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Head Quarters City Light building, 1 Makram Ebied St., Nasr City Tel. (+202) 2273 5237 2273 5303


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Edar Seaview 30 Lebonan St., Mohandseen Tel.: (+202) 3344 3060 (+202) 3344 3070

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EDAR SEA VIEW PROPERTIES El Hadaba Road. In front of Calypso Office: +2065 344 2267 Mobile: +20100 219 0798

Contacts Franchise Information (+202) 1222284495 To Advertise (+202) 2273 5237 Customer Service (+202) 2273 5303

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NEWS $75m from World Bank for Egyptian health insurance Within the efforts exerted to ensure health insurance for all Egyptians, the ministry of health is implementing a comprehensive health coverage project, due to benefit 750,000 citizens nationwide.

EGP 51 billion increase in wages, pensions in new budget The Ministry of Finance uncovered the preliminary indications of the new draft general budget of the State for the new financial year 2013/2014, which is expected to be discussed by the Shura Council during the next few weeks.

Property prices and rents increase in Dubai Demand for property in sought after locations in Dubai is increasing and pushing up prices, according to the latest research report from property company Asteco. The figures show that the average cost of an apartment in Dubai increased 12% in the first three months of 2103 and prices have now risen 27% year on year.

Online property auction launches in UAE to attract foreign buyers Real estate consultants Asteco Property Management is to launch an online property auction website in a bid to lure more international investors to the United Arab Emirates. Asteco, which has been operating in the UAE since 1985, said it had signed a deal with US based LFC International Real Estate Brokerage to offer the service.

Saudis Save $1 Billion a Week as Egypt Counts Wheat, HSBC Says Oil-rich Gulf Arab countries, led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, are widening the wealth gap with the region’s energy importers as political turmoil from Egypt to Lebanon stifles economic growth, HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) said.

Egypt Plans Ration Cards for Fuel Next Fiscal Year Egypt which needs to reduce government expenditure, plans to introduce ration cards for subsidized fuel in its next fiscal year, Oil Minister Osama Kamal said in an interview with Al Arabiya Television.


w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

Edar News


Lina Farid Continuing their mission for international marketing, Edar Sea View participated once again in the Moscow International Property Show held in April 2013. Established in 2003, it has been until today considered the premier event in Russia for overseas property, addressing the requirements of international participants and Russian investors. It is known as a “boutique-style� event that limits the number of participants from certain destinations to ensure a truly highly reputable international mix of the best properties available from around the world. For Edar, the primary aim was to market their unique properties in Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh areas to Russian buyers. Edar is proud to have had a strong presence for the 3rd year in a row in the show, and being among leading overseas experts, developers, real estate agents and management companies.


w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

w w w. e d a r s e

The Psychology of Colors Are you one of those people afraid of adding color to your home? Or one of those people who just don't know what colors to put in which rooms? Here are some really useful tips you can consider when decorating your interiors, and even if you've already finished your decorating, it's never too late to do some repainting! 1.The 60-30-10 Rule If you take a look at some rooms in brochures or magazines, you will notice that the best designs are divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Many interior designers say that 60% of a room should be in one dominant color, 30% should


have another secondary color, and 10% that provides a small addition of a third basic color. An easy way to imagine this is to think of a man's business suit – 60% of the color is in his trousers and jacket, 30% is his shirt, and 10% is in the tie. So in a room, 60% is usually in the walls, 30% in furniture, and 10% in one or two important decorative pieces, or could also just be in any indoor plants or floral arrangements. 2.Consider the Color Wheel If you've never heard of the Color Wheel, it is a brilliant 'map' of colors that Sir Isaac Newton created in 1666, and ever since artists and designers all over the world

w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

have used it to show the components of color and its physical and psychological effects on people; and it is NEVER wrong! The colors across from each other, like red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow, are called Complementary Colors. Rooms decorated in a complementary color scheme create a very visual and vibrant atmosphere, and should be often used in more formal areas in your house like the dining room or the reception area. The colors that are next to each other, like yellow and green, purple and pink, red and orange, are called Analogous Colors, and they

create a peaceful, quiet, and restful atmosphere. The Analogous Color Scheme should therefore be used in the more casual areas of your house, like bedrooms and the living room. 3.Follow Nature's Advice If you're not a big fan of too many colors, then you could always just play-it-safe and take Mother Nature's advice. All you need to do is design your interior spaces by replicating the colors you see in the outside world. So play around with the basic natural colors of Brown, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, with all their lighter and darker shades. And to choose the brightness of your colors, again follow nature's rules: put the darker colors for your floors (like the ground), mediumbrightness of colors for the walls (like the trees or mountains), and very light colors for your ceilings (like the sky). 4. Follow your Emotions What type of mood do you want to be in when you're sitting at home? Or how about having different moods for each room? Yellow: Cheerful and highenergy. But don't use too much of it.

Orange: Also cheerful and fun, but much warmer and calmer. Green: Natural, healthy, relaxing, peaceful. Blue: Studies have shown that it is the most popular color people choose worldwide. This is because it makes the body produce chemicals which calm the nerves. You can never go wrong with blue. Purple or Violet: Rich, elegant, sophisticated. Red: The color which is most recognized by our eyes, and has proven to increase people's heart beats. It creates a very active, excited, and energetic mood. Of course it's a very romantic color as well.

color. It represents purity and simplicity. Black: Represents power, mystery, and elegance. But if used too much, it will create a depressing atmosphere instead. So always combine it with another strong contrasting color, and stay away from the walls. Use black in your furniture or the floor, but never the walls or ceilings. Grey: A very practical color, which adds a nice elegant touch when combined with other colors. Never have grey on its own; you can use it on walls and floors but add lots of excitement with bright colorful touches.

Pink: very feminine and sweet, but when combined with darker masculine colors like navy blue or black, it takes away the feminine look and turns into a gender-neutral space with a touch of beauty. B r o w n : Ve r y e a r t h y, natural, rich and classic. White: It is the safest option, but could always be combined with ANY other

Written by:

Lina Farid

Restaurants in Mohandseen Abou Hesham

2 El Nakeb Saed St.,



90 Wadi El Nil St.

02 33026711 - 02 33448099


8 Syria St. Mohandeseen

02 33360887 - 02 37623724


13, 14 Sour Nady El Zamalek St.

19018 – 33034977- 33050905

Ataturk Restaurant

El Reyad St., Off Shehab St.

02 3475135

Bal Masque Restaurant

80 Mosaddak St.,

02 7619650

Bent El Sultan

2 Soliman Abaza St. El Thawra Sq.,

02 7606633


Inside Salma Hotel Mohandeseen

02 37609430 - 010 1940971

Broast Al Baik

24 Wadi El Nil St.,

02 3469770

Café Class Restaurant

6 Abo Bakr El Seddek St.,


Candles Restaurant

9 Abo El Mahasen El Shazli St


Chopsticks Restaurant




15 Syria St. Mohandeseen

02 33471573 - 018 2115330


El Nakhil St. Mohandeseen

02 37623769 - 02 37623768


8 Wezaret El Zeraa St. Mohandeseen

02 37627015 - 02 37627016


23 Dr. El Mahrouky St. Mohandeseen

02 33472429

El Tahrir Restaurant

71 Gamat El Dowal El Arabeya St.,



19 El Koroum St. Mohandeseen

02 37623137


w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

Kung Fu Chinese Express

58 Mohey El Din Abu El Ezz St.,


Le Tabasco Restaurant




6 El Gazayer St. Mohandeseen

02 33048247

Marsh Restaurant

23 A Ahmed Oraby St.,



26 Abdel Hamid Lotfy St. Mohandeseen

02 33371167


1 Moussa Galal St. Mohandeseen

02 33029986


13 Esraa El Moalemeen St. Mohandeseen

02 33039184


36, 26 July St., El Tersana Shopping Center


Pastro Alaa El Hamouli

2 Sour Nadi El Zamalek, MOHANDESEEN



34 Soliman Abaza St.

02 37619148


3 Nables St. Mohandeseen

02 33050455

Restaurant Abo Adel

9 Gameat El Dewal El Arabia St.,


Swiss Chalet Al Nakhil

10 El Nakhil St.,


Tacobee Restaurant

4 Petroleum Bldgs., Behind Tawfikeya Club



11 Shehab St. Mohandeseen

02 37486301

Valentine Restaurant



Wok-N-Roll Restaurant

21 Gameat El Dowal El Arabeya St.,



1 Amarat El Patrol, Bldgs.


w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m


Sahl Hasheesh Red Sea Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

Jamaran Villas

Available Units Size

: Built-up area 318 m, Land area 860 m

Specs : Overlooking Golf Course. Semi-finished. Price : USD 1,100 / SQM. P. Terms


T. Price: USD 349,800.

: 5% Reservation. 15% Contract. Remaining over 5 years.

: Built-up area 318 m, Land area 980 m

Specs : Third line from the sea. Semi-finished. Price : USD 1,200 / SQM. P. Terms:


T. Price: USD 381,600.

5% Reservation. 15% Contract. Remaining over 5 years.

: Built-up area 318 m, Land area 1004 m

Specs : Third line from the sea. Semi-finished. Price : USD 1,200 / SQM. P. Terms:


T. Price: USD 381,600.

5% Reservation. 15% Contract. Remaining over 5 years. w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

New Cairo CAIRO Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

The Square



Available Units Size : 162.5 m Specs: Reception, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Price: EGP 3,500/m.

Size : 185 m Specs: Reception, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Price: EGP 3,500/m.

Size : 210.5 m Specs: Big Reception, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Price: EGP 3,500/m.

w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m


Sahl Hasheesh Red Sea


Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

Old Town Apartments



Available Units Size Specs

: 64 m : Sea View. Reseption, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchenette.


: For rent USD 85/night.

Size Specs

: 66 m : Overlooking Courtyard. Reseption, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchenette.


: For rent USD 55/night.

Size Specs

: 111 m : Mountain View. Big Reseption, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom and kitchenette.


: For rent USD 120/night.

Sale :USD 3000/m.

Sale :USD 2200/m

O L D T O W N S A H L H A S H E E S H 12

w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

Sale :USD 2500/m

Magawish Hurghada Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

Magawish Villa

Size Specs

: Built-up area 277 m, Land area 200 m : 4 Villas in a gated compound. Sea view + swimming pools. Semi-finished.


: Starting From Euro 99,000.

P. Terms

: 10% 40% 25% 25%

Size Specs

Reservation. Contract ( After 1 month ). ( After 3 months from contract ). ( After 6 months from contract ).

: Ground Floor 120 m First Floor 120 m : Quiet and clean area. 10 Km far from Hurghada's int. airport. Reception, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and kitchen. Small Garden. Panoramic sea view and garden view. Private roof. Semi-finished. Full finishing could be provided by USD 100 / Sqm.


: EGP 400,000.


: Ground and first floors could be offered for sale separately by EGP 200,000 for each. w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m


New Cairo C A I R O Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

Mountain View Executive Residence

Available Units Size


: 280 m 4th floor 173 m Roof floor: built-up area 30 m, roof area 77 m : Pent-House. Reception, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,kitchen and storage area.


: EGP 890,000.

Size Specs

: 140 m : Reception, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and kitchen.


: EGP 690,000.


w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

Ain Sokhna RED SEA Tel. (+202) 3344 3060 - 3344 3070

Aroma Residence ( El Sokhna )

Available Units Size Specs

: 50 m + 20 m Garden. : Studio.


: EGP 350,000.

Size Specs

: 80 m. : 1 bedrooms.


: EGP 550,000.

Size Specs

: 100 m + 50 m Garden. : 2 bedrooms.


: EGP 655,000.

Size Specs

: 175 m + 150 m Roof Garden. : 3 bedrooms.


: EGP 1,800,000.

Size Specs

: 250 m + 534.5 m Garden. : Stand alone Villa.


: EGP 3,200,000.

Size Specs

: 165 m + 55 m Roof. : Pent-House.


: EGP 690,000.

Size Specs

: 200 m + 82 m Garden. : Twin-House.


: EGP 1,390,000. w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m



Classic CLASSIC When you start decorating your house, the first thing you would probably think of is whether you want to decorate your interiors using a classic or a modern style. Today there are more styles that designers have created for us to choose from,




however the modern vs. classic dilemma is the most common one. So, if you haven't decided yet, here's what you need to know and consider when choosing between these two famous styles: w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m


Classic Style: Classic-style interiors are easy to point out; when you walk through it, you feel like you've entered a house that existed in a different time period. It is based on symmetry, balance, and elegance, and was originally

designed based on the standards of the old Roman and Greek empires. Balance is a very important factor; for example a fireplace in the reception must be combined with matching armchairs on each side with an elaborate mirror or painting above. As for colors, they range from rich mid-tones that are often inspired by nature's colors. These include the soft and calm shades of yellows, greens, browns, and grays, as well as rich gold and bronze, and only off-white should be used if desired, but never pure white. In fact, an easy rule to remember is to never use pure bright colors, only the soft midtones and shades. Fabrics are very widely used in the classic style, used in the furniture itself, in decorative pieces or canvases hung on the walls, and in the curtains. They are characterized by rich details and elegant sophisticated materials and colors, but shouldn't be overly attention-grabbing. Furniture is of course inclined towards the antique style and should have the finest elegant materials and designs. Usually they are custom-made by a professional designer and carpenter, and not readymade in furniture stores as they would be hard to find these days. Finally, the flooring is also supposed to be natural; fine wood, stone, or marble work best for a classically designed environment.

Modern or Contemporary Style: The modern style is very simple, clear-cut, cleanlined, focused, bright, and made up of basic geometric shapes. The modern style hates and completely avoids anything complex or sophisticated, or any decorative elements and accessories that are seen in other styles. When you walk into a modern interior, u might feel too cold or even depressed, but when designed and planned

properly the modern style g i v e s o ff a s e n s e o f calmness and simplicity, completely opposite to the feeling you get in a classic home. Bold, bright, pure colors are the basis of any modernized home. There are almost no limits or rules; if you want a crazy bright yellow integrated with a florescent green, go for it! Or some bright pink furniture with plain black floors, why not? As long as they're bold, bright, and polished, and your choice of colors are symmetrical throughout the room. This is probably the best thing about modern w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m

style interiors, you're actually allowed to use your favorite colors, and can go as wild as you want! Another great benefit from the modern style is that it usually maximizes space and creates an impression that a room or area in your house is larger than it actually is. Also, it is common to have large windows (accompanied with very simple curtains) all over your house, which is another element that makes a room look larger, and it is because the modernized house loves a lot of light. Finally, the furniture, is usually short (lower to the ground) and small-sized with straight legs and comes in clear-cut shapes (mostly squares, rectangles, and circles). Artwork or accessories aren't many, but when included they must be very simple, matching the room's vibrant colors, and should be made up of graphical shapes as well.

Written by:

Lina Farid 17

Written by:

Home Profile

Lina Farid

Aroma Residence Hotel & Resort

Aroma is a one-of-a-kind resort where you can live the exquisite and fun adventures on a 100,000m2 land designed especially for the excited holidaymakers. With a unique architecture and landscape design, every resident is offered maximum comfort, luxury, and everything you've ever wished for the ideal holiday home. Nestled just footsteps away from the red sea coast of Ain Sokhna, Aroma resides in a very attractive spot where you can experience the astonishing weather all year long, and the crystal clear sea water. A very short and enjoyable trip from Cairo international Airport, approximately a 1 hour drive, is all it takes to reach this perfect destination. When choosing your home at Aroma, there are 4 different models to select from: V-Type Stand Alone Villas, T-Type Twin Houses, P-Type Pent Houses, and Hotel Apartments. These offer customers a variety of different sizes, styles, and prices that are sure to meet all different tastes. Aroma offers its residents a wide range of leisure activities including a 20,000m private beach, water sports, restaurants and cafes, sports courts, gym, spa, event halls, game rooms, kids corner, swimming pools, and endless green areas. Additionally, for those living in the Hotel Apartments, these residents are offered a complete hotel-service arrangement, which includes: delivering all units with full interior finishing (in addition to air conditioning, lighting, decoration, WIFI internet, and satellite television), housekeeping, concierge, elevators, 24-hour security, and alarm systems. Other than its very attractive variety of units and services, Aroma also offers its customers a very attractive payment procedure: 25% Contract Payment, 16 Quarterly Installments over 4 years, and 15% due at time of delivery (Dec 2015 expected date of initial delivery and April 2016 final delivery). w w w. e d a r s e a v i e w. c o m



Do it Yourself Your guide to online resource for do-it-yourselfers. Each site features expert advice, support, discussion forums, product reviews, and newsletters. Online advice about home improvement, remodeling and decorating. Ideas on everything from kitchen and bath to yard and garden. teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school

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A large how-to site with categories such as building, remodeling, decorating, design, home repairs, maintenance, landscaping and outdoor building home and garden.

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A large how-to site with categories such as building, remodeling, decorating, design, home repairs, maintenance, landscaping and outdoor building home and garden.

Covers such topics as appliance repair, pest control, electrical repairs, energy savings and heating and cooling

Edarseaview Properties Guide - May 2013  

Real Estate Egypt guide for Cairo and red sea, read about adding colors to your home, search for new home in Hurghada and Cairo.

Edarseaview Properties Guide - May 2013  

Real Estate Egypt guide for Cairo and red sea, read about adding colors to your home, search for new home in Hurghada and Cairo.