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Doing Life Together November 2013

Welcome! Welcome to Abundant Life! We are glad you are here.

We trust that wherever you are on your spiritual journey, that you will find something for you and your family here at ALCC. It is our hope that you will join us as we “Do Life Together� . Our journey is about knowing who God is, seeking and finding our purpose and His plan for our lives and to live it with passion.

640 Grosvenor St. London Ont N5Y 3T4 519-858-4123

We call ALCC our HOME. We are intentional about relationships with God and each other to bring the message of hope to our community.

Saturday November 3, 2013

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Abundant Life Community Church

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,Making our Lives Count Sometimes in life we make mistakes. If you were to ask Kathy, you could find out that I have made lots of them. Not making the right sandwiches for the kids for lunches, driving too fast to earn a ticket or how about this one…you get the point. Well, I have to be honest and tell you, I made a mistake by not keeping pace with what came to know as—10-10-10! As your Pastor, I am responsible to help you grow and develop in your walk with God and have sensed that it is easy to stop practicing the basics of our faith. So, I want to encourage you to… Begin today by reading the Bible for 10 minutes a day-this way, we can stay strong and healthy in our journey with Christ. Pray for OUR church for 10 minutes—so much happens in our church on a weekly basis and we need your prayers. Please pray for health, protection and the blessing of God over ALCC. Lastly, please give 10% of your income to ALCC—the Bible is clear about being generous and I would encourage you to practice this important principle. Why the apology? I think I have not been encouraging this enough and seen our church suffer with too much illness, not enough strength and lack of blessing. As your leader, I take this seriously and when the Holy Spirit mentioned to me to get back to the basics, it opened my understanding how important these three simple things are. Let’s make our lives count and practice 10-10-10…PB and Kathy

The BIG 10 has a first before the first command. I love Moses’ narrative/account of God and he had the privilege to lead God’s people out of Egypt and be their babysitter. A rule of babysitting is to make sure the children are fed. The first thing God addresses to the nation of Israel is found in Exodus 12. (Read!) God gives them instructions on feasts and a feast that will be forever known as the Passover. And If I’m one of them, the first thought in my head is, “God hasn't spoken in years and the first thing He wants from us is to have a meal?” Feasting wasn't anything new but the fact that the God who bloated out the sun, did that Nile thing, He finally decides to talk and He wants to have a meal. The first before the first shows that this powerful God is relational, is intimate, wants to sit down have a meal and be the One to rescue. (Echoed in Revelation 3:20) That’s the message, the usual and the unusual things will be asked of you and all you have to do is follow through showing confidence in God. He, God, says to them and to us today, “I want to be YOUR GOD and I want you to TRUST ME.” The Next Month: UNO. In this together, Tony Mejia

Abundant Life Community Church

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Good Morning Café Sunday’s 9:55-10:30 am Good Morning Café 10-10:25 am Come and warm up

Sunday Mornings 10:40– noon inspiration| connection| action

Abundant Life Community Church

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Sunday November 10, 2013 Guest Speaker Phil Willimams Missionary Dominican Republic

H20 Journey of Faith DVD Series until Dec. 8 6 pm CafĂŠ 6:30-8 pm

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Abundant Life Community Church

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Tuesday’s 7 pm

Jeff & Tamara Neely

Phil andWill WilServant’s

Samuel and Jaela Consultant and Facilitator of

Phil & Donna Williams

Heart Ministries Dominican Republic

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Abundant Life Community Church

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Life Lunch: Wednesday Nov. 13 11:30 am $10

For Bill & Lisa Saturday November 16 7-8:30 pm Join us as in the celebration! Please bring sandwiches, veggies, dips, or dessert

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Abundant Life Community Church


A Ministry of self examination based on the eight principles from the Beatitudes.

2003– 2013 Celebrating 10 Years

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Step 2 :"We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity." Step Two is often referred to as "The Hope Step". In coming to believe that a Power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity, we will remember what it was like to live sanely and have the faith to hope that sanity can return. "What is faith?" the Bible asks. Hebrews 11: 1 "It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see.� The Bible also tells us that the key to this hope is in the nature of the God we look to. We are told that "anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that there is a God and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him" (Hebrews 11: 6). Without Hope we are miserable. Hope is the driving force behind all recovery. If we had no Hope, there would be no possibility of recovery. Understanding who Jesus is gives each of us a Hope that can transcend even our deepest despair. Jesus' resurrection forms the basis of our Hope because in it God demonstrated His power over death.

Deb Fisher CR Director Join us for our monthly Pot Luck Dinner Nov.21 6:15 pm

We may have learned a long time ago that hoping only brings disappointment. Our hopes were dashed. The promises we believed were broken. We were left feeling like fools for ever hoping in the first place. But perhaps we were devastated because we put our hope in the wrong place. Turning our life over to God means placing our Hope and confidence in Him instead of people, who will disappoint us. When we place all of our hope and trust in other people, it's like expecting a tree to flourish in a barren desert. People will disappoint us and are unable to satisfy our deepest needs. Trusting God changes everything. In John 4: 14 Jesus says "the water I give becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life."

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Abundant Life Community Church

Youth Group

A place to Hang out Clue in Let go

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Abundant Life Community Church

Monday November 18 7 pm

Monday November 11, 2013

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Abundant Life Community Church

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What can I expect when I visit?

Doing Life Together

After church Who are we?

What to wear? Come as you are, there is no dress code Good Morning CafÊ 10-10:30 am Live Band Inspirational message Child Care nursery –11 years Thank you for joining us! It is our desire that you have experience love, acceptance and hope that comes from being in our community of faith we like to call HOME

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