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The country is shaking off the Ramadan and summer hiatus and coming back to life. Tempo is in full swing with exciting projects and events. First and foremost is the “I LOVE UAE” competition which is in conjunction with the New York Film Academy Abu Dhabi. We were quiet in summer and then suddenly received an avalanche of calls from everyone who’s just come back from vacation. So in response we have extended the competition’s deadline to September 20, so be sure to send in your videos. Hint: poetry and skits can be great for this format. Super hint: Arabic and other languages are great. By the way, we have set up a “UAE greetings page” in (in ‹forum - tab is on top left), so be sure to write your greetings to the UAE on the occasion of its 40th anniversary this year. As you know Tempo is a great community supporter, and is especially committed to spreading information about any initiative that serves the public good. There are various grass roots projects that aim to support the disadvantaged within the UAE and overseas, especially now in places like Somalia which great need. Tell us about your fund raisers and we’ll share it with our readers. On the other side of the coin, if you’re contributing money for any cause be sure to do ask the right questions and ensure that the money is really going to those in need. If in doubt channel your contributions through the large charities such as Red Crescent or Medicin Sans Frontieres, but try not to rule out the community organised efforts either, as these go right to the heart of the need, without having to support overheads. Keep giving, keep caring.

Sana Bagersh Managing Editor

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Dear Ed, Thank you so much for granting my request to pose in your magazine. I picked up a copy of the August issue of Tempo and saw my picture in it and I liked it a lot! Thank you Tempo! - Ismael Gabriele Saballa (Ed- see Ismael in this issue of People Calendar!) Dear Ed, About the ‘I Love UAE competition”: When is the last day to submit videos for the NYFA video competition. When is it the last day to view videos?- Jeldeen Tresa Ed- The deadline has been extended to 20 September because of overwhelming response! And you can view the videos on Dear Ed, I love your magazine, it’s awesome! - Mariam Abbasi Ed-Thanks Mariam Dear Ed, I’ve noticed one of your entries ripped content off other sources, is that going to be taken into consideration during the judging process? Alan D Ed- yes, the judges of the competition are keeping a close eye on copying and plagiarism. We need original content…it can be simple, but catchy and with a message. Dear Ed, I take issue with your negative comments in August issue’s Tempo about Rebecca Black…in Rohith’s column and in ‘The Bottom Bottom Line”. Even if Rebecca might not have talent, she still managed to become famous. Right? - Donna Amar



Thanks for publishing my post about Dani Shay!

The “I Love UAE” competition is a creative and fun way to show UAE’s true beauty.

August issue was the first time I read the magazine and I found the articles interesting

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Pierce Brosnan last acted as James Bond nine years ago!

It’s been 10 years since 9/11!

Terminator 2 is 20 years old! (Edward Furlong who portrayed kid John Connor is 33 now)

Sean Connery is 80 years old and retired!



The “new” Millennium is more than a decade old!

Macaulay Culkin is 30 today! ( “Home Alone” came out over 20 years ago.)



Windows XP was released TEN years ago, in 2001!

Mother Theresa and Lady Diana have been dead for 14 years!

Great job on the new issue! I’ve only seen snippets at the moment. I’ll grab a copy soon. More power


Sent by Arwa Darwish (‘this one is circulating via BBM”)

The Matrix came out 12 years ago and Keanu Reeves is 46 today!

Ed- you have a point Donna- let’s hope this is a stepping stone for RB to sustainable celebrity.

Thank you for the feature the video is now up on and it’s called Let’s TALK blogs!




The youngest Spice Girl is 35, the oldest Backstreet Boy 39, Gwen Stefani is 41, and Madonna 52!

The first Harry Potter book came out 14 years ago! The first season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S aired 17 years ago!

Kids whom you remember in their diapers are posting their pictures on Facebook! ‘Kids’ born in 1993 can legally drive Jurassic and vote this year! Park is Adams’ cult song “Summer of 69” was older than Bryan released 26 years ago! Justin Facebook has been around for Bieber! seven years!

“I LOVE UAE” COMPETITION Billy Stewart goes to the American Community School, Abu Dhabi I heard at my school that there was a video making competition and I already love filming and editing videos. I try to take every opportunity to make a short film when there is a contest, and I make videos for my YouTube channel whenever I have an idea. Then when I heard that the first prize was a course at a film school and a camera, it motivated me even more. The basic idea came from my friend Adam (who is the actor in the video). His idea was that we would use snapshots of different locations in the UAE, and we could manipulate them… like in the Iron Man movies: We could jump into the snapshots and then be in the snapshot and walk around in them. This idea was a little more complicated so we decided to have flags he could move around instead of snapshots of different places. So right before summer began, I filmed it with Adam behind my house. Over the summer, I edited the video, and now it’s done!

Shabari Shankar goes to the Abu Dhabi Indian School

Watch the videos

I decided to participate in this competition is because of my love for UAE! I was born in the UAE and I have spent 16 years here. So, I share a strong attachment to this place. Besides that, I love singing, writing and composing songs and I felt I should be expressing my love for this country through a medium that I am really passionate about. This music video came about because of the support and encouragement from my band mates, friends, teachers and, most importantly, my parents. The main idea behind this video was to capture the beauty of our country. I tried to express my love for this country and I’m really thankful to Tempo for providing such a wonderful opportunity to show my love for this amazing country.

Tempo Video Feature: Cruzin’ In The Heat Formed in 2002, rappers Desert Heat is made up of two Emirati Brothers, ‘Illmiyah’ (eel- mee-yah) and ‘Arableak’, who share the goal of being the first truly Arabian voice of Middle Eastern youth. Desert Heat primarily rap in English, but the majority of their songs contain some Arabic, adding nothing but originality to their music. The highlight of Desert Heat’s music is that they never use any negative vocabulary or profanity in their lyrics. They believe that to make good rap music, you don’t need to curse, which is quite a challenge for the group, but it is also what keeps them going. From early on, Desert Heat focused on writing lyrics, expressing what life is like for an Arab in the Middle East, and this video is no different – Cruzin’ is a story of a summer day in the Emirates, where the brother are out and about in Dubai and eventually ending up at a barbeque with friends etc. The hit features upcoming R&B artist Tiny’o (Hassan Shams), and may just be this summer’s anthem. To view this video, go to Check out Shamim’s behind the scenes of the Cruzin’ video and interview with the boys on


WINNERS OF THE SOUGHA CORNER QUIZ In the July issue of Tempo, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development launched a competition that was aimed at reviving Emirati heritage through entrepreneurial skills development of local artisans. The competition was three questions about Sougha products and the prize was Dh 1,000 worth of Sougha products from the Sougha Kiosk at the Central Market, Abu Dhabi. Sougha products are hand made by Emirati artisans and the patterns are inspired from Emirati heritage. These were the questions asked in the competition and answers to each of them:


1. What does Sougha mean? In the Emirati dialect, Sougha is the present that a traveler brings back home after his/her trip.

THINKING OUTSIDE THE “MALL” By Alia Youssef Eid is just over and school is starting! Most of us would either say “No, I don’t want to go to school” or “Yay, can’t wait to see my friends, but I’m dreading the school work“. But we can at least enjoy the first few weeks of school when we can hang out with our friends and we don’t have a lot of work to do. Speaking of places to hang out with our friends, don’t you wish there was a place to meet up with friends that didn’t have the word ‘MALL’ in it? Well, guess what, there is! Yes, that’s right, a place for both guys and girls to hang out and it doesn’t include the word ‘MALL’ in it! It’s Al Forsan International Sports Resort; a new sports and recreation club that has many fun and enjoyable activities which are great to do with friends. My favorite was the Go Karting that they offer. I went there with my friends and we had a BLAST. They gave us suits, helmets, and we even had an instructor that gave us instructions on how to drive, safety precautions and so on. We drove for 15 minutes, which was plenty, and the track and atmosphere was FABULOUS. You feel so free, with the wind blowing, and driving around the peaceful track. It cost Dh 120, but it was totally worth it! Another activity I tried there was the archery. It’s difficult, I won’t lie to you, but it was an incredible experience. You get to practice aiming, and you have an instructor with you the whole time, guiding you on how to use the equipment. After you finish practicing, you can even have a competition with your friends! One thing I would recommend while coming to Al Forsan is to rent a locker to keep your items secure, especially if you’re going Go Karting. Also, wear light clothes, because all the activities are outside. One more thing, children under 18 do require an adult or guardian to sign a waiver before you can take part in the sports activities at Al Forsan. So make sure you go with an aunt, or an older cousin, or even an older friend! And don’t worry about the food, Al Forsan has a variety of restaurants. And finally, bring a camera and a group of friends and don’t forget to have fun. After spending time with your friends outside of a ‘mall’ school will probably be a great experience.

CYCLE THE SEVEN EMIRATES CHALLENGE AND RAISE MONEY FOR A WORTHY CAUSE Join charity Gulf for Good for a second adventure that involves cycling through all seven Emirates of the UAE (and a little corner of Oman). The route starts in Al Ain and will take you on open roads, mountain trails, coastal roads and desert tracks. Staying in a mixture of small local motel and desert camp, this challenge will give you an authentic taste of the emirates, before the triumphant return to Dubai on the UAE 40 National Day! Fitness First, who is sponsoring the event, will offer free training sessions but no previous experience is needed to enroll. The maximum number of participants is 25 with a registration fee of Dh 2,200. There is no better way to mix charity with work out and this fundraiser will give all proceeds to The Al Manar Charity School in Ajman which is in dire need of capital.

2. What is Shaira? Shiara means tree in local dialect. It is also the name of the Bedouin patterns on the Bedouin weave.

3. How does Sougha fly? Sougha products are now available for sale on board Etihad Airways flights and that is how Sougha flies!

The winners of the competition were: Ms. Faria Suman Ms. Razia Yasmeen Ms. Cynthia Reginald

• • •

The winners were presented with their Sougha products on August 18 at the kiosk in the Central Market, Abu Dhabi.

• •

• For more information

SHERATON’S FIRST INDOOR “SECOND HAND BAZAAR” FOR PAKISTAN AND ROMANIA Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort will host its first indoor Second Hand Bazaar on Saturday the 17th of September in the Arzanah Ballroom. The bazaar is part of the “Road to Awareness 2011” fundraising initiative of Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Europe / Africa / Middle East which aims to raise US$250,000 for UNICEF’s education programmes in Pakistan and Romania where millions of children are missing out on their right to go to school. On Saturday, 17th of September, the hotel will host a flea market in its ballroom, selling unused hotel items as well as enabling private households to sell unwanted items. These can range from electronics to clothes, accessories, small furniture, kid’s toys or general items, as long as they are second hand and in good quality. Visitors will have the opportunity to stroll around the indoor bazaar and make bargains. For more information contact the Sheraton or email

• •

Restaurants across the country are geared up for (postRamadan) re-launches: we can expect more interior revamps, new menus and possibly more new restaurants as well. (Hopefully more quality seafood, and more Emirati cuisine?). Traffic cameras recorded 1,043 speeding violations in Dubai the past year, according to news reports. “[…] which police attributed to a rise in the number of the devices on the emirate›s roads.” This could mean that the cameras are doing the opposite of deterrence (?) or that the number of speeders hasn’t changed but that cameras are catching more of them…? S&P, whaat? Who contributed to the subprime mess and credit crunch by over-rating in the first place? What we need is a rating agency to rate the rating agencies. So 50 Cent pulled out of Dubai’s Shoppiesta Festival last month. My suspicion is 50 got tired of everyone mispronouncing his name….it’s “Mr Fitty cents” to you. Beyonce’s four concerts in NYC this past month all sold out in 22 seconds. Seconds! Liam Gallagher might think about showing more leg for his upcoming concert in Abu Dhabi. The Economist’s Big Mac Index is an unofficial (but quite accurate) measurement of purchasing power parity across currencies. Concierge proposes ‘the Jones the Grocer Index:’ this sees how many seats are filled at 8pm on Thursday night at JTG to determine the number of expats in town. Congratulations to Imagenation. With ‘The Help” you bet on the right horse. “The Help” is winning critical acclaim and already receiving serious Oscar buzz. Back from summer and noticing our spiffy new garbage skips? That’s courtesy Averda, the new company contracted by the Centre of Waste Management to take care of waste in Abu Dhabi. Next step: ‘pretty and green’. On topic of aesthetics, Anna from Karama wrote in to say the new Lifeline gyms deliver value but she wants them to: “beautify the gym space…anything to make exercising more fun.” Tempo recently received an invite from a PR company to join them for dinner at Yemen Saeed restaurant near the Immigration building in Abu Dhabi. Indeed a sign of recessionary times (especially coming from a PR agency), but kudos, Yemen Saeed is worth a visit for authentic, “Arabian soul food”. Praveen in Al Ain tells us to remind all you dog owners out there: scoop the poop! I was chatting with friends and someone said something of note: “When you hear the news about all the donations going to Somalia, don’t assume that your little bit won’t make a difference. It does. So give.” A reminder to all: be sure to enter the “I Love UAE” competition. Now’s the time to show your love…and show off your talent.

And that, folks, is the bottom, bottom line. Write to me: The Concierge


Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies


Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!

View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE

PLAY MAX N600 HD WIRELESS DUAL-BAND N+ ROUTER The Belkin Play Max N 600 (F7D4301uk) brings maximum speed and performance for media-intensive applications. It features high-speed Gigabit ports up to 300 Mbps wireless speed for media-intensive applications to let you stream HD videos, play online games and download large media files from anywhere in your home. The Play Max also includes a suite of advanced integrated Belkin Apps that help you print wirelessly, auto-backup photos and important documents, as well as provides consistent signal strength and WPS/WPA2 encryption. It is easy to setup and keeps your network running smoothly. EOS CANON 600D Ever since Canon introduced its original “Digital Rebel’ back in August 2003 – famously the first ‘affordable’ digital SLR – the company has continually developed and redefined its entry-level line. The latest kid on the block is the EOS 600D with 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor similar to the EOS 550D but with a tilt and swivel 1040K dot LCD monitor similar to the one in the more expensive 60D. It’s got a DIGIC 4 processor with ISO 100-6400, Full HD movie recording with manual control and selectable frame rate. It offers a new Scene Intelligent Auto exposure mode, basic+ and creative filters along with the ability to remotely control flashguns using its internal flash (a feature previously available only with high-end models). SONY VAIO E SERIES NOTEBOOKS Sony has launched its new E Series notebooks in the Middle East. This new series is built with second generation Intel Core i5 Processors and AMD Dualcore Processors specifically designed to improve the video quality, enhance game play and extend battery life. A hexagon pattern is embossed into the shell with screen size from 14” to 15.5”, Nvidia GeForce 410M GPU & AMD Radeon HD 6310 or Intel HD 3000 graphic controllers. The notebooks come with several applications and utilities pre-installed; which are designed to launch through one touch buttons. The notebooks are widely available in Jumbo stores and leading electronic shops across the UAE with a starting price of Dh 2,495. NEWS & GOSSIP GOOGLE PLUS (+) Google’s new social network, Google Plus, is about to launch. The launch date has not yet been made official, but the search engine giant claims it provides answers for social media users’ security concerns. To begin with, Google+ does pretty much what all other social networks do, that is, facilitate connections and sharing. Google says its Google+ is growing very fast and has achieved 10 million of users in just 16 days. Will Google+ kick out Facebook & Twitter? We’ll just have to see… CREATE WEBSITES FROM YOUR iPHONE FOR FREE The ease of creating websites has evolved from knowing to code web languages, to simply using blog platforms such as Blogger and Tumblr. Now we have Zapdan iPhone based app that lets us create a website in 60 seconds from an iPhone. It not only lets you seamlessly customize beautiful, mobile-friendly websites from your iPhone, it goes one step further. With Zapd, all you need to do is upload photos, select a theme, and then customize content on specific elements of your website. Once published, your website is given a unique URL that you can share online. While it may not be useful for pro designers or bloggers it is a versatile tool for people who want to create simple sites on the fly. Follow me on @shahidaasi

GEARS OF WAR 3 PREP TIME! I promised you a look at IOS games, but it happens that this month is Gears of War 3 time, with launch day on September 20. So, you get the best of both worlds, as much of your Gears 3 prep happens in IOS! Brilliant! Here’s a list of must-do’s to get ready for The Arrival: • • • • • • • • •

Pre-order the game! Oh, you might want to buy an XBox cause its exclusive - it’s worth it, trust me Play thru Gears 1 & 2 again Get the Gears comics via the Comixology iPad/iPhone/web browser app Download/buy the Karen Traviss Gears novels (Four in all so far, the last two are available on iBooks) Get the all new Gears board game (yes, a game with a real board) Buy the Ice-T/Bodycount, made-for-Gears-of-War rap single (US iTunes) “Like” Gears of War on Facebook and get a code for Ice-T’s Griffin character Check for screenshots of the books and comics, as well as reviews (and titles), and for other details like where you might be able to buy the game and get other Gears swag

Do these things, and you shall be greatly rewarded. Fail, and you will be cursed with unending and woeful boredom!

BACKSTAB is a newish game on the iPad, a swashbuckling, promising pirate adventure. One word: disappointing. Repetitive, badly portrayed characters, dodgy AI. Nuff said. We give it a 5/10. Two games to look out for on IOS are EPOCH and SHADOWGUN. Both are thirdperson shooters and look great, so far. In Epoch you play a robot blasting its way through an apocalyptic world of...other robots. In Shadowgun you play a grizzled bounty hunter blasting his way through an apocalyptic world to find a much sought after scientist. Ah, apocalyptic worlds where would gaming be without you? Probably stuck at checkers. No release date on either, but slated to come out before the year’s end. Check for gameplay video and other details. Braap!


Gears of War 3

Eminem ft. Bruno Mars


Mohamed is a 23 year old student at Abu Dhabi University who loves old school music and can’t stand Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Rebecca Black.

Pitbull ft. Neyo, Afrojack & Nayer

Avril Lavigne


TOP 10 SONGS by Mohamed Grebici

Lil Wayne


IOS GAMES This will be quick:



Nicki Minaj

PARTY ROCK ANTHEM | LMFAO JET LAG | Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield EDGE OF GLORY | Lady Gaga LITTLE BAD GIRL | David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz and Ludacris DIRTY DANCER | Enrique Iglesias Promises | Nero She Makes Me Wanna | JLS ft. Dev Swagger Jagger | Cher Lloyd Little Bad Girl | David Guetta ft. Taio Cruz & Ludarcis Jar of Hearts | Christina Perri Glad You Came | Wanted The A Team | Ed Sheeran Down With The Trumpets | Rizzle Kicks Louder | DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans Best Thing I Never Had | Beyonce


Radiohead | High and Dry


Ray Lamontagne | Crazy


Eric Clapton | Classical Gas


Pearl Jam | Black


Dave Mathews Band | Along The Watch the Tower


Bob Seager | Turn The Page


Audioslave | Like A Stone


Dallas Green | Coming Home


Led Zepplin | Stairway To Heaven

10. Metallica | Nothing Else Matters

Party Rock Anthem | LMFAO Last Friday Night | Katy Perry Super Bass | Nicki Minaj Give Me Everything | Pitbull ft. Neyo, Afrojack & Nayer Lighters | Eminem and Royce da 5’9” ft. Bruno Mars How To Love | Lil Wayne I Wanna Go | Britney Spears Moves like Jagger | Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera Rolling In The Deep | Adele Tonight Tonight | Hot Chelle Rae

IRENA: The global voice of renewable energy Urging Community Engagement and Involvement By Gauri Singh

have a huge impact collectively. Even at home, people should be more active by encouraging their parents and family members to take measures to conserve energy. For example, the problem in the UAE is the huge amount of electricity that is being used. Families can take steps to reduce the electricity load and use more fuel efficient materials. IRENA plans to launch educational and awareness building initiatives in the UAE in the coming year. To learn more about IRENA and how you can become involved visit:

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was officially created in Bonn on 26 January 2009, and mandated by its member nations of 148 states and the European Union, to promote the adoption of sustainable forms of renewable energy in the world. The global headquarters of IRENA is in Abu Dhabi, which also hosted the organization’s very first assembly in April. Tempo sat with Gauri Singh, Director Knowledge management and Innovation Technologies at IRENA to find out more about the organization and to learn how the community and young people can become involved.

TEMPO: How can the public get involved? GAURI: The problem is that everyone feels that climate change is a huge problem and that there is not much that they can do on a personal level. But young people especially have the energy and creativity to make a real difference. They can form advocacy groups which can help to influence policy makers to take steps to increase the share of renewable energy in their countries. Young people can be empowered by working with larger organizations, and unleash their imagination and creativity towards conservation and promoting renewable energy. They shouldn’t feel that they are doing anything in isolation, but that they are part of a larger global network committed to tackling this challenge and mitigating climate change. The youth network is powerful and this has been demonstrated through many recent events. Young people use social media like Facebook and Twitter and this means that they can be more proactive in their demand to save the future for next generations. TEMPO: How can our readers make a difference? GAURI: I think there are many examples where they can make a difference, from small groups of 10 to 20 people to larger communities. What they each do to engage on the environment and climate change can appear small, but can

When you step into Sennara at the One to One hotel, you immediately get the sense that this is seafood restaurant. Fish nets, baskets, an aquarium and soothing beach-evoking music puts you in the mood for seafood in leisurely dining ambience. The entrance into the restaurant might confuse you a little bit (you have to take the lift up), but once you’re in the restaurant it is spacious and homey. Sticking with the Lebanese theme, Sennara offers desserts such as Halawet Al Jeben and Mafukeh with Achta along with your more conventional desserts. These might sound like a mouthful but informed waiters make choosing desserts a piece of cake. Basically made of white cheese and stuffed with nuts and sugar syrup, these desserts could easily be too much to handle but the bite size portions make them the perfect ending to a satisfying meal. Small, bite size sugary delights just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

TEMPO: How would you summarize the reason for the existence of IRENA? GAURI: The objective for IRENA is to become the leading international centre of excellence for renewable energy and to become a platform for exchange and development of renewable energy knowledge. Our aim is to create knowledge centres that are equipped with research, and technical and economic information, as well as renewable resource potential data, that countries can use when they discuss their measures and create their policies. We aim to be the turn-to organization for member countries to access all the relevant information they need to make their decisions. TEMPO: Is IRENA achieving this objective? GAURI: IRENA as an organization is very young. It held its first assembly in April this year so it’s really only five months old. What’s impressive is that 148 countries and the European Union have signed the IRENA statue, and 83 countries have ratified the treaty. Renewable energy is being seen as the key solution for dealing with the looming problem of climate change.

By Sharon Carvalho

Gauri Singh at IRENA’s April conference

IRENA’S Statute •

• • • • • • •

Collect renewable energy related information and knowledge, and analyse and disseminate current renewable energy practices, including policies and incentives, available technologies, and examples of best operational practice. Foster international exchanges about renewable energy policy and its framework conditions. Provide relevant policy advice and assistance. Improve renewable energy knowledge that facilitates technology transfer and promotes the development of local capacity and competence. Promote capacity building services such as training and education. Provide information and advice on the financing mechanisms available for renewable energy projects. Stimulate and encourage research (including on socio-economic issues), by fostering research networks to undertake joint research, development and deployment of technologies. Provide information about the development and deployment of national and international technical standards in relation to renewable energy, based on a sound understanding through an active presence in the relevant fora, and Disseminate knowledge and information and increase public awareness on the benefits and potential offered by renewable energy.

The menu offers a choice of seafood dishes with an ethnic Lebanese twist. With waiters at your side to explain the intricacies of the menu, you could perhaps begin a meal with delicious hot and cold mezze platter or their signature dish “Batata Harra”; crispy fried cubes of potato tossed in finely chopped coriander and chilies, or alternately their “Shrimp Shakshooke” which is succulent prawns cooked in a spicy tomato and capsicum base. A note to the wise: here when they say spicy, they don’t mean wimpy-spicy, but the take-it-like-a-man-andgrin kind! Or of course, you can ask the waiter to tone it down a little if you want (a strong recommendation from this reviewer). Sennara offers you a variety and control: choose the fish you want, cooked the way you want, and in the sauce you want. The varieties of fish include salmon, sea bass, and lobster to the usual gang of human- friendly sea creatures. You may decide to grill, fry, steam or even barbeque your fish! You could do what I did, and have sea bass grilled with a creamy garlic-lemon butter sauce, and try some batter fried lady fish to make them crispy or, if you prefer a light dish; you could get your choice of fish steamed to such perfection that it melts in your mouth.

By Angeli Castillo

INGREDIENTS 8 cups chopped seedless watermelon 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice Mint leaves Ice DIRECTIONS Puree the watermelon, lime juice and sugar in a blender until smooth. Add more sugar, if needed. Transfer puree to a pitcher and chill until ready to serve. Stir and pour into glasses over ice. Garnish with mint. RATING SCALE: LEVEL 1: SUPER EASY


Cervil Anne Vileta Reyes is a 28 year old Filipina who has been working as a medical technologist at the Gulf Diagnostic Center for almost two years.

FASHION STATEMENT: For Cervil it is all about comfort: “I don’t follow any particular style nor see myself as a fashionista. I like wearing t-shirts that are plain or have a simple print and pairing them with my favourite jeans”.

I love shopping at Bershka, Stradivarius and Aeropostale because I believe they fit my simplistic style. “I guess the effect of growing up with two brothers is that I’m not into accessorizing or make up. The most I would do is put on lip gloss when I go to work. On the occasions where I need to dress up and wear something formal, I usually pair a black dress with sandals and a pair of pearl earrings.” “I do quite like fashion and read fashion magazines a lot, but I just don’t know if what I read is for me. I see myself as loving my comfort and being way too simple for what fashion magazines have to offer. For me, it’s all about knowing who you are and being yourself all the time.”

trained to walk the ramp by Ajay Ashok. Phase 1 shoots happened on 22 and 23 July at Lighthouse Studio, Dubai and on 29 and 30 July 2011 at the Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi and, because of immense demand, another shoot took place on 19 August at Lighthouse Studio, Dubai. Q: Binu, tell us about yourself and your experience with Fashionova 2011. A: I am photographer but I also consider myself to be an artist. I have a degree in photography from Melbourne and I participated in a number of commercial shoots over there. But over the past six or so years I have been focusing on my art. It was through my art shows that I met Vibhu and the 5 Feet team. I had done quite a few shows in Dubai and I started workshops which wer more about connecting photography with art. Through these workshops I talked to the 5 Feet team and they asked me to train the photographers for Fashionova. I was delighted to do it because I like the energy of the 5 Feet team. They are keen to bring something new to the market and I hope it works out for them. I was only here for the first phase and I won’t be here for the fashion show but I have enjoyed my time with the models and photographers.


When Vibhu Raj, a free lance photographer based in Abu Dhabi realized that there was a market in providing media and design solutions along with unique events, he got together with six of his friends, each who had a different skill set, to form 5 Feet Productions. He gave Tempo a behind the scenes look into “Fashionova” a 5 Feet Productions project that featured photography, modeling and design, and one that he expects will be held annually and developed into its own brand.

Angel Drake Sophia Mehrass

PHOTOGRAPHERS Firoze Edassery- every element of the workshop was superb. Binu Bhaskar backed with the 5 Feet Production team made it informative and entertaining. Binu has the ability to communicate complicated lighting, composing and framing concepts with incredible ease. We had a good shoot at Light House with models who were trained equally well. It was worth every Dirham! I learned a lot about studio lighting and portfolio shoots and I had a great time having met great people. Nelson Davis- I am an amateur and I’m happy I got the privilege to learn from the best in the industry. The way the workshops were organized and how the knowledge was communicated was great. The workshops have helped me take my photographic interests to a new level.

Neha Gaggar

Q: Tell us about Fashionova 2011 A: Fashionova is a fashion event with a difference. The idea was that models of any size and age could participate by getting their portfolio clicked by about 30 photographers and then walk the ramp in designer wear. We realized that people love posing for the camera but may be shy because of their size or because they don’t know what to do in front of the camera. That was how Phase 1 of the event began. Men and women of any age or size participated, learned how to pose and modeled, and were given a fabulous portfolio at the end. The photography student were trained by renowned photographer, Binu Bhaskar, on how to take portfolio pictures. This led to Phase 2 which included training the models to walk the ramp, and teaching the photographers how to create commercial photography. Commercial photography covered products, architecture, wildlife, still life, landscapes etcetera. The photographers got invited to the design studios with their pictures and were taught how to take better pictures. This included touch up work, how to figure out better camera settings, lighting for a better shot, etc. For the models, it was about wearing designer clothes and getting

Behind the scenes

MODELS Vimal Vijayan- Fashionova was a great experience. It gave me the opportunity to work with highly professional people and share their experiences. It was fun and exciting. I think it’s good for aspiring models who want to learn about the fashion industry and for photographers who want to learn different concepts and techniques. Ajay, what was your role in Fashionova.

The 5 Feet and Fashionova Team

I am a fashion choreographer and model trainer. I’m here to style the shoots and train the models on how to walk the ramp with grace and confidence. I loved the idea that men and women of any age and size could participate in this event. It helped reach out to those that may never be models but can learn how to be one through these workshops. It helps by increasing self confidence and helping them develop a positive attitude about themselves. It is also an experience they will never forget.

Reshma Khan- When I heard about Fashionova I jumped at the opportunity because I have always wanted to get my portfolio taken by professional photographers. I am extremely glad I did. They taught me how to pose and corrected my expressions and now I have photographs that make me do a double take to make sure they are mine! Sheetal More- Fashionova was not only about learning but about having fun. I got the opportunity to interact with professionals from the industry and I am thankful to 5 Feet for organizing this event.

By Shamma Al Suwaidi

Social media sites are everywhere, just as the words “Facebook” and “Twitter” have become synonymous with the hordes of their fervid users. I am by no means an exception; I’m as guilty of over-using social media sites as the next guy! And in all likelihood, everyone reading this is a user of social media in some form, so we can logically conclude that social media is here to stay. Why are they so popular among us teenagers? What makes us gravitate to them in large numbers? The explanation is very simple. We are social beings; and hard-wired to stay connected. Eons ago we gathered together, by default. We lived and hunted in groups; always together; always connected. It was in our every interest to be together as our survival depended on it. Boog the caveman, for example, thought nothing of staying connected with his mates Ta and Gog. They were always a stone’s throw away (literally). In terms of social circles, we lived in tiny communities. What’s very significant is that, in those cavemen who were lucky enough not to be mauled to death by saber tooth tigers only ever lived a few years past adolescence; they had very short life spans. For the most part, all cavemen were teenagers! (How cool is that?) Fast forward a few thousand years, and you’ll find that while our modus operandi hasn’t changed: our need to stay connected remains intact. And it’s exactly that visceral need to stay connected to our fellow man that has made these networks so popular. The internet has given us the means to, once again, fulfill that need. (Even if it’s just to post pictures of our cats) The teenager of today has, virtually at least, achieved the highly coveted status of being a global citizen; one whose circle of communication isn’t bound by territory. The Borg (the alien race from Star Trek) comes to mind. Plainly put, they are a race of cybernetic organisms that are all connected together through a central network called the “Unicomplex”. The similarity is uncanny. Come to think of it, the idea of the Borg was probably a metaphor for us as a race and the way we’re taking in technology. With all the technology we’re using, we are still staying true to the primal human and our teenage cavemen ancestors. And of course there’s also the fact that it’s free, a good way to kill boredom and, well, totally awesome! Now, please excuse me; I need to tweet… #WhySocialMediaIsPopular Drop me a line at:

The concept of the “glass slipper” is a familiar one to all of us. We all grew up on Walt Disney, and it has left its mark on most of us. Every story in the children books we used to read, or the movies we used to watch delivered a certain message that implanted itself in our subconscious mind. I want to talk about Cinderella because it was the story I loved the most. It made us believe that one day our own special prince will find us and carry us away to ‘lala land’ where everything is hunky dory. What the story failed to tell is was that along with love comes pain. And it’s not just the stories that mislead us; it’s also our upbringing along with our innocent inability to know the difference between fiction and reality. We believe that love is forever and that it has no boundaries. Now comes the follow up question… is it our fault? Can we be blamed for pursuing love and looking for forever? For having this deep desire to have that glass slipper fit? My answer is no. We didn’t know then what we know now. We didn’t know that ‘Prince Charming’ would leave us with a broken heart. We didn’t know what our religion begged us to know. And now we pay the price for a mistake that wasn’t ours to begin with. So the message I’d like to send to women all over the world is a direct and clear: those who still have that child in them who believes in the idea of love like I do: it’s not about having the right foot to fit the right shoe, and it’s not about living in a real pessimistic world either; it’s about that inner child that must not die. That inner child needs to have hope and needs to wish and dream of brighter tomorrows. A dear friend of mine once told me to believe. And that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you. But don’t just believe in love, believe in Allah. Believe that Allah has the ability to turn your fantasy into reality so hold on to that faith with both hands and never give up. In a world of lies and deceit and negativity, we all need faith and to know that it can take us to the highest mountains and deepest oceans. And maybe even to the land where ‘Prince Charming’ awaits us just around the corner. Open to feedback,

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My most valued possession would be my new amazing professional camera You can usually find me hanging out at Mugg and Bean, Ohio cafe and Special Cafe

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THE GOOD COMPANY I HAVE Lady Gaga inspires me the most because of her artistic and amazing performances

A typical day in my life would be wake up, brush my teeth, check my emails, have a small breakfast, clean my room, do some chores around the house, take a small nap, cook for mum and dad and then see my peeps

I would like to own a Volkswagen Beetle Five things I cannot live without are Friends, Gummy Bears, Parents, Strawberries, Music

My earliest memory is when I was four years old. I remember watching my favorite horror movies which are Freddy Kruger and Bram Stock Dracula

If I wanted to look absolutely great I would wear a nice buttoned up shirt with a cardigan. Pair that with jeans or nice slacks with a nice belt and mocasins along with a nice watch that matched the outfit I would love to be stuck in an elevator with Lady Gaga and least like to be stuck in an elevator with George Clooney I would play Hip Hop and RnB music to get a party started! Avril Lagine –Smile is my last song syndrome If I could be trapped in a TV show for a month it would be Glee

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By Ahmad Samir




THE MOST RECENT MOVIE THAT MADE ME CRY WAS MY SISTERS’ KEEPER My idea of the perfect weekend is chilling at the beach, going to a nice restaurant and watching a good movie with friends and loved ones I have been to Greece, Switzerland and Canada and I would love to go to Bali, Hawaii, New York and Greece again. If I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be Canada I love the Summer season the most!

My favourite dessert is Blueberry cheesecake

If I could be any drink/ snack/ fruit / vegetable, it would be a colourful cake but with a bit of sweetness.
















Eid in Dubai @DEPE 1-3

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Our here 2nd Gre in Ab at Ye u Dh ar abi! !

23 Hot Air Balloon Safari in Dubai till May 2012

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Abu Dhabi Infrastructure Congress @ Radisson Blu, Yas Island 25-27


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The iFLY Air Show till today @ Mirdif City Centre

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Treat yo a spa urself to day!



AN ARTISTIC OASIS AMID AN URBAN JUNGLE Tempo took a stroll recently in DIFC Gate Village and was thoroughly invigorated by the art gallery scene that is integrated throughout the business park. We loved the urban planning and use of space, and the way the art provides a visual and spiritual reprieve in the high-octane financial environment. The art galleries at DIFC not only nourish the business community around it, but are open to the public, offering a vibrant calendar of art and culture events throughout the year. Indeed, the galleries host numerous events, including exhibition openings, launches and corporate receptions.

Tempo went snap happy as we strolled through the galleries, and here we present some of the art that caught our whimsy. Some are showcased as part of exhibits indoors while a few are located in the landscaped outdoors. The art galleries at DIFC include ARTSPACE, Ayyam Gallery, Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, Opera Gallery, The Empty Quarter, The Farjam Collection and XVA Gallery. DIFC tells us that they are expecting to open up more galleries very soon. For more details of the exhibitions go to DIFC’s website




UAE’s greatest achievement is its high standards of safety and security in the country. Although the country is highly diversified, it is also very safe, and that is a remarkable achievement. To me, safety and security are important defining values. This is because once you have accomplished those, everything else is uphill from there. I believe it is easy for the country to develop in a positive manner if everyone feels happy and secure.



Name: Abdulrahman Belhaik Occupation: Fresh graduate




AI N I H Name: Aditya Jain Occupation: Assistant Relationship Manager


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I think the UAE’s greatest achievement has been building a world class city in the record time of 40 years. It has become one of the most sought after destinations for work, business, leisure, and entertainment. It is one of the very few places in the world that has been able to attract such a great pool of talented and diverse people. It has improved the quality of life of everyone who has been lucky enough to live in it. It has managed to maintain the intricate balance between old and new and to seamlessly integrate into the future without having to give up on its past culture and traditions. But most of all the greatest achievement the UAE has ever made is to capture the hearts and souls of everyone who has visited it or heard about it. Charity: The UAE has rushed to aid every single country that has gone through any trying situation. It has been on the forefront of any effort to relieve them and help minimize the casualties. Sympathy: the UAE has taken care of any individual or group who requires its help whether by shelter, money or moral support. Education: it is one of the most valued and prized possessions by the UAE nationals who are willing to improve themselves and develop their homeland. Compassion: for the elderly, the weak and youngsters who need the care to grow and thrive and those who are less well off in the community.




Besides high paying jobs, what in your opinion attracts people to reside in the UAE? If the UAE capitalised on its current assets, how do you think it can transform itself 100 years from now?

Name: Al Waleed Osman Occupation: Student 1.



Write your greetings to the UAE on the occassion of it’s 40th anniversary this year. Go to www. in ‘Forum’ (tab on the top left) and leave a message and your name.

Name: Hessa Mohammed Occupation: Media researcher 1.


The greatest achievement of all time is the establishment of the UAE federation that consists of seven unique emirates that blend modernity with originality and set a good example of how real unity is. The UAE federation was the foundation to all of the achievements we celebrate today. There are many defining values of the UAE that can give it an edge in the league of the world nations. The ones I believe that stand out is first the UAE›s international role and responsibility towards regional and worldwide matters, such as in: Libya and Somalia. Another value is the emphasis on education with world class universities opening branches in the UAE and the rising number of students it attracts from the region and worldwide to study. Moreover, the ongoing modernity, advanced technology, renewable energies, and concern for environment safety. Not to also forget the safety of the UAE that is an appealing factor for businesses, tourism and education.


The United Arab Emirates has risen from a relatively unknown country in the backwaters of the Middle East to a country of national prominence. We’re not quite there yet; there are many political, social and demographical issues to be solved. However, I believe the UAE’s greatest achievement is becoming the de-facto role model for all the other Middle Eastern countries. Think back to ten years ago, the UAE was practically unheard of. Glazed looks crossed faces every time you mentioned you were from Abu Dhabi, and conversation had to be shifted back to more popular countries like Turkmenistan or Liechtenstein. However, with Dubai’s love for breaking world records and Abu Dhabi’s immense sovereign wealth funds, the world has turned to the UAE as a saviour, which I believe is no mean feat for a nation to achieve. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes the UAE special, what defines it. Is it the billions of barrels of oil, the monstrous skyscrapers, the hundreds of different nationalities all co-existing relatively peacefully? I believe if we look at the league of world super-powers, we seem to be doing pretty well. Are we bankrupt like Greece, Portugal or Ireland? No. Are we on the edge of collapsing like Europe? No. Have there been revolutions in the streets like in Egypt? No. On the whole it would be hard to disagree that the leaders of this country must be doing something right.

Name: Mohammed Ahmed Occupation: Diplomatic Attaché 1. 2.

The greatest achievement that the UAE has made is the establishment of the UAE federation, and uniting all seven Emirates under one rule. In unity there’s strength, and under separation is weakness. The one thing that separates the UAE from all other countries is the relationship our president has with his people. It is that of a father-child relationship. For example, the late president Sheikh Zayed treated all Emiratis like his children, and when asked why he provided them with houses and all the amenities they required, his reply was that the Emiratis were like his children, and his only wish was to make sure that his children were comfortable so they could have a clear mind to focus on building the nation and help it prosper.

Name: Rachel Lange Occupation: CEPA Supervisor 1.


A while ago I read some research on the effect of being the first in your family to pursue higher education, mostly conducted in places where higher education has been widespread for an extremely long time. Given that, just a couple of generations ago, very few people in this country even considered higher education, I would say what the UAE has accomplished in terms of education is nothing short of amazing. Throughout its short history, the UAE has been committed to preserving its traditions and identity, while incorporating the best of what other nations have to offer. What seem at first to be two opposing forces actually make the nation stronger.



Food Lovers is all about g r e a t people coming together to enjoy great food. I’ve realized that people spend the most amounts of money and time on food, here in Abu Dhabi. I figured that since that is one of the best ways to socialize, I created a group and realized that social rotation would be much higher as people would be more inclined to gather. Aamir Syed- I’ve met people from all over the world. From LA, Egypt, Korea and so many more places and its always nice to have so many different people gather together to enjoy good food and good company while talking about their cultures and the differences they see. It’s always nice to see a person from LA having a debate with a person from Egypt about the most random things!

Christiane Hunold- I was already a member of other Meetup groups and I sort of got caught up in the Food Lovers group because of my love of food. My friends and I used to dine out quite regularly and we were constantly on the lookout for new places that weren’t necessarily posh. Our aim was to find the hidden, unknown places that provided a great dining experience. With the Food Lovers Meetup group we were guaranteed to meet interesting people and eat good food. All in all, I really enjoy myself every time I go to a Food Lovers meet up session.


| A Doc from the Bronx

Rachel Lange: Life in cities can be isolating. Groups like the Food Lovers’ Meetup can be a great way to meet new people outside the office and go to places you might not have gone otherwise. A lot of fun.


Everyone wants to be remembered, right? I want to make my mark on the world and go down in history. Well, I think I may have stumbled upon my everlasting legacy for the medical community. I know that I am not the only person who has diagnosed this syndrome, but I am going to be so bold as to claim it my own. Let me introduce you to a syndrome, which I know, has afflicted you all at some time: it’s called ‘Work Aversion Syndrome’ (WAS)

Before we tackle Feng Shui techniques proper, one area is worthy of coverage: the relationships in your life. One way to categorize them is as (1) those you must invest yourself in, (2) those that need redefinition and, (3) those that need to end – as simple as that. A person may be in two or more categories, which probably implies that you need to do more thinking about them.

Invest yourself in people who matter the most and who ‘return with interest’. Loved ones and co-workers are good examples. Do not invest yourself in people who do not care about you or don’t know you exist.

I diagnose WAS and hand out so many work notes per shift that it makes me wonder: who is actually working at any given time in Abu Dhabi? I get asked by everyone- from those who don’t even appear to have jobs, to others who should have enough wasta (Work Aversive Strategic Tactician?), to those who don’t need it. WAS is a pandemic!

One good example is the people you follow religiously on television or other media. Honestly, couldn’t you be doing something better with your time? They make money from your gaping foolishly at them before the telly. If you are going to spend several hours a week following someone, at least make sure they offer some kind of valuable input to your life. Don’t give of your time so freely.

Back in the day, you never asked for a sick note. If you were ill you may get rewarded. But to actually ask.......shame! You trusted that the doctor knew how to “sniff” out the sick from the b%!!$h!t. Nowadays, mothers will insist that their child gets a day off (maybe even two), for a scraped knee (or other minor ailments). Somehow the kid managed to survive the rest of the day at school, so why does he/she need a sick note? Come on mom; is that a good example to set?

It is not clear what some people do in your life. Are they friends? Foes? Acquaintances – who help with what exactly? Ensure that people in your life have a clear role. Of course, this is not something you ask them to do, but rather something you decide for yourself. These relationships require your clever redefinition or must be moved to the third category.

Here’s what not to do: come to the hospital at some ungodly hour complaining of chest pain, then finally get a work note only to get caught by me the next day at a cafe smoking sheesha during daylight hours (read: working hours). Bad form! I wish folks would just ask. Instead, I carefully wade through mounds of details about some fictional illness until I spot the unconscious mark, which alerts me to a case of WAS. Time and effort wasted by all concerned. There is a certain population that I can sympathize with their WAS affliction. They work hard and in less than desirable conditions. A simple work note means more to them than any prescription I can offer. I think of it as a prescription for rest. That rest day may save them/ us from some fatigue related accident. So what to do now? I feel a sense of failure. As the discoverer, I can offer no cure. The most useful treatment? The tried and true ‘work note’. Maybe it’s possible that I don’t want to find the cure for WAS. If I did, how would I be able to pull a “sickie” then?

The group has a social meet up almost every week and they use their website to communicate with group members about meet ups or even to exchange ideas about different restaurants they feel they should try out.

Layla Ezzedeen | Performance Whiz and Feng Shui Practitioner


It may not be as intellectual as ‘Downs Syndrome,’ or as fancy as ‘Von Hipple Lindau Disease,’ or ‘Tay Sachs’…but its mine. And, it is FAR more common than the aforementioned conditions. It afflicts everyone at sometime, sparing no one.

Sandi Hermann- The meet up at the Belgian Cafe was my first food lovers event but I thought it was put together very well, they seem to organize almost weekly events with a great variety of restaurants, perfect way to meet new friends and at the same time experience all the different restaurants in Abu Dhabi.


Just further proof that we are all the same.

When a relationship is not what it used to be, has no relevance or, worse, is an obstacle in your life, get real and wrap it up. This is not necessarily easy and there is not one way to go about it; different people manage differently in different circumstances. This could be an intimate relationship that is getting costly (grow up and move on) or a flaky type who calls when they need something (say you are not able to respond to them without giving excuses). Guard your right, this is part of self-respect. To start this process take a large sheet of paper, call it “The People List” and list everyone you know. Then ponder each one and assign them a category. Highlight the problem people and think about what this relationship should transform into. Use visualizations like a movie in your head; it will prepare you for your new reality.

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July 19. Nashville to get the State of Tennessee’s authentication stamp (affirming the integrity of the university’s attestation). We dashed to the Tennessee State department office and arrived at 3.25pm, 15 minutes just after the offices were closed. We called before getting there and pleaded with the lady responsible, to wait for us. She agreed after learning we had driven all the way from Knoxville. (Imagine how she’d react if we told we had come all the way from the UAE?). She attested my two degrees and charged us US$4.


THE DEAL Those of you who read August’s editor’s note in Tempo would have learned about my ‘journey of attestation’ across the eastern United States. The challenge was to go to the US and attest my degree from the University of Tennessee once and for all, to get all my UAE paperwork correctly regularised, and be back in time for Ramadan. Yes, we could have sent it to a degree attestation agency and done it all from Abu Dhabi, but we wanted to experience the whole process first hand. So we decided instead to indulge in a ‘missioncation’ (mission + vacation ) and do it ourselves. My husband Ali agreed that this would be a good time for him to get his Georgia Tech degree authenticated as well . (We decided to ignore Seattle University degrees, and the US west coast for another journey, another time). So on July 15, we left Abu Dhabi…

SHOPPING IN VIRGINIA: Outlet shopping. Note the double rainbow. I took it as a sign that it was OK to overshoot my budget.

July 19. Nashville for Killer Steak. We learned about the Stockyard restaurant being rated one of the ‘top 10 steakhouses in the USA’. We had to check for ourselves. The steak was incredible; never knew steak could ‘melt in your mouth.’

THE MISSION To fly into New York, take a domestic flight and go to Atlanta. Rent a car and go to Georgia Tech (for Ali’s degree), get it attested by the university and then the State of Georgia. We would then drive to Knoxville, Tennessee, pick up my degree, drive to Nashville to get it attested by the State of Tennessee, drive to Washington DC, get it attested by the US State Department and then by the UAE embassy. (Once in the UAE, the next steps are now to get an official translation and a final attestation stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

HYANNIS (CAPE COD): yes, it as idyllic as you’d imagine.

Ali and I agreed that it was the best steak we have ever had. We were taken in by the Stockyard’s authentic ambience. It was used before the turn of the century as a livestock trading and distribution hub with cattle delivered by the railroad nearby.

THE ROAD TRIP MISSION PART: GEORGIA, TENNESSEE, WASHINGTON DC VACATION PART: NEW ENGLAND & NEW YORK Atlanta to Knoxville: 327 km Knoxville to Nashville; 291 km Nashville to Washington dc (via Knoxville): 1,075 Washington DC to New York: 362 kms New York to Boston, Mass: 351kms Boston to Hyannis (Cape Cod): 163 Hyannis-Boston-New York: 514 kms



Riding on the Georgia Tech trolley. Chatted with Naeema, a new Muslim student from Kenya and an architecture student at GT. She told me about how she was looking forward to fasting her first Ramadan in the USA. (I found out that you break your fast there around 8.15pm!). She raved about Dubai’s structures and her dream of one day working in the UAE.

Find out more about the Stockyard restaurant

WASH DC: A photograph I took of a Libyan peacefully protesting in front of the White House. He told me he wanted to remind Obama about Libya everytime he opens his window (wonder where he is now, if only he knew how fast events will turn).

A museum dedicated to native son John F Kennedy.

PLYMOUTH,MASSACHUSETTS:There really is a Plymouth Rock at Plymouth. An interesting place to visit to understand the historic importance of the pilgrims and to get insight into the birth of America.

grits For more info on grits


We stopped at a Pancake House in Marietta for breakfast. I decided to reacquaint my taste buds with ‘grits’. For those of you not familiar with grits, they’re a popular breakfast staple in the southern United States. They’re made from coarsely ground corn and have the consistency of thick porridge.


We arrived in NYC and took two days to recover from jetlag and our 16 hour flight on Etihad from Abu Dhabi. Spent all the time on Manhattan island. Below are photos of shawarma and falafel stands on Seventh Avenue. All the stands that you see in this picture (and indeed in most of NYC) sell halal meat. They get a lot of business from Muslims living and visiting, but they are immensely popular with New Yorkers. I’ve seen long queues, of up to 30 people, waiting to be served. The stands typically sell chicken and beef shawarma, gyros and falafel, but also usually hotdogs and pretzels. Every time I visit NYC there seem to be more stands than ever and Middle Eastern food seems to be growing in popularity. A sandwich/ shawarma costs around US$ 3, and the stands are usually run by Egyptians (don’t ask me why). Inset: a photo of Egyptian Ismael who ranted to us about Mubarak and the state of global politics.

The Mass Communication building where I took many of my classes. Funny, but the pictures hadn’t changed.

ON TO MY ALMA MATER- UTK This part of the journey was emotional for me. It brought back memories of arriving here decades ago, a young teenager, coping with being away from home and family, and dealing with the rigours of university life. I walked through the school cafeteria, the student centre and the communication building as memories flooded back. Funny how so much yet so little has changed. We picked up my university degree which was already attested and notarised and hit the road to Nashville.

JULY 21: WASHINGTON DC to obtain the authentication stamp of the US Department of State (whose attestation essentially affirms the authenticity of the stamps of Georgia and Tennessee State Departments). We waited an hour and a half and paid a total of US $ 24. Inset photo: Ali outside the attestation office double checking that the stamps were all there (there was no way we would ever repeat this journey again!) THE UAE EMBASSY... the marble building immediately made me think of Abu Dhabi. We we rushed there and arrived a little after the embassy closed but the attestation personnel agreed to meet us (after we explained that we had come all the way from Abu Dhabi). They told us that the cost of attestation is US $ 90 (for all three) and that the normal processing time was four days, but they agreed to do it in two working days, so that meant we can pick the documents on Monday. This is me in the picture on Monday, July 25 after receiving the attested degrees.

NEW YORK, THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW : last day, seven hours before our departure to Abu Dhabi. As we strolled around Times Square when we ‘bumped’ into someone from the David Letterman show. He asked us a question about the show (which we barely managed to get right – sorry Dave) and so Ali and I got tickets to attend the taping of the show on the same afternoon. A great way to kill time before leaving to the airport, or what!?? Me and Ali standing in front of the Ed Sullivan theatre marquee. We had to be there an hour before the show where we joined a looong queue of people with tickets. If you ever catch the David Letterman show on TV watch for the one with Ricky Gervais and Cat Deeley (of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’) and you may catch a millisecond of Ali and me sitting in the sixth row, centre of the theatre. And yes, we had an absolute blast! Watch a clip of Ricky Gervais’ interview on FINAL NOTES: After bringing our attested degrees to the UAE, the rest of the process involved getting an official translation (you can do this at any of the typing offices) and then getting the documents authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (they do it same day, and on the spot). I’ve been told that accrediting university certificates from other countries is easier than from the US, only because you don’t always have to deal with state or municipal level governments. And yes, there are companies that attest degrees from here, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Be sure to shop around as rates and delivery times vary. Or, you could indulge in the experience of a ‘mission-cation’ like us.


Preethi Janice D’Sa | Scientist-artiste hybrid



Five years ago I took an awesome silver clay course in Hong Kong. Imagine gooey clay that, once molded and fired in a kiln, transformed into a gorgeous silver ornament. Thanks to Lisle Skriker, owner of the Dubai based company Wow Creations (who provides me with my supplies), I no longer have to fly out to Hong Kong or Singapore to purchase silver clay nor have my pieces fired. The basics are as follows. Once the clay is conditioned, roll it according to the thickness you desire. You can use mini-cutters for the ideal shape. The piece needs to be air dried thoroughly before firing. Sanding to correct minor infirmities is a good idea. The piece is then fired either in a kiln or a blow torch. The organic binder and water (which keeps the silver in clay form) burn off, leaving 99.9% fine silver. Stick to the appropriate firing temperature; the last thing you want is either a half-baked cracked piece or melted silver! To achieve the antique look, use liver of sulphur. You can combine this technique with gold leaf, resin, enamel or even polymer clay. Just remember to keep your work environment clean at all times. Lisle’s background was an inspiration to me so I would like to share it with you. She says of herself, “I was trapped in the service industry, even though my passion was handcrafts. The emptiness of the job made me want to vent my frustration on a silver tray at work. Thankfully, I channeled those negative energies into completing my art clay certification in my free time, quit my job and am now happy designing with metal clay and teaching those interested.” Like Lisle, you may find working with art clay a grounding exercise. Contact Wow creations for more information and see you at Ductac soon! Preethi Janice D’Sa runs a medical & arts copywriting business. Join her arts and travel facebook page at https://www.

} Neena Rai

An artist with a flair

Imagine this, you’re standing in front an audience, you’re ready, you’ve prepared for this, but your sweaty palms and parched throat won’t let your words come out...

It used to happen to me too, until a professor of mine suggested that the best way to calm my nerves is to imagine your audience in their underwear. Now that may be a great idea if you go to Baywatch High where everyone has perfect figures or six pack abs, but when you’re in the real world where most of your audience is made up of overweight hairy dudes, it may not be the best idea to put in your head... anyway, for all you aspiring speakers out there, here’s a list I came up with of what you should and shouldn’t imagine as you prepare to give your big speech.


One: Victoria secret supermodels Although enthusiasm is a good thing, it’s never a good idea to be too excited or “Happy” during a presentation!

Every year, without fail, I see Abu Dhabi deck up for various festivities. It is a pleasure to see a beautifully lit and bejeweled capital. Be it Eid or National Day or any significant event taking place in the city - the streets, squares and public gardens come to life. In my opinion, these decorations turn the capital into a living, breathing piece of art!

Two: Stage at the Oscars In certain circles it’s considered bad form to begin a speech with the words I’d like to thank the academy or “You love me! , You really really love me!!!” Three: Your Grandmother You really don’t want those cold eyes judging you while you give your presentation. Four: Tap Dancing Penguins Because I was forced to watch “Happy feet” against my will, I now wish someone would come up with a Kentucky Fried Penguin!

For Eid, this year, lovely illuminated electrical shapes and varying light fixtures have been installed. Decorative lighting has covered the entire length of the Corniche up to the breakwater. Beautiful decorations can also be seen on the bridges and certain tunnels. The majority of the electrical installations that are installed depict Islamic symbols, like the glowing crescents depicted in the picture here. The date trees too are made fancy by the string lights enveloping them from top to bottom.

Five: People Performing Russia Opera I believe it considered rude to fall asleep during your own speech! Six: Your Audience Naked Think about it; the image of a room full of hairy dudes and your 80 year old professor comes back to haunt you at the most inopportune of moments!

Over the years, I have seen some incredible shapes and designs, especially on the roundabouts. One of my all time favorites was an installation of numerous white horses breaking into a gallop. The bodies of these horses were made up of a fine mesh of white light and in the evenings, it was a sight to behold.

My advice to any potential speakers out there with a really active imagination is this: the best thing is to imagine your audience as a bunch of bored or half asleep guys. That way you can say whatever you want to without the pressure of anyone actually listening to you. Happy speech-ing! Visit Neena’s blog and website

All the pretty decorations were put in place by the Abu Dhabi Municipality. And, just for an idea on how much effort has gone into it, here are some figures. Decorations included the installation of more than 1200 white string light pieces, and 850 assorted pieces of engineering figures featuring a host of diverse designs measuring from two to three meters in length and 120 to 220 cm in width. Trees have been decorated with 200 crescent-shaped pieces, 200 star-shaped pieces and 120 lanterns colored in white and blue. This is quite a feat, and I hope you enjoy the artistic installations across the city as much as I do.

By Alma Kadragic


Although I have been living and working in the UAE since 2005, until last September, I had never thought about starting a journal about media in the Middle East. That changed during a visit to the University of Wollongong in Australia shortly after I joined the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) as Academic Program Developer. The mission was to meet the key people concerned with journalism, media, public relations, and communications at Wollongong because I was supposed to create a graduate program in media and communications in Dubai that followed the Wollongong model. All of that happened more or less as expected, and the new Master’s program in Media and Communications was accredited August 1 by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. What I hadn’t expected was to meet Dr. Eric Loo who showed me several issues of Asia Pacific Media Educator, the journal he founded in 1996 and has been editing ever since. My first question to Eric was, is there anything like this in the Middle East? I was fairly sure there wasn’t because during my first four years in the UAE teaching journalism and public relations, I had been looking for teaching materials that related to the region. When Eric confirmed that there was no equivalent journal in the Middle East, I recognized an opportunity. The President and other senior managers at UOWD supported the idea, and we set to work, we meaning first of all Eric who was involved from the beginning and agreed to join the editorial advisory board. As first in the region, Middle East Media Educator (MEME) can become the platform for dialogue between media practitioners and the academics who are teaching future media practitioners as well as providing theoretical background and wider contexts for existing practitioners. It is crucial for academics to maintain contacts with industry in any area but especially in media and communications and especially in a region which is changing socially, economically, and politically as a result of history and globalization. In this first issue of MEME, we were limited by time. Because of my background covering daily news for a major American television network, I set tight deadlines, not all of which were observed, but which kept us on track. A commitment to introduce MEME and some of its contributors in a panel discussion at the annual convention of the Association for Journalism and Mass Communication in St. Louis on August 13 guaranteed the publication date would be met. In an emerging market like the UAE and indeed the Gulf and the wider Middle East, the pace of everything is furious. Academics tasked with making up for years of education ill suited to a knowledge economy and given heavy teaching loads have difficulty producing research. The push for more research has begun and in several countries including the UAE is supported by the government.

However, there hasn’t yet been much study of the media from an academic perspective. As some pieces in MEME show, media and media professions are undergoing development and change. The result is that the launch issue of MEME contains fewer pieces of academic research than might have been expected. This will change, but for now, we felt it was important to define the media market in order to stimulate the dialogue. Hard copies of MEME will soon be available from the UOWD website ( For now, download the PDF at http://www. Vol_1_Issue_1.pdf



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Manar Al Hinai

A Khaleeji girl who overthinks a lot and loves to write

HOROSCOPE Aries (21 March - 19 April) The summer heat could go straight to your head in September. A difficult aspect from Mars to the area of your chart ruling home and family could see you clashing with your nearest and dearest. By the end of September your energy levels will settle to a more constant and manageable pace, perfect for getting on top of any practical issues.



Many people in the United Arab Emirates are foreigners. Some foreigners are here because this is a safer country than their own. Others are here to experience a new way of life, and a new culture. Many people have their own reasons for being in the U.A.E. If you’re like me, and don’t visit your country very much and you end up not knowing much about your country. True, your parents might both be from your home country, but you could still end up as a child, for example, who does not speak much Arabic or is not really Arab in nature. Also, you might not be very familiar with your country’s culture and could have a shallow image of what it’s like. That, my friends, is not good enough. I’ve spent years without a proper sense of pride and without paying proper attention towards my “home” (which is Iraq) but recently I read “Barefoot in Baghdad” by Manal Omar. This was a great book that reveals a lot about the people of war-torn Iraq and what they have experienced. Zainab Salbi, founder and CEO of Women for Women international, and author of the national bestselling book “Between Two Worlds: Escape from Tyranny: Growing Up in the Shadow of Saddam”, commented on the book saying, “Manal Omar captures the complex reality of living and working in war-torn Iraq, a reality that tells the story of love and hope in the midst of bombs and explosives”. “Barefoot in Baghdad” gave me a sense of pride in the country I call home. I felt the anguish and suffering they felt, and appreciated the strength they posses to overcome their suffering. I encourage each of you to be proud and to excel in whatever you do. I encourage you to read and explore more about your country. I urge you to become honorable and to be true to who you are and the family name you carry. And I quote Coco Chanel: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be DIFFERENT.”

Then this is for you! Hey there… it’s me again! I hope you all had an enjoyable Eid break. I know that I will miss Ramadan quite terribly. It was such a great experience…fasting during one of the longest Ramadans in 26 years and getting together with many of my loved ones! On another tangent, I have a confession to make: I am a sucker for love stories. The stacks of romance novels I have underneath my television prove it. I have watched countless movies and read triple that amount about love stories that took place in America, Ireland, Paris (typical right?), but none about our beloved UAE! And I thought was a shame. Through my friends, I have heard about passionate love stories and weddings that have taken place in this very blessed land. Unfortunately, not everyone hears about them. So, I decided to start my own project and it is one that I am passionately involved in. It’s called “From UAE with Love”. The name might not be very original but, hey, I wanted a title that people automatically understood. I figured that the best way would be to start a blog (http:// where UAE citizens and residents could submit their very own love stories. I knew that many would be hesitant when it came to telling their stories, so I decided that all entries will be published anonymously. How can you tell your story? People send their stories to, I edit them, and then publish them on the blog. So, my beloved readers, please take part and help me make this project HUGE. It’s not only my effort, but everyone’s. Looking forward to reading your stories, or those of your friends, which I am sure will be more than amazing. For more information about this project: please follow me on Twitter @manar_ alhinai, and do not forget to spread the word! With love, Manar.

Follow me on twitter @manar_alhinai

Taurus (20 April - 20 May) You start the month focused and wanting to be taken seriously. Things will soon lighten up for you, an encounter with someone who ‹lights your candle› perhaps. You can be sure this situation will remain steamy and by the end of the month when you could find yourself acting in a way that surprises everyone as well as you. Gemini (21 May -20 June) Keeping a watchful eye on the cash flow can be dreary, especially when your friends are out making the most of summer. But don›t despair because when you›re off on a bigger better holiday than everyone else you›ll be glad you saved your dough. You will soon find your love life reaching boiling point by mid September. Cancer (21 June - 22 July) You›re full of life this month, but what exactly are you achieving from all this activity? This can be frustrating but a bright idea at the end of the month will help you find a solution to this. Just remember to keep calm. The best advice for you is avoid mid day burn out and instead make the most of warm balmy nights which is much more your style. Leo (23 July - 22 August) Smooth talk comes easily and you›re quite happy to use it on any unsuspecting individual you take a shine to. You’re in for some summer sizzle this September with an equally fiery partner and there could be a connection with foreign places too. Perhaps a holiday romance or a romantic interlude with someone from abroad is on the cards. Virgo (23 August - 22 September) Strong undercurrents from other people are making you feel a little on edge. It seems everyone›s behaving oddly as though the sun›s gone to their heads. Even you›re acting a bit out of character. However you should be able to smooth over any brewing trouble with soothing words that just roll off the tongue. Those dulcet tones could prove very useful in September when someone special is seduced by your pleasing manner. Libra (23 September - 22 October) You›re determined to set the world on fire in September. You›re feeling hot and ready to take the plunge with someone special. No one will be able to resist your confidence. This is an important month in an important year for you, it›s time for you to make the most of each opportunity that comes your way. Scorpio (23 October - 21 November) A powerful and meaningful connection with someone is on the cards, whether you know them or not already. You›re a force to be reckoned with and when you set your sights on your ideal partner there will be no stopping you getting them. You may also be tempted to take a big financial risk this month, but practice caution there›s no guarantee of a settled outcome. Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) You›re feeling wonderfully energized as the month starts, leaving others in your wake as you bounce from one task to another. Watch out for ego clashes with other strong personalities who want the limelight too. Mid September sees you embroiled in heated exchanges with individuals for whom you can barely disguise your passion. Capricorn (22 December - 19 January) The month begins with a feeling of harmony and balance and you are feeling a bit more confident about your financial circumstances. As the month moves forward the possibility of some tension between your work and domestic life increases. If the tension in the air does boil over you can be consoled by the fact that it›s all a storm in a tea cup. Aquarius (20 January - 18 February) Arguments with siblings, close friends and partners are possible this month and any trouble that does occur could simply be little more than hot air from all parties concerned try not to be everywhere at once; no one is expecting miracles so stop trying to perform them. Relationships have taken a serious turn recently, but you should start seeing the situation more clearly. Pisces (19 February - 20 March) September is a good month to pour your energy into sorting out money matters. Thinking of all the adventures you could soon afford to go on will be more than enough of an incentive to get wise with your dough - money equals freedom for you. Be careful not to fall for the charms of sweet talkers who aren›t exactly what they are making themselves out to be.




"FOR ME" CATEGORY: All participants should be 18+ years with a high school diploma or equivalent and should hold a valid UAE residency. FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL" CATEGORY:


All participants should be 11+ years (with parental consent if under age) and should hold a valid UAE residency.

• •


• • •

Be creative: music video, skit, snapshot, promo... Film on camera, mobile phone or anything you like! Language: Your choice! (if other than English or Arabic please include English subtitles) Films should be between 40 seconds and 2 mins. Deadline: September 20, 2011

TWO COMPETITIONS: You can Enter "For Me" or for "Me and My School"

• •

FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME" CATEGORY: Twelve week intensive film making course at the New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi. FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL" CATEGORY: You will be invited with your class and your senior grades, to a film making workshop at the New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi. The student who submitted the winning video will also win a video camera.

For more details, go to: Start uploading your videos now!

Tempo magazine September 2011  
Tempo magazine September 2011  

The September 2011 issue of Tempo