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VOLUME 28 | March 1 - 16 | 2011

FROM THE EDITOR The American Community School invited me to talk about publishing at their Career Fair for senior students. Organised by the school for the first time, ACS hopes this will be an annual event to provide early career guidance. Other careers such as marketing, acting, medicine, engineering etc were also presented. Kudos to ACS; there’s research that shows that young people who are aware and informed of their career options early are better equipped to make the right choices later on in life. I told the group of students who came to the publishing session that ‘publishing’ is made up of many careers such as writing, photography, design, advertising, distribution etc. Heck there’s even a lawyer and an accountant somewhere in the chain... The session went really well. There were some in the group who were mildly entertained while some of them were intensely interested. The one piece of advice I gave them was that anything they choose to do they had to do it right. They needed to be passionate about pursuing it... whatever ‘it’ may be. Nothing drives a career forward or a business towards success than having the drive and passion to work hard and be challenged. Yeah, yeah.... you’ve heard it many times before, right? Only because nothing beats the simple truth. Work hard, play hard...and squeeze the last drop of juice out of life.

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Kindness Abu Dhabi, pass it on.

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SPACE Dear Ed,

Hello Tempo,

A big thank you to the coverage you gave my auditions this week… absolutely brilliant! Once I have cast the show, I will send Tempo readers more about the show.

I loooove your People Calendar. I post it on the wall of my cubicle and it cheers me. One day I’ll have the courage to call you and participate as one of your ‘days’ :)

Maggie Hannan

Andi R



The addictive multiplayer word game...

With nearly a dozen mind games apps up on iTunes store and the likes of Scrabble, 2 Across, Words with Friends dominating the tile word game genre, what makes Kalimat any different? Recommended by a friend, I installed the app and as a fairly poor Scrabble player, Kalimat was a challenge to me. With scrabble you try to lay down tiles on a crossword board either left to right or up to down, and the bonus tiles would be the double and triple letter, as well as double and triple word tiles. This game differentiates itself by a new gameboard look, and a random hidden tile called the “Ali Baba”, land on it and... BAM! You get a 50 point bonus for the win! Also, the game supports OpenFeint that allows a multiplayer component to rack up other horrible players (like myself ) out there to game with... so join the jingbang! BUT, the drawback... this game might consider becoming free so there are more players to play with. The game features its own dictionary, so it can be challenging to make plays in endgame situations because your slang lang might not be of use here. I haven’t tried the Remix mode yet, but I’ve heard it would have been even more challenging with a smaller time limit.

-Sent in by Aileen Sala

Kalimat by Apps Arabia, Available on App store Genre: Word Game Price: $2.99 Version Reviewed: 1.1.0 Device Reviewed on: i-Phone 4G




Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

SPACE COMPETITION FOR THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Thirty Seconds To Mars are coming to Abu Dhabi, and for those of you who don’t know what all the fuss is all about, here’s a quick primer on the talented lads. The group was formed in 1998 out of a passion for music shared by charismatic actor-turned-rock star Jared Leto (39) and his brother Shannon (40). But the band’s roots stretch way back to the bothers’ Louisiana childhood which Jared remembers as “Poor… we moved around a lot.” Whilst award-winning actor Jared initially set out to find a balance between his twin loves of music and movies he has preferred to focus his full attention on being the edgy frontman for Thirty Seconds To Mars. “Thirty Seconds To Mars is not some dumb side project that lets me pretend to be a musician. It’s something that all my heart and soul goes into”, says Jared. Now the band consists of Jared Leto on lead vocals, rhythm guitar and keyboards, Tomo Milicevic (who joined in 2003) on lead guitar, violin and keyboards, and Shannon Leto on drums and percussion. With their genre described as hard rock, emo, neo-progressive and what-not… this American band will make their Middle East debut, bringing their “This is Mars’ album tour show to the capital on March 11 at the Yas Island. “Touring is the celebration part of the process. It’s the most fun, it’s the most visceral, it’s the most rewarding because you’re giving away every night”, says Jared.

Fans of 30 seconds to Mars Listen up! Let’s get creative! 1. Send in a photo showing your love for Tempo and write to us why you deserve to win tickets to 30 seconds to Mars concert or

-Sent in by Naser M.

2. Send in a photo showing your love for Tempo and make a short video worth “30 seconds” on why you deserve to win tickets to 30 seconds to Mars concert. GAME ON!!

-Sent in by Alia

We’re giving away three pairs of tickets... and you just might be the winner!! Send in your entries to The lucky winners will get to see their entries posted on our Facebook page. Deadline is on March 8.


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heritage film festival Movies at the Beach

Text by ELLAINE FATIMA Photos by Afaf Salem

The Heritage Film Festival launched an open-air film theatre which plans to go annual. This year, the first German-SwissEmirati film festival was held under the theme “Homeland and Identity” and it showcased a line-up of documentaries and short films every night over four days; offering considerable insight on the three different cultures. Tempo attended the opening, enjoyed two short documentaries as well as the popular Emirati film “City of Life.” It was good fun to soak up the ambience and chat with people from different backgrounds.

Johanna, a student from Germany majoring in Middle East studies and Politics decided to come down to Abu Dhabi and enjoy the outdoor scene and of course the movies. 6

Arabic traditions galore: “when serving Arabic coffee (gahwa) you should always serve it with the right hand.” The servers keep plying you until you shake the cup to signify you’re done. Coffee is served without sugar as the dates (tamer) served along with the gahwa compensates nicely. Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

Shamma, a media student from Abu Dhabi Women’s College and Rehab, a TV representer from Abu Dhabi TV, expressed their enthusiasm about City Life; how three stories of three different backgrounds (Indian, Emarati and European) were infused into a culturally relevant tale.

Tempo bumped into Tiil Brockmann, a film researcher from Zurich University in Switzerland who was around for the film festival. He said: “This first open-air film festival in UAE is very much like the Locano film festival in Swtizerland. Technically all the movies they featured here were executed beautifully. I especially like how City of Life revolves around the characters’ goals; like the Indian is in search of economic security, the European girl is looking for love and the Emirati is looking for direction.”

At the end of the festival Gayle Jonker, Shannon Cribbin, Yaz Al-Jabri and Ann-Marie Foley shared their views on how the movies reflected rich concepts and social complexities. They admired the venue as a perfect setting for an open-air film festival and praised the amazing weather that made it possible. 7

What’s HOT Madinat Zayed Planetarium To infinity and beyond... 1-15 March, Madinat Zayed Coming to Abu Dhabi for the first time is the Planetarium Show, an event that is expected to appeal to young and the old alike. The Planetarium Show comes in a large inflated tent inside the main atrium, where kids are able to see the latest films from NASA. The stunning productions show the unfolding of space and the universe...definitely the kind of thing that entertains and enlights as well. Organisers say they will see the response and possibly bring th planetarium back to the capital. Each show runs for 20-25 minutes and is free for kids up to the age of 16. Adults can also enjoy the show at a ticket charge of Dh 20 per person. Planetarium timings: Sunday to Thursday: 11:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M. • 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Friday and Saturday: 2:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M.

ROCKSTARS ATIF ASLAM AND IMRAN KHAN TO ROCK DUBAI! 10 March, Chi Garden, Dubai The Rockstars Concert brings together talents Atif Aslam and Imran Khan for one night at the Chi Garden in Dubai. Get ready to witness the two most demanded singers of the year 2010, and to get them to rock with you on the same stage. The venue is the Chi Garden at the Lodge in Dubai. Aside from soulful renditions of his hit numbers, the show will feature Atif Aslam singing Tere Liye, O Mere Khuda, Tera Hone Laga Hoon, Pehli Nazar Mein and his unreleased songs from the next movie Bol. The very famous Mr. Amplifier –Imran Khan – will also set the stage on fire with his hit numbers Ni Nach Le, Amplifier, Bounce Billo, Bewafa and more. Aslam is known for his hit songs such as Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Tere Bin, Kuch Is Tarah, Pehli Nazar Mein, while Imran is known best for his UK debut smash hit single

“Ni Nachleh.” The show also features DJ Shadow and DJ Lijo to keep you bouncing all through the night. The show is being brought by Milestone Entertainment, in association with Al Ansari Exchange and Baisan Travel LLC, and is supported by Star Plus and Star One TV Channel, City 101.6 FM, University of Wollongong in Dubai, Lama Tours and of course your favourite magazine Tempo. Expect good fun at the concert.

To win free tickets and for more information:

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http:/ / Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011




Abdul Jalil took the the Abu Dhabi Quiz Challenge!







o wy no



u yo








1. Emirates Palaces has a lot of cool chandeliers. Guess how many. (Hint: way more than one hundred) Answer: 1,002 (Did you cheat??) 2. What is the colour red of the UAE flag signify? Answer: Red in the UAE flag signifies UNITY 3. The oldest animal at the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort is a saltwater creature. What is it/? (Hint: think Captain Hook in Peter Pan.) Answer: It’s a Crocodile


4. A trade fair, with good bargains takes place this March in the capital. What is it called? Answer: Spring Show 2011 (Nope. Right answer is the Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival. By the way the Spring Show happens on the 31st March- 9th April) 5. It is a place to watch the traditional Arabic ship boats in action. What is this harbour called? Answer: Dhow Harbour Abu Dhabi 6. The village is situated in the middle of Abu Dhabi and gives us an insight of the lifestyle and traditions of Bedouin and other cultures. Answer: Heritage Village 7. What is the name of aHollywood movie shot recently in Abu Dhabi? (Hint: Jamie Foxx stars in it. And it’s NOT ‘Sex and the City 2’) Answer: The Kingdom 8. ___________________is a 1050-acre man-made island on the coast of Abu Dhabi. (Hint: A business shares the name) Answer: Lulu Island

score 10/10 Right: You deserve the key to the city 8-9 right: yoU ARE ALMOST TOUR GUIDE WORTHY 6-7 right: you need bone up on your UAE facts 3-5 right: you ARE UTTERLY CLUELESS below 3: did you just get off the plane ???!

Interested in taking the Abu Dhabi Quiz Challenge? Write to

9. A 10 zone show featuring the latest gadgets and automobiles will be held in ADNEC this March 16-19. What is it called? Answer: Big Boys Toys 2011 10. This footwear store is soon to open to in Abu Dhabi. Although the product is available in some stores, this would be a dedicated store (Hint: think colourful, lightweight, slip-resistant, non-permeable) Answer: Crocs Excellent score Abdul! You get a poster of your photo on a Tempo magazine mock cover and a free Tempo t-shirt. 9

T singles

po’s m e



1. “Just The Way You Are”

Bruno Mars

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http:/ /

2. “Born this Way” Lady Gaga Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

3. “Grenade” Bruno Mars Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

4. “The Time (Dirty Bit)” Black Eyed Peas

“BORN THIS WAY” LADY GAGA It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ‘Cause you were born this way, baby My mama told me when I was young We are all born superstars She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on In the glass of her boudoir “There’s nothin’ wrong with lovin’ who you are” She said, “’Cause He made you perfect, babe” “So hold your head up, girl and you you’ll go far, Listen to me when I say” CHORUS I’m beautiful in my way, ‘Cause God makes no mistakes I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way

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5.“Firework” Katy Perry

http:/ /

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6. “Like A G6”

http:/ /

Far East Movement 7. “Tonight” Enrique Iglesias feat.

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http:/ /


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http:/ /

8. “What’s My Name” Rihanna feat. Drake Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

9. “Waiting For The End” Linkin Park

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen Don’t be a drag, just be a queen Don’t be a drag, just be a queen Don’t be!

http:/ /

Give yourself prudence and love your friends Subway kid, rejoice the truth In the religion of the insecure I must be myself, respect my youth

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A different lover is not a sin

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10. “Who’s That Chick” David Guetta feat. Rihanna

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Don’t hide yourself in regret, Just love yourself and you’re set I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way (Born this way) Ooo, there ain’t no other way Baby, I was born this way Baby, I was born this way (Born this way) Ooo, there ain’t other way Baby, I was born this way I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way

Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

USA TOP 10 CHARTS “Bor n This Way” Lady Gaga “Firework” Katy Perry “Grenade” Bruno Mars “Black And Yellow” Wiz Khalifa “Freakin’ Perfect” P!nk “Forget You” Cee Lo Green

“Someone Like You” Adele “Price Tag” Jessie J ft. B.O.B “Born This Way” Lady Gaga “Rolling in the Deep” Adele

“S&M” Rihanna “What The Hell” Avril Lavigne “The Time (Dirty Bit)” The Black Eyed Peas “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” Enrique Iglesias Featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E

A Tem


“Champion” Chipmunk and Chris Brown “Grenade” Bruno Mars “Yeah 3x” Chris Brown “The Time (Dirty Bit)” The Black Eyed Peas “Higher” Taio Cruz “We R Who We R” Ke$ha

po To

p 10 l Mad Judge: ani

Saif A

Believe capital H-I-M (hey, hey, hey) I love my life, I love this record and Mi amore vole fe yah CHORUS ( Queen , Don’t be , Queen ) Don’t be drag, just be a queen Whether you’re broke or evergreen You’re black, white, beige, chola descent You’re lebanese, you’re orient Whether life’s disabilities Left you outcast, bullied or teased Rejoice and love yourself today ‘Cause baby, you were born this way No matter gay, straight or bi lesbian, transgendered life I’m on the right track, baby I was born to survive No matter black, white or beige chola or orient made I’m on the right track, baby I was born to be brave

Saif’s Playlist 1- Coldplay - Fix you 2- Keane - Somewhere onl

y we know

3- Embrace - Gravity 4- Nickelback - Someday 5- Creed - One last breath 6- Coldplay - The scientist 7- U2 - City of blinding ligh


8- Staind - So far away 9- Lifehouse - Everything 10- Snow Patrol - Chasing


CHORUS I was born this way, hey! I was born this way, hey! I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way, hey! Repeat 11


photos by AFAF SALEM

Safia Saleh Al Jabri, shows us a thing or two about the beauty and sophistication of abayas.

When I choose a abaya, I look out for gold, beige or black embellishments. I love chunky rings. Aldo, Accessorize, Forever 21 and Madinat Zayed are the places I hunt for my rings.

Readers, if you want your style to be featured simply email 12

Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

Fashion statement: Classic and demure... I’m a fan of gold and warm neutrals. They may not all be branded, but I believe that if you pick well you can pull off an expensive look!!!

My accessories would involve something classy such as pearls.

Gold is the shiznit. I’m a die- hard for anything gold! I’m tall, so my heels have to be toned down. I don’t want to seem like an Amazon woman so my Nine West heels are a perfect choice...

n. I love s to fashio e m o c it en … but hoosy wh , off-white ld I’m very c o g , e ig e trals, b d classic! warm neu ok chic an lo to lash, s a h g ivarius, Sp d a tr everythin S , 1 2 rever hop at Fo I usually s ine west. matching Shobra, N ular when ic rt a p ry e abaya is ere are v aya. If the b a g n Women h ri a e olourfully es when w it with a c t n e m accessori li p ould has to com e shela sh th t a th t s plain, one a mu shela. It’s designed oes… d essories. ag an sh b e th h tacky acc tc r o ma ts tfi u ed o er-design I dislike ov

Vintage is classic. This bracelet combines a timelessness with a cameo and brass elements.

I love bags! And they don’t have to be branded. If a bag looks good I buy it! 13

By Shahid saeed


SONY HDR-XR550E CAMCORDER The Sony HDR-XR550E has a 240GB Hard Disk Drive HD Camcorder equipped with an “Exmor R” CMOS sensor for superior low-light performance and a Wide-angle “G” Lens with 10x Optical & 120x Digital Zoom, Optical Steady Shot image stabilization with Active Mode and 3-way Shake Canceling. It has a 3.5” Xtra Fine LCD with TrueBlack Technology, 12.0 Mega Pixel Still Photo, iAuto & Quick Focus, Zoom MIC, Dolby Digital 5.1ch Audio. It also records movies on a Memory Stick, SD/SDHC memory cards, HDMI mini, USB 2.0 and has an external mic connectivity. Expensive but seems to be best in its range.

ETISALAT FREE CREDIT PROMOTION Etisalat has launched a free credit promotion of up to Dh 250 to its prepaid wasel customers. The promotion offers instant rewards upon signing up to add extra credit to your wasel. The promotion credit can be used anytime for local, international calls and text messages for a limited time period of 10 to 50 days from Dh 5 to 250. This offer is for all new and existing wasel customers. The 25 credit voucher also entitles you to free credit bonuses. SMS RW to 1010 or dial *140*1# to join the promotion without any monthly rental or fees, and dial *121*3# to check your free talk time balance.

SONY UNVEILED PSP2 Sony unveiled its PSP successor “PSP2”, at an event in Tokyo. Sony claims the portable system is as powerful as the PS3, which means it will be supposedly able to produce “PS3-like graphics”. Sony demonstrated the hardware up and running. The new device will come with the 5-inch OLED touchscreen with 960×544 resolution, ARM Cortex A9 core CPU (4 core), SGX543MP4 GPU, new type of mini flash memory cards, touch pad on the rear that allows users to “touch” or “push” objects in games from the back, with 3G and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n connectivity, front and rear cameras, dual analog sticks, tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls, GPS, built-in stereo speakers, mic and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. PSP2 will be available by the year end. 14

Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

By Ellaine Fatima

Manaeesh (Arabian fast Food?!)


If you’ve lived in the UAE but never tasted Manaeesh then you’re missing out big time!!! Kind of like visiting Italy but not tasting pasta. Manaeesh is decidedly Lebanese, but its so good all nationalities enjoy its wonderful simplicity. Manaeesh can be enjoyed as breakfast or as a satisfying snack. It comes in Arabic bread (khoobs) usually baked fresh, and topped with sumptuous choices such as thyme (zaatar) and cheese, thyme only, cheese only, laban, laban and olives, ground get the picture. Yes it is similar to pizza but it doesn’t come with tomato sauce. And its very versatile: it can be sliced or folded and its a wholesome combination of crispy yet chewy... The most popular manaeesh has to be the zaatar one, and it can be served along with with sliced tomatoes, cucumber and mint leaves and if you you wish you can also add sliced onions. Some places include spinach too. Cheese (jubnah) comes usually in two cheeses: Akkawi (white brine cheese) and Kashkwan (yellow sheep milk cheese). Served plain or with olives. Minced lamb (lahm) comes with minced lamb and tiny pieces of diced tomato and vegetable oil. Sometimes it comes with pickles and yogurt. Tempo guarantees that once you’ve had good manaeesh you’ll be hooked for life. Manaeesh is available at any local bakery almost every where...but here are some of Tempo’s favourites... Lebanese Flower- Khalidiyah • eSpecial Café- Corniche • Al Safadi- Khalidiyah Golden Flame Bakery- Dar tul miyah • Al Bustan Bakery – Salam Street • Modern Bakery – Hamdan

Kheer (rice pudding)



A yummy dessert from India



es h s i D OL

What you’ll need:

s mie




um D T




• Rice (50 Gm) • Milk (1 Litre) • Sugar (100 Gm) • Cardamom • Dry fruits (almonds, cashews, raisins and pistachio)

DUMMY LEVEL TWO - “EASY AS HELL”: 1. Soak rice in water for 30-60 minutes. 2. Put rice and milk in a heavy bottom sauce pan and bring to boil on full flame. 3. Reduce flame to minimum, keep stirring in between till milk is reduced to its three-fourths

4. Add sugar and again bring to boil. 5. Add crushed cardamom seeds and chopped dry fruits. 6. Serve hot or cold (keep in fridge after bringing it to cool) according to taste!

TEMPO TIP: Stop stirring for a moment and you could end up with a lumpy mess....and don’t keep it on the fire too long otherwise it could get too dense. If you keep these two things in mind you should be OK. (Remember this is “Dishes for Dummies” not for neanderthals! So you still need to have your wits about you). 15 11



March Mantra: In the words of John F Kennedy

DO YOU WANT TO BE A ‘DAY’ IN OUR March CALENDAR? Do you have an event that wants to be featured? Do you want to share your mantra with us? Simply email us at: ellaine@

how Boat S rnational Inte Dubaiarine Club M

Feline Friends Adoption Day

Family GardeFun Day, Al R ns Kha lifa Citaha y

My Dad’s Birthday



Leila Wasti The Met rop Lucia D olitan Opera i La – @ CineS mmermoo r tar Mar ina Mal l

Last day of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair @ ADNEC The Path of Ro ses Rachid Koraïchi by @ Emirates Palace


HassanBasheer Abu Assali Ahmed

i cin Pucirates e h m i T e - @ E ab èm era u Dh Bohal Op& Ab tre a L stiv ce ea Fe Pala Th

Boys Last Day of Big NEC Toys 2011 @ AD

My Dad’s Birthday


20 21


Dany Jaber

The Path of Ro ses Koraïchi @ Em by Rachid irates Palace

Stevie Wonder @ YAS


eces Mozart Masterpiace @ Emirates Pal



Abu Dhabi International Triathlon

Italian Cuisine @ Galeries Lafayette

Horse Flat Race @ Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

Adeeb R. Kaddure

Abu Dhabi Flea Market, Corniche Hilton Apartments


Thirty Seconds to Mars @ YAS

Justin Bieber @ Dubai Festival City

13 Ghadi Bou Samra



Italian Cuisine @ Galeries Lafayette

My Birthday


e@ Cuisin e Italianes Lafayett Galeri ai ub f D edia o e M t i Tas uba ity @D C

6 7




Al Gharbia W Festival @ M atersports irfa’s Beach, Al Gh Public arbia

Abu D @ Em habi Festi irates v Palac al e

Reem Al Shaikh

l ag iva Dr est s F Ya ng ci onal Ra bai Internati@

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Organisa

Rami IK


Denny Kristiono

- Submitted by Abdul Jaleel


Sponsored By

Farah Muttahhara

“If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be no help”


al A Globnsio Expa Hilt @

March 2011 Photo Credits: Angeli Castillo • Ellaine Fatima




Dubai International Boat Show @ Dubai International Marine Club

Gulf Food Exhibit

Gaston Quieto Magic @ Aloft

Cherin Kim

t Gulf Food Exhibi

Gulf Food Exhibit

Taste of Dubai @ Dubai Media City

Italian Cuisine @ Galeries Lafayette

Naiomi Mulligen

onal Dubai Internati bai Boat Show @ Due Club rin International Ma



3 10

ches Al-Ain Jewelry & Wat Hall Exhibition @ Wedding i bais Khu Al –


Gulf Glass 2011 @ ADNEC

My Birthday


Jonita Balawen

Abu Dhabi Shopping Festival Big Boys Toys 2011 @ ADNEC

Sylvie Guillem & Russell Maliphant – PUSH @ Emirates Palace


Zaha Hadid Pavilion

thday My Bir

Abu Internat Dhabi io Fair @ Anal Book DNEC

s terspobrtlic ia Wafa ir ’s Puia Al Ghaarb M @ l rb Festiv ach, Al Gha Be

Hala Bitar

Abu Dhabi Yacht Show @ Yas Marina

Zaha Hadid Pavilion

Raquel and Brittany

29 30 n@ Tamakkaou ra Al Mam m riu to di Au

Horse Sho @ Ab w Jumpin Equest u Dhabi g rian C lub

H @ Aobrse Show u Dh abi Jumpin ClubEquestriag n

Gulf Ince Busin nti and ess Tra ve Mee vel ting s

Osama Elkamel

Ellaine Fatima

Phoebe Jasper

Sameer Tawakol

Da y

Big Boys Toys 2011 @ ADNEC

Briggett Velarde




Malik Kaddoura

Muhimma Sulaiman

al rnation abi Inte Abu Dh Fair @ ADNEC Book


UA EM oth er’s

Dubai Usherd@ia City Me

Gulf Glass 2011 @ ADNEC

15 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair @ ADNEC

orts Airpummit on SHotel ton

Alex Abante

8 9

Reem Hamoui


Toufic Issa


24 31

Spring Show @ ADNEC

Small World @ Emirates Palace


Adriaan Cronje South African





G l


IN fu







people meter










Priyanka Nambiar Indian

The thing you most love about living in the UAE? The so-called “Dry Nights”. You see I play drums six nights a week at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel in the bar PJ’s with the Band Warwick. And a “dry night” for us means an off night. And it’s usually a much needed off night after a few performances.

I love the fact that we can commute between the emirates anywhere, anytime without any hassle.

The thing you most hate about living in the UAE? Too many rules and regulations to follow.

The separation of sexes

What inspires you most in Abu Dhabi? The other musicians I meet here

It’s the development and planning of such a geographically small state to be a major part of the world economy proving that perseverance and foresightedness goes a long way.

What is your pet peeve? The amount of blowing car horns in this city

Walking alone in the streets at night

If there was something you could improve about this place, what would it be? The pedestrian crossings. First, I would like people to know what the purpose of a pedestrian crosswalk is and second, I will not put them in the middle of a highway

They could relax the charges and the heavy levying of fines where it’s not necessary

What is the easiest way to get along with other cultures of Abu Dhabi? Just accepting their way of doing things and to just get over it

By hanging out with multi-linguistic and cultural groups and by taking part in the various events they host.

What is your “Abu Dhabi” dream? That they would one day have a white christmas


It would be to see Abu Dhabi in the top five economies of the world strengthened with its financial and socialeconomic pillars Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

By Dave Solomon

Is there a DOC in the house?

Ok smokers, I’m going after you guys. Models are another group, that are frequently photographed candidly smoking, and of course it piques many young girls/ ladies interest, hoping to look as cool. But, as they say,“monkey see, monkey do....” So why is it so bad? What kind of question is that? You live under a rock? At least the smoking companies are honest. Look at the packet!!! They warn you not to use their product. They place those gruesome side effect pictures on the packet. You want a “cute” cancerous fungating growth on your face or sticking out of your mouth? Looking good homeboy, you just failed BIG time. And, they warned you. If someone advertised a perfume and its byline was “ ....a scent like no other, of freshly mown grass with a hint of dogs$%t ”, are you going to buy it? Imagine the picture on that packet? Here is a list some lovely benefits you can look forward to, if you make smoking a careera. Emphysema b. Cancers of.. you name it- lungs, mouth, throat...... bladder, kidney.... In 1957, Dr. Leroy E. Burney issued the US Public Health Service’s first statement on cigarette smoking. It identified smoking as a cause of lung cancer. It’s 2011 and people are still going strong and we have linked more complications to smoking. Not a single beneficial side effect has been found, but rather a laundry list of life threatening illnesses. You guys stink... literally. Smelt yourself recently? Probably used to it. It’s offensive to others. I realize there are some people who don’t mind smelling bad ( just spent ONE day at work with me, and you will understand), but overall, we like to smell and look good. So here’s why i am confused.... Smoking makes you smell awful. Consider the following- how embarrassing is it when talking to someone whose breath is like fetid death. I will try to keep the conversation at minimum. Now, the smoker situation- just packed away a couple of smokes at break time, and back to work, opens their mouth to talk and.......BAM!!!!! That awful burnt tobacco smell, mixed with coffee and just overall bad oral hygiene. Awful!!!!! And, by choice.

c. Heart damage, heart attacks d. Low oxygen flow to parts of the body leading to amputation e. Strokes f. Sudden infant death syndrome in kids exposed to second hand smoke g. Low birthweight babies the list goes on and on and on.......and so could my sarcasm. Lastly, one in two lifetime smokers will die from their habit. Half of these deaths will occur in middle age. Its all your choice. You do whatcha like. You know all those Darwinism awards on the internet? Surely smoking qualifies. In a very primordial sense maybe it just serves as a form of population control? Nothing personal, but I have always hated it.

On top of that, your clothes stink. Thank you for the conscious decision to spray yourself with that lovely body spritzer afterwards, so wont stink as bad. However the manufacturer failed to put its product to the real test by MIXING it up with a few foul odors. Now, you smell worse. ( the same can be said of public toilets where a similar system is in use. Oh wait, did I just compare you to a toilet?? Sorry.. HAHAHAHAHAA) Sheesha smokers.... you’re not off the hook, but you do smell better. However, thats no excuse and I am not endorsing sheesha as an alternative. Does smoking make you look cool? I think we are divided on that one.I think Slash was pretty cool- he is never photographed without a cigarette. But its not his smoking that gives him his cool card. But its part of his look, for sure. 19

TimE caPsu

The five things I can’t l without...

My goal in life... I would like to become a film director and make movies or documentaries on people on the streets and their experiences or struggle in life

Places I want to visit... I’m a big fan of museums like the ones in Italy, France and Sri Lanka.

-Of course my Nokia 6230i. of memories attached with - A box I keep with me,filled from my friends. - My favorite Iranian sweet - Water - A book of names and their (Well I like to travel, I like to this would be my conversati

My typical day….

College in the morning, fam evening or I end up busy wi For once, I wish to have a no just sit home, relax and slee

Most valued possessio

My old Nokia 6230i. I’ ve be it since 2006 and would alw it to be with me forever

My Perfect weekend…. I enjoy snow boating with my friends at Ski Dubai and ice skating. Also at times I relax by going to yoga classes.


Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011



I’ve got a lot that phone. d with letters ‘Faloudah’.

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Nothing is completely wrong even a broken watch is right twice a day “Paulo Coelho”

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Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

my abu dhabi

by Alma Kadragic

Event to Raise Money for Children Worldwide “ I am very pleased to be the patron of “Small World -Abu Dhabi 2011” taking place in Abu Dhabi on the 31st of March 2011. I am particularly pleased that this event will raise money to support children in need around the world children whose circumstances have precluded them the possibilities that we in the UAE have come to enjoy and take for granted. “

With these words, Sheikh Nayhan Mubarak Al Nahyan,

On March 31 the Small World country booths will be

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,

located in the same area. Each country has been asked

inaugurated preparations for the first Small World event

to provide up to 1500 pieces of finger food and three

in Abu Dhabi. It is designed to be a 10 year project. Each year representatives of the international communities living in the UAE will raise money for a charity that assists children in their

minutes of entertainment during the event. From 5 pm visitors will tour the booths, taste various examples of local cuisines, and collect brochures and small gifts. At 7:30 the official part of the program

home country.

begins with Sheikh

Through Small

Nahyan leading

World, these



and other VIPs to

will show off

their seats for the

their culture and


traditions while

After a parade of

collecting donations for the charity they have selected. In the inaugural year at least 27 countries are involved in the big event on Thursday, March 31, from 5 pm to 12 midnight. The event comes at the end of

flags, representatives from each country will sing, dance, or otherwise demonstrate very briefly something typical of their culture. After that, a DJ will play dance music until midnight on the sand behind Emirates Palace.

the well known Education without Borders student

Because the goal is to raise money for charity, only

conference organized once again by the Higher Colleges

organizers enter for free. Tickets are 365 AED per person

of Technology. This year 1500 students from around the

and will be for sale around the city. However, although

world will participate in a rich educational and cultural

the monies raised will go to children, Small World is not

program from March 28-30 at a special outdoor theater.

an event for children. No one under 18 is allowed.


Abu Dhabi Hangouts

by Alma Kadragic Photos by Abdul Rahman

Cafe Arabia - A Place to Eat and More Cafe Arabia on 15th Street is one of the newer hangouts in the capital. It’s easy to find if you know to look for a villa with a green awning and yellow umbrellas on the rooftop terrace, between 4th and 6th Street - Airport Road and Karamah for those who’ve lived here longer. CEO Aida Mansour was in Beirut when we visited over the weekend, but her Cafe Arabia was flourishing even in her absence. Families, couples, groups of women, men, colleagues, to talk, to read, to play, to meet, and, of course, drink coffee and eat something on one of the three floors and two outdoor spaces from 8 am - 9 pm every day.

Neil Mallen, wife Araceli, and young Alexander and Isabel were drawing, or at least 6 year old Alexander and 4 year old Isabel were while their elders commented and assisted. They’ve lived in Abu Dhabi three years, Neil working as a planning manager at the Urban Planning Council. Araceli visits Cafe Arabia “several times a week with friends” and appreciates the “fresh food.” On weekends the whole family comes.

Upstairs on the first floor a group of American academics are having a casual meeting in what looks like a comfortable living room seating arrangement. The man in the left foreground, Amir Al-Islam, teaches at Zayed University; Sahal Kango, is with NYU in NY; Angela Migally and Tamu Al-Islam (Amir’s wife) are both with NYU Abu Dhabi; Khalid Latif is director of the Islamic Center at NYU in New York and a chaplain with the New York Police Department. 24

Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

by Alma Kadragic Photos by Abdul Rahman

Abu Dhabi Hangouts

At one of the bigger tables downstairs, the spillover from an earlier meeting of the American Women’s Network is ready to eat. Clockwise, Pam Tabbaa, Jeanne LeSage, Managing Producer, Abu Dhabi Film Festival (who wasn’t at the meeting but came to lunch like John), Lorna and John Cordeaux (he’s executive chef at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr), and Tracy Lavin who manages events for NYU Abu Dhabi are taking ordering seriously.

Two people named Chris, Chris married name Meritzas, and husband Chris Meritzas had lunch after spending a couple of hours at Cafe Arabia, she at a meeting of the American Women’s Network, he reading while waiting for her. They’ve been in Abu Dhabi only four months, but they’ve found this cafe, Chris because of AWN; the other Chris says, “I follow her.”

On the top second floor, three people are eating inside even though the rooftop terrace space beckons. But it’s too hot out there at noon for three New Zealanders who’ve been in the country six months. From the left, Ruth Wallis and Nancy McBeth work for the Abu Dhabi Statistics Center while companion Rob Taylor is looking. They’ve come back to Cafe Arabia after “finding it last weekend.” They say the food “is really good.”

On the cover: Claire Wilson from Ireland with the classic red hair; her friend Ahmed Sattar is an Egyptian. Claire likes “the different atmosphere - free and arty.” She teaches English at the Choueifat school, across the street. He’s with the event planning company I See. Would Cafe Arabia be a good place for an event? “Yes,” says Ahmed, “for a small group of VIPs.” 25

around the neighbourhood

Pictures and text by Simone Morgan

An australian from abu dhabi in India (PART 2)


Pushkar on the lake at Sunset

All aboard... to Pushkar After our introduction to India from Delhi to Agra and then down to Ranthambhore and our near brush with tigers we headed off to Pushkar, which was a definite highlight of our trip. Pushkar has a tiny population of just over 16,000 and the downtown market centre does not allow cars. After four days of non-stop honking and near death experiences with automobiles this was a welcome change of pace! We spent a relaxing two days walking the lake that sits in the middle of town, touring the markets, eating the most delicious Indian food we had ever tasted in the Sixth Sense restaurant housed in the Seventh Heaven hotel. If you can book ahead to secure your accommodation here you will literally be in Seventh Heaven and you wont want to leave Pushkar in a hurry.


Tempo Tempo January March16 1 - 16, 31, 2011

One of the many beautiful sights of Jaipur

Trip to Udaipur Next it was off to Udaipur, approx a three to five hour journey by road. Driving in India is very unpredictable as they roads are a “little broken in some parts”. Whenever we asked Mukesh our driver how long it would be to our next destination he would reply with a very specific “something something - maybe one or three hours – something something”. We arrived in Udaipur after a “something something” hour-long trip for our two days over Christmas. We were greeted by a beautiful “big” city with small village feel due to its location on the shores of a lake that housed palaces right in the middle of the water. Sunset drinks at the aptly named Sunset View Terrace were a treat on Christmas Eve overlooking the spectacular “floating palaces”. Christmas day was spent wandering the little lane ways that weaved through the town and every single Indian that we met wished us a very “Merry Happy Christmas”!

Taffic Jam in Jodphur We stumbled upon two gems in Udaipur the first was Art Fact a store run by Prakash Puri who was the most fascinating man we met in India. Prakash was a 12th generation silk painter, recreating miniatures of the most beautiful pieces of Indian Art. We spent a good hour with Prakash and learnt that the Indian language was even more complicated than we had first thought. There are 15 translations written for “money” on the note itself and every 25 kms in India the language / dialogue / accent changes with over 2700 different languages being spoken throughout the country. No wonder we were confused! We left Prakash more aware of Indian dialect than ever and then stumbled into the next Udaipur gem - Art Issue. The teeny art gallery housed hundreds of beautiful paintings mostly done by the gallery owner Sharmila Rathore. Art shopping isn’t something we tend to do on a holiday but we were mesmerized by her work. After hours of pouring over her beautiful creations we settled on a lovely abstract piece that will take pride of place at home.

Sights on the side of the road in India 27


By Sithara Sethumadhavan

fatma al mulla on photo fusion in art “A man paints with his brains and not his hands” said Michelangelo when he discussed art and imagination. Fatma Al Mulla, a 20 year old Emirati seems to have taken inspiration right from these words, or so it seemed when Tempo caught up with her...

One of my favourite photo manipulations

Tempo: Hey Fatma tell us ‘who is Fatma’? Fatma: I suppose that is a difficult one- I would settle by saying that I am daughter, student, artist, photographer, dreamer, conceptualist, perfectionist and an admirer of beauty. To speak about Fatma, the artist- I see myself as a conceptual artist. This could be because my works could be interpreted in several ways. I tend to play around with what is real and what is not. I try to portray imagination as a reality in most of my digital photographs. Tempo: Tell us about your artistic style . Fatma: In my paintings I use a range of colours, depending on the subject matter. In digital illustrations I tend to use bright and cheerful colours and in my photographic images one can instantly get a feeling of what kind of genre it is. So basically I use the magic of colours.

Tempo: Which is your favourite art work? Fatma: One of my favorite art pieces is a digital photograph. This is a collaboration of several images in one. I am sure the viewer will have many trains of thought while seeing this work. It is a playfully dark image of an attempt to change imagination into reality. In this picture you can see an image of a man holding a tea cup, yet the shadow of the tea cup suggests that something exists that we can not see. The man looks at a mirror showing us babies hung by a string in a chaotic layout. That idea itself can contain many subliminal messages that allow the viewer to interpret the art in his or her own way.... Like I said all forms of art are subjective and I am sure everyone will have their own perspective. I always love knowing what other people think of my work before explaining it Fatma’s favourite artwork

Tempo: Do you think artists are made or born? Fatma: I think in most cases people are born as good artists, but teaching will allow them to flourish and will lead them in the right direction. But not everyone studying art or design is necessarily a true artist. Then again art in general is subjective so it depends on who is judging and on the type of artform displayed. I believe that teaching art will make the student interested; eventually helping the student learn to understand and appreciate the concepts of art. 28

Tempo March 1 - 16, 2011

By randy parker

yank in sandland


I made a major lifestyle decision a few weeks ago to sell my car. This was not taken lightly as I am a certified automotive geek who has been known to change engines under a shade tree and show up to fancy social functions with grease under my fingernails. I love automobiles; they represent engineering prowess and are tools for the ultimate personal freedom for one to go anywhere at any time with just a turn of the key. I haven’t been without a car since I was 15 years old. After a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that I just don’t need a car. I have used it only as a “grocery getter” and for shuttling to the city a few times a month. It had turned into not much more than a $500/month paperweight that had to be washed three times a week. The decision to sell was one I did not take lightly.

Now the place where I live has grown up. Most of my needs are available within a few steps and I can even rent a car here when I need one. My workplace is literally across the street, a ten minute walk. The summer heat might prove to be a problem though and I am working on a plan for that. So logic overrode the irrational and I sold my Jeep. I am still in mourning for the loss of some personal freedom but I am learning to adapt. There are some initial inconveniences I have to overcome and habits to be changed, but overall it was a good decision. I will be healthier and have more money for the fun stuff. That’s not all bad!

You see, when I go anywhere outside of the UAE, my vehicle of choice burns Jet-A fuel and travels at Mach .88 39,000 feet or so above the earth. There I relax with a tasty beverage while catching up with the latest movies. I experience no dodging from white Prados doing 180 Kmph, large trucks doing only 70, noisy horns, non-existent parking places or angrily displayed middle fingers while I am up there in the stratosphere. The times when I ventured into the city for nighttime entertainment, I took a taxi because if I didn’t I was inviting big trouble if anything accidental happened at 3:00 am on the way home and I was “not myself”. When I first moved to my current location, it was quite isolated and transport services were sporadic at best; just to go somewhere for groceries or meals proved to be a logistical nightmare without a personal car. The area was not so fondly called the “Moonbase”.

BYE BYE JEEP See more of Randy’s photos on your mobile phone now. Download to scan this tag on your mobile. 29

REACH FOR THE STARS ARIES (March 21-April 19) If the job, your home or friends seem a bit tense, there’s probably a good reason. Make sure you send out those proposals, checks and birthday cards with plenty of time to spare. You’ll find that this period will test that quick temper and impatience. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to avoid an outburst. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) A lively agenda is promised, you’re attracting quite a bit of interest, and your energy for making contact with others is high. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed in the form of a wish for the future. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Recognition, rewards, greater power and prestige, even your assets, property, belongings are enhanced greatly. The time is being truly generous, and you deserve it.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) You are looking to expand your activities and opportunities for higher studies, travel or simply new subjects may be presented. You become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life. LEO (July 23-August 22) You are more willing than usual to explore life’s secrets. This is an especially introspective month during which you have the chance to truly uncover your personal strengths and talents. VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Establishing a happy and harmonious work environment through friendly relations with co-workers or tidying up your work area comes into focus. Romantic and social activities may revolve around your working environment.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) You become aggressive on your job or in regard to your service responsibilities. It might be hard for you to work with others in a pleasant manner, and disputes with coworkers are possible. SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) This is a very playful period of the year, when you are inspired creatively and emotionally. After a period of self-protectiveness, you are now more spontaneous and more willing to take risks. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) You are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport this month. You are especially good at mediating conflicts. Try smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills. CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)

You are likely to have countless ideas/thoughts and plans going and you might scatter your focus as a result. If channeled well, this is an excellent time to showcase your ideas and do presentations. AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) This is the time when you will truly need to “walk the talk”, stand by your beliefs and convictions. You will have a lot on your plate and most of it will pertain to money — both for immediate needs and future gains. PISCES (February 19-March 20) You’ll need to establish good-working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and bosses as well. It’s NOT a time to challenge the system! Stress and neglect both need to be guarded against too.

Quick skill building for small business success One day courses for Entrepreneurs and Innovators 1. COURSE TITLE: ENTREPRENEURSHIP - PROJECT MANAGEMENT I COURSE OUTLINE: Entrepreneurship; from concept to establishing a business • Understanding the principles of Project Management • Entrepreneurship and Project Management • Preparation of sample project plan for a new venture

COURSE OUTCOME: The participant will be able to: • Understand the complete entrepreneurial process and its phases. • Use project management as a technique to establish and manage a new venture successfully.

INSTRUCTOR: Hafiz Shahid Umar CREDENTIALS: MBA (Marketing), MBA(MIS), PMP, BPF Management Executive with 10 years of experience

DATE: April 15, Friday, 8am to 1pm COST: Dh 1,100

2. COURSE TITLE: ENTREPRENEURSHIP - PROJECT MANAGEMENT II COURSE OUTLINE: • Introduction to Project Management • Managing Project Scope, Time & Cost • Managing Resources • Managing Project Risks • Performance Monitoring

COURSE OUTCOME: It will give you an insight into the principles of project management that can be readily applied while setting up and running business and thereby optimizing the returns on your efforts and investments. DATE: March 18, Friday, 8am to1pm COST: Dh 1,100

INSTRUCTOR: Mahmood Mughal CREDENTIALS Engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in handling projects. Delivered lectures on project management as a guest speaker in various training programs.

3. COURSE TITLE: ENTREPRENEURSHIP MADE EASY COURSE OUTLINE • Develop a thorough understanding of the entrepreneurial process and its components • Identify characteristics / skills for successful entrepreneurship • Mentally prepare for the new venture • New venture launch and early management decision-making process

COURSE OUTCOME: The participant will be able to • Understand the process of establishing a new venture • Develop the ability to generate and assess new venture ideas.

INSTRUCTOR: Hafiz Shahid Umar CREDENTIALS: MBA (Marketing), MBA(MIS), PMP, BPF Management Executive with 10 years of experience

DATE: March 25, Friday, 8am to 1pm COST: Dh 1,100

4. COURSE TITLE: SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP COURSE OUTLINE: • Discuss basic marketing principles and how they intertwine with Social Media • Learn important Social Media language and the fundamental drivers • Learn how to create ads and a following, build fan pages, and under take a tweet programme to advertise • Develop a professional network and join groups, and recruit employees

COURSE OUTCOME: The participant will be able to • Learn the power of Social Media as a marketing tool and integrate it into their business • Develop a network, recruit employees and creating a following DATE: March 29, Tuesday, 2pm to 7pm COST: Dh 1,100

INSTRUCTOR: Ali Manek Abbas Alidina CREDENTIALS: Ali Manek, Training Director of, has an MBA and Masters in Education and has leveraged social media to expand his non-profit organization to 11 countries

5. COURSE TITLE: ONLINE BUSINESS 101 COURSE OUTLINE: • Introduction to the trends and opportunities in New Media (Internet, Social Media, Mobile) • Learn how to take an Offline Business Online, and create a good website • Learn how to market your business online and generate targeted traffic • A study of Facebook and Twitter Marketing

COURSE OUTCOME: The participant will be able to • Create a website and online business • Learn online marketing strategies to generate traffic to their business • Explore the use of Facebook and Twitter marketing DATE : April 19, Tuesday, 2pm to 7pm COST: Dh 1,100

INSTRUCTOR: Abbas Alidina Ali Manek CREDENTIALS: Abbas Alidina, Founder and Director of, has over 10 years of digital marketing experience and has executed digital campaigns for global brands

For enquiries/ to book: call Anna on 02-6673349 or email:

Tempo magazine 1-15 MARCH, 2011  

1-15 MARCH, 2011

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