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P resident K acee Woods’ M ission

P urpose The purpose of this club is to create an awareness of the African American community on the George Fox University campus by creating a community oriented club that includes all types of diverse ethnicities. We strive to: represent the mission of imple-


y hope

menting cultural diversity at GFU, be edu-


cated on the culture and history of the Black

year is that

community, promote cultural awareness on/

BSUA, Black

off campus, and serve as mentors and the

Student Union & Alliance, will not only be a place for the black students of George Fox University, but also a place where other minorities and the rest of the student body

face of diversity. Through open-ended discussion nights, social events (dances and outings), and community service opportunities we hope to engage the student body at Fox.

feel welcome. BSUA should serve as a support system, built with people who are willing to make a difference on the GFU campus.”


ach of us has a different background, and a different life story.

These differences make us all unique. We are also here to bring awareness to our differences and share with our peers that our “differences” make up our campus. With a new school year come new opportunities and new doors that have been opened. I’m excited to see how God is going to move this year.”

For more information please contact Kacee Woods at: or visit BSUA’s Facebook page:

B lack S tudent U nion A nd A lliance

W hat

we believe

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Mission As members of this community, as students of this campus, and as an organization that represents George Fox University, we are obligated to not discriminate against any group of individuals based off of race, ethnicity/origin, religion, creed, sex, gender, age, political status, education level, socioeconomic status, disparity or statistical groups, weight, sexual orientation, and any other group or category of which one can be discriminate, biased, or prejudiced against. “Let your light shine in BSUA

and on campus�

om cammpuson campus.w

W hat

we are Bible Study


Time of Fellow-

BSUA Values: 1. To assist ALL individuals in building a foundation and faith in Christ 2. To represent the mission of implementing cultural diversity at George Fox University 3. To be educated on the culture and history of the Black community 4. To develop an alliance with other ethnic groups 5. To analyze past and present systems of faith, systems of government, politics, demographics, social/economic status, health, general disparities, and culture 6. To promote and participate in on/off campus events through various organizations twice per month to serve the community 7. To promote cultural awareness on/off campus 8. To serve as mentors and the face of diversity

ship Dinners


Guest Speakers

Spoken Word Night/Poetry Slam

Food Drive

Clothing Drive

we do

Black Student Union And Alliance  

Brochure of George Fox University's BSUA Club

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