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Slow Dancing In The Clouds (A St. Valentine's Day Story)

by Art Byrd

Route 352 Scripts Youngstown, Ohio March 2, 2014

FADE IN: INT. ST. ELIZABETH HOSPTIAL - EVENING There are nurses walking up and down the hallway. An OFFICE is facing the 13th floor. Inside the office, JENNA WILLIAMS, 27, the nursing supervisor is looking over some paperwork. She supervises and coordinates activities of nursing personnel in patient care units and making sure patients’s needs are met. Plus, she must evaluate the nursing unit’s performance. A job opening for a nursing supervisor came available in Youngstown, Ohio. Jenna jumped at it. It meant leaving her family whom she is very close to in Idaho for a position almost half way across the United States. In Ohio, Jenna has thrived in her job as she treats the nurses and patients with fairness and respect. Along the way, she met GREG PACKARD, 29, a stockbroker, at MILL CREEK PARK one spring evening. He was waiting to play tennis and a friend didn’t show up. Jenna was just out walking. He asked if she played tennis. Jenna had played in high school. Greg said he had an extra racket and asked if she would hit a few balls with him. She accepted. Their tennis friendship moved into a personal relationship. Greg has been thoughtful and a great listener. An all round good guy. A desk calendar catches Jenna’s eye. It reads Feb. 14th, St. Valentine’s Day. Then, she looks at the digital clock flashing 5:39 PM. There is a picture of her parents, Becca and Ben and two sisters, Allison and Marsha. Jenna misses them a lot, she will call them later. She hasn't gotten a call from Greg and that seemed odd. Jenna picks up a pen and starts on more paperwork. She looks up and sees a woman who just received some flowers and a hug from the man who gave them to her. Jenna feels a little envy. She is thinking “Why hasn’t Greg called. She looks at her cell phone no calls. A nurse steps in her door. NURSE Here is a note for you. Thank you.


2. Jenna takes the note and reads it and looks confused. But, she put away her paper work. She put on her coat. She takes one more look at the note. We see the note. NOTE: “Could you meet me downstairs near emergency entrance now. The work day is over for you and our night begins. Greg” Jenna tucks the note into her coat pocket. She turns off the table light. Her shadow fades into the hallway. EXT. EMERGENCY ENTRANCE - EVENING Near the entrance, Jenna walks out with her briefcase over her shoulder. She sees someone. Right near where the ambulances pull up. GREG is medium built and who looks like the most unlikely guy to be driving a black JAGUAR that is he leaning against. He is somewhat a nerd. He has wired rimmed glasses and not double take handsome. Greg is holding a single rose and as soon as he sees Jenna he stands up straight. As Jenna gets to Greg, she smiles at him. JENNA You know this is where the ambulance come with their emergencies. Real emergencies. GREG I know. This is an emergency. Right here, right now. Oh, it is.


GREG If, I didn’t see you right now. (clutching his chest) I would have cardiac arrest. Jenna shakes her head but she is amused by Greg and always is. Greg knows what he said was extremely corny. It doesn’t matter, it made Jenna smile. JENNA You didn’t call me, today. GREG So, you were thinking about me.

3. Again, Jenna seems to be caught off. Greg doesn't keep her on the ropes very long. GREG (presenting the rose to Jenna) This is for you. Happy St. Valentines Day. I am sorry I didn’t call, the market was wild today. She accepts and leans into him and kisses Greg on the lips. Then, she pulls back. JENNA That is for you. Thank you.


Both Jenna and Greg stare at each other for longer than moment. Then, the blare of an ambulance approaching from the distance. It breaks the moment for Greg and Jenna. GREG (deep breath) We better get out of her. I’ve got somewhere I want to take you. ON THE ROAD: Greg’s Jag pasts the downtown area where there are plenty of restaurants. Jenna looks on as if “aren’t we going to stop at any of these restaurants. But, Greg just keeps driving. The Jag jets out of the city. Then, there are the bright lights of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, the area’s airport as the Jag goes by. YOUNGSTOWN REGIONAL AIRPORT: There is a sign reads “Small Aircraft”. Underneath, there is a parking booth with a closed gate. The Jag pulls up to the booth. ROY HOUZZ, 50, PARKING ATTENDANT, steps out, bending down and looks inside the Jag. ATTENDANT Hello, Mr. Packard and good evening, ma'am. Hello.


4. GREG Hi, how are you? Roy. ROY Very well. They are ready for you. Thank you.


Greg looks over at Jenna, who gives him a uncomfortable smile. Greg just smiles, but says nothing. The GATE goes up and the Jag go through. The Jag drives pass some hangers and going towards the runway. There is a GULFSTREAM IV JET perched near a runway. This is one of the most popular jets used by the corporate jet set. Some Gulfstream jets can cost $44 million or more. Its side is open with the steps down. INSIDE THE JAG. We are behind Greg and Jenna, we can see a MAN in an uniform coming down the jet’s steps. Greg pulls the Jag up a few feet from the steps. The man is walking toward to the Jag’s passenger side. INSIDE THE JAG. Greg looks at Jenna. JENNA We are going to a trip. I presume. GREG You, presume correct. JENNA Where are we going? GREG We are going where, there is an abundance of love. Jenna is still confused as she is about to say something else. The man from jet opens her door. She looks at Greg who is getting out of the car. Jenna comes out of the car. MAN Good evening, Miss Williams. Happy St. Valentines Day.

5. JENNA Evening. You, too. Thank you. The man shuts the door. Jenna is standing befuddled. The man goes around to Greg. MAN Good evening, Mr. Packard. GREG Evening, Roland. Thanks for everything. ROLAND You are so welcome. Have a great time. Greg nods. Roland climbs into the Jag. Greg smiles at Jenna with a devilish grin. As the Jag is backing back. Greg walks over to Jenna and reaches his hand for hers. She takes his hand as they head for the Gulfstream’s steps. Greg stops and lets Jenna step up first. She takes the first step and stops and looks back at Greg. What!


JENNA Where are we going? Greg doesn’t answer. JENNA Bet if I don't want to go. What if I am afraid of flying. We have only been dating for ten months. How do you know? GREG You are right. I don't know that. But, I hope not. Because I want to take you tonight is where you have taken my heart higher than it has ever been. You make me want to do things like this for you. Because you have done things for me that have come from your heart. Jenna is visibly touched.

6. GREG Let me do this for you. Jenna looks into Greg’s eyes. She slowly move in and kisses him. INT. GULFSTREAM - MOMENTS LATER The jet interior looks like you have step into a mansion living room. It has wood veneer paneling, beige leather seats and chenille sofas with throw pillows. There is a dining table. Nearby is fully stocked bar. There is the music of JOSS STONE, the young singer who sounds funky. The music is at background level. The only way people inside know it a private jet because of the row of small circular windows. Jenna steps into the plane. She is at awe as she looking around. Greg looks like he is in familiar territory. Jenna starts moving her head to the music. JENNA Joss Stone, my favorite. Greg is directly behind Jenna who stops, where Greg almost bump into her. JENNA (leaning back) Nice move with Joss Stone. Greg’s arms come around Jenna’s waist as he hugs her tight. EXT. GULFSTREAM IN THE AIR - LATER INT. GULFSTREAM - LATER Jenna and Greg are at the dining table. There are candles, a bucket of champagne. Both are enjoying the meal of Chicken Francine with rice and vegetables. DISSOLVE:

7. INT. GULFSTREAM - LATER A plane wouldn’t be the best place to dance, but a Learjet floats on the air and hardly feels rough. That smoothness allows Greg and Jenna to enjoy their slow dance. The two are floating on their own air. The Commodores song,”Just To Be Close To You” is playing over the speakers. Both are feeling the song. Lionel Richie says “You made my jagged edges smooth. You made my direction so clear and you aw girl. You became my purpose my reason for livin' girl. You see you're my heart, you're soul Greg and Jenna are so comfortable with each other. As they move close and closer as they sway to the song. EXT. GULFSTREAM IN THE AIR - LATER Jenna is in Greg’s arms as they lying on the plush sofa, listening to the music of jazz saxphonist, Mindi Abair. A LIGHT flashes. Greg sits up and Jenna follows. GREG We are ready to land. EXT. ON THE GROUND - SOMEWHERE The plane is on the ground taxing and being waved in by the guy with the orange cones. JENNA (trying to look out) Greg, where are we? GREG Still can’t tell you. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a tie. GREG Jenna, I need you to cover your eyes. Come on. Really.


8. OUTSIDE OF THE GULFSTREAM - LATER. The side of the jet opens and the steps release forward. A MAN comes out and secures the steps. Then, Greg comes out, holding the hand of a blindfolded Jenna. We pull back to reveal a limo waiting. Greg leads Jenna into the limo. INSIDE THE LIMO. As they settle in the car. JENNA Can I take this off? GREG No, not yet. JENNA Then, please hold my hand. Greg takes Jenna’s hand. EXT. ROAD - NIGHT The LIMO drives on a road, then, it takes a turn. The limo pulls up to a HOUSE. The limo driver opens the door and Greg comes out, he takes Jenna’s hand and helps her out. As she gets out. There is something familiar about the gravel she has just step out on. There is a ramp connected to the front porch. Greg leads Jenna off the ramp to the front porch. The front door is open and Greg guides Jenna through the door. INT. HOUSE - LATER It is a living room. Greg gets Jenna to the middle of the living room. Greg leaves Jenna to close the door. JENNA Greg, where are you? Greg is by the door, but he doesn’t move.

9. GREG (O.S) I am right here. A SHADOW comes from behind Jenna. She is clearly spooked. The shadow reaches for the tie and looses it. As the tie falls from Jenna’s eyes. Her vision refocuses, she can tell there are people in front of her. As her vision comes clearer. It is the people who were in the picture on her desk. It is her mother and two sisters. Emotion takes over for Jenna. Oh, no.


Jenna is frozen she can’t move in any direction. But, someone is missing. Daddy.


VOICE (O.S) Right here, baby. Jenna turns around and it is the other face from the photo. It is her father. She hugs him tight. He kisses her. Then, she turns around and runs to her mother and two sisters who embrace her with total love. All of them are crying. Greg looks on with total joy and happiness for Jenna. Jenna is in tears as she is overwhelmed with love and the moment. She is wiping her eyes as she looks at Greg. As if there is no one else in the room, Jenna walks over to Greg. She is close to his face. JENNA On Valentine’s Day, you flew me across the county to see my family. Yep.


JENNA Greg, you are a crazy man. GREG Yes, I am. I would bring you the world at your feet if I could.

10. JENNA I don’t need the world. I just want you. (tearing up) Thank you. GREG You are so welcome. Jenna hugs Greg tight. Both of their eyes close as Jenna’s family looks on. Greg looks as if he going to cry. When their eyes open and their faces separate. Jenna looks directly at Greg. JENNA You can fly me anywhere, forever. I plan to.


Greg and Jenna smile as they look deep into each other’s soul. FADE DOWN

Thanks for reading-Art Byrd

Slow Dancing In The Clouds ( A St. Valentine's Day Story) Screenplay  

Jenna, a nursing supervisor who is working late on St. Valentines Day. She has not heard from her boyfriend. When he does arrives, Jenna is...

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