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- Introduction - Part I: Defining the Islamic Front - Part II: objectives - Part III: Strategy - Part IV: our positions - Conclusion



((And hold fast, all of you together, to the Robe of Allah (i.e. this Quran), and be not divided among yourselves, and remember Allah›s Favour on you, for you were enemies one to another but He joined your hearts together, so that, by his grace you became brethren (in Islamic faith), and you were on the brink of a pit of fire, and he saved you from it. Thus Allah makes His Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.,) clear to you that you may be guided)).


:Part I: Defining the Islamic Front

It is a formation of a military socio-political Islamic comprehensive aims to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria completely, and establish an Islamic state in which the sovereignty of the law is just for Allah The All-Mighty as a reference, a ruler, and a guider of the actions of the individual, society, and the state.

Unit I: Islamic Front derives its approach and the legality of its existence from Islam, it is adopting their ideas and perceptions and vision, according to the Holy Quran, and the Sunnah of his Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, it›s authority is the Sharia in the objective and means, which is guiding it.

Unit II: Origin and Independence Islamic Front is an independent entity grew on the land of Syria, does not affiliated with any external party, whether organization, state or trend, formed from a number of factions working on the battlefield, agreed in vision and goals and means, brought together by their belonging to Islam, and the order of Allah the All-Mighty to Muslims (to be united) in the battlefield against the common enemy in the land of Sham.

Unit III: Nature of the Front A comprehensive organization that cares in various areas of life, working to unite the factions in one body, and in an integrated military institution, is also working on upgrading the political mobility, and creating a single vision, and a harmonious attitudes towards the issues of the society, and upgrading the civil side by activating the different energies of society, in preparation for the rebuilding of the desired Syria, the state of Islam, justice and prosperity.

Unit IV: Dimension and Identity: The Front regard itself as project to serve the nation, seeks to fuse the efforts of its staff and energies in one pot, and calls on factions working on the battlefield to join it, and unit for the goal of the


nation by defeat the enemy and establish the state dominated by the justice and progress in the name of Islam. It doesn’t regard itself as a substitute for the nation, and doesn’t monopolize the Islamic project, but thanks the efforts of the loyal Mujahideen working on the battlefield, and seeks to coordinate with them at the highest levels, all of those whose base, purpose and means are the same with the Front›s are invited to contribute to upgrade work, and to take his place, according to their worth.

Unit V: members and affiliation: Sons of the Islamic Front are Muslims, their loyalty is to the religion of Allah (Islam), gathered by Jihad for Allah, and the rejection of injustice and tyranny, their goal is to establish the law of Allah, they are proud of belonging to the Islamic nation, and they regard their selves as an integral part.

Unit VI: position of the Front in Syrian reality: By the grace of Allah, sons of the Islamic Front are of the first people who revolted against the injustice of Assad regime, and protected the people from its oppression, they are part of the Syrian people from and an interpreter for their hopes, so there is no way to achieve the goals of the revolution, but by gathering the sons of the nation in the face of Assad safavid aggression, so the Islamic Front project is not for elite people, it is for a nation.

Part II: Goals Unit VII: objectives of the Front 1. Overthrow the existing regime in Syria completely, and fully erasing it from the reality of Syria, and defending the blood of the oppressed. To overthrow the regime means dismantling and ending its legislative, executive, and judicial authorities, with his army and security institutions, and to judge those who involved in killing innocent people. 2. To close ranks and unit the working forces in the revolution, to ensure safety and rebuild Syria, on the bases of justice, unity, and solidarity. 3. Establishing an independent state ruled by the law of Allah, its members enjoy justice and decent life. 4. To maintain the Islamic Identity in the community, and build the integrated Islamic personality. 5. Working on the management of resources and wealth for the benefit of the individual and community, to meet the needs of the people of the country from (food, health, and education). 6. Active participating in developing and promoting the community. And preparing the effective leadership in various spheres of life.


Part III: Strategy of the Islamic Front Unit VIII: Syrian territory do not accept any divisional project, or an intruder held on boundaries.

Unit IX: The Islamic Front believes that the way to achieve its goals in light of the injustice and tyranny of Assad regime, and the global abandonment of the Syrian people issue, can be achieved only by activating the armed movement which insure the overthrown of Assad regime, and the civil movement which enhances the cohesion between the Mujahideen and their society, and preserves the fabric of their cohesion, and the political movement which defends our fair issues, bring hope to our people in a state which protects them, and insures their dignity and independence.

Unit X: The Islamic Front uses all the available means to achieve its goals, that are legitimate and possible, it welcomes any provided mean that helps in the overthrow of the regime, in the condition of not being politicized, or is intended to derail the revolution, or contains any out coming orders that confiscate its decision.

The Front doesn’t participate in any political process contrary to religion of Islam or makes sovereignty not for Allah the All-Mighty, so any political process doesn’t recognize that the legislation is the right of Allah alone with no partners, is contrary to religion, and an illegal means, so the Islamic Front can not participate or recognize it, so the religion without politics is monasticism, and its forbidden in our religion, and politics without religion is a rejected secularization.

Unit XI: The relationship with other parts The Groups, factions, and brigades that operate against Assad regime are allied groups, we agree with them at the target and coordinate, and cooperate with them.

Unit XII: Muslims in Syria are part of the Islamic nation, bound together by the bond of brotherhood in Islam. Allah the All-Mighty said: ((the believers are brothers)).

Unit XIII: The fair issues of Muslims, are the same of the Muslims of Syria, and the Syrian Muslims issues are the issues of all Muslims.


Unit XIV: The Islamic Front keen to have a good international relations with all countries that did not antagonized it, including the best interest according to Shariah.

Part IV: our position from the following Unit XV: • Secularism: separating religion from life and society, and confine it to rituals and customs and traditions, and this contrary to Islam, which regulates the affairs of the individual, society, and the State. • Democracy and parliaments: its passed on that the legislation is the right of the people through their own representative institutions, while in Islam (the judgment is only for Allah) this does not mean that we want a new authoritarian regime, but the nation can not be rebuilt only by Shura (Islamic consultation) in principle and application. • Civil State: not defined description, spread among many people, and the term is unacceptable because it causes wasting and misled rights. • Kurdish Issue: the Kurdish people are part of the Syrian people, they were oppressed by Assad regime, and forbidden from the basic human and cultural rights driven by the lie of the Arabic nationalism. And they shred the Mujahideen in their revolution at the begging against Assad regime, and the Islamic Front seeks to obtain the rights of the brothers Kurds under Islamic rule, and rejects any project to divide the Syrian territory on the basis of national or ethnic. • Immigrants: they are our brothers who supported us in Jihad, and we appreciate that, require us to maintain them, and their dignity, so we share the same rights and duties. • Minorities: the Syrian territory includes a diverse texture of ethnic and religious minorities shared with Muslims for hundreds of years under the law of Shariah.

Conclusion: This charter established by a human effort, and we cared about clearing the way that we walk upon, we observed that it derived from the great tow sources (Holy Quran, and Sunna), so who agreed with them then the grace be to Allah, and who disagreed with them then we disavow them in front of Allah the Al-Mighty, and we appreciate any advice from anybody.



• «Ahrar Al-Sham» Islamic movement • «Sukour Al-Sham» brigades • «Ansar Al-Sham» battalions • Army of Islam • «Al-Tawheed» brigade • «Al-Haq» brigade



Charter of the #Islamic Front in #Syria  

these are our principles and goals in the war against the regime of #Bashar #Assad in #Syria

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