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Spring 2014 Graduates Summer School Dates Community Service College Visits - MTSU & TTU Second Harvest Food Bank Ms. Holton’s Media Class Photoshop Skills A+ Writing Assignments EARTH DAY Predators Foundation Grant

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CURRENT 2014 Spring

GRADUATES Ahmad Al Madhi

Michelrica Hughes

Carlos Alcazar

Jamie Alexis Hyde

Cesar Angeles Solis

Tavaris James

Roshonda Anthony

Whitney Kennedy

Marniqua Archibald

Jacob Lawrence

Monica Battle

Savannah Liebhart

Shawn Bellevue

Elizabeth Luton

Marcus Bright

Wendy Martinez Olvera

Alexander Brooks

Elizabeth Matlock

Rosaleeann Burgess

Jamal Mitchell

Tyquez Burns


Sabrina Bush


Cameron Byers

Maymona Mohammad

Mariah Cantu

KeShawna Morton

Kristen Carter

Wesley Nichols

Michael Chatman

Na'Imma Nunez

Alexis Clemmons

Leoshia Odom

Ethan Coleman

Martin Patricio

Jessica Coss

Phillip Pickett

Sharika Costa

Taneile Pitts

Antonio Covington

Destinee Pointer

Christopher Dailey

Noehly Ramirez

Nicolas Dobbins

Ana Rodas

Tori Dotson

Hayden Rowley

Alexandria Douglas

Milad Shamoun

Nia Drake

Angela Shannon

Nathan Duke

Nicholas Stoddard

Marquez Dunnigan

Sapphire Tabor

Pablo Echeverria Leiva

Prinya Tep

Hope Gifford

Tekoy'a Thompson

Shuleiah Gooden

Abriel Trainer-Ball

Reginald Green, Jr.

Kenneth Walker

Kimberlee Ann Grimes

Mark Waller

Lucus Hames

Destiney Watkins

Maggie Hedgepath

Calandrea Williams

Cierra Hodge

Lamonshae Winston

The Pulse

of The Simon Youth Academy at Old Cockrill


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THE ACADEMY EFFECT “The Academy at Old Cockrill has helped me make better grades. I love the staff here because you can talk to them about anything. The best part about this school is that there’s no drama and everybody gets along. This school has changed me into a better person who actually enjoys coming to school.” -- Hope Gifford

“The Academy has helped me succeed and move forward. It has also taught me things I didn’t know and shown me how to be independent. Because of The Academy, I have built a lot of self confidence, and I feel respected by the students, teachers, and staff. I feel more like an adult.” -- Davianna Hyde

“The Academy has helped me become a first generation scholar. It is time for me to move on to better things in society than my negative past.” -- Nick Stoddard

Summer Graduation Wednesday, July 16 10:00 am

Global Event Center in the Global Mall (formerly Hickory Hollow)




THE ACADEMY EFFECT ON COLLEGE PERCEPTION College visits are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about what college is going to be like and what options are available to them. This spring, our students visited Middle Tennessee State University and Tennessee Tech University.







THE ACADEMY EFFECT ON POVERTY By Savannah Liebhart Second Harvest Food Bank distributes over 16 million pounds of food and grocery products to over 500 partnering non-profit organizations such as food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and schools in Middle Tennessee. Volunteers help tremendously in the success of the food bank and the fight to end hunger. Volunteers can help by donating, sorting through donated items, packing food boxes, hosting food and fund drives, public speaking, and helping at special events. The food bank also prepares backpacks of food for children.

Students from The Academy at Old Cockrill went on a field trip to the Second Harvest Food Bank in February, 2014. We became volunteers for day as we helped in a variety of ways, from making and packing boxes to sorting weighing food. Our students sorted and packaged approximately 6,000 pounds of food. I really enjoyed helping others and Second Harvest. It helped me become more appreciative of everything I have and made me so thankful for the awesome school I attend. It is so important to volunteer because organizations can’t do it all on their own. In the future I would love to go back to Second Harvest and help the hungry people in need!





The Academy Effect on Marketable Skills







Ms. Holton’s English IV Effect on Savannah Liebhart’s Flyer





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Ms. Holton’s Media Class Effect on Self-Expression Using Digital Photography and Photoshop

Jasmine Crockett

Marcus Bright

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Anthony Dean PAGE



DID YOU KNOW? By Nathan Duke Cheetos are one of the most chosen snacks in schools. Cheetos are tasty, but are they nutritious? Should we care? Yes, because there are many unhealthy things in a tiny bag of Cheetos. Did you know that there are 26 grams of fat in a single bag of Cheetos? Researchers have determined that Cheetos are highly addictive for young kids because of the amount of fat and salt they have in them. Cheetos are made up of 17% fat (bad fat), which is a quarter of the recommended fat for an entire day. 10% of Cheetos is sodium and 70% is processed carbs (bad carbs).

REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS By Eden Hidalgo Fall 2013 Graduate

Eliminating fear from the past, Time to make things last Not giving up on your dreams. No matter how hard they seem. Life is a winding road, Twisting and turning, Full of hurting Don’t sit back and watch your heart corrode. Stand up and make a change. Pick up your worries, and exchange Them with hope Mistakes are only jokes. We’re inevitably human Believe in yourself ‘Cause you can Feel it within your heart valves Don’t stop reaching There is nothing keeping you from achieving You’re the one leading Don’t let the negatives keep feeding.

There are 160 calories in a bag of Cheetos. Did you know that is 12 times more than the amount of calories in a bag of carrots the same size? Carrots, as you probably already know, are much better for you than any bag of Cheetos. Carrots have 3% fat (good fat), 5% protein, and 92% of unprocessed carbs (good carbs). Carrots are a much healthier snack. They have 0 grams of fat and 12mg of natural sodium (which adds up to be 0% of the carrots), whereas Cheetos have 250mg of processed sodium. I have found that carrots are very fulfilling snacks to eat. They are rated 4.4 out of 5 on how much they will fill you up. I believe we could all eat more carrots because they are so nutritious. They are said to be one of the healthiest things you could eat. Did you know that people are campaigning for kids to eat more carrots? They are calling this campaign “Carrots are the New Cheetos.” According to the largest baby carrot producers teamed up with a marketing expert to make carrot packages “sexier.” The marketing specialists made the bags look like junk food packaging to make it more appealing to kids. Not only did the largest producer change their bag but 50 other baby carrot producers changed their bags to make them look more appealing to kids. Did you know that there was a study conducted which discovered that kids think food tastes better if it has cartoon packaging? Also what kids taste is sight. If it doesn’t look good to them, they most likely will say they dislike it or won’t even try it. Will this campaign work? In my opinion I don’t think it will eliminate the Cheetos problem. As a kid I hated everything that was good for me. If may not stop the Cheetos madness, but I know it is a good step in the right direction.





A+ EFFECT on WRITING The Academy raises the bar for its A+ students by requiring a writing assignment for each 1/2 credit earned. Writing is part of academic life and can be used as a test to determine literacy, fluency and analytical skills for college and the workforce. Ms. Gibbs and Ms. Weathers realize that many students find writing to be challenging, so they guide students through the writing process with course-related, student-generated themes.






We are a National Dropout Prevention Center Model Program

Michelrica Hughes, Hope Gifford, Mr. Carter, and Baylor Masincupp accepted the prestigious Nashville Predators Foundation Grant Award on behalf of The Simon Youth Foundation.


The Mission of The Academy at Old Cockrill To produce a safe environment in which students are inspired to achieve success through an individualized plan that leads to graduation. Our goal is to develop productive citizens and celebrate their success. The Academy provides an opportunity for students who want to pursue a high school diploma in a non-traditional setting. We have flexible scheduling, nontraditional curricula, a diverse student body, and an open campus, far removed from the traditional high school experience. After an application process you may be selected for an interview. We are a school of choice, meaning that you choose to be here and you choose to work hard. Otherwise, we have the choice of not letting you attend. Students are treated like adults, and we expect adult behavior from every student.

Plagiarism Disclaimer: The Academy at Old Cockrill teaches students the importance of ethical writing and proper etiquette in citing sources and strives to detect and appropriately address such indiscretions.


Bill Warren, Principal

Carl Carter, Assistant Principal

Tammy Nash, School Counselor

The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, color, age, and/or disability in admission to, access to, or operation of its programs, services, or activities. MNPS does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. Request for alternate format: 1. To request this information in an alternate format, please contact your building principal or department head. 2. Request for auxiliary aids at a school building. Individuals who need auxiliary aids and services are to make their request known to the building principal or department head prior to the date it is needed. (Interpreters for the deaf or hard of hearing must be requested forty-eight {48} hours prior to the event). PAGE 8

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