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Formula e Pasadena City College EDT 8C

Rubber Band Powered Race Car Sponsored by: Le Saboteur Co. Illustrations: J. Saboteur


Design Intent:

Mark 3 is a model that was designed to accomodate collision & moderately rugged road conditions.


Overwight Unstable Material Failure Undesirable Handling

Clutch + Body-Kit + Fornt-end Suspension +

Strong. Materials: (silicone, aluminum, wood, abs)


Design Intent: The Mark 5 features the results of


Greatly reduced weight, improved weight distribution and better overall control of model. Significant reduction in amount of resources used in prototyping.

a "massive optimization" process by Le Saboteur Co. The newest model shed more than half its weight and nearly doubled its wheel base length on the front end, and added a familiar clutching system inspired by the Formula e spectacle, "Carbon 3."

12 inches

Simple. Materials: (silicone, aluminum, wood, abs)

Formula e  

A competition that demands innovation: a rubber band race car project hosted by Art Center College of Design.

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