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Wyla Inc. (the parent company of JustPretendŽ and has been designing, producing and supplying tulle, lace and novelty fabrics for over forty years. We take special care to make the finest quality fabrics at affordable prices. Because we have experience with our own children and grandchildren we know how important it is to produce fabrics that are comfortable and safe to wear while at the same time being beautiful and magical. We strive to make all of our products magical, beautiful, comfortable, safe and affordable. Several years ago one of our core fabric chain retailers asked us to produce tutus and costumes for them using the fabrics that we supplied to the market. Those tutus and costumes were the first stages of what has become Just Pretend Kids. Our Just PretendŽ tutus, wands, wings, accessories and costumes are made with these same values in mind. When you hold our costumes you will feel how soft they are. We use the finest tulle with just the right finish to make our tutus. Our wands are made to minimize danger from sharp points or dangerous materials. We do not sell any items that we would not want our own grandchildren to wear or play with. We believe that pretending is a human way of practicing for real life. In many cases it helps us decide what we want, or do not want, to be when we grow up. Playing dress up and pretending to be a princess, a pirate, or a dragon are great ways for children to explore and learn about the world and themselves. We take special care to try and instill our products with magic. We want our costumes to make children feel like princesses and pirates and to inspire them to dream, laugh, imagine and explore. On a more personal note; when my daughters were young, they loved to dress up and to just pretend. My oldest pretended to be a mom and designer and my youngest pretended to be a frog and a teacher. Today my oldest is a mom and a well-known fashion designer and my youngest, though not a frog is a mom and a school teacher. I now have five grandchildren, and they love to dress up in our costumes and tutus and pretend to be princesses and frogs! We are certain that your customers will recognize the quality and attention to detail that goes into each of our designs. Welcome to the Just Pretend Kids family! Jody Wiener President – Just Pretend Kids



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Tutu Collections New for 2014

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Enchanted Collection New for 2014

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Infant Romper Costumes


Toddler Animal Costumes


Backbacks,Scarves and Stools


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