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From the editor


Lions and Tigers and Bunnies,

oh my!

…you’ve got to ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky? Well, punk, do ya?

As a matter of fact I do and I’m sure you’re all dying to know why so I’ll fill you in. The other day I was sitting at home minding my own business when I get a call from my brother across the street and he’s like ‘dude, you got to come over here…now!’ Naturally, I’m thinking that the house is on fire or he has somehow managed to cut off a limb or something so I go barreling out the door to see what’s what. As I’m running across the street, he’s outside signalling me to stop and be quiet…yeah, I was confused too. As I walked around his truck I see ears sticking up out of the grass – it was a cute little rabbit, chillin’ on the lawn. At the same time I’m thinking, ok, we see rabbits around here all the time what’s the big deal? Upon closer inspection I noticed that the rabbit is actually someone’s pet (was someone’s pet). He wasn’t afraid of us and just grazed and hopped…so, we didn’t want to leave this thing outside, first of all it’s cold, second of all we were worried that since he was a pet that he would be unable to defend himself should he encounter a raccoon or skunk or porcupine or rabbit eating iguana…so I went crocodile hunter on the little guy and we brought him into the house where he is now hanging out, eating carrots and celery and romaine lettuce. Not sure what we’re going to do with him, although we are searching for his owners. I’ll keep you posted – stay on the edge of your seat! In other news, it’s the Travel Issue!! Ok, maybe it’s not THAT exciting – but it is kinda cool. We’ve got some good stuff in here related to travelling far and wide as well as not-so-far and not-sowide. I havn’t had the chance to do a lot of travelling lately but, I did travel to Canada’s Wonderland (formerly known as Paramount Canada’s Wonderland) last weekend for the Halloween Haunt. Didn’t get to ride Behemoth – the line was out of control and we decided we’d rather go on many rides rather than stand in line for just one. It was a cold rainy night but that added to the creepy atmosphere. Um yeah, that’s the extent of my recent travels…I’m busy, I can’t help it!

read on! — MK

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Stuff from before

Each month we will be printing an old-time article (some from the time before Scientology took over Hollywood) Enjoy some vintage Absynthe Yeehaw! Editorial try number 3! Attempt number one was 274 words long and ended in ‘shit’, and attempt number two just fell over and died. Contest alert: Today’s paper is brought to you by the letter X and the number [#of submitters], and if you can tell me why I might give you a prize. On that note, here’s a poem we were sent a couple weeks ago. It’s by someone named Karen Sadler: Dressed in pink, she flips her hair Her pool blue eyes give me a stare. Her lips, her arms, her waist, her face, In most men’s eyes she’d win first place. She walks with grace wearing highheeled shoes, I doubt she ever gets the blues. She drives her car and swims in her pool, ‘Always look pretty’ is her only rule. She takes ballet and figure skates, She’s enjoyed a million perfect dates. Her hair is long and never a mess,

She’s always smiling and never depressed. ‘What is she thinking?’ I sometimes ask, Her perfect face seems to act as a mask. Then I remember she’s not real at all She’s my Barbie, my toy, my plastic doll. Discuss. In ther meantime, though, here’s a rant: I find it amazing how easily people can start thinking something, then suddenly find themselves ingrained with all these other beliefs because they’re ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ or ‘right of centre’ for from Lower East Pubnico. I have often been in the company of others and thought obliged to think a certain way about a certain thing, lest I have several people jump down my throat whenever I say a word and make it a rather uncomfortable place. Not agreeing with someone is one thing, and is perfectly fine – debate creates ideas and change that

most will be happy with – but not even considering an alternative is something very different. Ideas are not as black and white as some might want them to be. They come in multiple, overlaying interpretations of the same problem. And, generally, (except with empirical science), there is not one clear-cut solution. Now, with this, we could a) try to solve the problem(s) with everyone; b) blame it all on the other guy; c) close the factory. Personally, I like Option A, with Option C as a last resort and Option B as part of the means, not the ends (because then it would be totally pointless). But that’s enough of this banter. If you like something, or something pisses you off (or you just feel like commenting), drop us a line. Our e-mail’s scattered about in various places. Oh, and welcome back from Reading Week. Lot’s of elections are coming up, so get out and vote! Or even run (that’s fun, too). In any event, here’s to a great last quarter. See you around! — Todd

Retrograde – All of our best laid plans and good intentions

Senses Fail – Life is not a waiting room Love and loss, Violence and redemption, a diet of cheap beer and wasted love, and the power to give up on giving in are all present in the latest album from Senses Fail. In the past, many emo bands would make their second album a completely different experience from the popular chart debut in order to shake the emo tagline. This includes Fall Out Boy’s Infinity on High and My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade. It’s hit or miss but many bands have attempted it. Senses Fail managed to do the opposite with subsequent albums: Senses Fail kept making the same style of songs, but just made them tighter, faster and more focused. They have managed to do something I never expected them to do as an band with emo and pop punk sentiments on this album: they took the best parts of the last two albums and created something that punches you in the neck and then tells you every thing is going to be alright someday just so long as you stop drinking twenty five cheap beers a day and being in a dead end relationship. Once you wade through the despair of living in New Jersey, you discover that this album is really positive in its attempts to make change and get better. I haven’t heard anything quite like this in a very long time.

Welcome back to Retrograde and the warm embrace of assignment and essay deadlines. At the time of this writing, I am sitting at home listening to Dance Gavin Dance in an attempt to drown out the roofers and the roof that is being built over my head. I again bring you short album reviews consisting of solid gold and chewed scenery. The albums this month are a bit more on the aggressive side for the most part due to the changing of moods in my life as of lately and frankly, the deluge of assignments at the door. The rumours you have heard are true. I am actually an evil automaton that consumes kittens and the hopes and dreams of 17th century orphans in the most diabolical way possible. I just hate to be exposed in this way as a ruthless, evil robot cannibal assassin. You may know me in person and you might have heard the stories but it Underoath – is up to you to figure it out on your own. Lost in the Sound of Separation I am also growing the worst moustache Underoath is a band that plays to extremes. They scream possible for Movember.

hard, they sing hard and they break down super hard. On their latest album, they decide to escort the listener

through a very desolate, alien landscape with darkness dripping from every word spoken and note played while being attacked by robots made of pure hot adrenaline. Two forgettable songs start the album until the band decided to stop making a bad remake of their last album and try something really fucking new. Music drifts in and out of focus leaving us to question where the band will take us next. Guitar riffs and solos blink into and out of static. While initially difficult to appreciate, I wholly recommend this musical experience.

Rise Against – Appeal To Reason This band has made another album of hard hitting, anthemic punk rock songs about authority, selling a lot of records while staying true to their roots and how much our way of life destroys ourselves. While the production values are higher than previous albums, Rise Against again shows us how to make money and maintain their integrity. They have failed to show me how they can mess up their formula. The songs hit hard and the guitars hit you in the eyes and ears even harder. This may result in inexplicable singing along and pumping your fist into the air these anthemic tracks.

Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger Standard Piano Rock about getting better from cancer that relishes in being honest instead of verbose. That statement in itself actually shows how much I enjoyed this more than I actually expected based on his previous work in Something Corporate.

Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue

She is the singer of the band Rilo Kiley that would make earnest rock songs about awkward things. Now she has written a country record about doing acid and figuring out who she is. While this style of music isn’t really my thing I really wonder what Jenny Lewis should stick to. I enjoy Rilo Kiley a lot and I mean a lot but I wonder if this is just a better fit for Miss Lewis.

Lights – Lights EP At first glance, it seems like Ashley Simpson ditched Pete Wentz, lost 100 pounds and instead of trying to back up her voice with rock radio ready trash, decided to record against a background of cool and complex synthesizers and drum loops. While this initially sounds like a terrible idea and the fact that one of her songs from this EP was used in an Old Navy commercial, I ended up liking it. This girl from Timmins, Ontario knows the limits of her voice and what the best backdrop for it is. It’s catchy and she’s not half bad to look at and she is also on the Underground Operations label which houses Protest The Hero. I certainly didn’t see that one coming plus listening to this has given me a reprieve from all the intensity of getting punched in the ear over and over by the other albums I reviewed this time. Chris Davies says that if your boyfriend’s got beef I’m a vegetarian and I’m not fucking scared of him

Hope Dies Last A short story By Sayre Croft

The usual is this: Waking

late and just missing the bus by seconds you have to wait the extra fifteen minutes with nothing to do but take off your sunglasses and read a text book. Finally when the bus comes, you get in and sit patiently and pretend to look interested in what is going on outside though your mind wanders to the class last week when you have a Harlequin romance novel to you English lit Prof just to pretend to him that you are funny and have the virtues that one wants these days — sarcastic, sedated, and sardonic. Arriving eleven minutes late to your (Amphibiology) class you get called upon by the Prof and you realize you read the article for the class the wrong way and you can’t remember the names of your friends from high school anymore. You look down with regret, remorse and sanity. The Prof, uses a different tact and asks you how your weekend was. < That particular weekend you were robbed by a woman in front of the movie theatre who was pretending to be both deaf and homeless, and she wasn’t deaf because when you yelled at her she understood what you said and yelled back. The weather in town was cold so it was just as well. > You mumble about it being fine. The Prof calls on someone more qualified. Lunch. You stir noodles and sit with your friends that you have acquired, such as Yuppie Version 2.0, (an 18 year stock trader with a caffeine addiction) Band Dude, (Drummer/Harmonica player for the folk/punk-rock group Freud’s Inner Child) Art Girl, (Edie Sedgwick on the outside, Andy Warhol on the inside) and Pinball Wizard, (complete with game boy, lap to and carpel tunnel syndrome). You find out that every one has been having the same sort of week that you’ve been having. Yuppie’s stocks were down, Freud’s Inner Child’s vocalist choked on a purple pixie stick at a birthday party and couldn’t sing, Art’s photographs were under developed and Pinball lost

at Warcraft again. We play “Who would you date?”to lighten the mood. Surprisingly everyone chooses Natalie Portman except Pinball who opts for Paris Hilton. The fortune cookie you open after your lunch says “wealth is in the heart” and you decide that’s the problem. The ride back home from the campus in the afternoons is always harder than the ride there. Today the crowd in the bus are both bored and tired and they don’t want to make eye contact or talk. Not that you would talk to them anyway. You don’t know what is worse though the forced silence or having to stand up. Due to this you decide to leave two stops early and head to the local Candy Shop. Your best friend in the town just happens to be the proprietor of the store. A once semi-famous D.J. from Montreal, he settled into the oblivion of the Chocolate industry. He doesn’t eat a lot of candy though, and he offers you peaches and broccoli every time you visit. The store glitters on the inside and is painted in pastel colours. He is expecting you and when you step in he switched the Satellite radio from Dance Mix to New Wave 80’s. He asks you what is up, and you tell him “the sky, taxes, inflation and gas prices” and he laughs (not even forced, this time) and asks you what took you so long to get there, and you say, the bus, even though it’s a lie and it’s really life and living it is what takes so long. Life has this way of losing the things that mean the most and making you wait for them again - like playing with a boomerang or a Frisbee. The Pet Shop Boys come on the radio and you suddenly feel like dancing for no other reason than to prove that your life has a purpose, a meaning, and is worth something. When you realize this for the first time you tell D.J. and he doesn’t understand. His children are too young to show him how any of this can be true. The children just enjoy the dancing. To them it’s a game. And that is the usual.

Waiter, there’s an

ENTOMOLOGIST in my soup! This Issue: Household Pests screaming on a chair for that matter). In this edition of my column, I will take your hand into the lovely By: world of household insect pests William and how to control them. The first “insect” in our jour“Scott” ney is the house centipede. I say Willis this in quotes, as the centipede is not an insect but a close arthropod relative. You’ll see these beasts scurrying across the floor, with their 15 pairs of legs. They are really speedy too, running 16 inches per second. People You may have seen me around consider these pests, as they are campus, bug net in tow. I study and really disgusting looking and are collect bugs for fun. I want to share capable of biting. They aren’t my passion of entomology -that’s really pests though, as they the study of insects- with you. Every are insectivores and are benmonth I’ll cover important topics eficial to keep around. They eat such as insects that can kill you, to other insect pests what was that creepy thing that just such as silverfish crawled over my foot (You probably and cockroaches. don’t want to miss either article). They’re hangouts Student housing is the staple (and are damp places in bane) of University life. You and your house, such your friends pick a house based on as basements and whether you can throw good keg- closets. If you regers in it, and if there is enough ally want to get rid room to keep dirty dishes so you of these guys, then don’t have to wash them. You re- it is suggested you get rid of their ally don’t look for things such as food source (other insects), or insect infestations. One day you’ll getting rid of their path into your be looking at the floor, and some- house (seal up cracks in wall). thing with a billion legs will scurry There is anecdotal evidence that across the floor. Unfortunately we cats help control the house censhare this world with the insects, tipede population as well! Insecbut you don’t have to take this vile ticides say they kill them, but act of trespassing laying down (or aren’t very effective. The bottom

line is to leave these guys alone. They look scary as sin, but they are your allies in pest control. Silverfish are the main pest of Peterborough houses. Their name comes from its colour and movement, since it sort of fishtails as it moves. They love feeding on sugars and starches, and they eat anything from glue, book bindings, paper, photos, sugar, hair, and dandruff. They also adore eating shampoo and shaving cream. I find them eating my insect collection all the time. Property damage isn’t a real concern with these creature, they are just scary to look at. Silverfish love cracks and crevices of walls and dark places, and can survive a year without eating! Your best bet to control silverfish is to clean the house (as hard as that is). Seal up any food items you have, don’t leave food around. Vacuum to suck up any silverfish eggs and potential food particles for them! Clean around your house in the crevices. Homemade traps work, just tape around a glass jar. They will climb up the tape, and get stuck in the jar. Then dispose of them as you see fit. You can get fruit flies even in winter if you leave food out. Get rid of the rotten fruit/food that

“[House centipedes] look scary as sin, but they are your allies in pest control.”

continued on next page...

attracted them, this will thus get rid of the flies’ eggs. Also change the garbage (there’s a first for everything). The flies might have initially been attracted to the fruit and then moved on the garbage for dessert! If you want a quick fix to the problem, put out a glass of white wine with a drop of dish soap in it. The wine attracts the flies, and the soap kills them. You’ll soon collect a number of dead fruit flies, and maybe some bigger game such as houseflies! Bottom line, get rid of the attraction (fruit), and they won’t be a bother! Ants in general are a hindrance to humans, especially in the summer. Most likely you’ll have black carpenter ants in your house. Ants are really resourceful at finding food. They communicate and tell other ants if they’ve found something. If you’ve left out pizza and an ant finds it, you’ll soon have a trail of ants leading to and away from the pizza after it tells its friends. They can find food up to 100 yards from their nest! They aren’t a real threat to humans, although the soldier ants of the colony will bite. Carpenter ants can also tunnel through wood, causing damages to your house. Ants are fine outdoors, but when they are inside it can mean that they’ve established a colony in your walls, not good… they aren’t even paying rent! You can tell if they are in your walls, as they will eject out wood shavings from little holes (like saw-dust). If you suspect you have black ants or termites in your walls, contact your landlord. Ants most of the time will be in your house for food! They are omnivorous, and will eat almost anything (meat products, grease

and fat, grains and cereals, syrup, honey, sugar, jelly and fruits). First off, find out where they are coming from. Just follow the trail of ants. When you find out where they are coming from, seal the entrance to your house up. The final nail in the coffin will be to purchase some ant traps. They are cheap, and get the job done well. Buy a pack of three and place them around the room where the ants were found. If you have a colony in your house though, you’ll most likely need an exterminator. Cockroaches are the clichéd apartment pest, often scurrying to find shelter when you turn on the lights. They’ll basically be wherever there is food and shelter. Bottom line is take away their food; they’ll leave your house for somewhere else. This means sealing up open food, and making sure your house is clean with the garbage taken out. I know, I know, this never happens in student housing, but if you don’t want cockroaches, you have to do this! Don’t leave dishes sitting around either! Using cleaning in combination with common pesticides (boric acid, etc.) will reduce their numbers. In Canada, they don’t usually infest a house, and just come inside out of the cold. Remember: centipedes and spiders are your friends! And clean up once and awhile. If you have a creepy crawly in your house, don’t hesitate to send me a picture. I’ll ID it and tell you how to control them – If you have a live specimen, drop it off at the Absynthe office (as long as it is in a container!). I’m sure the other Absynthe members won’t mind...

The Usual Suspects

House Centipede Scutigera coleoptrata

Silverfish Lepisma Saccharina

Fruit Fly Drosophila Melanogaster

Carpenter Ant Formica ligniperda

American Cockroach Periplaneta americana


Coffee Give me attention in any way shape or form and I will lap it up like a

dehydrated animal. Being the centre of attention is my all time favourite pastime, so when I was given such a great opportunity, I leapt at the chance for some fame. Sitting in a room as people hung off my every word was exhilarating. Some people won’t even glance directly at me and I know it is because they are blinded by my brilliance. Mr. Stevenson was clearly the most interested in my story. He was pacing around in front of me, trying to come up with the right way to goad me into the revelation of my tale. “So,” he started, “tell us what happened, like you told Anna.” “Well,” I began, crossing my arms behind my head and doing my best to get comfortable in the straight, non-padded wooden chair. “Andrew was new at work and all. He was a nice guy, funny too. There was this one time when he told me about this Lawyer, Priest and a Baptist and I swear I couldn’t look him in the face for weeks, ‘cause I would have laughed and disrupted the peace of the office.” “What else?” Stevenson prompted. I only had to stop for a moment to enhance the anticipation. “We went bowling a few times, he was good and it was nice to have some worthwhile competition. There were a few other guys too.” I halted my

A short story By Kelsey Hough account, regretting the mention of other people. I wasn’t so keen on sharing the spotlight with others. Someone coughed in the back of the room and I shot them my angriest glare. A few people jumped back, clearly impressed by the ferocity of my expression. Crossing my arms casually, I continued. “Anyway, we saw a concert together one time. It was amazing. Andrew liked good music and I liked him for that. He was a good guy.” “But…” Stevenson was eager to hear more and I smiled satisfactory. He was under my spell and completely transfixed with what I had to say. I glanced to the small group of people, about a dozen or so, on my left, and I knew they were just as interested. A few of them even went so far as to avoid my gaze. Well no matter; everyone else in the room was interested. “Well the thing with Andrew is that he slurped his coffee. We liked to hang out around the coffee maker before we had to get to work in the morning and he always slurped. It wasn’t just the occasionally small slurp either; it was loud and wet and sloppy and constant. Every time he drank…” Stevenson came very close to me now, hanging off my every word. “That was the only thing you were bothered by?” “Yes. And that, your Honour…” I paused for effect. “…Is why I killed him.”

So... As it turns out, we have this blank space. Shitty deal eh? Well if we weren’t so gosh darn lazy, then we would have done a poll, and wouldn’t have this problem. Consider this a free lesson from your Absynthe staff against procrastination, people. You can get a way with it... but it makes you look like a jackass. Tune in next month. We may actually do a poll.

Poetry A World of Colour By: Danielle Dickenson

Lime coloured leaves. Plum perfect petals. The shades of the world, nothing ever settles. An expanse of blue seems flat as slate until your sailing across with a sea foam wake. Roses are red Violets are blue with veins of purple running through. Beneath the green stems white essence hides. The differences are there and change when they die. Look to the rainbow trout One colour can’t explain a child’s pout

A shade can’t describe the hue of an eye. Nothing will, but it can’t hurt to try.


By Heather Marshall I’m so confused. Don’t know why I can’t Say what I wish I could What I try so hard What I want to say so bad What I should But I can’t

I want to but everytime Its just you and me Its awkward And confusing Cause its so opposite Of how you are Around me Around everyone else Its confusing and I just can’t see Where the make believe And reality in this story End When they will meet And I find myself falling So hard but I’m stopping Setting up barriers Trying not to But knowing I’m going down I’m sinking This isn’t battleship But if it was Then you would be winning Cause I’m spinning In a generally downwards direction

Its like alice Without the rabbit And I’m late But still not in the picture Trying to see what I need to fix Trying to figure out what I missed To search out this elusive date Keep missing that car And its as if we will forever Be standing at opposite ends Of the terminal Just missing that train Over and over again

Like phones with no reception All I’m getting is your static And the caller id Isn’t helping me any Cause I can’t see Why did you call me? Did you? Or did I just imagine that? Why were you even around? And why did I disconnect?

Only the Other Side By: Samuel Ezeogwm

Nature, where is the fullness That you brought Freshness of breath Purity of water Good taste of food Healing from herbs Birds hover around singing Animals playing and rejoicing Over your existence Praising your works Nature, you and I Are made for each other For the resource I acquire to survive

I will protect you I owe you respect because You were here before I was I offer you thanks Appreciation for your provisions Now I know the truth Destiny has brought us together Together we can Commune and relate Become a family Live forever Happy ever-after ….You have being so good to my soul continued...

This message I will leave To the present and future generations to come

I don’t know why I could never dream

It’s you who paid the price.

of a world more perfect than that. Imperfection is what I seek, If good or if bad.

He’ll never stop to think about, The things he’s lost in life.

Lakes and rivers bleed into the bay Which then bled into the sea.

Remember all the times that you, Would tell me I was weak.

Life has died and the world gets cold

You pushed me down but there I found,

“Be wise, keep green; live long”

While the ocean starts to bleed.

My strength, the will, to speak.

Preach the Killing Spree

Remember That

Preserve; maintain the earth Make good use of resources Avoid waste; save energy

By: Midian Judah

By: Tanya Dimitrijevic

I dream of a time when oceans sing

Remember when he made you feel,

and on one’s around to hear; When the birds and the flowers make love to the earth And pollutions cloud the air.

As meaningless as air. And even though you need to breathe,

You still can’t see its there.

I dream of a time when everyone knew

Remember all the time’s he said, Those hurtful things to you.

The choice of right and wrong.

And even though he took them back,

When people look and think of others

Some things you can’t undo.

In other ways than fond. Those scars you wear still find a place, I dream of a time when no one cared

To cut you deep within.

Of the choices one would make. When humans and animals helped each other And emotions impossible to fake.

And even though you’ve sewn them shut,

Now I know it’s because of you These dreams I never had.

Who’ll never find his way. Into becoming man enough. To find the words to say. The difference that enables you, To finally persevere. To grow, mature and step towards, Conquering that fear.

They still bleed for him. It doesn’t matter how much time, Has passed, you still can’t find. The inner strength to walk away, And leave the pain behind.

Of never turning into what, You know you ought to be. Instead you’d rather hide behind, Your insecurity.

With blood thicker than sand.

Remember when he couldn’t even,

Crimson shadows fill the sky With a color that looks like pain.

Take the time to look. Into your eyes into the face, That he so wrongly shook.

Humans cry and question their minds

The birds and the flowers make love no more and slowly start to decay; The earth spins further away from the sun, And time gets longer by the day.

The difference found between a boy,

But still u cannot find the clutch, That kicks it into gear.

The oceans scream and the rivers bleed

And desperately shout in vein.

Remember when remember well, Cuz’ this is where I stand. And this is when you come to find, The difference in a man.

Shook and shattered proof’s right there,

Your skin still wears his name. Blackened eyes and darkened lips, The bruises still remain. Remember when he said that you, Would never quite suffice. And even though he was to blame,

Instead you’d rather dish it out, Inflict the blame on me. But now the joke’s been played on you,

And it isn’t hard to see. It isn’t hard to figure out, That you’re the one alone. If only you had taken time, Then maybe you’d have known


That all those times and all those words,

You spoke so carelessly.

Happily Never After Tanya Dimitrijevic

And all those times you never tried,

To place your trust in me. Are all the times you cannot face, You drink them down, yet can’t erase. The truth, the hurt, still finds a place,

Within that same old empty space. So there were time’s I couldn’t speak,

But now my lips aren’t sealed. And there were time’s I couldn’t breathe,

But now my wounds have healed. So icy blue, so desolate, You wish you’d take it back. And should you ever question why, Just stop, remember that –

I thought I’d never come to see, The day when he would leave. When he would finally walk away. Allowing me to breathe. I thought I’d never see the day, When he’d walk out that door. Never will he raise his hand, Or push me to the floor. I thought I’d never be afraid, Of what I can’t erase. His words still find a way to leave, A mark upon my face. His anger finds a way to reach,

My thoughts, my dreams, each night.

And he’s the reason I can’t even, Will myself to fight.

In Worlds MIdian Judah

Inside her head the child grew And its eyes became a crater in the earth. From there he watched and followed worlds With other eyes and disaster of their own. And leer into a looking glass in worlds unknown. The roots go deep while thousands wait to immerge Their eyes are looking and into flames they go. It gets the body working, and alive it kicked. A craterlike string of worms crashes right into the eye, Causing it to bleed. It oozed out all of its imperfections Inventions, and the beauty of our weapons. And now a planet rushed through evolution. It was there a life grew and took creation into its own hands. And competed for the worlds above. Dissatisfying the worlds, They decided to end the provocative disobedience. The invention was a working mind. It held no intention of trust And separated itself from those it evolved with. It turned into intelligence and began its purpose. It worked towards a goal of getting evolution back on track. The worlds await the last war, the one to end the rush to evolve. The other children watching smile and close their eyes to rest.

Against his hate against his rage, His hurt just pierces through. And he’s the reason I can never, Trust myself with you. He is the reason I can’t find, The strength within to fly.

And he’s the weakness deep within,

The reasons that I cry.

He is the reason I still struggle, With letting down my guard. I never thought that loving you, Would come to be this hard. I never thought that all the things, I tried so much to kill. Would now become the only things,

In life, I try to fill.

I never thought I’d live to see, The day where he would say “I’m sorry for the things I did, To make you feel this way”. I never thought I’d hear those words,

Slip out beneath his lips: “I’m sorry I’m the reason you, Have ended up like this”.

I never thought and never knew, That this is how it’d be. The outcome of a fairy tale, My perfect family.

Theatre Trent Funding Deadline Trent University is home to a number of fantastic theatre companies: Anne Shirley, Famous Couch, the TTC, the Classics Drama Group, Off Book, Teatre Korzenie. Theatre Trent provides funding to them all to assist in production costs....perhaps you are involved in one of these organizations, or maybe you’d like to launch a little theatrical production of your own.... Now is the time to apply for funding: check for details and to fill in an application. November 15 deadline. P.S. Please spread the word....

American Idol Finale “And the Winner is…” A play

by Heather M and Mina T. INT. A FIFTH FLOOR APARTMENT – DAY Two women are sitting on a couch watching television. WOMAN ONE is dressed in a baggy sweatshirt, baggy pants, and a cap. WOMAN TWO is dressed in a film festival shirt and is watching the program intently. The American Idol theme plays in the background.

WOMAN TWO SSSSSSSSssshhhhhhhh! WOMAN ONE Woman one gives her a dirty Would you turn that down! I’m look. going to go deaf! Woman two stares at the television WOMAN ONE in front of her. Woman one crossCan I please have the chips! es the room to get the REMOTE. (Shouted, emphasis on the word They begin to yell and fight with chips) each other. Woman one succeeds Woman two is becoming very ag- in getting the remote and TURNS gravated. She rises and TURNS to change the channel but stops. to the other woman who is now They both stare at the television WOMAN ONE sitting on the other side of the with open mouths. Hey, nudges other woman, pass room. the chips. WOMAN ONE Woman two does not move. Wom- WOMAN TWO What! (Shocked and in disbelief) an one is becoming irritated. You want chips? (Controlled) There’s no way- He won! Did you see that! They just said he won! WOMAN ONE (CONT’D) WOMAN ONE Friggin David Cook won! Pass the chips! Yes! (Aggrivated) Woman two is in shock and is Woman two still does not move. Woman two rises and walks to- staring at the floor. She doesn’t Woman one waves her hands in wards the other side of the room look up. front of woman two’s face. with the CHIPS in her hand. WOMAN ONE (CONT’D) WOMAN ONE (CONT’D) WOMAN TWO (CONT’D) How did… He just… Won? Hello (emphasis on the last vowel Here are your DAMN chips! But…Wow! (Still shocked) sound) Is anyone home? Woman one finally looks at womWoman two still does not move. Woman two angrily goes back to an two who is still staring at the Woman one gets up and starts her seat. Woman one begins eat- floor. dancing around and putting her ing the chips very noisily. Womhands in her friends face until she an two turns up the volume very WOMAN TWO gets a reaction. loudly. Woman one cringes and I just… I mean… How? (Puzcovers her ears from the sound. zled)

WOMAN ONE I know, I know. It will be okay. Next year. Next year we will pick the one. Woman one puts her arm around woman two who is still staring at the floor. WOMAN ONE All we can do is vote. That’s it. You win some and you lose some. That’s all we can do – Woman two stands up suddenly. WOMAN TWO I voted for him! (Frantic) WOMAN ONE

Yes we both did… (Confused) I mean he was our favorite one. David Archeleta had some real talent.

Woman one stares at her friend and widens her eyes as she realizes what she meant. WOMAN ONE YOU DIDN’T! (Angry and shocked) Woman two just looks at her helplessly. Woman one gasps. WOMAN ONE YOU DID! (Shocked) How could you!? I mean David Cook! Are you crazy!? WOMAN TWO I didn’t mean to! Honest! (Close to tears) I must have dialed the

wrong number by mistake!

own gender! WOMAN TWO WOMAN ONE Maybe you don’t! That’s why he won! I have al- They begin to bicker with each ways said one vote can make all other. You hear phrases like Five the difference. Look what you’ve year old! Fifty year old! Incomdone! You have broken that poor petent! and Selfish! shouted boys heart. amongst other words. Woman two doesn’t react, just stares at her friend WOMAN ONE Ya! Well your just… your just… WOMAN ONE (CONT’D) (Frustrated) JUST STUPID! Conspiracy! That’s what it is! The OKAY!? numbers are confusing enough but to have contestants with the same WOMAN TWO name! Ahh I know what they are Oh ya!? That’s a nice comeback getting at! They can’t tango with (Sarcastic) me! They have messed with the wrong man! Let me tell you! WOMAN ONE That’s a nice comeback (Mimic) WOMAN TWO Woman They both sit back down on opposite sides of the couch. One of WOMAN ONE them grabs the remote. They just That’s what I said! Don’t correct look at each other. me! WOMAN ONE WOMAN TWO Soo…(Tries to break the uncomYou said man. I heard it. fortable silence) What should we watch? WOMAN ONE They are flicking through the I did not say man! channels on the television when the lights suddenly go out. WOMAN TWO Yes you did. You definitely said man. WOMAN ONE YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING WOMAN ONE ME! You really think I don’t know my

Cool play huh? We’ve never had a play before! its very exciting. On a totally unrelated note: Did you know there’s a hidden tunnel under the river from the east back to the west bank (and vice versa)? I dunno either. Is there?

From the Career Centre Check out Operitel at the annual

Career Fair El Presidente Joe Wood. Dontcha’ just wanna pink them baby-cheeks?

We got a Winner on this staff!

Fourth-year business administration student Joseph Wood of Trent University has been awarded one of only ten Futures Fund Scholarships for Outstanding Leadership in the country. “I was very excited,” explained Mr. Wood when he learned about the award. “I have received other scholarships, but this holds the most national prestige.” The award program provides ten exceptional and deserving students with $5000 grants to further their educational ambitions. In addition, Mr. Wood will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Calgary for the Awards Gala in November where he will be presented with his scholarship. The staff at Absynthe want to say congratulations to Joe. Also: $5000?? We all know who will be picking up the dinner tab next month. Cheap bastard.

Wednesday Nov 5

Also See our workshops Make a Great Impression - Nov 18 2-3 p.m.

Selling Yourself on Paper - Resumes and Effective Letter - Nov 18 3-4 p.m. And more See our website for more information and to register for workshops

Margaret Laurence Lecture The Nineteenth Annual Margaret Laurence Lecture will be given by Jane Urquhart, the author of five internationally acclaimed novels: Whirlpool, (Best Foreign Book Award in France); Away (Trillium Award); The Underpainter (Governor General’s Award); The Stone Carvers (finalist for The Giller Prize and the Governor General’s Award); and A Map of Glass (finalist for a regional Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book). She has also published a short fiction collection and four books of poetry. Urquhart has received the Marian Engel Award, and is a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France and an Officer of the Order of Canada. Title of the Lecture: “Looking at the Work” Day & Time: Wednesday, 5 November 2008 at 8:00 P.M. Place: Champlain College Lecture Hall (CC S307 Trent Main Campus) A reception will follow in the Champlain College SCR (CC Senior Common Room) The annual Margaret Laurence Lecture honours Trent’s fourth chancellor, and acknowledges her contributions to literature, feminism, ecology, and the peace movement. Financial support for the 2008 lecture is provided by the Women’s Studies Department, the Margaret Laurence Lecture Fund and the Canadian Studies Directorate, Heritage Canada.

A note from Walkhome Thanks to everyone’s support Walkhome has been busy this term with more scheduled walks & requests for participation in special student events. We do have a small problem downtown -


To date about 60 % of all our walk requests come from downtown & without volunteers available we are scrambling to fill shifts most nights. Please get the word out & see if you can find us volunteers. The time commitment is only 6 hours a month (1 night) & we have lots of special events & give amazing references for your resume. The annual campus wide info & safety audit week is Nov 10 - 14th. We will be at tables around campus during the day & conducting walking tours 7-10 pm each evening. It will involve a questionnaire as well as a physical audit around Symons campus. If you have and ideas, comments suggestions or would have some volunteers available to partic pate please let us know. Many thanks from all the Walkhome staff

Trent’s Walkhome Program 748-1011 ext. 6288 Program Hours Monday-Friday 7PM - 1AM Saturday-Sunday 9PM - 1AM For Walks call 742-3668


- A look back

I have just celebrated a milestone. Not the usual type of milestone and one that is unique to the ‘Trent Experience’. The milestone: I have just attended my 10th Head of the Trent as an Alumnus. Head of the Trent is one hell of a party, that much has been made clear over the years, but as an undergrad, the true importance of HOTT can seem a bit diminished as one party fades into the next. Don’t get me wrong, HOTT was a great excuse to party as undergrads, but we didn’t, we couldn’t understand its significance as it wasn’t all that different from the ‘party we’d just had’ (other than we spent more time by the library drinking beer than we normally would). Back then we were all together any time we wanted to be. We could start up a good time with some phone calls and 20 bucks for pizza. The beer was always cold in someone’s fridge and a venue/excuse to party was never hard to find. No, it wasn’t until becoming an alumnus that the true significance of Head of the Trent began to sink in. I met some of the most influential people in my life at Trent. People who shaped my future and helped to make me into the person I am today. I met my wife at Trent. I met some of my closest friends at Trent. I met Profs at Trent who amazed me and inspired me. I’ve gotten some of my best stories and fondest memories out of those Trent years. But all of this happened without me really becoming aware of it. I didn’t start to notice it until I approached my 1998 convocation date. The question ‘what next’ became all consuming.

By Mike Whibbs And this is where Head of the Trent comes back in. Suffice it to say that ‘what next’ got answered. Paths were taken and events unfolded (as events will tend to do). Having spent five years at Trent, leaving it was strange, but coming back to it for my first HOTT in 1998 was even stranger. I was on Trent soil not as a student, but as an Alumnus. I had my Alumni card in my wallet and felt almost as ‘connected’ as I had the year before. Almost. After all, bigger and better things were happening in my life right? The ‘98 HOTT seemed almost like running into your ‘ex’ and having an awkward, “hey it’s good to see you, how are you doing”, conversation. Anyway the years passed and each Head of the Trent was marked by a significant party. Every Head of the Trent since ‘98 has a particular story attached to it and every Head of the Trent party sees each of those stories retold. Sometimes a detail gets added in for effect, sometimes an embarrassing detail gets omitted (or exaggerated depending on who was involved). But it all serves to keep us together. It grounds us in a way that other festivities can’t. None of us really knows where we’ll be for New Years, various long weekends throughout the year, or other holidays - but we all know where we’ll be on the weekend before Thanksgiving every year: coming back to Peterborough from wherever we’ve ended up. Head of the Trent is how we connect with our past, celebrate it and each other, create new memories and feel good because we’ve “still got it”.

H.O.T.T. Party Pics!!! Here it finally is folks! The Absynthe team hit the campus with our trusty cameras and not-so-trusty beers to bring you precious, if sloshy memories of Trentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s homecoming!

You may recognize this little ginger as our fearless leader MK. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hitting the bridge to check out the rowing, along with tons of other Trent students and alum. Thanks Sara for that...

Recognize this guy? Then we probably have your photo. mwahahahaha. Photos by Craig Fleming

Cool Contests, Plentiful Prizes and

Thought-Provoking Questions

Photo Contest: Sights and Sounds of Peterborough

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Want a free t-shirt? Well, not FREE. We only want your soul... (Sara, no it’s not souls this month) Oh... crap. erm... Sorry MK not souls then. A favour. We only want a favour. (That doesn’t really sound right either) Fine! An article then. But it better be a quality one. (Or, a slightly damaged soul.) Just as long as its longer than 600 words (But then they can’t submit their souls) You saying their souls are short? Yeah... whatever


Actually, we’ll be coming around to ask you questions about... so keep your eyes open!!! We can come from anywhere.

Submit to US!

Give us an image that captures a moment here in Peterborough and you could win big bucks!! We’re talking cold, hard cheque baby! Photos must be colour, 300dpi. First place prize is $100. Prizes for second and third place also available and will depend entirely on what we can find in our drawers (open to interpretation.) Submissions to be emailed to Deadline moved to November 30

As usual, we want to hear what you have to say — send us your responses, poems, short stories and other original stuff! Skip the school work and write for us instead!

We know where the money is!

Colour this baby in and bring it to our office (CC202.7) along with the finished maze on the back of this page for your chance to win $5 for Timmies!! Because all good colourers deserve coffee.

Colouring contest!



Carmen Sandiego If you were

where in the world would you be?

1. Pick

some colours.

a. Red & white b. Green, white & red c. Red, white & blue d. Black, red & yellow

2. Best


a. Freakin’ cold. All the time. b. Different weather for different spots. c. Hot summers, mild winters d. Temperate seasonal climate

3. Favourite


a. BACON! b. Pasta

c. Escargots d. Sausage

4. Greetings!

a. How’s it going, eh? b. Ciao! c. Salut! d. Guten tag!

Results! Mostly A’s

You’d be in Canada! The country of beavers and Stephen Harper! Don’t forget our catxchphrase ‘eh’ and the fact that we like in canoes. Hah. Mostly B’s You’d be in Italy! This country is known for its shape, which is a boot. Pasta is a bit stereotypical, but if you like wine and cheese, this is the country to be in. Mostly C’s You’d be in France! They have mimes in France! They also have excessive amounts of cheese...Oh, and the Eiffel Tower...which I guess is pretty cool... Mostly D’s You’d be in Germany! Hope you like polka music! A country divided and now reunited, might as well stop and take a look at the Berlin Wall while you’re there...

Coffee and Crossword Contest

Be the first to drop off the correct answers to our monthy crossword to the Absynthe office (CC202.7) and you win a $5 gift card for Timmies. Sweet.


1 World’s largest McDonald’s in this city 2 We’re still looking for this striped-shirted traveller 4 New York, or the Big _ 5 World’s oldest airline 6 Home of the world’s 6th largest pyramid 8 Where in the world is this California city? 10 California city named for movie studio 11 Home of the world’s largest ball of twine 13 Around the world in _ days 14 Special brownies a staple here 15 Required to enter the U.S. in 2009 16 Route 66, or the __ Road 17 The Pyramids of


3 Reputedly the oldest city in the world 7 New Mexico city famous for flying saucer 9 Thailand’s official animal 12 Home of the wallabies 18 Best stampede in Canada 19 Go to P.E.I. to see this ginger of Green Gables

c ravel o s s word


Horrorscopes Pisces By Scott “I can see your

future if you give me your credit card number”



–You are almost out of clean underwear. Only chumps do laundry. Just buy more underwear.


– Remember how annoying the Hampster Dance song was? Well, you do now!




– It’s time to get a new answering machine message. Let’s face it, Sailor Moon just isn’t the in thing anymore.

– Hair gel is to be avoided between the 3rd and 17th unless it can be applied strictly counter clockwise.

– You will be Rickroll’d today. On an unrelated note, check out this cool music video: http://www.

– Stock up on high quality bathroom tissue. Don’t settle for one ply. Rough seas ahead.

– Your birthday party will be ruined once again by your profuse ear discharge. Let’s hope you see a doctor!

– They say laughter is the best medicine. That’s probably the reason you will die from Ebola next week.

Aquarius Aries

– Just a thought: did you actually lock the door when you left the house?


– You just got out of a coma. Word of advice: don’t check your stocks.


– Here’s another thought: you are now aware that you are breathing manually.

Sagittarius Capricorn

– There has never been a Capricorn of any importance. I don’t want to say give up now…but you probably should.

Dr. Seuss Rhymes

Dear Monty: Since you didn’t listen to such sound advice I hope the bathroom you’re in is clean and nice. So drink lots of water from the nearby spout And prepare to sit awhile and wait the poop out. --Seuss Dear Dr. Seuss, Dear Dr. Seuss: I think this girl likes me, but she is giving me mixed signals. How was your H.O.T.T.? Dear Inquirer: What should I do? Of that day, I cannot remember Sincerely, Friendzone Seeing as I’m an Alumni member I hit the beer tent in a hurry… Dear Friendzone: The rest of the day was very blurry. --Seuss Girls are confusing, as we all know But any signs at all are usually a go. The only thing now is to advance So man up a little and take off her pants. Wanna see YOUR questions responded --Seuss Dear Dr.: They told me not to drink the water in foreign in rhyme? CAN DO!!! countries, and now I spend most of my days on the toilet, any advice? Email From, Montezuma’s Revenge

for the Obtuse


My Trip to the Norwood Fair Had Ramifications With My Vote Dylan DeLeskie

peers who demonize Harper, or parently for Harper, faith in the try to put him in the same brack- markets regulating themselves On October 12, just a few weeks et as ultra-rightwing American means that we have to deny our Aboriginal peoples ago, Liberal leader Stephane knuckleheads and Dion visited Norwood. I too found close-minded fas- “But on the other and the environment support. It myself at the same Norwood fair, cists. If we are gohand, Harper snowed in October and I am happy to say that I met ing to be honest we must admit that we rejected both this year. I have no the party leader. I was very undoubt that Al Gore sure before the election which do owe him some the Kelowna and might have been camp I would give my support to. gratitude: He was his So I asked questions, joined the able to affirm Can- Kyoto Accords.” exaggerating case, but it would Trent conservatives, attended the ada’s sovereignty in the Arctic to protect it against the be the height of naiveté to think “All Candidates Debate” in the Champlain caf, and traveled to rival interests of Russia and the that nothing is wrong. United States. This put Canada on And it doesn’t just stop at that. Norwood. Every representative from all the map, and now the rest of the The fear increases as one learns party groups at Trent that I talked world knows we are not a push- who else is on the team. Flaherty, to described their party’s platform over. Secondly, he raised the age Harper’s Minister of Finance, is in very articulate ways, and all of of consent from 14 to 16 which the same man who was a cabithem were convincing. I consider protects our children from preda- net minister provincially in Mike myself to be conservative ideo- tors. Not only that, but he got this Harris’ government. I am looklogically on many issues, but in enacted with only a minority gov- ing right now at an article in the Canada small c conservative does ernment, and in only two years. Toronto Star from when Flaherty Third, he lowered wanted to make homelessness a not necessarily mean “If we are going the GST from 7% crime in 2002 during his leadersupporting the Conservative Party of to be honest to 5%. This sort of ship campaign. Clement, Harpfiscal conservatism er’s Minister of Health, who also Canada. I have a lot we must admit saves money our tax served under Harris, was the origof political positions inal advocate for public-private and many issues are that we do owe bills. But on the other partnerships within hospitals. No very important to me, some more than oth- [Stephen Harper] hand, Harper reject- matter what end of the spectrum ers, namely: the en- some gratitude” ed both the Kelowna you fall on in Canadian politics, and Kyoto Accords. I only a downright bamboozle vironment, cautious spending, immigration control, am a fan of conserving funds, and would call our universal healthindividual responsibility, opera- being skeptical of social liberal care system into question. Baird, tion of the free market, Life, paci- programs that demand money, Harper’s former President of the but I thought that these dismissals Treasury Board, now his Envifism, social justice, and others. I disagree profoundly with my were frankly, cold-hearted. Ap- ronment Minister, who was also

in Harris’ government, is famous the audience. I remember wear- the Norwood fair, and I thought for supporting policies that would ing a t-shirt that said “American that it would be a great opportucoerce welfare recipients into hu- Psycho” underneath a picture of nity to see if Liberal would be the miliating and embarrassing pro- President Bush. I distinctly recall way to go. A short travel went a cedures. When talking with Betsy wearing this shirt on purpose be- long way. It was explained to me McGregor, Peterborough Liberal cause while running in opposition that my fear of the Carbon tax MP candidate, she told me that, to Paul Martin, Harper was very was irrational, and my view on “it used to be the Harris trio, but vocal about his supit had been formed now it’s the Harper trio.” port in the war on “It was explained by propaganda. I I couldn’t agree more. Appar- Islam. Not just in realized that the to me that my ently, for these politicians, con- Afghanistan, where Liberal Party isn’t servatism is forgetting about the there was a very fear of the Carbon an elite like the environment, mean-spiritedness, real threat – but or the Green tax was irrational, NDP abandoning charity and tolerance, in Bush’s detour. Party, and they scrapping the healthcare system Harper supported and my view on it tolerate differing and taking away people’s welfare the war in Iraq. within had been formed viewpoints cheques, so that there is no way Nobody seems to the party. Betsy for them to get started. (These care about that by propaganda.” McGregor, for sorts of policies also make me or be too worried instance, openly wonder if he lowered the GST for about it. But I think we should supports the sacrosanctity of everybody, or if it’s only a cer- be, and it should be held against Life, which made me very haptain economic class that happens him. py, because it opened up a secto benefit exceptionally well). Because I was so confused, I ond option on my ballot, which Another item that is remarkably figured that the All Candidates in turn led me to take the Liberal unique only to Harper’s cabinet Debate would be a great place to Party in general much more seso far is the secrecy. I know it learn about my options. I asked riously. Dion considers the enmight sound like a a question about vironment to be more than just “Apparently, cheap shot but HarpLife, and both the an election issue, and he doesn’t er hasn’t met with the for these politi- NDP candidate, believe in reckless spending. For premiers except only Steve Sharpe and the Liberal party, “social justice” cians, conservaonce over dinner. He the Green Party means more than just campaignwon’t meet with Uni- tism is forget- candidate, Emily ing against bottled water and enversity presidents eiBerrigan, answered couraging fair trade coffee. They ther, which is a first ting about the me belligerently are the party of multiculturalism, for Canadian prime environment, and condescend- not the party of multicultural ministers. Someingly, in a way they fundamentalism as the two inthing scary is going mean-spirited- knew would appeal fanticide candidates would have on here, and it seems ness, abandon- to a large part of it, and certainly not the party of like he only wants the audience. They multiculturallessness as Harper ing charity and himself and a select both made it abun- would have it. few to run the show. tolerance,” dantly clear that Maybe when there’s another I met Harper when I they do not support election held next year, other was thirteen years old in the CBC Life. So I knew I was left with people will become fed up like studio. He was there for an inter- only two options I could con- me and vote for what looks like view with Peter Mansbridge as sider. right now the only sensible alterwell as to answer questions from I heard that Dion was coming to native. Richer, Fairer, Greener!

MK Travels to Kitchener What? That’s elsewhere.

Sights of Quebec Photos by Katie Heffernan The Ruins picture was taken in Quebec City in the new part where buildings are more modern. We were walking around looking for somewhere to eat and/or to shop when I saw a glimpse of the structure down a side street. We crossed the street and walked down and discovered it was only that part of the building. People were walking by as if it were a normal part of the town but, we couldn’t just pass by. We wanted to know what it was and why it wasn’t torn completely down. Behind it is an empty

lot with nothing being constructed just that front. There were grafiti tags on it from locals. The picture with the building peeking over the wall is Chateau Frontenac from inside the Citadel, a military building with a further bacck drop of the landscape of the Quebec countryside.

The most important news of all!! Bunnies!!

Damn it MK... the bunny is not news. Just wanted to see if they’re paying attention

I lied; I did do some recent travelling. Other than going to Canada’s Wonderland, I went to another relatively nearby destination – Kitchener Ontario. I don’t normally go to Kitchener, in fact, I’ve only been there a handful of times in my life. Anyhoo, I went to Kitchener this time to go wedding dress shopping with a friend who is getting married in the summer and who’s bridal party I am going to be in – along with her twin sister and a friend from our high school days. I’ll be honest, I’m not the ‘yay, let’s go dress shopping!’ type, but it was a fun time and a learning experience to boot. Oh yeah, I learned all about things like ‘tooling’ and ‘bodices’ and ‘sweetheart cut’….all of which I was previously unfamiliar with. Of course, what weekend spent with high school friends would be complete without the necessary drinking. There was lots of booze to be had, lots of talking, and playing ‘Scene It’ on the Xbox which is actually a really fun game and kind of difficult when intoxicated…that hand-eye thing becomes problematic. All-in-all, the trip to the other side of TO was a pain, but it was well worth it to spend time with people I’ve known most of my life and don’t get the opportunity to see all that often. The picture that accompanies this short little article is a hot air balloon (clearly) being let off in from the park right behind my friend’s apartment. It was a beautiful day outside and it was cool to see how fast the balloons go up once they are released from the ground (I say ‘they’ because the following day, there were two being let off at once, and yes I am easily amused!). The view and all the fall colours were pretty awesome too – and that was possibly our last taste of nice weather before the winter blows in.

Wish you were here? No kidding. So do we. Guess weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll all just have to settle for the newest issue of Absynthe.

The Travel Issue

This 40 page package includes features by: Caitlin Jones Dylan DeLeskie Amanda Saville Braun Noppe Jason Gilles Jobin Katie Hefferman Mary Kate Whibbs

now $0

A New York City Diary


Inspired by Jack Kerouac, Emily set off on the road to New York this summer. Here is the final chapter in her journey By Emily Edwards PART FOUR August 12th, 3pm It’s pretty cliche, but it’s always the journey and never the destination right? We’re not home yet and there is a lot more to tell. Meagan’s mom calls her, and instead of telling her that we should be home by midnight, Meagan informs her that the car’s been stolen. I can hear her mom’s loud and distinct, “WHAT?” on the other side of the phone. Meagan just giggles and tells her mom she’s kidding, and all is well again. Other than our little mix-up in the beginning, (which we both blame on lack of sleep), Meagan and I have not gotten lost. Yet. I am about to change that. I am not aware of the fact that I-88 and I-85 are allowed to share the same road, and after miles and miles of effortless driving, I suddenly declare that we’re going the wrong way. Despite Meagan’s insistence that we’re fine, we get off just around Syracuse anyway and I feel my face blush redder and redder when I realize my error. However, we manage to turn this whole event into a pizza run, so not all is lost. Inside a Wegmans, we pull a Juno by buying large bottles of juice and pop and drinking them straight from the containers a la Ellen Page. We even put on some Kimya Dawson to complete the mood, while chanting, ‘we won’t stop until somebody calls the cops / and even then we’ll start again / and just pretend that nothing ever happened!’ Now with our delectable snacks, Meagan is no longer annoyed by my er-

ror, and I have learned to listen to her driving instructions and praise her from now on. I read some more of Kerouac out loud, but then switch it to Naked Lunch, which is so much more fun than it should be. We don’t talk too much during this batch of driving, probably because we’re becoming more and more aware of the fact that our journey is almost over and in clear denial. We spend a lot of time listening to the Beatles CD on repeat and chain smoking her American cigarettes. This is more calming, and more saddening, then it should be. When we cross over the border, I still maintain the fact that we are not in Canada until we see a Tim Hortons. When those wonderful symbolic elements finally pass us, we let out a long despairing, but quite satisfied, sigh. We’re back in our home and Native land, travelling on highways that are familiar. We’re almost back in our real life, instead of this dream between yellow highway lines. Our lives on the road, though much too short, are at an end. This has been an adventure and I could feel it from the start. Meagan and I hug at the gas station after the final fill-up and again in my driveway. I thank her profusely for the trip and promise I’ll pay her back the fifteen bucks I still owe her. Right on the dot at midnight, I walk into my house and see my mother’s wide eyes, waiting to hear my own stories from the road. AFTERWARDS… On the Wednesday that followed after our little adventure, I started a new job. I worked that on top of my other job and

pretty much kissed my free time goodbye. Although the thought of a summer with no more lazy afternoons was despairing at first, I kept my head held high with the memories of New York City. After the trip, Meagan was not short on plans. She was taking another trip to Alberta with her cousins, working at her job, and planned on cottage hopping for the last few weekends of the season. We both realized in the middle of this trip that it would probably be the last time we saw each other for awhile. Hopefully not for another two years like before, but this would probably be the last adventure, at least together, we had for awhile. ‘Maybe it’s a good idea we don’t hang out too much anymore. I mean, look at the stuff we end up doing!’ Meagan and I joked with one another, touches of sadness and elation in our voice. It’s cliché and maybe no one will really truly understand it unless they get to go themselves, but New York City is more than just a city. This trip was more than just a trip and I know that the road itself is so much more than encroaching miles on a meter. I know that everything I’ve written about happened for a reason far beyond the actual act of taking the trip itself. It was a strange combination of fate, karma, reincarnation of old ideas, and complete and utter luck. It’s been epic. It’s been wonderful. It’s been something that Jack Kerouac would write about -- but it happened to me. At the end of all of this, I’ve finally been able to understand what dear old Jack was talking about. I am in love with my life.

Woodstock Caitlin Jones

I’m sure we all have embarrassing childhood crushes, I‘m more willing to admit to some, rather than others; David Boreanaz, Josh Jackson, and Ryder Strong to name a few. Now, I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a crush on Michael J. Fox. I know it’s weird, and I’m not really sure when it happened. It could have been when I saw him as Alex P. Keaton in Family Ties, or when he was wearing Nike high tops as Marty McFly, but my god did I love him. But, I digress. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated with the idea of time travel; I’m sure it stems from my love of the film Back to the Future, but also because the idea of actually experiencing another era is so bad ass. I could think of a few events in time that people would want to witness; a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Elvis’ first performance, Freddie Mercury strutting his stuff on stage, the day Leah Schoutsen was born, or perhaps the day of their parents first date a la Marty McFly. Generally, there are two ways that people can experience moments in their past; they can have a passive role, or if they’re like Marty McFly they attempt to change the past. Personally, I would enjoy being a passive viewer in the past and I believe that if I had to go somewhere I would travel back to April of 1969. I would want to

travel across the US in hopes of eventually making it to Woodstock. I know it’s a cliché but as a fan of festivals the thought warms my little black heart. If I went by the theory that was put in place in Back to the Future, I would geographically end up in the same place I departed from… just 40 years in the past. Therefore, I would set my time machine for April 5th, 1969. 10 days before the start of the Woodstock Music Festival. I would start by searching for the perfect vehicle; I have always wanted to travel cross-country in a VW van, and yes, I am aware that it’s ridiculously trite. But ever since I was a kid the only way I could imagine driving across the US is in one of those vans, perhaps painted purple, and consisting of a white shag carpet. Too much? Whatever. In roughly two days I would make to my first stop; San Francisco… the hub of hippy (note: not pretentious neo-hippy) culture. I’d head straight for the Haight-Ashbury district, where the counterculture was booming, find a place to park my groovy van, and get fucking crazy. Even though my old age generally keeps me on the straight-and-narrow during my every day life, if I were in San Francisco, in 1969, I can assure that I would indulge in $5 LSD. Though inappropriate drugs

wouldn’t be the only thing I would indulge in. I would scour the music scene looking for many musical greats pre-rehab/pre-kids/pre-death. Jefferson Airplane is definitely on the top of my list, because let’s be honest Grace Slick is a crazy bitch, but her songs are entertaining. I’m sure (and by sure, I mean, hopeful) that listening to “White Rabbit” and wandering around San Fran would only hold my interest for a few days. So, after myself out of a druginduced haze I would venture off to the lovely Bethel, New York…where I’m sure I would get more high, but who’s counting? There’s no time like 1969 to put a hole in my brain. The only two things that I would have to be sober for would be Janis Joplin and Hendrix. They both died a year and a bit after their performances at Woodstock, seeing them play at such an historical event would be enough to make me cut up my life list. I would not need to accomplish anything else, if I could do that. I can only imagine how fantastic it would have been to take in the crowd at Woodstock. This concert is seen as one of the last monumental events in the era of free love, before the 1970’s ushered in disco bullshit. Sadly, I do not live in a movie, and time travel is not possible. But if it were…I would be fucked on acid doing god knows what. So much for being passive.

Ten Terriffic Travel Tips AJ Saville

We’ve all been there... we don’t really want to be traveling, but we really want to get to our final destination. Alas, as students, we are stuck with relatively few options; generally those options involve coach class, crappy meals or buyon-board, and the unfortunate act of being crammed into a relatively small space like sardines with hundreds of people who are in exactly the same position as you – just trying to get from A to B in one piece. It’s tough enough to try and navigate Pearson International or Downtown Toronto without luggage, but of course, luggage is a must. Heavy bags filled with books, computers, binders and personal essentials can weigh a ton, as most people know. But it’s even worse when you try and check baggage on various airlines and train companies (a.k.a. Via Rail and Air Canada) and they nail you with overweight charges. Overweight charges are a bitch – upwards of $50 on some airlines – closer to $100 if you travel on Southwest or Delta. How are students supposed to carry the required readings over spring break home if we can’t afford to put our books on the airplane? Even Via charged me $21 for a bag that was 4.5 pounds over the weight limit – the overweight charges are killer. And who could forget those lovely

individuals who have weak stomachs? I am not afraid to admit it... I am one of those people. I tend to do a LOT of traveling – going back and forth between home and school... flying various places, and all that jazz. Of course, I am not a very fun person to travel with. But you think you have it bad, sitting beside me as I run to the bathroom to throw up every 12 minutes? Well, just imagine how I feel. Luckily, I have found some ways to save on travel headaches, and will now pass these tidbits on to you. I mean, just because you may have a strong stomach doesn’t mean you can’t make your life a little easier as you drag your heavy bags through customs on your way to Mexico for spring break. 1. Don’t Take Gravol. I know this may seem stupid, given the fact that Gravol is supposed to stop motion sickness, but I’ve actually found it to be more effective to just take two Advil (or Motrin, or Tylonol, or...) one hour before your bus/train/ flight. This hour provides plenty of time for the medication to kick in, and best of all... it won’t make you sleepy! Nothing is worse than missing the in-flight movie or meal, or missing your stop when you fall asleep and end up in London when you’re supposed to be in Aldershot!! Even driving, don’t take Gravol and then be the navi-

gator – you’ll end up in Milton instead of Kitchener. Been there, done that. Trust me, Advil has the same pain-fighting effects, without the drowsiness that causes bad things to happen. 2. Always, always let the person with the weak stomach have the aisle seat. If not, you’ll pay for it later... 3. In terms of packing – don’t. Seriously, don’t pack more than you absolutely have to. I used to be one of those people that went, “Well, it might rain, so I’ll need an umbrella, and the plane might crash, so I’ll need a cell phone, and we might get stranded at an airport in no-where’s-ville, so I better bring a pillow and a blanket...” You get the point. Don’t think when you pack. If the need for something doesn’t strike you when you first start packing, and if you’re not definite you’ll need it, don’t bring it. Ok, maybe you need to bring your calculator home, but what are the chances that you have NO working pens, pencils or markers in your house? Probably close to zero. What are the chances that you need to bring home a whole bunch of clothes and stuff, when you probably have a whole wardrobe of clothing in your house already. Chances are, you don’t need as much as you think. 4. Pack smaller suitcases. If you

have small suitcases, you won’t be as tempted to bring extra stuff with you, and you won’t be able to bring back a whole pile of stuff you don’t need. Another bonus – if you only have a small suitcase and your laptop bag, you can use both as carry-on items and won’t have to bother with checked baggage – this is especially recommended if you are traveling out of Pearson. Also, two small suitcases will still be lighter than one big one, as the weight is more spread out and divided. This is another great way to reduce overweight baggage charges if you do decide to check your baggage. 5. Wear a sweater, hoodie, jacket or long sleeved shirt. It is much easier to take a sweater off and stow it in the overhead compartment than it is to try and get warm when cold air is blowing at you from every which direction. 6. Be courteous to others you are traveling with, especially flight attendants, bus drivers, stewards or ticket agents. Even customs agents deserve respect from the people they are helping – after all, they are just trying to do their job. Don’t stare at other people. If you see someone struggling with heavy bags, offer to help or open doors for them – both are highly appreciated by travelers. 7. Understand that the airline, train or bus employees are trying

the best they can, and accept that sometimes things aren’t always done your way. Don’t expect them to hold the plane, just because YOU are late. Don’t expect special stops or treatment. You are not the only priority of the travel company; so don’t act like you are. I guess it all goes back to respect, really. Respect them, and they will respect you right back. They are human beings who have to follow rules and regulations, who have feelings and who deserve to be treated the way you would like to be treated in return. 8. Don’t pretend you are where you are going before you actually get there. It’s really tacky to wear shorts, socks, flip flops and a winter coat when you’re on your way to Mexico for spring break. Instead, wear a light pant, or, better yet, wear those pants that zip off or can be rolled up into shorts or Capri’s, with a running shoe. Socks and sandals is so tacky, anyways!! 9. Arrive early, not late. Nothing bugs other passengers more than the a person showing up to the gate at the exact time the plane is supposed to be leaving at, and expecting to still get on. If you want to be the first one on the bus, show up early, don’t just jump line when you get there. Last but not least, number 10 – for the most pleasant travel experi-

ence possible, travel with companies that are well respected and world-renowned for their customer service, excellence in safety and punctuality. If a company is well known for its excellent customer service skills, chances are their employees are highly screened and trained, and only the best individuals are chosen to work for the company. Companies such as this often try and make each journey enjoyable, despite anything that may negatively affect the journey. The companies will provide every customer with the same level of customer service and care, and strive to beat the competition. These are the companies that are popular with travelers, even if they aren’t the super-bargain travel agencies. I know I would rather pay a little bit more and have a pleasant trip where I am treated like a person – somewhere where the employees enjoy their jobs and pass that joy onto their customers. Those are the companies worth traveling with, and those are the companies that will always stand out in your mind for future travels. After all, the best customers are happy customers, and happy customers are often repeat customers. Overall, traveling can be a great experience, as long as you don’t expect too much. Expect the worst, but hope for the best. Eventually, you’ll get where you’re going, and you’ll have a fabulous time once you get there.

“Don’t pretend you are where you are going before you actually get there.”

An International Interview Braun Noppe I recently learned that my interests in life are not the same as they once were and I noticed that I have been becoming more interested in things that I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know much about. So when the opportunity came around I had to jump at the chance to learn about something I did not know. When I learned that for the Absynthe magazine this month the theme was the travel issue I asked myself what I could write about that would cause me to learn about something new and still write a travel article. Well, I gots it. I realized that what I could write about while learning something new and this is something that I recommend to all the readers of this magazine is to get to know one of the many international students. What I did is I thought of some different questions that I felt would be interesting to know about one of the international students that I know and this is an article about that interview.

What country were you ten think that meeting new born in? people is difficult but so far I feel like meeting new I was born in Zimbabwe. people has been one of the easiest things I have done. How old were you the first time you came to Are you finding the school Canada? learning system to be real different? And what do Well the first time I came to you feel is the biggest difCanada I was 7 and I had ference? come for holidays. I moved here in April though to be- Yes I am finding it to be come a resident. quite difficult, but the hardest parts for me would How old were you the first have to be the lecture time that you saw snow style of teaching and the and where you? size of each of my classes. With how many people are I was seven and it was while around, it just seems so I was visiting Canada for overwhelming. my holidays. Do you think youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be What do you think has prepared for the Canadibeen the hardest thing to an winter? adjust to while in Canada? No. I feel like the only way for me to be fully prepared So far the hardest things for it is to have experihave been the cafeteria enced it. food and the big change in weather. A lot of people of-

I’m finding it a little difficult but not as much as I thought I would but my residence mates have been making it a lot easA few years ago I went ier to get by each day. to Mozambique. I had gone to try camping in What do you think that the bush. We decided to people think of you? do things traditionally and went camping with- I think that most of the out any water to use for people that I have talkbathing; all we brought ed to so far really liked was a tent and our sleep- my accent; they usually ing bags. It was a lot of say that it sounds cool. fun. Most of the people in my residence are also Do you feel that there finding that my cultural is a language barrier background is really inthat you need to over teresting as well as my come to be able to talk personal background with people such as information as to the myself that were born different types of things in Canada? that I have experienced through out my life. I really do. I have been learning that most of the Before I ask my final words that I am used to question, is there anysaying are not quite what thing that you would people from Canada use like to tell me about or I have been learning Zimbabwe that you that some of the words I won’t miss? use have different meanings altogether. Well, I don’t think I will miss the power cuts. Are you finding it dif- These were essentially ficult to focus on doing rolling black outs that you’re studies with out would last half a day. It having you’re family generally would cause here to talk to when there to be no hot water ever you would like which sucked and for to? where I was living they

usually happened in the morning making it difficult to get ready for school. I really learned how to live replying on a watch and a cell phone. Okay, and now for the final question, and one that many people might be wondering if they are an upper year student; do you think that you will be able to make it across the bridge with out falling? I really don’t think I will be able to unless I get really good snow boots or if maybe some of my friends will help me get across the bridge safely. Well ladies and gentlemen, these are just some of the differences that one international student faces during an ordinary day. I plan to continue learning many more things, not just about the student I worked with for this article but about everything in general. I would like to thank the student I worked with for the interview and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

Does anyone else remeber when there used to be a fountain in Lansdowne Mall? I miss my childhood...

What has been you’re favourite trip outside of you’re homeland and what was it for?

Helping the World,

One Adventure Jason Gilles Jobin

at a Time

Want to travel the world and help it all at the same time? Well now here is your chance! When I signed up last year with International Student Volunteers I knew I was going to have fun but I had no idea how large the impact would be on me. I would like to share my amazing experience with you in hopes that you too will have one. Having never travelled outside of Canada and never having been on a plane before, going to Ecuador for a month last summer was a pretty scary first. International Student Volunteers (or ISV) made me feel very safe and I knew they would be there to watch over me and help me out if anything ever went wrong. Thankfully for me, things went very smoothly and I had the time of my life. Let me briefly walk you through my 4 week trip. As soon as I arrived in the village I was set up with a family that housed and took care of me for two weeks. And boy what a two weeks it was. Every weekday morning, myself and the other 7 volunteers from around the world would get up and get right to work. We did all sorts of work in the village, such as teaching English and helping clean up a mangrove swamp. We also helped out at an environmental reserve that housed animals such as howler monkeys and ocelots. The most rewarding work of all though was working at the local school where we built a swing set out of local materials, helped clean up, and painted an environmental mural. It was so great to bring joy into their lives.

After the two weeks were over, we said our goodbyes and began to travel all around Ecuador. We met up with the other groups in Ecuador and our Adventure Tour began. We surfed (and partied) in a hippy town, stood on the equator, went mountain biking, drove through the Andes, went whale watching, walked through (and slept in) the Amazon jungle, and went horseback riding through cloud mountains all in two weeks! The more adventurous activities included bridge jumping, rock climbing, white water rafting, waterfall rappelling, and climbing the highest active volcano in the world, Mt Cotopaxi! The people, the food, the environment and the animals…everything about the culture and country was amazing. ISV allowed me to experience this all from more than a tourist’s point of view. I got to learn about Ecuador’s environmental issues, mingle with the people, immerse myself in the culture and see all its nooks and crannies first hand while feeling completely safe, something a normal tourist would never be able to do. Giving back to Ecuador really made me feel like a part of it and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything. I encourage all of you to check out International Student Volunteers. They will be travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Eastern Europe and South Africa this summer. The program can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. I will be holding information/ sign up meetings in the first week of November so look out for posters and/or email me at

Congratulations! You made it to the End!! Have a balloon

Some Quick Facts about US Elections â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Tis the season of soccer moms Facts from

DID YOU KNOW?? Picasso could draw before he could walk and his first word was the Spanish word for pencil. Lif

ei s ea the ts he old s r f ow arr th ow at .

1. The first official presidential election in the United States took place in 1789 with George Washington becoming the first president. However, only 10 of the 13 states participated in the election, as New York had chosen no electors, and North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the Constitution.a 2. The Antimasonic Party was the first to hold an official party convention to nominate candidates for the president and vice-president in 1832. Such conventions are now part of the standard process for the Republican and Democratic parties. 3. Prior to the 12th Amendment of the Constitution in 1804, the presidential candidate who received the second highest number of electoral votes was named the vice-president. The amendment mandated that electors vote for the offices of president and vice-president separately. 4. The oldest presidential candidate to be elected was Ronald Reagan at age 69, while the youngest candidate to be elected was John F. Kennedy at age 43. If elected in the 2008 election, John McCain will take over the title of oldest elected president at age 72. 5. In the 1984 presidential election, Ronald Reagan received both the highest number of popular votes (54,455,075) and the highest number of electoral votes (525) in the history of U.S. presidential elections. These numbers have yet to be surpassed by another presidential candidate.

This issue of Absynthe Magazine was brought to you by the letter ‘Y’ because... why not?

November 2008  

This is the November 2008 issue of Absynthe Magazine, at Trent University.

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