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The Abundant Life 11/2020


JULY 2020

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 (ESV), “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”

We’ve been having multiservices for over 6 weeks now. It takes a lot of work. You get up. You get ready. You travel here. You put on your mask, sanitize and love from a distance. We appreciate all the effort you put in! We truly do! Even you who are at home, lots to get through to enjoy the service. Before any service is enjoyed, there’s a team that is getting everything ready! Mentioned by alphabetical order (surname): Batten and Hoover - Theo and Brandon have faithfully taken over the south booth. I have never heard them complain or grumble, they volunteer and are ready to enhance the experience. Thank you, Theo Batten and Brandon Hoover! Fairbanks and Peacock - Mike and William have been leading worship throughout the lockdown and for two services now. They truly worship wherever they are and lead whoever would give their all to Jesus in worship. Others like Meredeth Herman, Kenn Hiller,

Lisa Hiller, Rob Holt, Dustin McKeachnie and Roy Woodburn have given their time so we can worship God together! Thank you, Mike Fairbanks and William Peacock!

Innes - Bill and Kathy have been greeting and making sure that we have a safe space to worship God. They are here and ready to serve you. We get video announcements, slide shows and so much love from the Inness. Thank you, Bill and Kathy Innes! Mejia - Bethany and her team (Ana, Angella, Alondra, Avery, Cathy, Carmela, Dustin,

Kathy, Mer, Maribeth, Mike H) put in so much effort to love and teach our children about Jesus. All the parties, lessons, crafts, activities and games - we appreciate all that you do! Thank you, Bethany Mejia and The ALCC KIDS Team! Whites - Mike and Alicia are home and they faithfully provide ZoomCafe each Sunday. We appreciate the venue to stay connected. Mike has been running youth group throughout the summer and fall. Now, it’s indoors and look forward to God using you to bless the youth of our church and our community! Thank you, Mike and Alice White! Woodburns - Roy and Cathy are so instrumental in us having a safe place to worship! They clean. They organize. They sanitize between services. They are involved. They do so much: financials, children’s ministry, play the bass, take out the garbage and the list is longer. What can we say but thank you, Roy and Cathy Woodburn! So let me start again. We’ve been having multiservice for over 6 weeks now . . . because of these amazing people of God! I’m saying thanks but I’m hoping that YOU WILL SAY THANKS TO THEM TOO!

Lift them! Encourage them! Let them know that we appreciate them! Harvest work is rewarding because of a faithful God and His faithful people. Let’s keep going! #STRONGERtogether, TonyMejia


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Plan to attend Sunday’s @ 9:30 am (no ALCC KiDS) or 11:15 am (ALCC KiDS program available) Sign up at alccnet.com

ZOOMCafe with Pastor Mike & Alicia 10:30 am FaceBook Watch Party 11 am ALCC Youtube (anytime) Email Link (anytime)

NEW WEBSITE: www.alccnet.com

connecting our lives to His

alcc What does ALCCKiDS looks like: We are SO happy to be teaching

DIVE-IN @ 11:15 am-12:15 pm

In this series, kids will “Dive-In� to the life of Peter and learn what it means to follow Jesus. A pre-packaged snack and drink will be provided for your kids. For kids, masks are optional while all the leaders will wear their mask at all times. Please note that ALCCKiDS is offered only in the 11:15am service


ALCCKiDS Harvest Party

Celebrating Fall and Harvest! Our ALCCKiDS team brought an amazing time for the kids with games & fun. DIVE-IN is our weekly theme. Exploring how to be a true follower of Jesus at home, school and wherever we go.

connecting our lives to His

Wedding Shower for Ana & Blake

There's noting nothing we like to do more than celebrate the good things God does...like Ana & Blakes wedding!


We love on church@HOME family so we gave them a personalized TREAT BOX to help remind them that we are strong, but we are #StrongerTogether!

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Welcome HOME

connecting our lives to His

Grab your Bible and WEAR IT OUT! Mark it up, underline, pray the Bible, apply it to your life. Here’s how! Get your 25 day reading plan or visit alccnet.com. 1. Pray before anything. 2. Read the passage in Acts. 3. Feel free to listen or watch the link to get more of the text (Including ALCC messages) 4. Wear out your Bible by digging into more scripture related to the passage in Acts. 5. Reread the passage in Acts and allow the Spirit to empower you to live out the Word.


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connecting our lives to His

How to Attend a Meeting 1. Register at celebraterecoveryalcc@gmail.com 1. Wear a face mask at all times 2. Follow COVID-19 protocol (sanitizing is physical distancing) 3. Do not attend if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 4. Remain in the designated area for your group. 5. Use the washroom only if necessary. 6. Promptly leave the building at the end of the meeting. 7. No food or drink allowed during the meeting.

Thursday’s 8-9 pm celebraterecoveryalcc@gmail.com connecting others to a life that matters

Abundant Life Community Church AbundantLife CommunityChurch – London

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ALCC 11November Newsletter 2020  

The events and happenings of the Abundant Life!

ALCC 11November Newsletter 2020  

The events and happenings of the Abundant Life!