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VOLUME 27 | APRIL 1 | 2011


FROM THE EDITOR What happened during Earth Hour in the UAE was incredible. Not necessarily in terms of the amount of energy that was saved, but in the readiness of increasing numbers of people to participate and conserve. We all know that getting people to hear a message is the easy part, but getting them to change their behaviour is the real issue. What happened during Earth Hour here is an encouraging indicator that these small steps we are making now could potentially pave the way to a tectonic shift towards cleaner, more responsible lifestyles DEWA revealed that in Dubai alone Earth Hour (on 26 March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm) resulted in a record drop in consumption of 204,000 kwh - enough to power ten million lightbulbs for an hour! What that means is that if each one of us were committed to our own domestic ‘Earth Hour,’ say even once a week, we could collectively conserve substantial amounts of energy, and scale down the need for costly energy generation. At Tempo we’ve also been reviewing the way we do business and exploring the ways we can reduce our ecological footprint. We are currently studying our options, including the sustainability initiatives of international magazines. We will keep you posted on next steps. We have also made a pledge to integrate more energy conservation ‘messaging’ in our content, so that people become more open to behaviour modification in their daily lives. Kind of like extending ‘Earth Hour’ well beyond an hour a year. Join us, won’t you? Kindness, Abu Dhabi, pass it on.

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SPACE Hello Tempo,

AD Tempo,

Happiness keeps you sweet, trials keep you strong, sorrow keeps you human, failure keeps you humble and success keeps you glowing, but only faith keeps you going.

You are doing an awesome job by bringing up the Abu Dhabi Community!! All the best =D

Anita D Hi Tempo, Just wanted to say I loved your art jewelery story. Quirky and fun. Keep them coming.... Nawal Abed


Indian Numerals

Abdul Jaleel Tempo, I hope you’ll be running other competitions besides concerts... especially as the concert scene has died now in Abu Dhabi until November. Wassir

Sent in by Dr VK Kapoor l read with interest The Mystery of Arabic Numerals by Randy Parker in Tempo (16-31 March 2011). It has been well established by historians and is universally accepted by mathematicians that the so called ‘Arabic’ numerals (as also zero, place value of numbers, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry) originated in India in 5th – 7th century AD. These concepts then reached Arabia from India through Persia and were later taken to Europe. Indians had measures of time from the smallest truti (time taken for a needle to penetrate a lotus leaf ) through yuga (3,000 celestial years; one celestial year = 3,600 human years) to kalpa (4.32 billion years); they, actually, had specific names for numbers up to 1053. Around the same time, Indian astronomers had observed that objects fall on earth due to a force of attraction (much before Newton said the same thing in 1687); they also calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit around the sun as 365.258756484 (correct 365.2596) days. In all fairness, therefore, they should be called Indian Numerals; for some time, though, they may be called Indo-Arabic Numerals.




Tempo April 1, 2011

Pose for a cause It has been said many a time that a simple smile to a stranger is all it sometimes takes to brighten his or her day. Most of us get too wrapped up and engrossed with our own lives and problems that we sometimes take things for granted (and forget to smile). You probably pass a donation box without even batting an eye, or sometimes after a long hard day at work you forget to greet the watchman with a simple nod. It may not occur to us on a daily basis or we may not see it as a big deal, but then we see or hear in the news that a thousand lives have been lost, and thousands more are left puts things in perspective. Scary but this may be Mother Nature’s way of telling us that she is really discontented !!! Now aren’t we are all suddenly overwhelmed and filled with “OMG’s” and “thats too sad...” and of course “where’s the nearest donation box?” Don’t get me wrong; this is not the pot calling the kettle black, but its the little thing we have inside of us called the “conscience” that makes us human...and obliges us all to give back.


the victims and their families in Japan. We would also request you bring in canned goods, blankets and clothes in good condition, and donate it to the respective tables that would be available to collect these. Currently we are looking for a more appropriate place to hold the event as we expect this cause to draw quite a bit of a crowd. If you would be kind enough to suggest a venue then please contact me on We are at a point in all our lives, irregardless of race, age and status, where we have to take a stand and realize that a smile is all it takes to make a difference. Support this cause! Sent in by Angie Castillo

Now what if you were given a chance to give back but in a more fun way ...(no disrespect but) how about ‘smiling for a cause’? My friends and I are currently organizing a fundraiser event called POSE FOR A CAUSE and I’m asking each one of you to bring along your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and even your pets to participate in this event. The idea behind this is to smile and pose for a picture, and each picture processed is a small fee of five can take one or as many as you like, considering all the proceeds go to


Do you think living in Abu Dhabi requires one to have a car?

Totally necessary; you can’t get anywhere without your own car in this city: 52% You should be able to use public transportation (buses and cabs): 13% A bit of both. You should have a car but use it only when totally necessary 35%


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Vox POP ACS students open up about their future As the world becomes increasingly competitive young people at the American Community School are starting to prepare themselves for the future. The ACS students got together at a career fair recently to discuss their choices, and to reflect on what they need to do now to prepare for the future. Tempo headed to the ACS to chat to a group of students about their hopes and dreams...

ALEX HAMAD – GRADE 10. Interest: Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineering was my first choice. I learned about some of the preparation needed for this field and the different career paths that one can branch into. School subjects like mathematics and the sciences, especially physics, are important to study for this field, and that’s something that I’m pretty good at.

ELISE SHIVAMBER – GRADE 10. Interest: Journalist Ever since seeing the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ years ago, I’ve had the dream of becoming a journalist. I was advised with great information on the exact jobs dealing with the publishing of a magazine and also the idea that we should start blogs. I learnt from a publisher/editor that she interviews applicants who do not have published work, and in that case, they’d substitute the assessment with the publication of their blog. In that case the main thing to have achieved is experience. Experience, experience, experience. I may look for a university with great school media (such as a newspaper or online magazine) to get involved with the newspaper, magazine, etc. for the college. I’d also look at writing classes, especially ones that give feedback on how well we write, not just the material we write about. I still aspire to become a journalist, but now I am going to make more of an effort to put myself out there, and get more experience. The first way to complete this, will be the starting of my own blog.

JACOB CHACKO – GRADE 10. Interest: Investment Banking/Finance My goal is to become an Investment Banker. This is a very demanding career and people who are in this field are the people who have the most business savvy. This career requires a lot of hard work. Investment Banking is very enjoyable if you are highly interested in Finance and Business. I have decided that I will pursue a bachelors degree in entrepreneurship and international relations. Then I will proceed by also getting a Masters degree in Business Administration. I will get some work experience in the field by working in investment banking firms. I will then become a banker and hopefully partner of the firm. After this, I would like to become the CFO of a major corporation.

JOHN WAGES – GRADE 11. Interest: Chemical Engineer My first career choice is to become a Chemical Engineer. I learnt of products that were the result of the hard work of chemical engineers, such as directional oil drills and algae that produce useable oil. While chemists run labs and perform tests, chemical engineers find ways to produce chemicals and improve upon current techniques and products. While I like the idea of doing hands-on work, I think the long workday would be a little too much for me.

NICO KRELL – GRADE 9, Hoping to become Journalist My first career choice was Journalism. I learned about new aspects of journalism that really appealed to me, as well as others that did not. Not to say that they were disparaging, because they were vital about what the industry has to offer, and necessary for knowing what I want to do with my life. But then again it seems that I am still searching for mine. 6

Tempo April 1, 2011

JUSTIN JOHNSON – GRADE 12. Interest: the Military I selected Military as my first choice. My dad has been in the military and I knew a lot about it already. I would like to know about jobs that are definitely not desk jobs but can be very exciting and rewarding, and those jobs that aren’t as action oriented but still play a big part in the military and are equally as important as the ones you hear about more often. It’s very nice to hear about careers from people working in those fields instead of just reading about it on the internet or university web sites.

PAULINA ORILLAC – GRADE 10. Interest: Doctor My top career choice is to become a Doctor. I sat through a presentation, complete with videos and pictures, that set the actual everyday life of a doctor away from the ‘everyday life of a doctor’ on television. As much as I want to pursue this, I also have to open my eyes to factors that should affect my decision, such as the hours one might work and the relationship one has with a patient.

RYAN PEACE – GRADE 12. Interest: Mechanical Engineer

With shared experience I am confident in my knowledge of mechanical engineering. From deep-sea machinery to the construction of thrill rides, this field was not only intriguing, but also extremely helpful to my understanding of the wide variety of things I could do as a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers have the ability to go down several paths leading them to help create various structures and the factors that effect how they are built. For example, the deep-sea machinery is needed to be prepared for the extreme conditions of pressure and temperature while the structures sent into space are much more frail than one would think due to zero-gravity conditions in space. I found it funny that part of constructing jet engines was ironically the day you destroy them for testing purposes.

TASHA KRELL – GRADE 11. Interest: Diplomat A job in the foreign service can be difficult yet rewarding, as it involves challenges in collaborating with people in countries that you are unfamiliar with. But at the same time it presents many worldly experiences which fulfill those deeper inquiries to be part of something bigger. When choosing to work abroad in the field of diplomacy, moving from place to place and experiencing new cultures and styles of living must be within your realm of interest. As an expat, I find that I will want to continue living abroad and a job in the foreign service would continue my exposure and interest to people who are unlike those of my home country. Day to day work includes a lot of interaction, and I learned that perhaps a solid base of sociology can enable you to effectively collaborate and understand where people are coming from. I also learned that the name of a diplomat carries farther than just the work life. This person must be conscious of his or her role as a representative of their country and be patriotic and responsible. 77 9

What’s HOT National Library


Great news for bookworms in the capital

April 7- 9, Abu Dhabi Corniche

As part of its efforts to make library services available, and spread cultural awareness among all strata of society, the National Library of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) has launched a number of initiatives aimed at expanding library services throughout the emirate of Abu Dhabi. First and foremost among this projects are plans to open a number of libraries during the coming few months.

This open – air festival organized by ADACH in collaboration with WOMAD UK will once again feature an explosive line-up of performers and a more diverse selection of activities for visitors of all ages as it hits the Corniche in Abu Dhabi and the Al Jahili Fort Al Ain for the third year running.

The first branch of the library is the Corniche Library. The planning of this non-traditional library would consist of four levels, where some areas would be facing the sea and others designed for quiet study and research spaces. In addition to an entry hall, it will also offer exceptional library services such as a 24/7 book vending machine which functions like a snack and beverage vending machine, but allows you to lend and return a book. The audio-visual library will be one of a main feature as library patrons will have the possibility to speak and interact. It will be equipped with a film screen, devices for listening to music, rooms for playing musical instruments, a large room which can hold up to 90 people, areas with educational toys and games, CD’s and DVD’s, computer and free wifi internet facilities. The best part is that it is furnished with non-traditional furniture and areas where one can sit on the floor, reminiscent of traditional Arab “majlis” style seating. (Now that’s what we call a comfort zone!) The Children’s Library has areas for children of different age groups and has spaces for live performances and educational games and toys. The Emirates and Arabian Gulf Library will provide an environment suitable for study and research. Its interior design and wall decorations will reflect the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Gulf States.

WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2011 will also host the Taste The World in Abu Dhabi, where invited artists will conduct live cooking demonstrations of their favorite dish from their country of origin. Taste The World will also feature spontaneous musical performances, while the audience will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and sample a variety of featured dishes. In the lead-up to the festival, artists from Egypt, Cameroon, South Africa, Jamaica, India, Guinea, Australia and UK will also be conducting a series of creative learning workshops as part of a program called WOMAD Beyond. The artists will share their music and visual arts with students in the outreach program that targets schools, colleges and universities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Artists coming to Abu Dhabi for WOMAD Beyond are David Cox (UK), The Dhol Foundation (India/ UK), El Tanbura (Egypt), N’Faly Kouyaté with Mady Kouyaté (Guinea), Muntu Valdo (Cameroon), Ripton Lindsay (Jamaica), Malarky (UK).Ndebele mural artists Angelina Ndimande and Marry-Ann Mbonwayini Tjale (South Africa)

The Research Library will be the one best equipped for research and study including in-depth collections in all branches of knowledge, including dictionaries and reference works as well as tomes on philosophy, psychology, the social sciences, languages, pure and applied sciences, arts, literature and history. The Abu Dhabi Mall Library will present a variety of services and programs including a collection of 250,000 print titles and 10,000 audio-visual materials, in addition to educational materials for children, and an area dedicated to the arts and music, handicrafts and creativity. There will be many selfservice options such as self-checkout utilizing RFID technology. Facilities for photocopying and printing will also be available. The Mezyad Mall Library and The Al Raha Mall Library will include a large number of educational toys and games, puppet theatre, film and storytelling presentations.

6 8

At Al Nahayan Camp another branch of the Library will be launched. On the other hand in Al Ain, The Al Ain Mall Library will be located in the heart of the city.

Khalidiyah Mall Abu Dhabi in association with Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) is hosting an educational campaign titled “Turn it off” that will educate the visitors and the public on reducing carbon emissions which will help in tackling climate change. To know more about energy conservation and reducing emission Tempo suggests you head down to Khalidiyah Mall and bone up on your eco-friendly knowledge!

By Shahid saeed


NIKON D3100 SLR CAMERA Nikon D3100 is a 14.2-megapixel Digital SLR Camera that features Full 1080p HD Cinematic Video, EXPEED 2 image processor, builtin pop-up flash, Automatic Image Sensor Cleaning, and One-touch Live View, movie recording, supports SD (Secure Digital), SDHC and SDXC memory cards. The camera includes 3x NIKKOR 1855mm VR image stabilization zoom lens measures (W x H x D) 124 X 96 X 74.5mm and weighs 505g. It may only be an entry-level SLR camera, but it’s capable of supplying very good image quality and it also has the ability to shoot HD video. It’s a comfortable camera to hold and an easy one to use.

LENOVO NETBOOK S10-3 The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 is Lenovo’s third netbook in the IdeaPad line.The netbook is thin and light, and comes with a choice of a black or red cover featuring a textured, fingerprint-resistant cover. But in order to keep the laptop as small as possible while providing a nearly full sized keyboard, Lenovo chose to build left and right buttons into the touchpad. The netbook features a 10.1 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, Windows 7 Starter Edition, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, and Bluetooth 2.1. At 10.6″ x 6.6″ 1″ the IdeaPad S10-3 is one of the smallest 10 inch netbooks. It weighs 2.8 pounds with a 6 cell battery, which is about par for the course.

SIEMENS GIGASET DECT PHONE AL280 DUO The Gigaset AL280 Duo with twin handsets makes for a convenient telephony experience. It features brilliant sound quality hands-free function powered by innovative HSP™ technology. Talk longer up to 25 hours and enjoy stand-by time of up to 210 hours. The integrated phonebook has a space for up to 80 entries and capacity to list the last 25 missed calls including time and date. Also, for those needing more than two handsets, the AL280 Duo is expandable to up to four handsets. Designed for comfortable calls, it is perfect for those desiring the convenience of hands-free, plus the flexibility of an additional handset. 9

T singles

po’s m e


1. “What’s My Name”

Rihanna feat. Drake

2. “Firework” Katy Perry 3. “Please Don’t Go” Mike Posner 4. “Raise Your Glass” P!nk 5.Give Me Everything” Neyo ft. Pitbul, Afrokack & Nayer

6. “Just Can’t Get Enough” Black Eyed Peas 7.“Waiting For The End” Linkin Park 8. “On The Floor” Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull 9. “Tonight”

Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris

10.“Bottoms Up” Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris 10


“WHAT’S MY NAME” RIHANNA feat. DRAKE [Rihanna] Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Whats my name, whats my name [Drake] I heard you good with them soft lips Yeah you know word of mouth The square root of 69 is 8 something Cuz I’ve been tryna work it out, oooow Good weed, white wine I come alive in the night time Okay, away we go Only thing we have on is the radio Ooooh, let it play, say you gotta leave But I know you wanna stay You just waiting on the track to finish girl The things we could do in twenty minutes girl Say my name, say my name Wear it out, its getting hot, crack a window, air it out I can get you through a mighty long day Soon as I go the text you gon right is gon say… [Rihanna] Not everybody knows how to work my body Knows how to make me want it Boy you stay up on it You got that something that keeps me so off balance Baby you’re a challenge, lets explore your talent [Chorus] Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me Hey boy, I really wanna be with you Cause you just my type Ooh na na na na I need a boy to really take it over Looking for a girl to put you over Oooooh, oooooh Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me Hey boy, I really wanna be with you Tempo April 1, 2011



“Rolling in The Deep” Adele “Price Tag” Jessie J ft. B.O.B

“E.T” Katy Perry feat Kanye West “Just Can’t Get Enough” The Black Eyed Peas

“Down on Me” Jeremih feat. 50 Cent “Hello” Martin Solveig and Dargonette

“Down on Me” Jeremih feat. 50 Cent “Bor n This Way” Lady Gaga “S&M” Rihanna “Written in the Stars” Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner “Jar of Hear ts” Christina Perri “Rolling in the Deep” Adele “On the Floor” Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbul “The Show Goes on” Lupe Fiasco

“Grenade” Bruno Mars “Animal” Neon Trees “C’mon” Tiesto vs. Diplo feat. Busta Rhymes “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” Noah and the Whale “Shot Yourself in the Foot Again” Skream and Example “Wonderman” Tinie Tempah feat. Ellie Goulding

Cause you just my type Ooh na na na na I need a boy to really take it over Looking for a girl to put you over Oooooh, oooooh Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Whats my name, whats my name [Rihanna] Baby you got me, aint nowhere that I’d be Then with your arms around me Back and forth you rock me So I surrender, to every word you whisper Every door you enter, I will let you in [Chorus] You’re so amazing, you took the time to figure me out Thats why you take me, way past the point of turning me on You bout to break me, I swear you got me losing my mind Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Ooh na na, what’s my name Whats my name, whats my name

Aicha Diop “My Playlist” Tempo Top 10 Judge: Aicha Diop

1. Alicia keys - trying sleepi ng with a broken heart 2. Beyonce - Halo 3. Kings of Leons - Somebo

dy 4. Brandon Boyd - Runaway Train 5. The script - The man wh o can be moved 6. Miguel - Sure thing 7. 50 cent - Put it down on


8. Shontelle - impossible 9. The Avenged sevenfold - Seize the day 10. Train - Hey soul sister




photos by angie castillo and Ellaine Fatima

Nicolene Wagner, 23, South African loves daring fashion and lets her leggings do the talking with bold and powerful prints.

These printed tights are divine, with the earthy tones, and they are a bold piece so I don’t need to over accessorize myself. A clingy, tight fitting top is a no-no for me. The fashion statement is to wear them with oversized tees, long shirts or a plain-coloured, simple tunic-style dress which tempers out the boldness of the prints.

I wear these eye-popping prints with a super strong sense of humour!

I bought these cute cut-open print shoes in Singapore

Readers, if you want your style to be featured simply email 12

Tempo April 1, 2011

Fashion Statement: The girl next door - I like earthy, natural colours and bold prints. And I am totally crazy about shoes!

The Blowdart from Malaysia represents the dangerous side of me

This pillow from Home Center reminds methat I need my beauty sleep after all the hard work

All the items I buy represent different bits of me… The Matryoshka dolls, coffee mug and compass represent my love for traveling and the adventurous side of me

I love heels because they look good on me and I know how to work them..Cause..” these boots and heels are made for walking and that’s just what I do :)

st tick to mo s I t a h t le own sty that I have my , but if I see a trend of the time s me I go with it interest iment. and exper ll s, Legit - a h t r o w u r T entity, Zara, I shop at Id th Africa as well as d ou an shops in S , Forever 21, Oysho s Stradivariu mens Secret Wo

The Matryoshka are adorable souveniers


BY Ellaine fatima


Hawksbill Restaurant The Scene: Stepping into the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club, there’s no mistaking where you are… (duh!) a golf club! Expect to find training manuals, sports magazines spread across the tables, as well as vintage clubs framed on the walls, and glass doors that afford spectacular views of the emerald green course, not to mention a troop of well behaved line of caddies. If you’re a golfer you’ll imbibe all the sporting paraphernalia, but for golf widows and hangers-on thankfully the whole golf thing is toned down somewhat inside the dining room of Hawksbill Restaurant. Tempo was invited as part of a media tour and we opted to remain indoors despite the outdoor terrace calling us to soak in the remains of the winter weather. Inside were chocolate brown banquettes against dark wood-paneled walls, TV screens, and huge windows that overlooked a floodlit course areas with intimate ambience. The menu is a bit broad, with a selection of Arabic dishes, followed by a page each of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pastas and mains. What we tried: For appetizers, we were served the tomato and basil jelly with buffalo mozzarella and roasted bellpeppers unusual but quite fulfilling that fulfilled. Next were the potato cheese bites of fancy melted cheese balls garnished with strings of beetroot. For the main, I plumped for the pan seared salmon steak which when arrived, was propped up by a colourful tower of lemongrass, pickled beetroot strings, creamy leek potato soaked in an unadvertised pink froth! PINK! Initially I questioned the pink froth and was assured later it was safe for consumption - that it was merely beetroot foam (how fancy is that?!) By the end of it the meal satisfied the stomach as well as dazzling the tastebuds. The caddy-like attentiveness of the service continued throughout the whole afternoon, with dishes arriving speedily




It was a good thing we drove to the golf course because it really is out of the way for taxis. Price: A meal for two- Dh 240 Where: Saadiyat Island

kani salad



What you’ll need:


umm D T



es Disfh r o ies OL

and whisked away within seconds of the last morsel. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for dessert so I wouldn’t be able to reveal to much about that.


1 cucumber sliced into this strips 1 carrot sliced into thin strips 1 small head of lettuce shredded to bite size pieces 3-4 tbsp (or more depending on your taste) mayonnaise

Total foolproof cooking for even the most spastic: all you have to do is just chop up everything and mix in a big salad bowl!! 14






2 3

8 9

10 11

Speed Weekend @ Yas Marina Circuit

Jiu Jitsu 2011 Hall @ Abu Dhabi

UAE Jet Ski 2) ship (Heat Champion , beside er at W k ea @ Br staurant Al Safina Re

Muhimma Sulaiman

Al Jarreau-A Jazz Roots Concert @ Emirates Palace Auditorium

Marwah Tradit Dhow Sailing Racional e (43 @ Break Water ft)

Splendours of Mesopotamia @ Manarat Al Saadiyat

Gulf Glass 2011 @ ADNEC


My Birth N.B

Speed @ Yas Weekend Ma Circuitrina

Womad @ Corniche

Opera G ala: @ Emir Dmitri & ates Pa lac

Spring Show 2011 @ ADNEC

Dany Jaber

Mommy Olive’s Birthday

Yasmine Elhamouly

Joshua C. Francisco

ALIC IA G @ N RAU a rt Ex atio Airp nal Th hibitio e n ort Roa atre, d

s (Tariq th of RoseRachid The Paar - by irates Al W d) Em @ Koraichi Palace

Khalid Al Shaer



17 Varun

lian An Zayed imals Circus Sports @ City


Gina Pizarra

UAE Sailing Championship – Final Round @ Break Water, Havana Cafe


Malaysia Services Exhibition 2011 @ ADNEC

25 Animals Mongolian Zayed Circus @ Sports City

UA Fin E Sa al ilin Ro g C u h Ha nd @ am va Br pio na ea ns Ca k W hip fe ate – r,

Sameer Tawakol


Phoebe Jaspe

1 201 ll itsu i Ha Jiu J Dhab bu @A



ited S Manchester Une@Ra m Schools @ Do

29 30 My april eco-pledge

Arab Market 2011 @ ADNEC

Pro Drag Racing Series @ Yas Drag Racing Centre

I will_________________


Mohammed R.A

Horse Show Jumping


April 2011 Photo Credits: Angeli Castillo • Ellaine Fatima • Muhammad Osman Gul



Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

13 l and Cultura Saadiyat IslExhibition District Palace @ Emirates

Hassan Abu Assali


Jiu Jits @ Ab u D u 2 0 1 1 habi Ha


20 21

19 Malaysia Services Exhibition 2011 @ ADNEC

Yas Trac Mar k Days ina Circ @ Yas uit

Arab Market 2011 @ ADNEC

d Soccer Manchester Unite @Rawdhat me Do @ ls oo Sch

DO YOU WANT TO BE A ‘DAY’ IN OUR CALENDAR? Do you have an event that wants to be featured? Do you want to share your mantra with us? Simply email us at: ellaine@

28 Leila Fedama


innovation sponsored by

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Abdu Nadu

Rania Yousef


Waleed A. Qaddour

Maricar Landicho


Maroon 5 @ Dubai World Trade Centre

Hassan Sharif-Experiments & Objects 1979-2011 @ Al Hosn Cultural Quarter Hall

Ethar Mohamad


ab Dh Abu NEC E AP AD YSC @ CIT 2011


14 Horse Sh o Jumping w


Soccer awdhat

Womad @ Corniche

Saif Al Madani

History n of the The Daw Jahili Fort, @ Al Al Ain

Spring Show 2011 @ ADNEC

Reem Hamoui

Toufic Issa

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge


6 7

Womad @ Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain

Leila Wasti

Ghadi Bou Samra

Friends ce

Mais Annab

Spring Show 2011 @ ADNEC


Lowell Aquino

tuesday Reem El Sheikh


s Days @ Ya Yas Track Circuit a n ri a M









Sabahatt Habib


IR ful



P AS care


people meter










Ian Pugh Britain

The thing you most love about living in the UAE? The way all the different nationalities live together in peace and harmony

All of the fun events and concerts over here. Also that the opportunities to meet people or attend exciting events (Formula 1, Film Festivals, etc) is accessible to everyone here, which is something that doesnt happen anywhere else in the world

The thing you most hate about living in the UAE? Some people’s attitudes that they should simply be entitled to whatever they want!

The way people drive!!

Your happiest moment? The day I was able to drive my mom to anywhere she wanted instead of us taking a bus

United winning the Champions League in 1999. And going up the Alps when travelling Europe.

When was the last time you cried and for what? Friday night because I sprained my foot and it HURT so bad!!

I was 8 years old and had just seen McCauly Culkin get stung by the bees!

You are given a million dirhams what are you most likely to do with it? Donate part of it, give part of it to my mom, dad, sis, save a bit and shop with the rest of it!!

Go to a country where I could use the money to do things which were classed as legal there but aren’t here!

If there was something you could improve about this place, what would it be? I would improve the transport system by constructing more roads traffic is insane at times!

Equality of life for the minority workers.

What according to you is the easiest way to get along with other cultures of Abu Dhabi? Tolerance. Accept everyone for who they are and don’t judge, and you’ll get along just fine.

Simply talk with them and take an interest in them as you would with anybody of the same culture.

Describe a “fun” day for you in Abu Dhabi? Driving to Dubai cause the fun is there :P 18

Learn to blend in... and respect is the key!! Tempo April 1 , 2011

DOC in the house?

By dave solomon

Great Expectations

Let me share a dilemma that I face every shift that I work in the Emergency Room. Let’s start with a quiz to sort you folks out... Which is the emergency case? a. amputated limb b. sore throat for 2 weeks, no fever, taken no over the counter medications, eating and drinking fine ( this is NOT a trick question) If you answered a), we think alike. People...This is what I do and have been doing for a long time. My colleagues and I have literally seen everything, between us, and there are not too many surprises. Sure, we still see things that get us “excited” (a poor choice of words, BUT my professional excitement unfortunately comes at the expense of other people. Sort of like an executioner?? Poor choice of analogy), that will require us to brush up our physical or mental skills, but we can “sniff out” the sick, pretty well. That’s what makes our specialty unique. Now, here’s where the problem comes in. Everyone who shows up to the emergency department, thinks that they are an emergent case. They go to such lengths to be seen seen immediately for such complaints as : • I’ve had a headache for 2 years • I think I have a fever • I had abdominal pain... yesterday • I’m dizzy The list goes on and on and on...... What these people fail to realize, is that there are other people in the emergency room, alsowaiting to be seen. Who knows

what’s in the cubicle or room next door, and quite frankly its none of your business. But of course, “they’re not as sick as me”, and “ I need to be seen right away!!! I am an emergency case, and I have somewhere else I need to go to!!! DOCTOR!!!!!”. Listen up sunshine and listen well, for a little education..... That quiet elderly lady over there, she’s ill. Really ill. Notice, she’s not yelling? She cant, she doesn’t have the physical strength. She was just resuscitated. She almost died a few hours ago and still may die. Now, see that pale looking man in the corner?? He just received some “great” news- his daughter just died, his wife is in a coma, and he’s lucky to be alive. Trifecta bonus!!!!! Still feeling important? You still feel the need to act like a VIP? Shame on you!!!! My business it to seek out the ill, and take care of them first and foremost. This rule applies everywhere. Just because you came in on an ambulance, does not automatically qualify you to an exclusive front row seat in the emergency department. Those that do receive that dubious honor, probably don’t even want to be there. Just because you read WebMD - by the way, someone please hack that site or bring it down!! - or looked something up in wikipedia, does not qualify you to make executive health decisions at my level. Do you habitually explain the laws of the land to a lawyer or tell a chef how to better his meals?? (fast track to snot ending up in your Happy Meal). I doubt it, and those rules apply to us as well. We are medical professionals, and have trained very hard to get to the level we practice. The currency we deal in, is your life. The stakes are large and we are all very aware of that fact. This is our professional speciality. So, should you ever voluntarily end up in the emergency department, be realistic about what to expect from your visit with regards to your presenting ailment. And, if you’re nice, you might even get a work or school note (‘cause that’s why you came anyway, right? I’m not stupid...) 19

TimE caPsulE:

Ghadi Bou Samra, 15, Lebanes Motto:Best friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget PERSONALITY

If I could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else it would be any member of 30 Seconds To Mars so I could see how they actually put on those AWESOME live performances

One thing I cannot live without… my friends

Five things I need for survival:

LOUD music source, money, cellphone, camera, laptop

In 10 years… I don’t really have a clear

vision of where I would be, but i’m sure it’s somewhere AWESOME

A car I would like to own? Bumblebee My most valued possession: my macbook

Idea of p

John Len


One of the songs I’d play in my funeral is.. Grow Up by Simple Plan

My earliest memory? My first Christmas while my parents were unwrapping my gifts and I was more interested in the wrapper and the boxes than the actual gift.

peace? Just listen to Imagine by

nnon, that’s my image of peace.

My life as a book would be called… AWESOMENESS at it’s best!

My typical weekend: I wake up at about 11pm, and I stay in bed for about an hour or two. then I go whatever I have planned out for the day with my friends. Then I have the time of my life and I get back home a bit too late. But my perfect weekend would be a hangout with my closest friends to a concert or to a theme park/amusement park

The person who inspires me the most… Goal in life…

Well everyone around me is an inspiration in their own that sounded cheesy

to live life to the fullest with no regrets and to experience everything I can.

My style... I’d just wear shorts and some random GREEN shirt!!

The item I keep buying even though I have plenty? Video

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My abu dhabi

By Ellaine Fatima photos by Future Center and Afaf Salem

walk for Autism April is Autism Awareness month worldwide, and so Tempo went out to find out more about this condition and more about the Future Center for Special Needs. We had the pleasure to interact with the children and learn more about what the facility offers. The Future Centre for Special Needs is a non-profit organization, founded in September 2000 that provides intervention to over 160 multinational autistic students with the aim of helping them lead more fulfilling lives. There are 90 members of staff that are involved in programmes for the development and improvement of different skills such as those that are physical, occupational, speech, communication and language, social, vocational, academic and artistic. Approximately one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism. The management told Tempo that autism is a developmental disability that surfaces at the age of three. Family income, lifestyle and education do not affect the chance of autism. It impacts the normal development of the brain

in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Children and adults with autism typically have difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and leisure or play activities. Nipa Bhuptani Supervising Coach of CCM/ Head of Autism Department further explained, “Although most persons with Autism “look normal” the disorder makes it hard for them to communicate and relate to the outside world. They may exhibit repeated body movements (hand flapping, rocking), unusual responses to people or attachments to objects. The biggest challenge would be resisting to any changes in routines. It is hard to introduce something new in the schedule. Sometimes they have their good days, sometimes their bad. Every child or adult has an individual education plan and a teacher in each spectrum of difficulty. There is a scientific way of dealing with autism that is Applied Behavioral Characteristics (ABA) trained to each of our staff.”

Samuel and Ricardo head down to the kitchen to make a fresh batch of cookies for Tempo and the staff!

Ricardo Daneri


Tempo April 1, 2011

By Ellaine Fatima photos by Future Center and afaf salem

My abu dhabi

The school timings at the Future Centre are like regular school timings. The day starts at 8:30am with circle time, which is a discussion about basic science at a level that corresponds to each class. During the day there are therapy sessions, such as occupational, speech and physiotherapy. The seniors would have vocational training. On certain days there are trips to book fairs, cinemas, malls, parks, and practice sessions on how to shop, swim, horse ride etc. By the end of the day at 1:30 the students head home. Sometimes the programmess are followed-up with homeschooling by parents. “We take pride in the fact that five of our older male students are now employed. We are also happy that 59 of our students have been integrated and joined regular schools”, added Nipa Bhuptani. How can we participate to help the Future Centre? The Future Centre for Special Needs, which is under the Patronage of HE Sheikh Nahayan bin Mabarak Al Nahayan, will host its 3rd annual Autism Awareness Walk this month. The walk involves lighting a candle and walking for one kilometer on the Corniche, in order to raise awareness about autism. Al Noor Hospital is the main sponsor of this event which collaborates with WOMAD, an event hosted by ADACH. The Abu Dhabi police will support by providing the safety needed to participants as they march down the Corniche, some of them with the Dubai Drums gang. “The event is not a fundraiser and anyone can join! The main aim of this walk is to highlight the Autism Spectrum Disorders and to encourage everyone to provide their support, as people of autism require staff that are specifically trained and committed to helping out.” says Hala Ghassan, Media Coordinator.

Samuel Peckham boasts off to Tempo his amazing cookies!

When: Thursday, 7 April, 6:30 pm Where: The walk will commence from the Abu Dhabi Beaches entrance # 1, (at the end of spinney’s street) on the Corniche. What to expect: Registration begins at 5:30 pm and is free. Also there will be entertaining activities such as magicians, clowns, face painting, music, balloons etc for the children as well as toys, t-shirts and candles (supplies are limited so register to guarantee availability) For information and registration, send an email to: 23

fashion: emerging talent

By Ellaine Fatima

photos by ellaine fatima and angie castillo

Designers from Abu Dhabi and across the country will participate in Dubai Fashion Week which kicks off with its Fall / Winter Collection. ‘Emerging Talent’ is how DFW provides a unique platform for young and amateur designers from across the region to showcase their fashion skills. In this issue we present part one of the Emerging Talent.

Anna Gurgacz Age: 26

I am originally from Poland and I have a degree in Visual Arts. I used to live in Qatar where I worked as a book illustrator for the writer Dr. Rajlakshmi Darabari of London. Imoved to Ajman with a purpose to fulfill a dormant passion. I currently study at Preston University in Ajman and am pursuing my second year in Fashion Design. My style is centred on elegance, timelessness and food taste with the details of Middle Eastern lavishness (surface ornamentation). My label is called EGO Gurgaczio. EGO stands for E-Exclusive, G-Gorgeous and O-Opulent, while Gurgaczio is based on my surname. I want it to reflect a brand that is self oriented and self concerned; I aim to design clothes that represent western style with a touch of Arabic opulence. My collection called “You are so special” speaks confidence and class. It can be worn for business purposes, to elegant dinners or cocktail parties. The inspiration draws heavily from fuschia flowers and architecture. My designs involve a lot of asymmetrical cuts, delicately structured tiered panels and pleats, with fabrics of two gradient hues to bring about the effect of petals of a flower. I ‘d use materials such as crepe satin, stiff royal stain, organza and chiffon. Details such as the weave, embroidered crystals and hand paint designs are done by hand (I do them myself )> I would like to establish my brand and be recognized and I thank DFW for giving me the opportunity to do so. I know the bigger picture here is EXPERIENCE!

Sofie Wanney Age: 29

Fashion designing and pattern-making marked the beginning of Munich, and have a master as a craftsman for dressmaking and tailo department.

My style is pure, minimalistic, elegant and very European. My label FI of diversity and the concept of opposites, which I’ve experienced o nature or landscapes. Contrasts appeal to me. The designs I will show geometric cuts and patterns and shades of greys to black. I’m very use range from glossy fluid to granular relief patterns.

Being shortlisted as an emerging talent is an incredible chance to b plan to hopefully launch my brand through the DFW. I look forward two years of break it’s nice to get my hands crafting and whipping u 24

Tempo April 1, 2011

Azadeh Zandi

Age: 21

I am from Iran, and have been living in Dubai for the past six years. I am currently studying Fashion Design at ESMOD. Growing up in an artistic family I have a strong imagination and I believe I have an eye for perfection. In 2010, I was been awarded as a Runner-up in the Mercedes- Benz Middle-East Fashion Design Contest in Dubai. The reason for getting involved in a fashion course is because whenever I shop I always have a hard time finding an outfit that suits my taste, so I thought: why not learn how to make an outfit that I would really like. My designs are always unique and predominantly conservative. I try to keep a consistent theme for all my collections, as I want my buyers to recognize my clothes and remember my brand. The name of my collection is “Voguish”. I will showcase a variety of trousers, skirts, innovative tops, creative dresses and classic suits. The pieces include layers, twists and volumes. My inspiration for this collection is a combination of nature and modern architecture. I was emotionally overwhelmed when my name was announced as a participant at DFW. I sincerely hope to leave a good impression and being the youngest designer at DFW, I want people to notice my brand and help me build my career in the fashion industry.

my career, back in my hometown in Germany. I am graduate of MFM, the German Fashion School in oring. Currently I am an instructor in Al Ain Vocational Educational Training Institute in the Fashion Design

IOKAFINI stands for wearable but still exquisite and unique designs. This collection reflects the impression over the years. It’s also about the relationship between structures and textures, such as architecture and wcase at DFW will be mostly dresses, some shirts, blouses as well as skirts and jackets. My designs play with monochromatic but I try to infuse other colours such as dark blues, greens and silver tones. The fabrics I

be known as a designer in the fashion industry in the Middle East. As any other designer’s expectations, I d to getting good feedback and reaching an international audience. I am excited about the show, and after up something new again. 25

By Neena Rai


Never Stop Dreaming... I am always at a loss when someone asks me why I became an artist. It was just so easy and natural, and the obvious thing to do. There was no conscious thought devoted to being an artist, it was just an urge to paint ; an urge which never went away. While I ploughed through life I was unable to devote time to art. My friend and fellow artist, Jennifer Simon, shares a similar viewpoint and a life story. Jennifer Simon is a well established artist based out of Abu Dhabi, and she’s especially famous for her vibrant and quirky collage styled paintings. Jen and I are both members of the artists group ‘Fanaan’. Even thought he first time I met her was when she joined Fanaan, I was already familiar with her work as I had seen it displayed around Abu Dhabi. “I like to create, and I think people who are born like this can’t help themselves-- its how their mind works” says Jen, who had always dreamt of having her own amazing studio. “I’m constantly thinking about new ideas and its a very fine balance to make sure it doesn’t become all consuming. I love watching an idea develop and become reality”. The talented Jen grew up in Melbourne, studied A level Arts and Graphics and then went on the study arts at University. She left to travel the world and experience art first hand by visiting as many galleries as she could. Her first artwork was a mural that she painted on a cafe window of a busy street with a friend at the age of 19.

But her first solo exhibition was much later in 2007, and only after she had lived in the UAE for many years. Jen has been tremendously inspired by Abu Dhabi and Dubai. “I have watched how both cities have evolved in the last five to ten years, and its incredible to see what has been achieved in such a short time. My work has been based a lot around the urban landscape, and I am constantly having to revise my knowledge of new buildings that keep popping up!” Like me, even though Jennifer had studied art, she actually worked as a flight attendant for five years. “I loved the freedom of hopping on a plane and seeing wondrous places and meeting fascinating people”, she says adding “Though I don’t miss serving tea and coffee at 2:00am”. I cannot help but laugh with her because this statement is true. From her first mural to her first solo exhibition, there was a long wait. It was not so easy. But I am glad that Jennifer held on to her dreams and did not forget about them while jetting across the world because today her dream is a reality.... So if, you are reading this, go ahead and dare to dream. Sooner or later you will get there. If Jen and I could do it, so can you!

Watch out for Jennifer’s upcoming exhibitions… August: Ramadan Bazaar at Ghaf Gallery 15 October: Solo Exhibition at Majlis Gallery, Dubai

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“You’re such a lovely audience” Painting by Jennifer Simon



yank in sandland

By randy parker


PET PEEVES Bigger irritations don’t bother me. Flat tire, get out the spare and fix it. Cancelled flight, get online and work out a plan.

the purpose of security. Lose or forget one and you might as well abandon accomplishing anything that you planned that day.

Even if there’s a fire, there’s a fire extinguishers and I know how to use one. The setbacks of this magnitude cause a focusing of the mind and a calm, instinctual solving of the problem ensues.

4. EURO STYLE CLOTHES WASHER/DRYER COMBOS. Not only does it take a whole day to do two small loads of laundry, the clothes still come out damp, wrinkled like elephant skin and are two sizes smaller than when they went in. Another problem, in the spin cycle they sound like a Boeing 747 spooling up for takeoff.

But what really gets me gritting my teeth are the smaller irritants that I experience in everyday life that defy solution. They seem unimportant at first but after repeated exposure, these things become a big deal to me like rocks in my shoes: 1. THOSE STICKERS ON APPLES AND OTHER PRODUCE. These labels are insulting to the apple and if you have short fingernails they are almost impossible to remove. Worse yet, you might end up swallowing one of these adhesive hazards if you are not careful where you bite. 2. SPEEDBUMPS. Why ruin a perfectly good road by putting these axle-breakers in random locations? I understand the intention is to reduce speed but that is little comfort when you have to slow from 100 to 10 km/h in seconds with some clown in another car two metres from your back bumper. 3. USER NAMES AND PASSWORDS. Between work and home computers I have dozens of them, so many that I have to record them on paper in a binder. Kind of defeats 5

5. COMPUTER NETWORKS. In the last few weeks I have had constant internet problems due to my main PC not “making nice” to the modem. None of the help desks can figure out the problem, I am having to use my trusty but less capable netbook unit for now. If all networks are as fragile as mine, I fear for all of humanity. These things really don’t keep me up at night and there are much more important issues in our lives and world. I have my minor gripes but I also realize they pale in comparison to the troubles others are experiencing. FWIW, I wish all those people well.

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