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At the start of every New Year, people ask, 'What is the vision for ALC Belfast this year?' and our answer is clear: It remains unchanged!





A clear vision does not need to change until it is realized - and ours is very clear. We are building 'The Church we see' by reaching the lost, establishing people in a great church, equipping them, and then releasing them to reach and disciple more people! Strategies for outworking this vision will change but our fundamental aim remains constant. This year our biggest challenge is to grow. All living things grow in quality and quantity, so in the words of Isaiah let's: 'Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big! Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You're going to need lots of elbow room for your growing family' (Isaiah 54:2). So, consider where you can grow personally and where you can get involved in growing this great church with us. Together we can do more. Together we can achieve our vision!


Stephen Hab 2.2 - And then God answered: "Write this. Write what you see Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run.

is God Centred, Purpose Driven and People empowering.

is exciting and full of life. It is a church that is both numerically large and spiritually deep. is non-religious, naturally supernatural, and incredibly fun to be in. It's a church of renowned character and integrity. A church whose number one priority is to glorify God and bring his wonderful life to a lost world.

is attractive, confident, victorious and overcoming. I see a church whose powerful proclamation and awesome worship are broadcast to the nations by every modern means possible. equips, enables and releases ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. is a deeply committed, loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken find refuge, new hope and belonging.


INSIDE ALC ministries

replenish to fill or make complete again; to supply what is lacking Replenish is a group based within ALC Belfast who provide food hampers for those who are having difficulties. Those struggling with life in general, whether financially, emotionally or physically. Often this is through no fault of their own, but we aim to help anyone regardless of their background. We look for the opportunity to love practically just like Jesus and wait for spiritual opportunities to happen. From September we have stories of helping someone in our own church who we love and has had a very difficult year, a family who's mum died of cancer, a mother and daughter both very ill who find it very difficult to go to the shops for food, a Romanian family living in extreme poverty (referred by Hope to Help), and made donations to an organisation who supply Christmas hampers to poverty stricken families. Our aim is to have as many people behind this ministry as possible, and what we ask is that when you do your food shopping you would remember to buy one of the items listed below and leave it at the resources desk on Sunday for replenish. Next time you see a buy one get one free offer, just think of whose world you could bless with that free item. We would like to thank those that have supported us so far, it is greatly appreciated, but we do need more help or supporting these families would not be possible. If you know anyone who you feel deserves a food hamper let one of our team know and we would be more than happy to help. Contact: Kaana Gordon, Karen Rankin or Roxanne Clark. . The Church I See is a deeply committed, loving, caring family amongst whom the lonely and the broken find refuge, new hope and belonging

Below is a list of items which can be donated: Rice Teabags/coffee Pasta Toiletries Biscuits Nappies/wipes Spaghetti Jars of baby food Cereal Crisps Sauce Canned veg, soup etc Jars of curry/sauces

FREE DOWNLOAD click here to download this free teaching from Pastor Charlotte Gambill ‘The Gathering’


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email your praise reports to: & give God the glory


All You Need is Love In our Christian walk it can become easy to fixate upon and put va evangelism as the on st emphasis on ly means of increasing growth in our church entitled Enlarging Your . In this radical messa Circle of Love , Pastor ge Paul Scanlon deals wi evangelising to strange th our fascination of rs with the emphasis on the 'doing', at the more to those around expense of 'becoming us. He teaches that de ' dication, time and effo instantaneous results rt may not produce , but will yield a stron g and unstoppable ha his own experience in rvest, and draws from Bradford when the ch urch went through its Radical in many areas, process of reinventio ALC Bradford lacked gr n. owth, but Pastor Paul teaching this message found that by of love the rate of grow th increased at a stead rate, and has continu y and consistent ed to do so over the ye ars. So why not download your free podcast toda y, and let's increase ou together! r circle of love




The Pastoral Hub email address is a place to send requests for pastoral support, prayer requests and praise reports. They go straight to the pastoral team who can respond appropriately. So please contact us with anything it may be useful for us to be aware of and support the church family through.

Email -


C L A Belfast

WHAT’S happening at


14th, 21st & 28th January - Rocknations

12th & 19th January - Life Groups 23rd January - Paul Scanlon in Belfast

29th January - Source for men for more information on any of these events contact resources or email -

Key Dates for 2011 Put these in your diary! It is going to be a life-changing year! February 4-5


- A conference for all youth leaders and workers

March 24-26

Stronger - Equipping everyone to build a great Church

April 3

Mothers Day - A special guest service to celebrate and to honour all Mums

April 24

Easter Sunday - Come to Church at Easter – and bring your friends!

May 15

Vision Offering -Annual opportunity to give into our shared Vision as a Church family

May 30-June4

Cherish 1 and 2 - Awesome back-to-back conferences for all Women

July 2nd -

Leadership Academy Graduation Celebrating the Class of 2011

August 10-13

Rocknations - A Youth Conference that's changing a generation for God!

November 18-19

Xcel - Men's Conference. Enough said! December 18

The Big Give - Showering gifts on children and the poor in our communities

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January iContact  

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