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July Our Greatest Gift

Welcome to Abundant Life! We are glad you are here. We trust that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, that you will find something for you and your family here at ALCC. It is our hope that as you join us in your our journey of seeking and finding God, your purpose and His plan for your life, that you will be changed. Those who call ALCC their church, their home, are everyday people just like you. We are all wanting to follow Christ and bring the message of hope to a hurting world.

August Speakers Johan Laning Will Whyte Mike Menard Pastor Bill and Kathy

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Aug. 7 Youth Bake Auction Aug. 16-21 WEEKLONG

The wise counsel GOD gives when I'm awake is confirmed by my sleeping heart. Day and night I'll stick with GOD; I've got a good thing going and I'm not letting go. I'm happy from the inside out, and from the outside in, I'm firmly formed Psalms 16:7-9

Thoughts from PB True Greatness--Humility! The world see‟s greatness in a successful career, new car and bigger houses. God see‟s greatness by the amount of humility we demonstrate on a daily basis. Over the month of July, we will take a peak at what the scripture says about True Greatness and Humility! ? August Over the month of August, we are going to have a variety of speakers…Johan, Will and Mike will all take an opportunity to share about the importance of 10-10-10 and what it mean‟s to them personally. I appreciate there hearts and I know we are going to be so blessed. So, what does that mean for PB, I will be here to conduct and oversee the services and be ministered too with you. I am in need of rest and look forward to some down time over August and would appreciate your prayers. Renovation Project Lots is going on with our Lift Project….we hope by the end of August to be finished…. Saturday September 10th, is the temporary Open House Celebration The lift is going to be dedicated in memory of Sandra J. Warnica. Pray for all this to come together….we need God‟s help and yours to finish. Summer thoughts… Please take the time to pray and spend a little extra time with the Lord over July and August. As we peak into the Fall, lots is going on and all look forward to a time of growth. We are going to begin with a new series in Sept. and October called, „Fan or Follower’…could prove to be interesting. Enjoy the warm weather, before we know it, well you know! Blessings ! DE-FI: JULUGUST EDITION Hello parents, this is the “Julugust Edition” so I thought I‟d share some ideas for the summer! I was speaking to my friend Phil from North Park and he gave some suggests to what he calls “Creative Parenting”. I hope that throughout the summer that the communication between yourself and your child at any age, at any rate would increase. I hope these reminders or new ideas can be refreshing and used throughout the summer. My wife always lets me know when I am being too predictable that‟s when I know I need to do something to get out of that groove. It‟s always great to surprise any relationship with something unpredictable so it stays fresh and the soil moist so things can flourish and doesn‟t hardened as you are paying attention to it! “Here are a few thoughts that might help you think about your relationship with your preteen/teenager . . . 1. Allow input – As we approach the teen years, kids want to be independent and have a sense of control of their lives. This is a hard time for many parents to transition from a somewhat dictatorship role in the family to more of a democratic role. The main goal is to continue to build into a deep stable foundation our kids sit on so as they enter the teen years their decisions and choices are built upon this foundation. By offering options your teen feels like he or she has some control. Allow your teen the chance to help you in the decision making process. Not only will it foster respect, but it will also teach your teen how to make better decisions. As you make a decision and allow them to have input on that decision; give rational and reasoning why you made that decision. This will help to continually build that foundation. 2. Be a planner – when it comes to your family it‟s so easy to just get busy with your own life that doing fun things as a family can be an after thought. I would encourage you to sit down your kids on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and brainstorm some fun and exciting things you can do as a family. Plan these things out and make sure you do them as a family. Perhaps this means blocking off one night every week or every other week to spend intentional time as a family. Allow your kids to come up with some of the ideas! This will become an amazing tradition in your family and create some great lifelong memories. 3. Stay up late and talk with your teens – If you know anything about the majority of teens. They stay up late! For some reason teens are vulnerable and very open about their lives when discussions happen at night. Ask your kids questions, let them know your interested and allow them to share the things that are going on in their lives. Engage in their lives especially late at night. P.S Order pizza 4. Discuss your faith at home – in your discussions with your kids be constantly discussing and talking about your faith. Allow it to become a natural part of the discussion in your home. Talk about what God‟s been teaching you at

Abundant Life Community Church...Where lives are being changed!

Bob & Brenda July 1st

Mike & Davina Aug. 7th

Tony & Bella Aug. 1st Tony & Bethany Aug. 1st

Jim & Elaine Aug. 12

Ken & Val Aug. 20

Saturday July 23rd 7am -12:30 BBQ

A recovery program for hurts, habits and hang ups through the eight principles from the Beatitudes Thursday’s @ 7 pm Everyone Welcome

Good Morning Cafe Nursery: Birth to 4 years 10:45—noon JK to Grade 5

Sunday’s 10 - 10:30 am Abundant Life Community Church...Where lives are being changed!

Paul Stapleton 1st

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Abundant Life Community Church..Where lives are being changed!

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