Welcome Home.

Moving Home Checklist