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Academic Integrity Matters! Newsletter “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi

MY AIM! This is our first Spring 2011 newsletter to students regarding academic integrity at UCSD.

Spring Quarter Edition, 2011

We’ve included some fun facts for you and a special announcement of our annual week long event. We hope you enjoy reading this and find the information useful! Thank you! -AIM Newsletter Committee


Join our student organization “AIM!” (Academic Integrity Matters!) 1. Get involved in creating awareness of academic integrity 2. Work with Academic Integrity peer educators planning exciting future events and projects 3. Enhance your presentation skills 4. Get valuable leadership and teamwork experience 5. Most importantly, have FUN!!!!

Special Points of Interest Get involved by joining AIM! Face to Face Week Fun Facts from Professor Survery

For more information, visit our website Or send us an email


A week dedicated to increase awareness of ACADEMIC INTEGRITY

on campus. Stop by library walk from April 11th to 15th between 10-2 to win prizes, learn more about academic integrity, and have fun!!

Facts that make you go “hmm”

1. When a sub-group of faculty were asked whether they thought cheating was a problem in UCSD classes: 89% (65) agreed that cheating is a problem (68.5% agree, 20.5% strongly agree) 2. When asked if they thought academic integrity is sufficiently addressed in class and/or in syllabi: 58.8% agreed. However, after our preliminary syllabi research, we have to disagree! We can probably chalk this up to conflicting definitions of “sufficiently”. 3. When asked if they thought faculty could play a bigger role in promoting academic integrity on campus: 82.5% (61) agreed that faculty should play a bigger role (51.4% agree, 31.1% strongly agree). So, the question is—how do we get more faculty to “AIM higher?”

AIM Newsletter_Spring 2011  

The Spring 2011 AIM Newsletter

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