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Every gamer out there knows about the Nintendo Wii U It is the current video game console provided in the pool of several game consoles in the market today.


power-based microprocessor CPU built and created by IBM is sure to make manyplayershappy. No provisions have been saidyet regarding this CPU but it seems like it’s going to be really hard core.. If you have been a Nintendofan ever since, then you might have the Nintendo Wii and you will be satisfied to know that the fresh Nintendo is even better than this. Since we are we're discussing the specifications of this new gaming console by Nintendo, its GPU or Graphics Processing Unit will be established by AMD based on Radeon Technology.According to current information that is feasible today, it is known that its GPU can go beyond the GPUs of the Xbox 360 and PS3. It is vividly seen that Nintendo Wii U focuses more on solid gameplay in place of delivering gamers out there the extreme graphics. The Nintendo Wii U doesn’t have an internal hard drive but it has a 8gb onboard internal flash capacity. Players can utilize a USB flash drive for extended memory and to store files. Players who use Nintendo Wii can try of the remote with their Nintendo Wii U.. Since this comes with a tablet controller, Nintendo is thinking to make Nintendo Wii’s peripherals on their latest game console. Nintendo Wii games can be played through Nintendo Wii U. Other specifications include a variety of video outputs from 480i to 1080p but still provides the standard 4:3 and 16:9 big screen video modes.. Its tablet controller is the most exciting part and Nintendo gamers are very much eager with this..A an outstanding 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope makes this gaming console to be a very firm rival among the game consoles today. It is also a touchscreen. A lot of gamers are so thrilled for the launching of this gaming console.. Gamers today are eager to buy the Nintendo Wii U. Getting this video game console no fee is likely. Yes, you can get it at no expense and you can begin by browsing From this website, you don’t only get a no cost Nintendo Wii U but you also get to learn upgrades and information about to the gaming console. It’s very simple, follow the understandable ways required on the site.

Nintendo Wii U