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NOW OPEN AT AL REEM ISLAND, BOUTIK MALL GROUND FLOOR Come and visit Italianissimo a journey to Italy. For more information visit Call us at 056 782 7454 Landline 02 671 6812








MICHAEL MCMILLAN A noted inspirational speaker and catalyst for change, Michael has worked with Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, sports figures, music legends, non-profit organizations and international institutions. His unique insight on creative thinking inspires transformation in business leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes.

5 January, 2013 • 3:00 - 7:30pm Rocco Forte Hotel, Abu Dhabi Early bird rate (til 30/11/2012): Dh 840 Regular rate: Dh 985

Michael's ability to deliver a pertinent and relatable message to our audience was truly remarkable.” Bill Nutini VP Sales, Toshiba

Michael McMillan delivers on ‘different’ with profound creativity.”

Having hosted a recent event for bank executives, I was impressed by Michael’s rare insights. Through his unique blend of humor and storytelling, he manages to captivate audiences from 1 to 1,000s.”

Curt Linke Richard Katz VP of Marketing, John Deere & Co. President and CEO of Resource Bank

Insights you will gain: This 4-hour seminar will give you powerful and actionable insight that will help you approach your work with new perspectives on innovation, creative thinking and problems solving.

Michael McMillan’s presentation hit the nail on the head. The concepts of the “Circle of Change” and taking risks resonated profoundly with the audience. Great job!” Cynthia Banks President, Los Angeles County Management Council

BOOK YOUR TICKETS THROUGH Call: 02 491 8625 | Email: Enquire about group rates. Special discounts are also available to students, and entrepreneurs registering via Khalifa Fund, Tamakkan, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders.







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If you ever get knocked off a building hope fervently that you land at the feet of our ‘Doc in the House’....AND... if you’re ever admitted to hospital, just hope it’s one of our local hospitals. Confused? Read the heartwarming stories by Doc and Samarpan and you’ll know about our dedicated health caretakers and the fantastic team of volunteers who bring cheer to patients. We love this issue of Tempo because it’s chock full of talent and human achievement. We’re thrilled to be presenting the winners of the past Dream Players. The event was electrifying and the caliber of talent who participated is a true testament to the UAE as a growing base for the creative arts. Local band The Komondors not only made it onto the stage of The Dream Players, but right into the pages of Tempo...well done, guys, and rock on! We also shed light on the bold initiatives in the UAE by people in our community who are following their hearts and engaging in cool projects. There’s Hana and Amal who combine their love of film with their commitment to philanthropy, innovator and educationist Maria, and young breakout entrepreneurs Nav Wic and Najla Al Ansari. We love our cool trendsetters including the Boglavsky Sisters, time capsuler DJ Darryl and fashionisto Ramsey! And what do we do without all our incredible writers who bring us their thoughts about books, media, business, fashion, technology, poetry, life, art and conservation. We love you guys for making Tempo what it is!


Enjoy the great calendar of events in the UAE this month, and if you see the Tempo team anywhere stop by and say hi!

Sana Bagersh Managing Editor MANAGING EDITOR Sana Bagersh



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It’s such a great magazine and it’s really nice and interesting. I always have to pick the latest copy as soon as it comes out, Great job guys! -Lina A. R. Jadallah

More music and art please, Tempo! -Sandy H. @MaxOfArabia I have been to 48 countries and never felt as at home as I do in the Emirates. Thank God for the #UAE


Sheikha's Secrets @sheikhas_secret catching up with all the events in Abu Dhabi with my copy of @AbuDhabiTempo Sarfaraz Ali @msarfaraz Thank you for publishing my decidedly anti-top 40 taste in music @AbuDhabiTempo :D ‫ ‏‬o Green Emirates @GoGreenEmirates G ABU DHABI: The need for energy conservation and to reduce the anticipated rise in demand through modern technology. Visit Abu Dhabi @VisitAbuDhabi Did you know that Abu Dhabi's unique shape gives the city a full 8km of coastline just next to the urban centre? Jeffrey Tumlin @ ‫ ‏‬jeffreytumlin Why does Abu Dhabi, with 1/10th the world's petroleum, have more pedestrian friendly street standards than the US?

Tempo asked you, where do you do most of your shopping?









THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: What event are you most looking forward to this month? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Abu Dhabi Film Festival Beats on the Beach Screen by the Sea Gulf Bike Week Rooftop Rhythms The Atelier Festival

The National @TheNationalUAE iPhone 5 prices drop in #UAE, but trimming SIM card is owner's risk. Blue Planet Society @Seasaver Dozens of threatened sharks being sold in Dubai market (140 sharks counted in one visit).



06 |



CAVE COOL It all began with a cave. If we are to believe archeologists, cavemen (and cavewomen) weren’t very particular about their houses. They generally believed that as long as they didn’t have to share their bed with a bear, the cave was good enough to live in. A few industrious Neanderthals started to decorate them, so they would have something interesting to look at as they prepared breakfast… but on the whole things were kept quite simple. As our engineering capabilities evolved, we’ve created a dizzying array of residential options, from apartments and villas, to floating homes and soaring skyscrapers, to luxurious palaces and faraway tree houses…to way more. SECRET TUNNELS Perhaps you’d like an apartment that rotates, allowing the building opposite to have a new set of neighbors every 24 hours? Maybe you want a duplex with a fireman’s pole connecting your two floors? You may also want to have a secret passageway guarded by a bookcase? Well, why not? The passageway does not have to go anywhere…it can come out the fireplace into the same room (you know, it’s just the principle of the thing).

SNOW DREAMS A friend of mine recently shared his vision of the whacky and awesome. Being an engineer, he had everything worked it all out. ‘Install a snow machine on the roof and leave it on,’ he says. ‘But snow would fall on everyone’s heads so what’s the point?’ I argue. He shushes me, ‘I’m not finished: install a snow machine in the roof, so snow starts falling down. Then about 10 feet up the wall, you put in vents which blow super heated air across the room, melting the snow. You also put in vents on the other side to suck in the water vapor, which gets cooled down and is transferred back to the snow machine in a pipe. Don’t you see?’ he exclaims, gesturing wildly. ‘You’d see snow falling towards you but it would never reach the ground! It would melt and get transferred back into the snow machine.’ Hmm, I scratch my head. Totally looney, yet pretty impressive. ENGLISH BUTLER For the uber-rich, archery fields, go karting tracks, bowling alleys, and movie theaters are too common these days. It seems to really stand out you have to do build the extraordinary, the extravagant or the ridiculous. If you’re stuck with a few hundred million dollars just burning a hole in your pocket, don’t waste the opportunity, I say. Hire a film crew to construct the set from Jurassic Park on your front lawn, complete with velociraptors and Jeff Goldblum (everything has a price). Buy two penthouses in adjacent buildings and connect them with a fast train. Get yourself an English Butler to do your bidding, and name him Worthington or Farthington (or something else that ends in ‘thington’). Take the initiative and make it happen. This isn’t the stone-age anymore. Let your imagination loose and wild.


A NEW FRAGRANCE FOR MEN The new GANT fragrance is inspired by the freshness of the sea and the woody aroma of boats. Tar, ocean and wood scents blend with notes of lemon, coriander and lavender, resulting in a fresh and masculine scent. The design of the bottle embodies the nautical theme: the ocean blue, solid molded glass has a surface resembling braided wicker (the transport baskets used on boats in the early days of seafaring). Pick up the new GANT fragrance at a mall near you.

THE HAKAWATI OF SULTANS, EMIRS AND ENDLESS ADVENTURES A book by Rabih Alameddine (Anchor Books, 2008)

If you’re an Arab you may remember the stories your parents used to tell you when you were young. You’d sit in the living room, with your eyes wide open as your imagination took you to the lands of sultans, emirs and genies…Do you remember the beautiful world of pungent spices and swathes of colour; of endless adventure and beautiful damsels in distress? What if I told you that these whimsical depictions are the foundations of our Arab storytelling traditions? Like the Hand of Fatima in Arabic folklore, for instance. Or the reason we feast on lamb at the Eid Al-Adha… Meet our protagonist Osama al-Kharrat who returns to Beirut in 2003 after being notified about his father’s grave illness on Eid al-Adha. As we are introduced to his Lebanese family and lifestyle, Osama ventures into his family’s past, recalling his roots and remembering his grandfather, the founder of the Kharrat family. The grandfather Alemeddine, through this book, becomes the hakawati, the storyteller. Fables and rich tales of the Middle East begin to unfold as we dig deep into the past. Alameddine weaves tale upon tale, going back to the time of emirs and sultans, to the days of Abraham and Isaac, and all the way to Adam and Eve. The charm of this book is in the way Alameddine reaches out to the reader and beckons to him from the folds of his novel: “Listen,” he begins, “Let me take you on a journey beyond imagining.” And what a journey it is. Beautifully written, The Hakawati is a novel of fables that cherish Arab culture, celebrate Islamic traditions, and takes an honest look at Lebanese culture and history. | 07

ART FOR ALL Through October All over Abu Dhabi Emirate ‘Art for All’ is a series of community art programmes that aim to promote local Emirati artists, build new audiences and raise interest for art among the community. These programs include: • • • • • •

1 October -2 November 2012: Art for All Emerging Artists Touring Exhibition. The exhibit will appear at Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Bawadi Mall and Al Gharbiyah Mall. 7 October - 11 November 2012: Art Buses spread across the Abu Dhabi Emirate. 8-23 October 2012: Photography Booth at Marina Mall. 17-23 October 2012: Art for All Community Week at Khalifa Park. 7-11 November 2012: Art for All Community Pavilion at Abu Dhabi Art. 9 November 2012: Art Talk by Emerging Emirati Artists.

For additional information and details, please visit

ONE TO WATCH: “THE JOURNEY” We at Tempo have been following the progression of the BrandMoxie production of the short film 'The Journey', written by our editor Sana Bagersh, and produced and directed by Hana Makki. We are happy to announce 'The Journey' will be competing in the Abu Dhabi Film Festival as part of the Emirates Film Competition. The premiere is on Friday the 12th October Vox Cinema 2, at 6:15pm.

08 |

ABU DHABI FILM FESTIVAL 2012 October 11th – 20th All across Abu Dhabi The Abu Dhabi Film Festival is back with ten days of cinema screenings, filmmaking classes and events are held at various Abu Dhabi venues, while feature and short films from all over the world compete at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival. The Abu Dhabi Film Festival was established in 2007 with the aim of helping to create a vibrant film culture throughout the region. Presented each October, the event is committed to curating exceptional programs to engage and educate the local community, inspire filmmakers and nurture the growth of the regional film industry. For more information and ticket booking visit


BITS AND PIECES dXb Music Festival 2012 October 5, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Headlining the festival is Grammy Awardwinning DJ and producer Afrojack, joined by platinum-selling group Far East Movement and Billboard chart topper Kaskade, who will both be making their Middle East debut. Tickets available at: GITEX Shopper 2012 September 29 till October 6- Dubai GITEX Shopper is the biggest and the best consumer electronics retail platform with power retailers and world-class brands. This is a very unique event that attracts a large audience, which includes IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students and consumers as well as regional traders searching for the latest techinnovations and shopping deals. For more information visit,

GULF BIKE WEEK 2012 October 18 and 19 Dubai Festival City

‘Björn Again’ October 19- ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Live Nation Middle East brings the legendary ten-time Grammy nominee heavy metal band Megadeth, Grammy nominated and four-time American Music Awards winner Daughtry, and Mega British indie rock band Razorlight to headline the Gulf Bike Week this year. The event is fun for the whole family with plenty of activities that include stunts, music, a motorcycle parade, the biggest motorcycle and off-road vehicles exhibition in the region and a wide array of food and drinks for both adults and children. Day passes for entry excluding the concerts are available for the festival at Dh 50, and can be purchased at the door. For more information, go to:

YASALAM 2012 October 3- November 4 All over Abu Dhabi Yasalam is back bringing with it more buzz and stars. With over 30 days of events across multiple locations in the capital, there’s even more free Yasalam fun for people of all ages, including: •

F1 FanZone: The world’s only official F1 FanZone is back and will see autograph signings, merchandise stands, big races screened live, racing challenges, simulators and a host of other activities over 11 days. F1 FanZone Live Stage: Visitors can enjoy daily live performances from the best local bands the UAE has to offer at the F1 FanZone stage. Yasalam Responsibly: Yasalam’s road safety campaign returns for the second year raising awareness of road safety in universities and high schools across Abu Dhabi culminating with a ‘create your own safe driving campaign’ competition judged live at the F1 FanZone™.

For more information, go to

Performing hits from ABBA and Mamma Mia, the internationally acclaimed BJÖRN AGAIN, designed to be a rocked-up ‘light-hearted satirical ABBA spoof’, is rapidly achieving worldwide cult status. Having performed over 5,000 shows in 65 countries, they are back in the UAE by popular demand. This will definitely be an evening filled with fun and great music. Tickets available at: Rooftop Rhythms October 3- The Blue Bar at Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi Black on Black Rhyme-Abu Dhabi presents Abu Dhabi’s 1st Poetry Open Mic! Returning to the Rocco Forte for the 1st “Rooftop Rhythms” of the season, The ‘Re-Up Edition’ promises to bring another superb show of poetry, singing, and good times. Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 For more details, go to: https://www.facebook. com/events/345422472217419/ Monday Night Funnies Through October- Blends The Address Dubai Marina Dubomedy presents the return of Monday Night Funnies! MNF is Dubai’s very first weekly comedy night featuring homegrown talent. Each week brings you a new show rotating between Improv, Sketch Comedy and Stand up. For more info email: or call 050 4400994 On line tickets:



View the #1 song in the UAE






HALA ABOU SAYED is a 20-year-old student at Abu Dhabi University who is into different genres of music and believes that your mood picks out your music for the day.




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.










Somebody That I Used To Know- Goyte Rumor Has It- Adele Story of Us- Taylor Swift Lucky Strike- Maroon 5 Paris- Grace Potter and The Nocturnals She Doesn’t Mind- Sean Paul Sixteen- The Heavy Glad You Came- The Wanted How to Love- Lil Wayne Bad- The Cab















One More Night- Maroon 5


The Script - Hall Of Fame ft.


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift


You Bring Me Joy - Amelia Lily


Some Nights- fun.


Let Me Love You - Ne-Yo


Whistle- Flo Rida


Wings - Little Mix


Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - P!nk


Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - P!nk


As Long As You Love Me- Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean


Cry - Flo Rida


Lights- Ellie Goulding


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift


Too Close- Alex Clare


Good Time - Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen


Good Time- Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen


Bom Bom - Sam and The Womp

10. Everybody Talks- Neon Trees

10 |

10. Some Nights - fun.


Photo credits: Angeli Castillo and Simone Carvalho

THE DREAM PLAYERS Five extremely talented contestants fought it out for the title of The Dream Players in September, but in the end 34 year old, Filipino, Gary Maigue blew the competition away with two powerful and emotional performances that will live long in the memory of the crowd. Tempo was there to cover the event.

SOCIAL BUZZ Great show and production tonight by Brand Moxie and Tempo! - Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers Great! One more successful show by The Dream Players. Congrats to Gary! - Sufyan Ali Congratulations to Gary on his performance! It was so awesome and I really liked the tattoo sleeves in the second song ;) You deserved to win! - Rani Qaradeh Congratulations to all the winners! Very nice performance - Rowena Ayala Weng Thank you to The Dream Players for allowing us to play last night! - The Komondors Thank you for organizing a great show! All the contestants were talented and I wish them the best of luck! - Manar Al Hinai

THE VISION The Dream Players is a community driven talent show that aims at promoting talent in the community and giving aspiring performers and artists a platform to showcase their talent. Since its conception in January, The Dream Players has been inundated with entries from singers, dancers, painters, musicians, actors and so many more!


The crowds at the Al Wahda Mall


ON GARY MAIGUE: WINNER OF SEPTEMBER’S THE DREAM PLAYERS, GARY MAIGUE GAVE US A QUICK PEEK INTO MIND. Started singing at: Age 7 Favourite song: I will survive by Gloria Gaynor and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen Favourite genre: Pop Ballad Love to duet with: Michael Buble And the song would be: Home by Michael Buble Big thanks to: mum and dad Special thanks to: those that were a big part of my singing career

Gary Maigue, a 34 year-old Filipino who works as a Logistics Officer at Anabeeb in Abu Dhabi, played to a 1000 strong audience at Al Wahda Mall who cheered his beautiful rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive.’ The performance earned him resounding applause from the audience and a near perfect score from the judges. He then mixed it up with a whole new look for his second performance Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which had both audience and judges singing along. This was his strongest performance and the clincher. Gary won through a combination of costume, dance and voice. 12 |

REACTIONS FROM THE OTHER CONTESTANTS I have always enjoyed singing, but have been too shy to sing in front of other people until recent years. The Dream Players gave me the opportunity to share what I love to do with others. It was a personal challenge to do a live performance and The Dream Players gave me that opportunity. It was a great night and encouraging to watch others perform as well. I really hope others who want to share their talents do the same and don’t wait as long as I did”. { Glen Sullivan, Runner-Up

Competing with such incredible talent was not what I had imagined! And to see them all so tuned in and ready to perform was a shock! LOL! One of the things I love about talent shows is the opportunity and the platform it gives to those who would have never been noticed or scouted. For me I used this performance platform as an opportunity to express my energy and enthusiasm, and it was great to see the appreciation of the audience. Thank you to everyone who made the night enjoyable and successful! Keep rocking the free world!” { Jayson Rodrigues, 2nd Runner-Up

Our judges- From L to R- Kera Thompson, Manar Al Hinai, Michelle Nickelson and Terry Borden

The judges scoring the contestants

The Komondors playing Yellow by Coldplay

Film maker, Hana Makki, capturing the show


From L to R: Gary Maigue from the Philippines, Jayson Rodrigues from India, Rizalnino Noble from the Philippines, Rani Qaradeh from Palestine and Glen Sullivan from Australia

Our beautiful host, Mylene Gomera


SPONSORS Sincere and grateful thanks to community partner: AL WAHDA MALL, media partner TEMPO and organiser BRANDMOXIE. The Dream Players thank the terrific judges: KERA THOMPSON Model and designer TERRY BORDEN Director and Owner of SoundME MICHELLE NICKELSON President and COO of Mirage Foundations MANAR AL HINAI Writer and creative designer of ‘Lucky Nooni’ | 13




14 |




THE SOFT, THE RICH AND THE YUMMY! Saniya Ali does a roundup for Tempo of the best cupcake places in town.


WHERE: Bloomsbury’s BUILD: Chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge icing COMMENT: Located at the heart of Al Wahda Mall, this cupcakery is hard to miss. With its red and black décor and mahogany furnishing, this little café provided me with a pretty classy experience. The staff was more than willing to help me pick out the perfect cupcake to indulge in and I was soon munching my way through a Double Chocolate Heaven cupcake. Chocolate heaven: the smooth texture of the fudge icing mixed with the chocolate sponge left me wanting more. The sponge was baked to perfection with the moisture completely locked in, making it possibly the best cupcake I have ever had! RECOMMENDATION: Definitely my best cupcake experience so far. RATING:


WHERE: Maison Sucre BUILD: Red velvet sponge with cream cheese icing COMMENT: This adorable cupcake café is hidden amongst some busy city streets. Decorated with soft pastel colours and candy themed décor, when it came to the cake this café definitely left me wanting. First, the staff seemed impatient and was not very helpful when I asked about the toppings. I decided to stick to the traditional Red Velvet, assuming that nothing could go wrong with the house specialty and café namesake… but was I in for a surprise! The sponge had an odd consistency; it lacked moisture and the cream cheese icing was somewhat lumpy. RECOMMENDATION: Disappointing, but I’m no quitter; I’ll go back someday and try another cupcake. RATING:

16 |


WHERE: Kitsch BUILD: Vanilla sponge with crunchy caramel and crushed nuts COMMENT: Decorated in basic white this tiny take-out café has rows of cupcakes lining the counters. An intense battle took place in my head and I eventually picked the Caramel Crunch cupcake. I received my cupcake in a Chinese style take-out box complete with a thin metal handle. The cutlery provided in the café was made of wood and was biodegradable. I eagerly took my cupcake home and sat down to eat it. The topping on the cupcake consisted of a thin layer of butter cream icing with deliciously crunchy caramel and nuts covering it; this is not your garden variety vanilla sponge cupcake! RECOMMENDATION: Great combinations, I want to try them all! RATING:


WHERE: Sugar Daddy’s BUILD: Chocolate sponge with vanilla butter cream and crushed Kit Kat COMMENT: Sugar Daddy’s is one of the oldest and most popular cupcakeries in Abu Dhabi. It is located on the Corniche, which in my opinion is probably the most ideal place to enjoy a sinful treat such as this. The friendly staff greeted me with warmth and cheerfully handed me my cupcake. Because of my soft spot for chocolate I picked the Kit Kat cupcake and sat down to fully appreciate the taste and texture of the cupcake. I loved how the vanilla butter cream complimented the crushed Kit Kat topping and the rich lightness of the sponge cake. RECOMMENDATION: Yummy cupcake, and perfect place to enjoy it RATING:





By Rohith Bhat

By Ahmed Samir

Morality governs us; our race is inseparably shackled to its proximity (and not unfortunately so). To be human is to be generally expected to conduct yourself morally (regardless of the perennial question of whether we are born moral or otherwise). So inextricably linked to the fiber of our collective existence is this conclusive moral structure that determines what is acceptable and what is not. It influences our opinions and decision-making and, if you step out of line, you are rendered an abject offender, veering maliciously from the Human Way. So in a nutshell, morality is important, and so its origin. This, I came to learn, is what is known as the memetic evolution. Facebook pages (and most social networking sites, too) are filled to choking-point with recently emerged memes, those funny (at least, that’s the intention) pictures with a repeating and common image underlined by a tagline - the Yao Ming smile is one that is easily recognisable. Memes, however, are much BECAUSE OF OUR more than humourous joke-material; they EVOLUTIONARY are intrinsic to a theory that explains the BACKGROUND, development of our species’ moral system. WE HOLD OUR SUBJECTIVE SURVIVAL PARAMOUNT AND VALUE THOSE WHO DO THE SAME.

Picture this: I’m sitting in a room with about 15 strangers in my Sunday best fidgeting nervously and going over my lines again and again for my first interview when it hits me, “I’ve been through this before! A few days before Valentine’s Day when I asked what’s-hername out for the school dance!!” It starts off with selecting our Sunday best and while most women have perfected this time waster/process into an art form, most guys (not including ‘metro’ men) have yet to master the art and thus spend hours, sometimes even days trying to find the right dress to impress. Then comes the practicing of lines. You want to be funny but not a clown, you want to appear smart but not a wise guy, and you want to tell them that you’ll be there for them but set the boundaries so that you’re not a human doormat. And all this has to be communicated in less than 10 minutes! Most importantly, the body language…you don’t want to slouch, you don’t want to be stiff, you want to appear relaxed but not too relaxed, you want to appear business like but not too formal. In other words, you want be their friend, confidant, go-to-guy, reliable Joe, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the whole Justice League, all rolled into one dazzling package. But not so good that it appears you’re too good to be true! Difficult, isn’t it? Surprised dear reader? Well don’t be, all aspiring Romeos (read ‘men’) and Juliets have gone through this gruelling process of getting that one look, that one smile or, simply put, getting someone to say those three special words that last a lifetime...You Are Hired! 18 |

Memes, simply, are repeating units of non-biological matter (which explains why those pictures are called memes: the pictures repeat while the taglines change) and it’s that meme, now an idea, a belief, a unit of culture instead of just an image, that, after its first primeval presence is pronounced, proves advantageous and so continues to exist. The most central basis of the biological (and now memetic) evolution is that that which survives, survives. The tenants of our universal morality must have proved evolutionarily superior to others, and thus they survived and were repeated enough so that they came to constitute our common moral grounding. But that prompts a question: Why, then were kindness and goodness, as opposed to brutality and cruelty, considered favourable and worth keeping? And why, by extension, are cruelty and immoral brutality reviled and denounced? We hate the evil and malevolent, don't we? In that respect (and in blatantly many others) we are not much different from our early ancestors. As social and hierarchal mammals, our early ancestors understood (by way of brutally extensive trial and error) that an animal that cares for the interest of others as well as its own (kindness) is loved by the others for the benevolent discrepancy, and rises within the hierarchical circles; consequently, too, was the wholly selfish mammal loathed for its self-centered ways and ungenerous cares, and its place within the pack demoted. Because of our evolutionary background, we hold our subjective survival paramount and value those who do the same. I love myself, and you for loving me. The early ancestor - the successful one at least - was as much a purposely selfish being as a demagogue, and it’s funny to think that morality itself, the inclinations of love and caring and generosity, arises primarily from prevalent and necessary selfishness. And it is a function not of an outward altruism, but fundamentally of an inward promotion of self-interest.




Na m e :

PERSONALITY Your most valued possession? My Macbook Where can we find you hanging out most? Either by the pool or at PJ’s at Le Royal Meridien

Age: 21 n: DJ o Professi ty: UK out li a n ink ab Natio h t t ’ n o Motto: D do it. t s u it, j


One thing you cannot live without? My phone

If today is the last day- where would you rush to go? Definitely, Las Vegas!

Five things you need for survivalMusic, Internet, Car, Food and Coke

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Las Vegas, I’ve never been, but it looks awesome. I think the movie ‘The Hangover’ inspired me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Playing the music I love to thousands of people. Your goal in life? To become a successful international DJ and to play all over the world. Who in your life deserves a big old thank you? It’s got to be my father. He’s always been there to support me and help me pursuit my goal and he gave me a lift to the airport to get here. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with? Least like? Jim Carey because everyone says I look/act like him. Least like Lady Gaga.

Which of the four seasons do you most anticipate? Summer

MUSIC/ ENTERTAINMENT What music do you usually put on to get the party started? It’s all about playing the music that people will want to hear, I like to play funky tech house music to get me in the mood. List the albums/ songs that you would want to play on your funeral. Medina – You & I, Gareth Emery – Concrete Angel What’s your current Last SONG syndrome (LSS)? Hmm tough one, it’s a mashup of Inaya Day - Hold Your Head Up High vs Blue Boy - Remember Me (Hoxton Whores Remix). I just love the funky beat and the soulful voice.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT If you were on death row, what would your last meal be? Chicken Korma with Pilua rice, three popadoms with mango and coconut chutney and a naan bread. What is your favourite dessert? Apple and Blackberry crumble with custard. If you could associate yourself with a drink/ snack/fruit/vegetable- what would it be? I would be a chocolate bar, brown on the outside and sweet on the inside. | 19

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist JONATHAN KELLY

Lead guitarist TOM WOLFE

The drummer FRANK SMITH




By Sharon Carvalho

“Naming ourselves ‘The Komondors’ started out as a bit of a joke, really,” says Welsh lead guitarist, 17-year-old Tom Wolfe. “We used to call ourselves ‘Breaking the Silence’ but before a performance at the French School, as a joke, we used the name ‘The Komondors’ (which happens to be a poodle with dreadlocks). We were going to change it but then we performed at The Dream Players at Al Wahda Mall in April and then everyone knew us as ‘The Komondors.’ So it just stuck!”

that brings them all together no matter what. “We try to squeeze in as much practice as we can, especially if we are performing somewhere… but it’s not always easy,” said Sarah.

The Komondors have been playing together for about three years now and comprise four 17 year olds from the British School Al Khubairat (BSAK). They are lead guitarist Tom Wolfe, French-Algerian bassist Sarah Joubert, English drummer Frank Smith, and Scottish vocalist Jonathan Kelly.

“We all have ideas and bits of music and lyrics that we have come up with and we hope to be able to perform an original song by the end of the year but, like we said, it’s hard because we are so busy with school,” said Jonathan.

All four are very aware that their musical journey would not have been possible had it not been for the support they receive from the staff at the school. “Everyone at BSAK performs and learns classical music so it was hard to fit in initially but one day Mr Lyall, the Director of Performances, sent me an email and told me to get in touch with the singing teacher who wanted me to organize a rock concert! We ended up playing about six songs and that sort of changed things for us,” said Tom.

Apart from performing for The Dream Players in April and in September, the kids have played a few gigs around Abu Dhabi. “We’ve played at the French School a few times and at the French music festival ‘Fete de la Musique’ at the Shangri La Hotel. The festival was such that there were

Sarah adds that it’s not just the music department but also their other teachers that let them leave class to practice and support them even when they do crazy things like break out into an impromptu performance in the middle of lunchtime!

Being in the final year of school means juggling extra activities with band practice. It also means that The Komondors don’t get to jam together more than once a week. Still, it is their raw talent 20 |

“It’s especially hard over the summer when everyone goes off on holiday, but we try our best to practice as much as we can,” says Frank who plans on getting a drumming degree at University. As for the rest of them, continuing to play with a band at university is something they all want to do and seeing as this is the final year for all four, they are doing all they can to make the most of it, and that includes making their own music.

performances happening all around the Souq area and my guitar teacher managed to get a spot for us,” said Sarah. But nothing, she says, compared to performing on stage for The Dream Players where they suddenly went from performing for 200 people to an audience of a 1000. “We were completely stressed out but we loved it,” Tom added.



1 Ali Bukair! The coolest engineer in town! Ayman Bukair

8 INTERMAT Middle East @ ADNEC 8-10

15 Pinocchio Theatre Show @ National Theatre 14-19



The 18th World Route Development Forum @ ADNEC

Chic Lady Show @ ADNEC 9-12

16 Abu Dhabi Medical Congress @ ADNEC 14-16

23 Gulf Bike Week @ Dubai Festival City 18-20

30 International Fine Food Festival @ Meydan Grand Stand

3 Chinese State Circus @ ADNEC 4-6

10 Power + Water Middle East 2012 8-10



Happy Halloween! Will you be trick-ortreating?


2012 MENA Golf Tour @ Al Badia Golf Club

y olog echn -18 4 EX T GIT ICEC 1 @D

Briggett Velarde

Happy Birthday DAD!

GITEX Shopper @ World Trade Center

14 Yasalam 2012 till 13 November

22 Building Future Education MENA @ ADNEC 21-22

29 Samsung Beach Soccer Cup @ Dubai Festival City

4 Il Divo Live in Concert @ Dubai World Trade Center is tomorrow!

11 Abu Dhabi Youth Program

18 NAJAH Education Training @ ADNEC 16-18

25 Break a record with Yasalam @ Al Salil Beach!

UAE Wooden Powerboat Championship @ Abu Dhabi Breakwater

Abu Dhabi Film Festival 11-20




Bjorn Again @ ADNEC 19-20



Al Ain Reads Book Show @ Al Ain Convention Center


Abu Dhabi Science Festival @ ADNEC 10-20



Rest Upon The WindKhalil Gibran @ The First Group Theatre 17-20

u Dhabi Cut&Paste Ab @ Al Salil Beach

my october to do list

TROPFEST Arabia @ Abu Dhabi Corniche

Arjun Suria

my october eco pledge



Screen by 26- 28 the Sea O @ Al Sa ctober lil Beach


Tamakkan Seminar @ Mamoura Auditorium 6-8pm



BLOGWATCH A support group for Manchester City Football Club. “I’m City ‘til I die, I’m City ‘til I die, I know I am, I’m sure I am. I’m City ‘til I die” {

TWITTER TWEEPS A cool twitter handle that hosts a new tweep from the UAE as curator. {@weareUAE


PSY GANGNAM STYLE - The Japanese singer who (with his famous dance) took the world by storm

DEMI LOVATO OWNED X-Factor 2012 - “That’s why you use autotune and I don’t.” Demi Lovato’s face in this video is PRICELESS.

FIRST LOOK: IPHONE 5 - Jimmy Kimmel lets people on the streets get a look at the iPhone 5 for they’re opinion… Only it’s the IPhone 4S.

KEVIN HART GIVES CHRIS BROWN A DANCE LESSON FOR THE BET AWARDS - Kevin Hart helps out Chris Brown and his dancers, in rehearsals before the performance day. | 23



Alla and Marianna Boguslavsky are two sisters living in two different countries (Alla lives in South Africa whilst Marianna has recently moved to Abu Dhabi). This dynamic sister’s duo is passionate about fashion, shopping, and having fun with their personal styles.


So it’s no surprise that out of that love of fashion emerged their fashion blog - Boguslavskysisters. com. So whilst the two sisters might be separated by distance they are connected by their fashion blog. Not only do they get to see where the other sister is shopping but they also let their readers know about best buys, local trends and some style inspiration.

Marianna: The leather bag my sister bought for me during her recent trip to Milan. Love the envelope-style clutch. Alla: Right now, my cream leather jacket from Italy. It’s done a great job of keeping me warm this winter.

We asked the sisters what some of their favourites were when it comes to fashion:

Marianna: Bright skinny jeans. Obsessed! :) Alla: All the pastel colours that are in fashion

24 |

Marianna: Forever 21 at the Marina Mall. Reminds me of my days being a student in the US and shopping at the Forever21 store in Chicago. Alla: Forever New. Their clothes are just gorgeous. FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING/ ACCESSORY THAT YOU OWN?


at the moment. They are light and pretty and perfect for spring which is just around the corner. FAVOURITE CELEB WHO INSPIRES YOUR STYLE? Marianna: Ashley Madekwe (Ashley in Revenge) has amazing style. I visit her fashion blog way too often. Alla: Nina Dobrev. She always looks effortlessly stylish.

Check out their blog for more style fun and follow Marianna on Twitter (@Marianna_B)


BALANCING ACT: LAURA TALHAOUI SUCCESSFUL ARTIST AND LOVING MOTHER Tempo’s Sharon Carvalho speaks with mother and artist Laura Talhaoui who tries to find a balance between her two passions. French artist Laura Talhaoui has established herself in Abu Dhabi but her experience and inspiration come from being born and raised in Paris, living in London and from every city she has visited. Being a mother of three comes first but Laura always finds time to create and share her gift with those who appreciate it. “The thought of creating imaginative worlds for others to enjoy and appreciate is what drove me to become an artist,” explains Laura. “An artist has in their hands a wonderful way of communication and self expression and they must share this gift with the world.” MOROCCAN INSPIRATION As well the cities she has lived in or visited, Laura finds inspiration from the things around her. “Life itself is my greatest source of inspiration. I learned to look at the world differently, to pay attention to the simplest things such as the rising sun, the colours of spices, and the wind blowing on a palm tree.” “The Moroccan culture plays a very big part in my artwork. From Islamic designs to the richness of traditional fabrics, Morocco abounds with countless things to discover as well as various talented artists.” “Most of my work revolves around the ‘Khamsa’, also known as The Hand of Fatima. To my knowledge, not many artists have chosen this symbol as the main part of their art. Being a

mixed media painter, I also use an extensive variety of materials such as plaster, glue, glitter, paper and so on, combined with all sorts of paints to build up texture and relief. My work is a combination of naive, abstract and folk art.” EXHIBITIONS AND CHARITY WORK Getting the public to view their work is always difficult for artists, so Laura was proud to be one of the two UAE-based artists to exhibit at the recent London Parallax International Art Fair. “In my opinion, one of the main challenges is to get your work noticed. It needs to provoke a reaction from the viewers, an emotion or maybe just curiosity.” “I have exhibited my work at the Millennium Hotel in Abu Dhabi and participated in the ‘Guess the Artist’ exhibition at Ghaf Gallery in 2010. I also take part in charities as much as I can, including the K9 Puppy Ball in Dubai.”

GREATEST REWARD Motherhood is her other great joy, but sometimes she finds balancing her roles as a mother and an artist like being on a tightrope, and offers this advice to budding artists. “You need to be totally dedicated to your art. It's a very long, tricky road. It requires a great deal of work which can stay unknown or unappreciated for a very long time. But being able to paint freely on a daily basis is truly the biggest reward of all.” “W. Clement Stone once said, ‘Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star’ and I believe that this is one of the greatest quotes ever as it is applicable to so many life experiences.”

To find out more about Laura and her beautiful artwork, go to her website | 25

THE PLANETARIANS EXPLORING OUR LANDSCAPE PRESERVING LAND AND SEA By Emma Kirkman The UAE is a small but diverse country, with a range of landscapes, coastlines and wildlife. Although most of us deal with sand on a daily basis, and it impacts our lives, how much thought do you give to the UAE’s diverse and variegated terrain? Having lived in the UAE for the past two years, I have only recently ventured into the Northern Emirates to see the startling different terrain that awaits. The breathtaking mountains are a complete change from the flat sands of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Even the mountainous dunes of Al Ain are dwarfed by the valleys and peaks in Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. Even more spectacular is what can be found under the sea in the Northern Emirates. Mussandam is renowned for its spectacular diving and underwater terrain, but did you know that there is just as much diversity off the shores of Fujairah and KhorFakkan? Even

within sight of a container port you can find diverse coral reefs, home to a huge range of species, and if you catch them at the right time, packs of reef sharks. There is nothing like taking your first look down onto this underwater world from the surface and seeing shoals of fish swim past. Some Dive Centers in Fujairah have taken the enterprising step of creating artificial reefs to create homes for wildlife under the water, and are monitoring the health of the oceans there, and on the natural reefs.

be able to study the reefs, as the reefs off Abu Dhabi (yes, there are some!) live in water that is generally warmer than the accepted tolerance range. Scientists are monitoring these reefs to see how they respond to the different sea temperatures, and changes in sediment and nutrient levels.

Monitoring the health of the reefs is key as they give us an indication as to the health of our oceans. Corals can be very sensitive to prolonged periods of raise temperatures, and the wildlife that depends on them are easily affected as well.

Emma Kirkman is a freelance production and communication professional, and passionately devotes her spare time to helping The Planetarians to spread the environmental message.

Whilst there are many efforts to conserve and preserve the reefs around the UAE, many are still under threat from dredging, ocean traffic and changes in the sea state due to global warming. The UAE is in a unique position to

It is key that the corals of the UAE are preserved. So next time you take a dip in the sea, why not bring a mask and snorkel and see what you can really see?

Post a message to Emma at or




By Liz Kinane

Main screen

Maria and her inspiration, Keya

Maria Menezes was always aware of the challenges parents face teaching Arabic to their children. She scoured the market for an “interactive and fun method” to help her daughter Keya who was having difficulty learning Arabic in school but couldn’t find anything suitable. So the Indian born Dubai based mum, decided to stop being an observer and instead decided to take an active role in her daughter’s education. Maria started by doing some research and soon realized that she was not alone in her plight. She discovered that many parents faced the same dilemma and that many shared her feeling of helplessness. So Maria gave up her day job as the Founder and Creative Director of The Caramel theory and threw herself into the challenge and worked with App Developers to create an iOS based application called “Something Fishy about Arabic” that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and works on iPod, iPhone or iPad. Maria describes her application as an engaging learning resource to help children and understand and absorb Arabic, and as a great teaching tool for non-Arabic speaking expats. “The level 1 application is devised for 3-7 year olds. The first component teaches the letters. A universe is created where one can discover why each letter exists, along with its sound and its 28 |

Jana recording voice overs

App icon

relation to other letters. This alternative method of teaching stimulates and actively engages the learner,” she explained. The next two modules comprise a series of games. Recognising that the “interest of young children is only sustained for a short time” she designed games to keep the user engaged for longer periods while simultaneously enhancing the learning experience. These games help to break down learning obstacles and allow the participant to connect to the language in an enjoyable way. There’s also a two-person game that helps enrich the bonding experience between parent and child. “Children are like sponges ready to soak in new information; however young children will often resist something if they believe it to be associated with education. So learning is disguised within this resource and the user acquires new information in a fun and stimulating way.” She adds that the application can also be used by older and more experienced learners to refresh their knowledge. As for the character in the game, Maria began a contest on Facebook to name the character and the educational octopus was finally named Tammy. Not knowing Arabic too well herself, Maria enlisted the help of an Arabic teacher Rania Abu Ghush- Hindiyeh. Having been a part of creating the Arabic curriculum for government kindergartens in Dubai, Rania was the perfect choice for this App. As for the voices

Keya recording voice overs

of the character, well that fun job was left in the dutiful hands of Rania’s 11 year old daughter Jana Hindiyeh for Arabic, and Maria’s seven year old Keya Menezes for English. Maria has already received a positive response for her product with considerable interest from parents, teachers and the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). Her aim is that the application “will not be used as a one off but alongside school curricula” and already she looks forward to developing the next level solution, which will be aimed at higher age groups and a version that targets Arabic speakers. While this app may have begun as her idea, Maria is fully aware that none of this would have happened without the support she received from family and friends. “They’ve have been hugely supportive and encouraging and, in fact, a lot of my friends and ex colleagues have pooled in their resources and talent to help me put the app together. Most importantly, I would not have been able to do this without my husband, Roen Menezes. He was and will always be the wind beneath my wings,” said Menezes.

To find out more or to download the app, go to: http://www.


Strawberry picking with my brother in England

Yasmine’s mum, sister and Yasmine in Jordan

Yasmine with her grandparents



By Yasmine Ziadat- student at British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi

In this fast-paced, technology-driven era forming an identity can be overwhelming for the youth of today. Throw in globalisation, being an expat and living in a multicultural, cosmopolitan city, and you’ve got your hands full! Knowing where your home is can certainly be difficult, especially for me, an expat since birth. When I’m asked where “home” is, I never quite know what to say. I am Jordanian and Palestinian, with a hint of Swiss, and I happen to be British as well. Being a dual national as well as never having lived in either Jordan or the UK, I don’t feel that I can confidently claim either place as my one single home. Whilst English is my first language, my parents grounded the foundations of a multilingual lifestyle

by teaching me Arabic at a young age, as well encouraging me to study French at school. I was born in Malaysia, I have moved countries three times since then, and alternated between school systems: American, International and British. Constantly moving, I adjusted to change feeling like a new person with each move. Through this I have also developed a mid-Atlantic accent; further unsettling my concept of who I am. I sometimes feel like an “Englishman amongst Arabs and an Arab amongst Englishmen” - lyrics coined by Lowkey, an English/ Iraqi rapper. Being a teenager is a bit like being a new person as well, because we’re no longer children, but we’re not quite adults either. This seven year time frame allows us to figure out more about who we are, and what our identity is. If we assess the people in the world in this day and age, I think we’ve come to realise that there is a vast

percentage of people who might feel the way I do. With immigration, mixed marriages, and expatriate lifestyles, it is becoming harder to simply identify where we’re from, and where home is. With an ever increasing population, we’re also increasing cultural variation. Having family and friends scattered across the globe also helps to blur the boundaries of where “home” is. I’m only half way through these seven years of adolescence and I’m still unaware of who I really am. Although all this travelling has made my identity ambiguous, I love it. I feel that travel has opened a lot of doors for my identity and has made me open-minded. I have travelled in my past, I travel presently, and I know I will continue to do so in the future. Whether or not we can ever pin-point a home on the map, we can identify ourselves as humans, all living on the same earth. | 29

game hedz

tech talk

Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!

Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies

INCOBOTO ON IOS Apple’s iOS continues to prove a worthy gaming platform and is giving the traditional players a run for their money as well as providing another avenue for developers to sell more games. It’s a win-lose-win-win situation. The last win is of course for gamers, and Incoboto is our prize! Huzzah! Incoboto is a clever, dark, whimsical and thoughtful game. It has the sarcastic humour of Portal 2 with the whimsy of Machinarium, and its own uniquely intriguing storyline… You play Inco, a little boy who finds himself in a dying galaxy and on a quest to find out why it’s dying. All the suns are going out, but one surviving sun (cute little thing it is - yes it talks like a toddler) appears and assists you on your quest to try to save it and the galaxy. This galaxy was run by a monopolistic, ubiquitous corporation the products of which are everywhere and an integral part of the whole story and game play. You find clues to the fate of the galaxy on notes left by its expired denizens (that’s dead people) and on The Corporation’s sometimes malfunctioning equipment. Ultimately it’s a physics-based puzzle game but with nice touches of mystery and humour. You get to mess around with gravity, levers and fulcrums, and cryptic messages that include hints and instructions. You just use one finger to guide your character through a network of star gates and tiny planets in the side-scroller game. But the fact that you are moving around planetoids means you move in circles rather than side to side per se. Gravity platforms take you from planet to planet, and the star gates, powered by the energy of suns, take you to other solar systems. With that, you must feed your sunny friend with little star pieces in order for it to power the star gates. All part of the puzzle. It’s a lot fun, very simple but intelligent, and seems to have an underlying environmental message for us right here in the real world. Pick it up in the app store for about £2.49 depending on which app store you use.


FASHION ICON Style Battles is about a young girl who’s just arrived in Paris. You navigate with her, as it’s also your dream to make it big in the world of fashion! But you’ll first need to explore the vast city and discover dozens of chic shops each with their own unique selection of clothes, create the perfect outfit to wow crowds and make your fashion blog the talk of the town. You can make connections by socializing, while maybe finding love in the process. Show rivals that you’re a diva to be reckoned with in Style Battles. It’s available on Android and iOS Devices; it’s all free to play, so give it a try!

30 |

IPHONE 5 Apple’s iPhone 5 is official the sixth iPhone model and came to us amid a ton of rumours about what it might deliver. As expected, the iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner, 20 percent lighter and its retina display expands to 4 inches as compared to the 3.5 inches of the iPhone 4S. iPhone 5 debuts with IOS 6 which includes the new Apple Maps app, Passbook, shared photo stream, Siri updates, and Facetime over 3G. Not a shocker but iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE, and it offers an A6 chip which is two times faster than the current A5 chip and graphics will get faster too. It has an 8 megapixel camera with HD 1080p videorecording, 1.2 Megapixel front camera with HD 720p video recording, LED Flash, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n) dual band and GPS. Apple is now promising a battery life of 8 hours 3G talk time, 8 hours 3G browsing, 8 hours LTE browsing, 10 hours video playback and 225 hours of standby. No surprise again, but the 4G LTE and the battery life might be the only key difference if someone wants to upgrade. NOKIA LUMINA 920 When will the Nokia Lumina 920 appear, is the question everyone’s asking. Nokia has not announced availability and price for this Windows 8 phone but it is set to arrive this year (they say). Lumina 920 comes with an 8MP PureView camera and the floating-lens technology for image stabilization is remarkable. It has a 4.5” PureMotion HD+ display, Snapdragon S4 Dual Core 1.5 Ghz Processor, 1GB RAM, 32 GB Mass Storage and 7GB in SkyDrive, FD-LTE (4G), Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.1, NFC, Wireless Charging, 2000 mAh battery which gives a maximum of 400 hours standby time, 17 hours 2G Talk Time, 10 hours 3G Talk Time, 67 hours music playback, six hours video playback and three hours video recording. It appears to be a very good addition to Nokia smart phone’s list.

NEWS & GOSSIP HYDROGEL LENSES TO HELP DIABETICS There is great news for diabetics. A revolutionary technology has come into being to help them measure blood sugar levels without drawing blood daily. It uses extremely small nanoparticles embedded into the hydrogel lenses. These engineered nanoparticles react with glucose molecules found in tears, causing a chemical reaction that changes their colour. This technology was developed by biochemical engineering professor Jin Zhang at the University of Western Ontario. CREATE MUSIC THROUGH MOVEMENT The V Motion Project is the collaboration of a few brilliant minds that came together and created a motion controlled interface that allows a user to produce music through natural movement. The interface design and production ability is mind blowing. Check out more of The V Motion Project http://

Follow me on @shahidaasi


doc in the house

remixing rumi

Dr. DMS | A doc from the Bronx

Dorian ‘Paul D’ Rogers

A poet’s twist on the ancient classics of Rumi. Paul D takes a classic poem and remixes it to give it a contemporary spin.


Here he modernizes ‘The Story of My Life’ as translated by Nader Khalili. The Story of My Life Translated by Nader Khalili

I was ready to tell the story of my life but the ripple of tears and the agony of my heart wouldn't let me I began to stutter saying a word here and there and all along I felt as tender as a crystal ready to be shattered In this stormy sea we call life all the big ships come apart board by board

I had just come back from summer vacation and was super jetlagged when I was abruptly startled by a young man who had fallen from his balcony. I immediately ran over to see what the commotion was, and the first thing I saw was his leg. It was in the right place, except that his foot was facing the wrong direction. Ouch... He was drowsy and appeared miserable. Time to think straight. Next, I see that his blood pressure is in the toilet and he looks like he is out of breath. He’s been with us for only minutes but already we know what injuries are trying to kill him. But today, he’s in luck. He’s surrounded by a wealth of experience in the form of two experienced trauma doctors with an enthusiastic crack team of residents and nurses. We immediately set out to repair his exploded lungs, straighten out his crooked leg, fix his moribund blood pressure and relieve him of his horrific agony. By the time he was ready for the operating room, he was comfortable and talking with us. He’ll be ok. All in all, he was lucky that he arrived at the right shop. I mention this because the press had recently attacked the credibility of the emergency care in a high profile center in the UAE. The professional abilities of the staff had been unjustly critiqued resulting in escalated verbal abuse by patients towards the medical staff. The fallout was awful, resulting in a lot of medical staff questioning their role in being here. Maybe we aren’t so welcome? But for me, it comes down to this: if we are so bad, why do patients keep coming back? Many by choice. Why do the sickest patients from other emirates end up with us so often? Sometimes, directly off the plane from other countries!!! Lastly, why are we given the responsibility of teaching young locally educated physicians who will one day take over the emergency care of the UAE? As Public Enemy once rapped, so relevant in this case: “don’t believe the hype.....” You’re in the best hands in the UAE. But you already knew that. 32 |

How can I survive riding a lonely little boat with no oars and no arms My boat did finally break by the waves and I broke free as I tied myself to a single board Though the panic is gone I am now offended why should I be so helpless rising with one wave and falling with the next I don't know if I am nonexistence while I exist but I know for sure when I am I am not but when I am not then I am Now how can I be a skeptic about the resurrection and coming to life again Since in this world I have many times like my own imagination died and been born again That is why after a long agonizing life as a hunter I finally let go and got hunted down and became free

The Story of My Life by Dorian “Paul D” Rogers I want to write the story of life But I can’t steady my hand from trembling. You can’t judge a book by its jacket. God, on the other hand, has read me in my entirety and knows me from prologue to denouement. He has analyzed my character development and lack thereof, well aware of my recurring plot lines and how I allot time to everything but Him at times. In this earthquake we call life, our temples are not shock-proof, weren’t built with reinforced steel to withstand the shake of tribulations. How can I rest when my roof is crumbling above me? Pieces of plaster plop in my chamomile tea. My support beams are splintering like toothpicks bent to their snapping points. Splinters lodge in to the tips of my fingers like make-shift acupuncture needles. I’d rather abandon my temple and take to the open fields with only stars above to come tumbling down. What if the land is opened by a fault line and swallows me? Will it be any fault of mine? Will the depths of hell regurgitate me sadly or welcome me madly? After the aftershocks, a tsunami will bathe and purify me. First, I will be swept amongst drowned cars and lifeless bodies, uprooted trees and ocean dwellers. How can I be doubtful about the stories of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when I too have made it out of fires without even a hair on my body singed? Why do I cheat on wisdom and lay with This lingerie-laced foolishness as my mistress? I want to write this story of my life but it would be ineligible from the gibberish caused by this internal quake. God is shaking me and moving me around.

Amal Al Agroobi

Hana Makki Photo credits: Alwiya Thani



By Sharon Carvalho

When Hana Makki and Amal Al Agroobi met at the Berlin Film Festival, little did they know that their drive and passion would bring them together to work on socially focused projects. They embarked on their first project ‘Half Emirati,’ a film directed by Amal and produced by Hana, that is already getting critical attention. Soon afterwards Amal approached Hana with the next project, this time to co-direct and co-produce a documentary on a subject that was far more challenging, dealing with the complex topic of autism. Amal explains: “Having lived abroad my entire life when I first arrived in my country, the United Arab Emirates, I was shocked when I realized that there are subjects that are not much talked about in the Middle East.” Hana and Amal hope to raise awareness about autism through their current collaboration, a film entitled ‘The Brain that Sings.’ The film is about two Emirati autistic boys; 18-year-old Mohammed and six year old Khalifa, and their experiences during an intensive three month course of musical therapy. Hana and Amal have turned to crowdfunding to finance both the production of the film and the

music course for the two boys. They’ve already raised 20 percent of the cost of the film, thanks to the Abu Dhabi Music and Art Foundation, and welcome contributions. Hana recollects beginning this project with Amal, “When Amal approached me with ‘The Brain that Sings’ I was more than eager to get on board. My passion is documentary and bringing to light stories that hold a truth. It is very important for me to do justice to the families in the quality of the film we produce. I have lived with sickness in my own family and I know the heavy burden it brings; both the financial pressures of medical bills and the social isolation from ‘normal’ society. I hope we get to achieve our goals to give the children this course as we raise awareness about their condition.” Autism is a condition that affects a surprisingly large number of families here in the UAE, Hana explained. One of the many and very complex issues that arises with autism is the inability to communicate. Mohammed and Khalifa suffer from the frustration of not being able to express or fully understand their own emotions. Amal and Hana believe musical therapy will help the boys interact and build their communication skills. “Khalifa and Mohammed are excellent examples of the types of stigmas I want to address,” said Amal. “Here are two boys from two seemingly

‘normal and flawless’ Arab families who have one of these unspeakable problems- they are both autistic. I wanted to help them. Their families were itching to get their stories out, eager for people to realize how difficult it is to raise these boys with minimal support and the lack of treatments for them,” said Amal. Eager to complete this project Hana and Amal, have chosen to go the unusual route of developing a ‘crowd funding’ video to help them raise the necessary funds. “We know that there is no cure for autism. What I do know is that by simply giving attention and acknowledging these families and their burdens we will be making an immeasurable difference to their lives. Hope is something that should not be underestimated. Mohamed and Khalifa cannot express themselves and are crippled with frustration. Our therapist believes she can help them, I want to ensure we try,” said Hana.

To find out more about Mohamed and Khalifa’s journey, visit to take a look at the crowd-funding video on THE BRAIN THAT SINGS | 33

Gabriela Hirculescu, supervisor of the volunteer department SKMC Ice Age Party group pics



By Samarpan Chakraborty

From Left to right- Arpa, Sabrina & Sweatha

I am a volunteer. And I am continually warmed by the touching stories of volunteers around me…. HEALING MUSIC Sabrina Solomons, one of the volunteers at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) plays music to children and adults alongside volunteer Arpa Barua. “When I was volunteering in the children wards in 2011 I met a young boy for whom I played English songs. Then I had to stop volunteering for a while because of school. When I came back this year and started volunteering again I passed by him in the corridor. He recognized me instantly…and asked me to sing for him again! That’s when I realized that my work as a volunteer is appreciated,” said Sabrina. LEARNING ABOUT LIFE Volunteering at SKMC is about bringing this kind of vibrant energy into a person’s mundane, and often painful, health treatment experiences. There are moments in life that can widen the horizons of your thought and perception. They can also ignite the fire inside you that you previously believed didn’t exist. Interacting with patients changed my own understanding of the value of life. HELPING WITH PLAY AND WORK As volunteers in SKMC we conduct various activities that can really help stimulate patients’ minds. We play games like chess, snakes and ladders, Dominoes and others that the patients’ want, and there are also movie nights that we organize for both adults and children. This is not just good entertainment for the patients, but a good way for them to meet and get to know each other. We also help at the Outpatient Specialty Clinics in liaising with patients to get them a suitable appointment with medical specialists. 34 |

Melika Ghatea

Mohammed Al Ameri

From left to right - Badria Al Zaabi, Sayeda Mohammed, Abdurrahman, Me & Sanah Chauhan

MEETING PEOPLE Throughout my volunteer work I meet many new people and many have remained my friends. One of them is Shiraz Sheikh a senior volunteer at SKMC who is involved in many patient activities such as sports, education (teaching English language and computer skills) and organizing special events and entertainment. “The experience has been enlightening. It has boosted my confidence and morale and has given me the opportunity to value a lot of the gifts in life that we normally take for granted.” RAMADAN BLESSINGS During Ramadan, we typically engage in activities such as decorating patients’ rooms, reading Quran and spreading awareness about Ramadan and its spiritual value. Volunteers Mohammed Al Ameri and Melika Ghatea took the lead this past Ramadan. “Patients enjoy Ramadan decorations because it brightens up their room and creates a positive atmosphere” says Melika. Mohamed reads the Quran to patients. He says: “When I read Quran to the patients there’s a sense of spirituality that I find very satisfying. I feel like I’m fulfilling my duties as a Muslim”.

HELPING THE NURSES Volunteering doesn’t just have an impact on patients. It also have a substantial effect on the working staff. Vincent Madaray, Manager of the Medical Wards D2 promotes the volunteer services and constantly encourages of us. “Volunteers are always ready to go the extra mile and they play a very valuable role. For instance, when our nurses have difficulties interacting with patients due to cultural barriers I find volunteers there who are always ready to assist,” says Madaray. RECOGNISING HEROES Volunteer Supervisor, Gabriela Hirculescu is the reason why the volunteer programme has been a great success. I am personally very proud to have worked under someone who treats volunteers with great respect and injects the belief that our efforts have an effect on patient wellness. Gabriela tells me, “ I am personally very happy every time a volunteer receives compliments from patients or the staff that they work with. Volunteers most definitely affect patients’ lives by giving them motivation and encouragement during a troubled time of their lives.” SHARING A SONG One of Arpa Barua’s memories of volunteering at SKMC is her experience singing to an elderly female patient who loves music. “The patient’s daughter called us from across the nurse station to sing for her mom. We sang quite a few songs for her, but when we sang ‘Just the way you are’ by Bruno Mars, her eyes gleamed with tears and she had a smile that melted my heart. That beautiful smile of hers will forever be imprinted in my memory.” GIVING BACK I believe through my own experiences in volunteering that there’s always so much that you can do for the community and that SKMC is a great place to give back. It’s a cool cultural experience, and at every corner and every turn you’ll uncover an experience that will enlighten you or bring tears to your eyes.

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Angeli Castillo | Making minutes out of molehills

LEAP OF FAITH: FROM SCIENCE TO THE ARTS Have you ever wanted to become a dancer? Dreamt about being a model? How about owning your own company? 21 years old Nav Wic; a young man who took a leap of faith. SWITCHING CAREERS Gifted in science and math from an early age, Nav wanted to either get a medical degree or become an engineer. “Following my childhood aspirations, I started a Bachelor’s of Aerospace Engineering in Melbourne, Australia but two years of being thoroughly on the road towards becoming an engineer, I realized that I had lost all interest. I decided to make a jump.” So Nav did a most unpredictable thing: he recognised his interest in an industry that was possibly on the other end of the career continuum from engineering: he decided to get into media and fashion.

Photo Credits: Tony Skomina

A shot for his company ‘MilkyWay’

NO REGRETS “I did not want to wake up in a job that I didn’t like. I think this will make me happier,” says Nav who set up an entertainment company called Milkyway Entertainment. Nav works with, and finds inspiration from, all the people he meets from all walks of life, including talented vocalists, instrumentalists, artists, photographers and DJs. Still a newbie who’s getting his company on the road, Nav is nevertheless already learning some valuable lessons in life. FIGHTING TO STAY ON TOP Being so young and working in this industry is not as easy as it looks, “You always feel the pressure and the criticism from all the sides.” But Nav says it is always important to stand firm and believe in yourself and your actions. “There will always be tough competition and people will constantly put you down and be dishonest with you, but as long as you represent yourself as you really are, the opportunities will present themselves.”

Chillin’ with Omarion

His collection of bowties mixed with passes to various events

FORWARD LOOKING Nav is extremely ambitious: “I would like my company ‘MilkyWay Entertainment’ to be an international success and a recognized brand in entertainment and fashion. I would also like to travel and work with award-winning artists, and improve myself every step of the way.” A man with rolled up sleeves, and a solid plan. | 35


Alma Kadragic

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS WHAT IT MEANS TO ME As we used to do in school years ago, I’m writing about how I spent my summer vacation or really, the month of August in the US. Wherever I am, I read newspapers regularly. In the UAE I subscribe to hard copies of The National and Gulf News, and I breakfast with these papers every day. At the same time, I subscribe to email highlights of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal seven days a week. During August I put The National and Gulf News on hold but continued to receive the Times and the Journal in email format. Sometimes I killed an email because I bought or received one of these papers in the hotel. The Journal was everywhere, free in the Chicago Downtown Marriott as well as in the New York Marriott Marquis and the Washington D.C. Dupont Circle Hotel. In each city, USA Today (which I don’t like for the reasons so many people do like it) was also available for free as well as the ranking – sometimes only – local paper. In Chicago, it was the Tribune. In Washington D.C., of course, the Post. In New York, the Times.

36 |

But I didn’t only read the news. For the first time I visited the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the news in Washington D.C. I had resisted going for several years – some of my former ABC News colleagues told me it was too expensive in a city where the big national museums are free. The Newseum costs $20 for adults which I not only paid, but paid even more to become a member and supporter. The exhibits are worthwhile; they trace the history of the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, follow the sequence of events on September 11, 2001, remember some famous newsmen, give children the experience of reporting the news on television, and introduce adults to video games about news. I watched with amusement as a small Japanese girl whispered correct answers to her father and showed him how to push the buttons and make the figures fall in the water or disappear. He was clumsy; she knew all about video games and was very gentle in leading him through this one. I didn’t spend much time with the First Amendment exhibit, but that’s because I have taken it for granted as an American citizen, and

I learned from my parents who escaped during World War II from a country that no longer exists what it means to live without a guarantee of free speech. The First Amendment is part of an addition to the U.S. Constitution called The Bill of Rights that dates back to 1789. It states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” My careers as a news producer and bureau chief in the US and Europe; a business owner in the US and Europe; and an academic and freelance trainer of journalists and PR specialists would have made no sense without the existence of the First Amendment. Most Americans rely on the First Amendment and cannot understand why some people outside the US believe that the government is responsible for everything that appears in media.


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Ian Mason

LOST IN TRANSLATION MANGLING MARKETING MESSAGES I recently watched, for about the third time, Sofia Coppola’s enigmatic film, ‘Lost In Translation’ and during the movie, perhaps when Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson were wandering through the streets of Tokyo in the early hours, my mind switched to my own ‘lost in translation’ experiences in the UAE. Every day I see examples of translation that are beyond lost. Menus, posters, signs, letters…you name it. The corruption of language - especially, for me, the English language - is very amusing at times. However, communication in business is critical whether it be written or spoken. I will leave spoken communication for another time, as I may need a whole issue of Tempo to discuss this. But in terms of written communication this is the first contact you have with a potential customer. It could be an advertisement, a billboard or company signage. Take a sign near my workplace for example: it reads ‘Dress Preseeing Service’. I think that means ‘Pressing Service’ rather ‘than looking at a dress before buying it’. My message is plain and simple. Such errors are inexcusable. They affect the credibility, and therefore the trustworthiness, of the business. Even if I was interested in dress pressing, could I trust this business not to overheat the ironing machine and scorch the dress if they can’t get their business message right? This may be idealistic, but in the world of marketing and branding, perception is everything. I will repeat that: perception is everything! Think of any major brand. Your perception of it, right or wrong, is the only opinion that matters. If you think the food at McDonald’s is unhealthy, then that’s what it is, no matter how much marketing the company does to negate that perception. Maybe over time the perception will erode but it still influences today’s buying choices.

As we approach the US presidential elections, the concept of perception will take on greater proportions. Does Romney have what it takes to be president? Who knows? But his actions, his words, even his mannerisms will all be part of the voters’ perception process and he will be judged accordingly. The US presidential election is as much about spin as substance. But back to the UAE. Poorly translated marketing materials can cause moments of amusement, but more seriously they can also, again right or wrong, create some negative perceptions about the business. This applies across all languages, not just English. Bad Hindito-Arabic translations have the same effect. A native speaker will have a deep distrust of something that is incorrectly translated or spelt. It can also create confusion. Take, for instance, the spelling of ‘Jebel Ali’ in Dubai. Is this the

correct way to spell it? According to many signs, it could be ‘Jabel Ali’ or even ‘Jabal Ali’ depending on the person translating it. I understand it is a phonetic issue, but for an expat or visiting driver, this messes with their mind. Official style guides seem to be in short supply. The good news is that this is a simple issue to address. All you have to do is ask a native speaker if what has been translated makes sense before anything is printed. This will avoid a ‘handburger’ being eaten instead of a ‘hamburger’. I have been told that ‘hands’ don’t taste that good. If you are setting up a business, it is often the small things that count. As a starting point, make sure that your company name and marketing messages are not ‘lost in translation’.




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Manar Al Hinai | A khaleeji girl who overthinks and loves to write

POLISHED SPA BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT At the tender age of 23, Emirati Najla Al Ansari from Sharjah opened a beauty destination called Polished Spa – and with that become the youngest ‘Female Emirati Spa Entrepreneur’ in the region. Najla chatted with us about the challenges and excitement of owning and managing a beauty spa business.

an easy task. But I managed to create a brand name from A-Z including branding, interior design, recruiting and developing, managing, and supplying the latest trends in the market. Opening a spa in Sharjah came with many hurdles including finalizing documents, overcoming government regulations and also convincing directors, investors, and contractors what I was capable of doing in my beloved city.

EXPLAIN NAJLA TO US IN ONE SENTENCE. Najla is the youngest spa entrepreneur in the region – a woman who never wanted to be a businesswoman but to ‘polish’ the world and give back to her people and country.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS? It took me one year as I had to work on the branding, interior design, management, protocols, staff, finance, and marketing, but most importantly I had to find the right location all by myself.

WHEN DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE AN OWNER OF A BEAUTY SPA? It all started with a few toys: nail polish, blow dryer, and a lipstick. Who would have thought that those little toys would make me who I am today? I’m very passionate about spas and pampering. It’s what I love doing! WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO OPEN A LUXURY SPA IN SHARJAH, AND NOT DUBAI NEXT DOOR? Working on a feasibility study, Dubai obviously showed a stronger market in terms of doing business. But with the down turn and economic crisis, I believed that there was a need in Sharjah and with some convincing, I opened my spa there. AS THE OWNER OF THE FIRST LUXURY DAY SPA IN SHARJAH, WHAT CHALLENGES DID YOU FACE IN THE BEGINNING? To develop a brand at such a young age with no experience except for what I studied and my passion for inner and outer beauty was not 38 |

YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT? I guess being self-employed. Taking the risk and jumping into developing a brand and becoming the youngest Emirati spa owner in the region makes me proud! YOUR SPA IS THE FIRST IN THE REGION THAT CATERS ALSO TO PREGNANT WOMEN. WHAT KIND OF SERVICES DO YOU PROVIDE? Polished Spa offers safe, nurturing, muscleeasing, leg-relaxing and skin smoothing maternity and post-pregnancy treatments. Polished Spa uses Mama Mio Skincare, the revolutionary skincare brand that has been used by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham.

Najla Al Ansari

YOU ALSO PROVIDE LIFE COACHING SESSIONS BY NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) PROFESSIONALS? TELL US ABOUT THEM. We believe that beauty starts from within. We have collaborated with certified NLP therapists to make beauty shine from within. Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. WHERE DO YOU SEE POLISHED SPA DEVELOPING IN TWO YEARS? I would like Polished Spa to be available for all women across all the seven emirates and then franchised internationally as a skincare brand and destination for all women. ANY TIPS TO SHARE WITH OUR READERS WHO ARE LOOKING TO LAUNCH THEIR OWN BUSINESSES? Always keep this in mind: Your greatest accomplishment isn’t set in stone – and your past doesn’t define your future. The future is out there for you to conquer: the road ahead is wide open and you’re in the driver seat. The important thing is not to be afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is not trying. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

To contact Polished Spa call: 06-5435453, or email Twitter: @polished__spa

horoscope Aries: Let someone close to you know exactly how you feel about him or her. This is particularly important if there is adulation on your part. Maybe things won’t work out — but they certainly won’t as long as you keep quiet. Expect proper conduct out of your subordinates and you will get it. A financial opportunity could wither away if you hesitate too long. Taurus: A last-minute trip to faraway places could be just what the doctor ordered. Excitement and, very probably, romance could well be the result — but only if you let things move at their own pace. Now might be a good time to begin a serious savings plan. If you wait until all your debts are paid before you begin, you will probably never save anything — and you’ll probably never be out of debt if you don’t. Gemini: A serious and quite disturbing love affair could begin for you now if you respond to the stimulus now being waved before you. If you are free and unattached, it might well be worth riding the whirlwind — because that is what it is likely to be. If already committed, make sure that this is what you really want, because it will probably cause a breaking of all old ties. Cancer: Getting to the bottom of a mystery may not be as pleasant for you as you think. Sometimes it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. In dealing with fellow workers on an important business deal, don’t allow others to speak for you, especially when the responsibility is yours alone. Keeping commitments may be a chore, but failing to do so could damage your reputation. Leo: An upturn in your personal finances is definitely due and could come from a surprising source. Your best bet is to be totally honest and to hide nothing from those who may have a similar interest. If you lose, you won’t have lost your honor — and if you win, you win really big and there will be no carpers. Exercise your right to be heard in matters that are important to you personally. Virgo: You could gain an important and influential friend simply by speaking your mind and not allowing others to run roughshod over your or someone close to you. Libra: Maintaining the status quo may not solve your problems. You may be called upon to exhibit some independent thinking and some very positive action if you are to come out on top. In romantic affairs, keep things light and don’t go overboard with promises on the first date. Scorpio: Climb down from your high horse and write that letter you have been mentally composing for the last few months. If what you feel is real, you would be quite foolish to stand on ceremony. In office matters, make sure you keep your tongue from flapping concerning affairs that should remain private. Sagittarius: Romance blossoms in the strangest places, according to the poet, and you could find this out to your utter amazement — and delight. Business problems may seem less if you take time to walk around to the other side so you can gain perspective. The same could be true for a personal matter that has been plaguing you. Capricorn: Make sure that an old debt is paid in full before you go to the well once again. You might also do some serious thinking about your real desires and what it is you want to do with your life. If what you are presently doing is not making you happy — or at least contented — then why are you doing it? Take the advice of a friend seriously and give it a chance to work. Aquarius: Estimate your personal worth, as well as financial, and see if you are able to make things balance. If you are found wanting, do something about becoming solvent once again. You would be well advised to seek medical advice about a serious problem. Pisces: Problems of a financial nature are not as insurmountable as they seem. Seek good advice and then weigh it carefully before striking out on your own. Do not allow others to influence your convictions on moral issues, simply because it would make things neater and easier. On any tough question, the thing that is hardest to do is generally the thing you should do.


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