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have followed Paul in his time in Corinth; a place that he would rather not be. God taught Paul what he encouraged other Christians with, Galatians 6:9 (ESV), “9 AND LET US NOT

GROW WEARY OF DOING GOOD, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” We learned many ways that God used to encourage Paul not to grow weary of doing good and how God can provide that in our own lives.

What we learned going through Acts 18 together: We all have a calling to follow Jesus with our lives. And sometimes our desires get in the way and hinders our joy. The urge of quitting may be your sign to go on and trust God with your life. Because if you are reading this, if you are breathing, if you are alive - GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU (Acts 18:1). God puts people in our lives: for reasons, seasons and for a lifetime. We shouldn’t do life alone. You just want to be careful of those you allow in your life. As it is up to you who you allow. You should surround yourself with faithful people of God not flakey people. You should surround yourself with encouragers not enablers. You should surround yourself with those who praise God not just themselves or just you. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH OTHERS (Acts 18:2-8). God is the greatest communicator though we may not be the greatest listeners. Our desire is to not only listen but to courageously do what God asks of us. We feel the stresses of life. We may even feel the “stresses” of following Jesus. We find out that when we courageously do what God requires in our stress, it produces endurance, character, hope and does not put us to shame. And the courage we demonstrate isn’t just for us but for those who are witnessing God in our lives. BE COURAGEOUS TO LISTEN AND ACT (Acts 18:9-11).

When it comes down to it, do we trust God? Do you trust God regardless of the outcomes? Do you trust God with the tough people in your lives? Do you trust God with what remains in your life? Well, trusting God changes us for the good. So you should TRUST IN GOD MORE THAN EVER (Acts 18:12-21). And for you not to grow weary of doing God, you should find yourself being renewed. Having your faith, strength, mind, life, body, attitude, spirit, soul renewed by God day by day. Sometimes it takes humbling yourself so you aren't relying on yourself. Sometimes it's having a steadfast mind; a mind focused and fixed on Jesus. Sometimes it is making sure that you are abiding in Jesus; that Jesus is your source, purpose and drive. Sometimes, it is not forgetting to strengthen others in discipleship, in friendships and in all relationships. BE RENEWED DAY BY DAY (Acts 18:22-23). Aren’t you glad for a God that cares?! He calls you to His plans and purposes in your life. He will empower you in many ways including all the above. DO NOT GROW WEARY OF DOING GOOD AND GO LIVE THE ABUNDANT LIFE NOW Acts 18in’, Tony Mejia

Sunday’s 6 pm

PRAYER November 8 @7:20 pm

ALCCKiDS Every day our minds are filled with thousands of thoughts. And our thoughts have power! The world, our flesh, and the enemy try to get us to think differently than how God wants us to think.

In this eight-week series, kids will learn that through an everyday relationship with Jesus, God can change the way they think. He wants to help them catch, check, and change their thoughts!

connecting our LIVES to HIS

PUMPKIN PARTY Our ALCCKiDS look forward to our PUMPKIN PARTY every year! Always a great time affirming how God changes our lives!

connecting others to a life that matters

LIFE GROUPS There are so many thoughts that we have while we are worshipping or listening to the Pastor’s message. The beautiful about LIFE GROUP is we get to discuss it what God shows/speaks to us about. Letting the WORD come alive in us and encouraging those around us.

connecting our LIVES to HIS

Our ALCC Women are fantastic in building relationships with each other and God. Be a friend Make a friend Bring a friend Join us for our Bible Study, LIFE Group and worship

connecting others to a life that matters

connecting our LIVES to HIS

ABUNDANT CAFÉ An on going part of our church life is connecting after church with a nice beverage and snack!

MISSIONS MEETING: This is what the beginning of our Missions experience looks like! An interest becomes a point of prayer and that prayer becomes compassion and God puts that compassion into action!

connecting others to a life that matters


Friday’s 5:30-8:30 pm Youth 11-18 years Building faith & friendships Sunday Jr. High Class doing ALPHA for TEENS

C h r i s t m a s SCHEDULE Christmas Season starts Nov. 20 ALCC Leadership Christmas Party Dec. 11 Women’s Christmas Lunch Dec. 14 Christmas Sunday Dec. 18 Christmas Eve Dec. 24 New Years Day Service/Soup & Sandwiches January 1