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Doing Life Together December 2012

Welcome! Welcome to Abundant Life! We are glad you are here. We trust that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, that you will find something for you and your family here at ALCC. It is our hope that you will join us as we “Do Life Together� . Our journey is about knowing who God is, seeking and finding our purpose and His plan for our lives and that we will be changed that we want to see.

640 Grosvenor St. London Ont N5Y 3T4 519-858-4123

Those of us who call ALCC their church, their home, are everyday people just like you. We are all wanting to know and follow Christ and bring the message of hope to a hurting world.

December Sermon Series: The Gift

HEART for our HOME Christmas Miracle Offering

Dec. 16, 2012 inspiration| connection| action

Abundant Life Community Church

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Thoughts from PB Gift The greatest gift that you can give to others is unconditional love and acceptance. Christmas is a great opportunity to share such a gift with those around us. Perhaps there is someone at your worksite who needs a little acceptance when others avoid them. Maybe you need to share a little love with a person less fortunate than you. Love and Acceptance is found in the heart of God! Personally when others love and accept me the

way I am, my world seems to be that much brighter. God loves and accepts us unconditionally to demonstrate the

all of us this season. On December 16th, we are taking a special offering called, “Heart for our Home…praying for a Christmas Miracle Offering”…it is our prayer that all of us would participate by equal sacrifice, not equal giving. Are you ready?

Let’s enjoy Christmas tolove gether as we celebrate the of a blessed hope of Jesus… savior seen in Christ the Lord. Will you take an opportunity to give away this PB and Kathy most precious gift? That is my challenge for

Merry Christmas

From the desk of Tony Imagine, you are a young woman who is pregnant and travelling on an animal while in rush because your baby is in danger plus coming. Imagine, you are a man who is recently convince that your woman is pregnant and it’s not yours but it’s okay because it’s God’s. You two can’t find a place to have the babe until you find a manger and there it happens. Things were terrible for Joseph and Mary. Messy or not, could this truly be God’s plan?

The Saviour of the world comes in a time where things are falling all apart. You would think that it would have gone more smoothly. When things are not going according to plan, God is still at work for His purpose. And it’s not like God is a trouble maker and does it for entertainment purposes. He stays true , is our Rock and Anchor, as things are tumbling around. He has in

constant communication with Joe and Mary. That constant tug and pulling to the right direction. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. Be encouraged, things don't have to, probably wont, or even when they are going smoothly, for God to reassure you that you are taken care of. Merry Christmas, Tony Mejia

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Sunday’s 9:5510:30 amGood

Morning Café Sunday’s 9:55-10:30 am

6:30 pm

ALCC Christmas Dinner & Party Sunday Dec. 16 5:30 pm Cider 6 pm Dinner $20 (see Bessie)

New Years Eve Dec.31, TBA

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Abundant Life Community Church

Happy Birthday

Rob Holt 1st

Shellley Woitowich 2nd

Joy Thomas 5th

Debbie Fisher 23rd

Dustin McKechnie 28th

Tracey Philipson 30th

Happy Anniversary

Brillante Nsambinama 5th

Thursday’s @ 7pm

Pot Luck Dinner Dec 20 @ 6:15 pm Paul & Debbie Maling December 31

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Abundant Life Community Church

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Friday December 7 7-9pm $5

Groups resume Sunday January 13 6 pm

Men’s Tuesday December 4

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FRIDAY’S 6:30-9 pm

Youth Group Monthly Gym Night Dec.7 @ 7 pm

At IGNITE, we take everything seriously ...especially the fun!

Monthly Youth Dinner starts in Jan.

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Wednesday’s 7 pm

Bible Stories/Crafts Games/Snacks

Sunday Mornings 10:30 am

Tuesday Morning Bible Study 10 Prayer Break 11 Study inspiration| connection| action

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2003– 2012

CR STEP 3 – FAITH “we made a decision to turn our lives and our wills over to the care of God. “ We demonstrate faith just by the fact that we are involved in recovery taking an honest look at ourselves. If we didn’t have faith in the promise of a better future for our self or our family, we wouldn’t put our self through the hard work and pain involved in recovery. But as time passes, we may grow discouraged at the length of the process. We may have our spirits dampened by the ups and downs along the road, feeling our faith ebb more often than flow. For most of us it will take faith and patience to inherit the promise of a new life.

Marty & Blanche Fisher CR Directors Join us for our monthly Pot Luck Dinner December 20 6:15 pm

Sometimes the insanity of living with our own habits, hang-ups or hurts or with people who are acting in bizarre ways can cause us to become desperate for help. We may feel despair and wonder is there really a way out of the insanity of our current circumstances. Maybe our plight is impossible, at least without God’s help, but faith can make even the impossible happen. Faith is a mysterious commodity. According to Jesus it takes a small amount of faith, real faith, to make a big difference.

Where can the faith we need come from?

Faith is so important! Some It can come phases of from our recovery are very our own painful and desperation! we will need faith in God’s love for us through other people to help us get through this pain. Recovery is a time of correction, a time of facing problems and character flaws and a time for changing incorrect beliefs. There may be seasons when we do have to pay for our past. God will use these times to redirect our life toward something better. This is where we need to have faith that God knows what he is doing when it comes to the “Big Picture” in our life.

To wrap this up, we are running a race. The Race of Recovery. Faith in God can give us the motivation to run the race, with a real chance at winning life’s rewards. Hebrews12: 1b-2 says “And let us run with endurance the race that God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from start to finish.”( NLT ) It is God’s will for us to win the Race of Life. There will be pain from the exertion, but we are told to pace our self and bear the pain with patience. Hebrews 12;1a tells us that there is a huge crowd who have run the same race and finished well waiting to cheer us on. Hallelujah! We are not alone.

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Doing Life Together

Who are we? What to wear? Come as you are, there is no dress code Good Morning CafÊ 10-10:30 am Live Band Inspirational message Child Care nursery –11 years Thank you for joining us! It is our desire that you have experience love, acceptance and hope that comes from being in our community of faith we like to call HOME

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A monthly insight to the happenings and events at Abundant Life Community Church

ALCC Magazine  

A monthly insight to the happenings and events at Abundant Life Community Church