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The Academy At Old Cockrill October 2013

Old Cockrill News September 20, 2013 We helped feed 4000 families and packed more than 900 back packs for hungry children!


Get to know Mr. Warren and Ms. Crowe, Spotlight on Patricia Taylor, the College Fair, Alumni News, Meet talented Old Cockrill Artists, and more!



by Sharika Costa

Ms. Crowe is very down to earth and I got to talk to her and see what she is really about. Being a teacher at the Academy at Old Cockrill for Exceptional Education kids wasn’t what she planned…at first. In high school she wanted to become an orthopaedic surgeon and work in the professional sports field. But that changed when she didn’t do too well in some of the college science classes. “I eventually passed the classes in summer school, but medical school would never let me take a class twice,” she proclaimed. That didn’t stop her AT ALL. Ms. Crowe has two Masters degrees (a M.Ed. from Vanderbilt University in Special Education and a M.Ed. from Trevecca Nazarene University in Educational Leadership) and she hopes to one day be a principal. One of her inspirations is her sister, who has learning disabilities. “My parents never let her slack just because she had learning problems,” she said. And with encouragement from all of the family, her sister is now working on her second college degree. When not in the classroom, Ms. Crowe can be found advocating for the needs of people with disabilities in her leadership roles with the Council for Exceptional Children. In the past year she has presented at the Georgia Autism Conference and the Tennessee State Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference.


Ms. Crowes loves working with students who need a little extra help to reach their potential. She said, “Not only do I love helping students, I enjoy helping the teachers as well. If kids want to do something and they have a disability, let’s look past it and work with them. If they like computers, then let’s make their work, readings, and etc. be about that.” We need more teachers like Ms. Crowe who work individually with the students in schools. Thank you, Ms. Crowe, for being such an awesome part of this school.

Did you know that Ms.Crowe has been in jail?

As a teacher! “I wanted to give people a fresh start when it came to bettering their education,” she said with a huge smile.


I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Warren a few weeks ago. Believe it or not he was an at-risk kid! “I never liked school,” he said. So later, when he became an educator, he thought about how he had felt. “I wanted somewhere for students to be that they felt like they belonged.”


Down the road in his career, he got a call from Superintendent Jesse Register asking him for help because there were so many high school drop-outs in the Chattanooga school system. Mr. Warren created what is now called Hamilton County High School - a place where students can feel like they belong. Even though he retired in 2008, he kept working with at-risk students. Dr. Jesse Register had moved to Nashville to become Director of Schools, and he asked Mr. Warren to help create the Academy at Old Cockrill “Elaine Fahrner Belongs In in Nashville. Mr. Warren and Ms. Fahrner worked The Hall Of Fame” together closely to get the Academy off the ground Mr. Warren worked as a consultant, going back and forth from his home in Chattanooga to Nashville and helping to set up the Academies at Old Cockrill, Hickory Hollow and Opry Mills. Then, in May 2013, Principal Elaine Fahrner was forced to step down from the Academy at Old Cockrill to battle with cancer. She knew who would be the best person to take her place - Bill Warren. When asked what he thought about Ms. Fahrner, Mr. Warren said simply, “She belongs in the Hall of Fame.” And now Mr. Warren is here at the Academy at Old Cockrill.

But what happened? How did he come from almost not graduating to such success? The answer is probably the last thing he told me in his interview and this was also the thing that affected me the most -

“Find something YOU want to do, Something that makes YOU happy to get up EVERY morning and go to work.”

Ayo! Student Spotlight

Patricia Taylor - an Academy at Old Cockrill student who plans

to graduate in December. You might have heard her in the hallways or seen her in your classes, but she has a story to tell that only she can tell. Luckily I got a chance to get a little info out of her. Patty began to stop going to school regularly when her mom became very ill. That’s when she found the Academy at Old Cockrill and realized that it could help her reach her goal of graduating from high school and becoming a kindergarten teacher. Patty has been at the Academy since last year. When she’s not at school she’s a hair dresser on the side.

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September 27, 2013

Academy at Old Cockrill College Fair


Alums recently sighted at the Academy

Dallas Greene I came to the Academy because I had personal problems and the high school I was clockwise from top left: JoJo Frye, Mike Crenshaw, attending didn’t seem to care about me. The Academy Sidney Davidson, Kaya Turner helped me graduate! I graduated...and now I’m looking for a job. No, I didn’t go to college...not yet. I guess I should have, instead of trying to move out of my folks’ place. To the current students at Old Cockrill, I would say a high school diploma isn’t much if you don’t do anything with it. That means don’t just get your high school diploma --- people these days want college grads! Do something with your life! That’s what I’m attempting to do now. Dallas Greene graduated in 2011.

Edward Mendez

“I started doing graffiti as a means to end boredom whenever I didn’t feel like doing classwork. I would sit and draw for as long as I could just to pass the time. Eventually I started to draw because it was fun, exciting and at the same time difficult to come up with something unique - something that is different from any of your previous works. As time goes by you realize that it's necessary to continue to draw because if you stop drawing then your creativity goes down and your ability to make something out of nothing slowly diminishes. Many people think that because I do graffiti I write on walls or cross into private property to spray a building or a billboard, but that’s not the case. I've committed myself to keeping my artwork on paper rather than getting arrested. It’s an amazing feeling when you finish a piece of art because you know it took dedication and effort to draw and then color it. Art is my passion.”

What If...? “Do you have some money that you would like to give me for some food?” a man asked as I was driving around Nashville. I kindly waved…but why? Why didn’t I even bother to look in my purse? Knowing I had 5 dollars, I began to think of all the things I needed to buy with that money. I was worried about gas in my car tomorrow and things of that nature, yet a guy was on the street wondering about his next meal…if he gets one. I live in a decent apartment, I’m driving a semidecent vehicle with heat and he’s standing in the cold! What if that was me? What if I was the person on the street asking people for food and water? Then what? I would want people to donate whatever they could so I could provide for myself! I guess America will never understand until it’s they themselves who are on the street. Next time you see someone who needs help, think about it. What if that was you? Lend a reaching hand as if you were in their position. ---Sharika Costa

DayLaquan Kelly “When I draw a picture it tells a story about the character that I imagine. I hope to go to Watkins College of Art and Design after I graduate in December.�

Faith Edwards

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Bill Warren, Principal Carl Carter, Asst. Principal Tammy Nash, School Counselor

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