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Band of the Year (Large): Ronnie & Caro: The River Come Down Band of the Year (Medium): K2K Alliance & Partners: The Rise of Sanctuary


veryone loves a winner. That is why so many constantly strive to be number one at what they do, whether it is offering a service or showing off a unique talent. Trinidad Carnival is a showcase that promotes the art of competition in several forms and celebrates the heart of the champion once crowned. Some people and groups politely decline the invitations to compete, while others use the opportunity to stamp their names in the annals of Trinidad and Tobago history with memorable showings. Last year, Brian Macfarlane won his last Band of the Year title and he retired from making mas to move to other things. Superblue and Machel dominated the road and stage where Soca is concerned and others like The Pink Panther, Phase 2 Pan Groove, Charrisse Bovel, Raymond Ramnarine and more were competition winners. This year, saw several others seek supremacy in one way or the other

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Band of the Year (Small): Tribal Connection Cultural Promotions: Before the Europeans Came Road March Champion: Machel Montano (MoR)

and both private entities and the government combined to make it worthwhile for many financially. As we always do around this time, here is a salute to those on Winner’s Row.

Chutney Soca Monarch: Kris ‘KI’ Persad Extempo Monarch: Brian London Junior Calypso Monarch: Ronaldo London Panorama Champs: Phase II Pan Groove Power Soca Monarch: Machel Montano Groovy Soca Monarch: Kerwin Dubois Carnival King: Wayne Madray Carnival Queen: Peola Marchand •

MARCH, 2014 • ET&T


Local News Written by Alicia Martin


Radio Landscape Changes DJ’s share insight on songs

he end of the Carnival season is associated with a number of changes… less crowded gyms, fewer persons jogging or walking around the Queen’s Park Savannah, fewer costumed hopefuls powering up the Lady Chancellor Hill and even a diminished interest in healthy diets. One change we can expect is in the type of music that is played on our local radio stations. Over the last few years the Carnival period has become synonymous with 100% local airplay inclusive of calypso, power soca and groovy soca. However once the season ends playlists become more typically diverse to include various genres of foreign music. We spoke with some music experts to determine the kinds of music we can expect to hear as we transition out of the season of bacchanal. In terms of R&B, there was a general consensus among the DJs interviewed that some of the songs that were being played in late 2013 would continue to play. These included Lorde’s Grammy award winning infectious hit – “Royals”, Tamar Braxton’s -“The One”, John Legend’s romantic ditty – “All of Me” and Jhene Aiko’s – “The Worst.” DJ Watty of Slam 100.5 stated that Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” would receive significant airplay while another DJ added relatively new releases; Pharrell’s – “Happy” and Jennifer Lopez’s “Tiger” to that list. Similarly it was envisioned that Hip Hop slots would include 2013 songs such as “Oceans” by Jay Z featuring Frank Ocean, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake featuring Majid Jordan and “Holy Grail” by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. Dancehall and Reggae artistes tend to release music quite frequently and so it is expected that there would be loads of new music to look forward to after Carnival. A popular DJ and announcer at 96.1Wefm noted that the Saddle Up Riddim featuring Busy Signal, which was released as recently as February 2014,


Devon Matthews

Omi featuring Shabba Ranks on the Boom Riddim and “Bad Rebel” by Aidonia might be some new tracks to look forward to. According to DJ Watty, Kartel’s – “Woman A Mi Best Friend” and Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley’s – “Gunman World” might also be ones to look out for. Nevertheless all agreed that the popular Toasted Riddim which featured “Boom Flick” by AIdonia, Kartel’s “Hi”, “Ever Blessed” and “School Youth”, “One Drop by

ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

QQ featuring VEnomus and the Raunchy “Dye Dye” by Macka Diamond”, as well as Popcaan’s “Party Non Stop” would continue to play. Likewise Taurus Riley’s “Gimme Likkle One Drop” and “Cold Girl”, Chronix’s “Here Comes Trouble” and Bruno Mars “Show Me” were identified as some of reggae songs, which would continue to receive airplay. The last few years have been characterized by an increase in

the amount of soca that is played on local radio stations outside of the Carnival and throughout the rest of the year. Devon Matthews of Red 96.7 reiterated this and noted that listeners can “expect to hear a lot of groovy soca throughout the year.” According to Z Roc a teacher at the Institute of Broadcasting Careers, former 96.1 DJ and now a freelance DJ, many songs such as Kerwyn Du Bois’s offerings – “Forget About It” along with Machel Montano’s -“Epic” and “Haunted”, Nutron’s – “Just One Wine”, Olatunji’s - “Wining Good” and Bunji’s “Redlight District” will continue to play throughout the year. Other DJs supported this prediction and Kerwyn Du Bois’s – “Too Real” and Farmer Nappy’s – “Big People Party” were especially singled out as two songs which would thrive post Carnival. Given these projections one can only speculate that the plea embedded in one of the earliest soca hits for 2k14, “Play More Local” by Mr. Famous in a season which was characterized by a profusion of groovy soca, might be answered. Nevertheless prepare to expand your listening palette because the change is coming and in some instances the change has already occurred.

Local News

Written by Rhoshenda Ellis

Tobago Jazz Experience

To Be Biggest Ever


or the past six years, the Tobago Jazz Experience (TJE) has brought together some of the world’s top jazz, neo-soul, R&B, fusion and local and regional acts. This year, the concert is scheduled to run from April 19th – April 27th, 2014 and it is shaping up to be the best Jazz Experience yet. As always, the event is designed to showcase to the world, all that Tobago has to offer by carrying visitors on an island tour through concerts hosted in villages across the island. Event coordinator, John Arnold, reported that the response thus far has been overwhelming and the island of Tobago is buzzing with excitement as they await the commencement of the spectacular event. Mr. Arnold acknowledged that over the past six years they have seen the tickets sales increase year to year. But this year, many ticket booths have called the office requesting more tickets in order to meet the demands of the patrons. He also noted that hotels and resorts have reported

Event Coordinator John Arnold

Tessanne Chin has been added to the cast

to be completely booked up for the duration of the event. The event is to occur over an eight-day period, but the largest expected turn out is for the final weekend of the Experience that would include nine-time Grammy award winner, John Legend and the alltime classic band, Earth, Wind and Fire. John said, “We just confirmed Tessanne Chin for Youthopia night, so we are about to launch a new advertising campaign to promote that night.” He admitted that for auditions for the festival, there were more than 100 applicants wanting to perform in the grand experience. “Tobago Jazz Experi-

ence has become the stage to perform for upcoming local and regional artistes,” he noted. This event has done well for the development of Tobago’s tourism industry. Apart from attracting thousands of foreigners to the shores of the island, the festival has promoted sustainable development for its locals. Mr. Arnold reported that the retail industry, the transport sector, the entertainment and cottage industry all have tremendous gains from past events and this one should be no different. He also stated that the festival has branded Tobago as the island of

Jazz. It has reinforced the image of Tobago as a tourist destination and allowed returning patrons of the festival to sell the island as such. He mentioned that the musical capacity of local artistes has increased since, there are many more types of Jazz music emerging from Latin Jazz to Soca and Kaiso Jazz, all of which will be presented in the Jazz Experience. In addition, he said, “Tobago Jazz Experience doesn’t only focus on the music, but allows the tourists to be immersed in the culture of Tobago.” He said that with the festival, tourists don’t come for the music and leave. The experience allows the tourists to see the culture of Tobago unfold before them. Now, we challenge you to imagine yourself in Pigeon Point Heritage Park sitting on a mat with other Jazz lovers. Picture the breeze lightly touching your back as the night sky displays its twinkling beauty and moonlight. You are sipping on a glass of chilled wine as John Legend and Brandy serenade your night away. How could you say no to the Tobago Jazz Experience?

Free screening of award-winning LGBT film Children of God


n light of the on-going debate on homosexuality and gay rights, the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) is pleased to host a free screening of the gay-themed drama Children of God, at its offices, 199 Belmont Circular Road, Belmont, on Wednesday, 12 March. Written and directed by Kareem Mortimer of the Bahamas, Children of God tells two overlapping stories. One concerns Johnny, a young, openly gay art student from Nassau who is alienated from his alcoholic father, and the recurring target of abuse by a gang. Failing at school, Johnny goes to stay on the nearby island of Eleuthera in order to reconnect with his artistic gift. Here he meets and falls for Romeo, a brash, handsome musician who is


A still shot from Children of God

also attracted to men, but living in the closet. Lena, meanwhile, the wife of a fundamentalist preacher, travels to Eleuthera with her son to drum up support for a campaign to stop the push for gay rights in the country. As her seemingly perfect marriage begins to fall apart, Lena finds herself drawn to a softspoken, compassionate pastor, Reverend Clyde. Through these life-changing

ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

encounters, Johnny and Lena find themselves coming to a fuller understanding of who they are, a realization that will have profound consequences for them both. Children of God premiered in 2009, and was a critical success at film festivals around the world. It was the closing night film at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and also screened at the ttff/10, where it won both the jury and audience awards for best dra-

matic film. In its review of the film, the Caribbean Review of Books noted, “Forms of open racial discrimination commonly accepted a few generations ago are unthinkable now. Children of God quietly argues that our attitudes to differences of sexuality can and must also evolve towards a similar tolerance.” The screening of Children of God, which is 104 minutes long, begins at 8.00pm, and doors open at 7.15pm. Space is limited, so please arrive early to ensure seating. Refreshments will be on sale. Now in its ninth year, the trinidad+tobago film festival is presented by Flow, and given leading sponsorship by bpTT and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company. For more information visit

Local ‘Clap Your Hands’ News continues to break boundaries’


n the heels of what many are deeming a truly memorable performance at the 2014 Chutney Soca Monarch, Rikki Jai and Nigel Rojas continue to receive much love from music fans and the Caribbean entertainment industry on their collaboration “Clap Your Hands” which continues to gain steady airplay both locally and internationally. The Punkalunks Factoryproduced track which has been described as boasting both the elements of original Chutney music and the vibe and delivery of modern day World music not only secured the duo a 2nd place victory at the CSM finals but also garnered them rotation on several urban and adult contemporary radio stations in T&T, the Caribbean Region and various parts of the international Caribbean Diaspora. Both dressed in white, Rikki, the 6 time Chutney Soca Monarch King and Rojas, the Orange

Rojas and Rikki onstage perforing 'Clap Your Hands' at the 2014 CSM finals

Sky rocker delivered a stellar showing at the competition. The performance warmed the hearts of several patrons and viewers as the duo paid tribute to past and present Chutney icons and even invited veterans such as songstress

Drupatee to join them onstage. Rojas who is currently preparing for a 9-city tour in California with Orange Sky was a newcomer to the CSM stage and refers to his first experience as a truly amazing one. He shared, “The atmos-

phere at the Monarch was one of real vibes and anticipation, the vibe backstage was bustling as everyone was wrapped up in their own preparation for their presentation. The ambiance was really frantic, but cool”. Regarding his performance with the legendary Rikki Jai he stated, “Onstage was awesome, it was an incredible moment seeing Rikki literally levitate across the stage with energy and expression”. Rikki will throughout the year hit several stages, Carnivals and world festivals singing his immense catalogue of hit Chutney and Soca songs. The devoted husband, father and entertainer foresees tremendous growth and potential for ‘Clap Your Hands’ as a true World Music offering and aspires to utilize the song as a means of showcasing T&T culture to non-traditional audiences. Courtesy Sonique Solutions

Shaakir Gives Local Dance A Turbo Boost Y

ou can tell a true artiste by the sheer passion they have for their craft. In that regard, twenty-four year old Shaakir Griffith is one of the realest artistes out. The Belmont native is an extraordinary dancer who specializes in Hip-Hop dance and he uses his strong musical and martial arts background to enhance his skillset. Griffith was introduced to the art of dance as a member of the Lydians when he was invited to join a ballet class. Soon he merged his classical influence with his love for Hip-Hop, added his own twist and became one of the most sought-after dancers in the country. In fact, Shaakir was called up directly by Machel Montano to be one of his HD dancers this year. Plus, he got to show off his talents in a popular KFC advertisement this year. Speaking of Machel HD, Shaakir (Who is known in dance


circles as “Turbo”) claims he will one day be the Machel Montano of dance. He constantly self-promotes and gets great responses from the worldwide audience. However, as is the norm, Griffith believes his talents and that of other local dancers are not being properly recognized. This is a shame since he believes dance can be so beneficial to T&Ts youth. He made mention of how

ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

aggressive Crump dancing in LA was so beneficial to anger release and curbing violence in America’s West Coast. Shaakir would no doubt have witnessed the benefits of passing on dance skills to others as he has taught hip-hop and dancehall at Holy Name, Bishops Anstey, Servol and Bon Air High School. He has been teaching hip hop in Diego Martin North Secondary

School since July 2008. He also hosts classes as part of the Xtreme Dance Academy who he recently performed with as part of the Live at the Hyatt series. The ElleNYTT and Eclectik member also fancies himself as a stuntman and the responses to his stunt videos online makes one wonder why our local film industry is so stagnant when there are all the pieces in place. This extreme talent is evidence that Trinbagonians can do whatever they choose and be successful at any level. He posits that his mother and several others have been influential in his success thus far and he especially appreciates his mother’s patience and understanding. Now, it is up to Shaakir to take it to the next level. However, he will need your continued support. Follow him on instagram at TURBZ868 or add Mr. Turbo Alexander on facebook.

regional news Spice Mad Lorde Doesn’t Like Reggae Reggae music is, for the most part, loved universally as one of the best and most celebrated genres. Grammy-winning singer, Lorde is not one of those lovers apparently. The 17-year-old, New Zealand-born singer, who rose to international prominence with her hit single, Royals, was highly critical of Reggae music during a recent edition of her VEVO vlog titled, The World According To Lorde. “I hate Reggae, Reggae makes me feel like am late for something,” she said. Though the comment was made months ago, a recent report in the Jamaica STAR brought the comment to light, triggering mixed views among Jamaican music insiders. However, Dancehall artist, Spice, who remixed Royals in January, lambasted her upon hearing of the comment. "I'm really disappointed in her statement, because I was such a big fan of her music, and fell in love with Royals the moment I heard it,” she told the Jamaica STAR Tuesday. “I'm not a fan anymore, and will just delete her album and move on. Reggae is the most soulful genre, so I can't understand how someone could hate it. I



Brandon Howard: Michael Jackson's Secret Son?

'I Get Up' off the 'Fly Rasta' album where Ziggy will post new lyrics from the unreleased track 'I Get Up' for creative inspiration. "As lyrics are posted, personify the words with your own unique photos/videos" the instructions given reads and of course, a video will be created from the submissions.

really regret even doing a reggae cover to her single. Everyone knows the origin of reggae music is Jamaica, and by black people. So my question is: Is it the music that she really doesn't like, or just the black race?"

Ziggy Marley Announces His 'Fly Rasta' Album Release Date Ziggy Marley announced his latest album, Fly Rasta, which is set for an April 15th street date, and is available for pre-order exclusively on Ziggy Marley also announced a fan-made music video campaign for the single,

quickly. He certainly didn't come forward quickly, however. Brandon Howard claims that he’s only recently acquired the DNA evidence, which he purports to be from an old orthodontic device Michael used to wear. We can't imagine how he came across that, nor do we want to know, but he insists the results are a match, and he will reveal the results.

JWoww Serves as Producer for Movie 'Jersey Shore Massacre' JWoww is adding movie producer to her resume. The former "Jersey Shore" star boards a horror film adaptation called "Jersey Shore Massacre" as an executive producer. The movie is written and directed by Paul Tarnopol. The story follows a Jersey girl (Danielle Dallacco) and her friends as they are going to the Atlantic coast for "a weekend of sun and sin." But their plan is destroyed when they end up at her uncle's seaside getaway and get targeted by a psychotic killer. The film is supported by "The Howard Stern Show" members like Sal Governale, Richard Christy &

So, Brandon Howard says he is Michael Jackson's secret son. He claims he has, and will reveal, hard DNA evidence to prove this bombshell claim as well. The 31-year-old is the son of Miki Howard, who Michael's father Joe Jackson used to represent back in the '80s. So he does have history with the family. Brandon claims that Michael Jackson met his mother, Miki, in 1982 and got her pregnant fairly 8 ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

Bigfoot, notorious porn star Ron Jeremy, and pro wrestler-turned-actor Giovanni Roselli. It is expected to hit theaters this coming summer.

Carmen Electra Becomes Oldest FHM Cover Girl

At 41, Carmen is officially the oldest cover girl in FHM’s history but 15 years on from Baywatch, the blonde bombshell still rules the world and is more than comfortable stripping off. “I feel more comfortable now,” she told the magazine - as she posed up in stunning white underwear, revealing a toned tum and enviable cleavage. She adds: "I feel less nervous, like I’m in a really good place in my life and just being in that space makes you feel sexier." And the saucy actress revealed the secret to staying sexy - and it isn't Botox. " I think it’s all about embracing yourself. I love being on shoots because you can get into the fantasy of it all. I love getting into new outfits too, stuff I wouldn't normally wear.”




Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics

NAME: Keison Ali AGE: 29 HEIGHT: 5’ 11” WEIGHT: 185lbs CAREER: Process plant operator BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers FAVOURITE SCENT: Bread in the oven FAVOURITE THING: My Car DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: Jessica Biel. Need I say more about what she looks like? It’s very important that she has long hair, clean skin, and be a bit sporty. I love when she turns out to be brave enough to do stuff like working out. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Before yes but that’s part of life. You live and you learn. What’s important is moving forward. YOUR HERO: my mother who made so many sacrifices to make sure my sister and I got everything and every opportunity we needed to be successful. FAVOURITE FOOD: Baked or grilled lamb. THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Caring about the

things I care about and having similar traits as myself. YOU’D NEVER DO: Illegal Drugs WHAT ABOUT PETS: I have a grey pitbull named Roxi 3 years now. She’s really spoilt. I love her. THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: Sky-dive. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Jay Z. FAVOURITE MUSIC: I listen to all genres of music. I don’t hold myself to a particular genre because then I will miss out on a lot of good sounds. FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: Home around the dining room table with my family. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: Yes I have. I gave in to that temptation before. But as I said before …you live and you learn. THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: Sex in a change room in a mall. Epic! WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: my neck. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: Making myself happy and satisfied. Winning! HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: I have a lot of personal weights and equipment at home and I always try to follow whichever fitness crave that’s popular at the time. For example P90X, Insanity etc. Also I don’t eat after certain hours and I drink lots and lots of water. Trust me. Water is a miracle worker

model mania Name: Karice Redhead Age: 21 Hometown: Santa Cruz Hobbies: Cooking, baking, shopping and spending time with family. Young, beautiful and driven model

Karice Redhead does not plan on depending merely on her looks to survive. While she enjoys modeling (especially for photo shoots) she plans on being a career woman and she is doing what she has to do to make that possible. Redhead is currently studying Geology and International Business with a concentration in Spanish (talk about a well-rounded education). Karice believes eventually being employed in that field will assist her in her goal of a more sustainable T&T. Plus, she thinks it is also a stepping stone toward having a beautiful family of her own

and ultimately being happy. Karice refuses to view herself as an actual model, but instead sees herself as someone who has enjoyed success participating in that field since she was 16. In fact, she is not a big fan of fashion but admits she loves the “super-talented” Anya Ayoung Chee. She also loves carnival costume designers for making her favourite time of year beautiful. Despite her modesty toward her modeling endeavours, Redhead has worked with photographers such as Sancho Francisco, Lyden Thomas, Gary Jordan,

Richard Munro, Damian Luk Pat and Peter Lim Choy. She was also utilized in several advertisements including campaigns for Coors Light, Digicel and Government AIDS prevention initiatives. This sight for sore eyes reveals that her looks are the benefit of genetics and proper hydration despite admitting she loves deserts. Her ultimate feel sexy tip is basically to be confident and have self-respect. Be warned, she is no pushover. In order to get in her good books one must be kind, honest and keep a clean bedroom (Of course).

12 ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

Photos by Richard Munro

Karice Redhead




The Many Moods of Ken Simmons

Fellow broadcaster Glen Antoine recently passed away and he was the one who told me “You are only as good as your last shift.” That encouraged me to put my best foot forward every time.


opular voiceover talent and radio presenter Ken Simmons has done well to emerge out of his father’s (radio legend Phil Simmons) shadow and create his own lane in a saturated field. The 34 year old Ebony 104.1FM star who is known for his candor and love for reggae took some time to speak to ET&T about his craft and his new love of fitness and body sculpting. Plus, the star poses for a fashion spread as well. Enjoy!

ET&T: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ken: Owning my own recording studio and becoming a certified physical trainer. ET&T: Speaking of training… How often do you workout? Ken: I work out two days on, two days off. No matter if it falls on a weekend or not. It takes a lot of discipline. Physical training is a new love of mine that I was able to reap the benefits from in only a few months. My former gym's owner encouraged me to compete. I have competed in a couple bodybuilding events and I have been given the opportunity to represent the country in Santo Domingo at the Mr. Physique competition. I must say, the real transformation took place in the mind and not in the training. I have to be strict with diet and food preparation and it is costly. It is definitely one of my passions.

Photography: Roger Jackson Wardrobe: Absolutdesigns and Just Fabulous Clothing & Accessories ET&T: Do you feel pressure having to follow in your father’s footsteps? Ken: I won’t call it pressure, but in the early stages people used to actually call me “Young Phil.” After 8 years and putting in hard work people have started to see me for who I am and now I am Ken Simmons. Plus I get tons of support from my father and he is very proud of me. In fact, dad celebrated his 65th birthday recently and I was able to have him on my program. It was an unforgettable moment where we were able to make history together. ET&T: How did you come about your soubriquet ‘The Gentleman’? Ken: The name was given to me by a colleague at Boom Champions. Kevin Baker often told me that my ethics and standards are rarely demonstrated in this particular dog eat dog industry and he would often call me the gentleman of the business. I guess it just stuck over the years. ET&T: Which three words best describe you? Ken: Determined, Committed and Loyal. ET&T: What sets you apart 14

ET&T: How would you define this year’s Carnival proceedings? Ken: The season was wellrounded. I loved the music. It was a longer season and I found it to be a lot better organized than most years. I played mas and I think the Socadrome experience was great as it freed up a lot of congestion.

from other presenters? Ken: Radio has changed a lot and in my father’s time it was all about the voice. Now it is about personality as well. I am an open book on air and people appreciate that. Plus, I’ve heard

my professional approach to my craft is far beyond my years. ET&T: What is the best advice you ever received and from whom? Ken: Funny you should ask that.

ET&T: What else should we know about Ken? Ken: What else is there to know about me? Hmm… I always talk my business. I am an open book on air. I think I am just a very approachable, down-to-earth guy. I do have a very reverential fear for things of God. I may not be the most religious person, but I do try to live a spiritual live.

hot seat •

MARCH, 2014 • ET&T 15


Bridget Pouchet Talks Makeup Written by Daniela Nandlal

A before and after look of Bridget's work


he saying 'if you love what you do you, you will never work a day in your life' most certainly applies to businesswoman Bridget Pouchet. This former Banker and Flight Attendant who also designs and produces carnival costumes has now risen to be one of Trinidad's premiere Make Up Artists. We caught up with Bridget recently and spoke with her about her journey and her plans for the future. When we got to her studio in Petit Valley at 9am on a Sunday morning Bridget's workday was already in full swing with her third client for the day. Spend two minutes with Bridget and it becomes clear why she has become so successful. Her warm but professional demeanor puts you at ease immediately. The Studio is bright and welcoming and then you see it... Even if you are not into make up you can’t help but be impressed with her ‘Make up Kit'. There are rows of clean, neat and very well organized make up. Her response to our widening eyes is a mixture of embarrassment and pride as she says "It’s impossible to have everything.....but I try. People are always amazed by my over- the-top makeup kit. I am always ready for any

Bridget in action

job and any look". It’s elaborate trust me…with over 200 hundred makeup brushes from brands such as Sigma, Mac, Sephora and Real Techniques. She sees her client off and then meticulously cleans the instruments of her trade, another hallmark of her service. We sit down to speak and her passion for her profession shines through. "I believe that beauty makeup is about making the skin look flawless- not so much about sharp lines or edges but well blended, complimentary makeup on the eyes and cheeks which can make anyone look like a movie

16 ET&T • MARCH, 2014 •

star.....naturally" Bridget has always had a love affair with makeup but in 2006 decided to take it up as a profession. In May 2006 she successfully completed the course in Advanced Makeup Artistry at the Ephraim Hunte International Makeup Academy. "It was difficult at first, getting your name out there but after a few jobs I was consistently working. “Doing someone’s makeup is a very personal thing and people need to feel very comfortable with their makeup artist." After some success locally Bridget moved to

South Africa in 2007 and lived there for three years where she followed Carl Isaacs work (the top makeup artist in South Africa) and corresponded with him via emails and phone calls. “South Africa is one of the top places in the world for the fashion and film industry and it encouraged me to raise my makeup skills to another level”. Since her return to Trinidad in 2010 she has grown from strength to strength. She is trained in runway, fashion, photography, film, bridal, stage, and natural to glamorous makeup and in 2012 did an airbrush workshop with Kett Cosmetics in Orlando. Bridget has done work for brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Angostura, Tribe and Fantasy Carnival Bands. We asked what she considers to be her career high point thus far. "That's easy... a three-day shoot with Discovery Channel’s subsidiary Planet Green. The shoot was done by an international team exploring leatherback turtles right here in Trinidad...I did the make up for the host who just happened to be American actor Ian Somerhalder." When asked what she enjoys most about being a makeup artist Bridget had this to say. "What I love about my job is no two days are the same. I get to be a part of a bride’s special day and then I get to be involved in the creative process of developing a print ad or TV commercial. Also my private clients are my pride and joy. They love the fact with my makeup I create a more glamorous version of themselves without making them look like a completely different person”. As for the future? "My Goal is to continue to build my brand internationally, to be one of the top makeup artistes and to have own my own chain of hair and makeup salons." Bridget's advice to those entering the profession " I think my tagline on my business card says it all...”Putting your best face forward" Follow her on Instagram bridgetpouchet

How to Cope With a Controlling Person


ost of us have heard the term ‘control freak’ before. These are the people who nag and dictate to you so much that you think you are going to just burst. Most of us know that it can be extremely difficult to deal with a controlling person. It is even worse when the person is someone you care dearly about. However, nobody deserves to be controlled by anyone. This is why ET&T is providing some tips that should help you to deal with controlling people. Steps 1. Just as with all problems, the answer lies in identifying the problem. You must first recognize that a person is controlling before dealing with them. 2. Next, you must make up your mind that you’re not going to be controlled. 3. When in a relationship, realize that you are equals and that no one is master of the other. 4. Make an effort to point out to the controlling person that they are stressing you out. 5. In case they forgot, let them know you only need two par-

ents and they aren’t your parents. 6. Keep telling yourself that you are an adult and should not be treated like a child. 7. Don’t make their problems yours. 8. Expressing your feelings has little to do with your problems. It is a way to facilitate a

response from the other person. 9. Don’t let controllers dictate how you enjoy yourself. 10. Take time away from controlling people. 11. Don’t let a control freak force you to change your plans. 12. Let controlling people know about the good decisions you


make for yourself. 13. A little sarcasm goes a long way in letting controlling people know where they stand. 14. Your life is yours. Remember to manage it yourself. 15. Unless you hired a manager, your financial affairs should be governed by no one but yourself. 16. It is good to let your mate know your whereabouts, but don’t allow them to feel obligated to know. 17. Allowing someone to talk down to you is degrading and controlling. 18. Staying focused on positive things is a great way to help you cope. Controlling people are everywhere, but they will only remain controlling if you allow them to be. It is also important to note that not everyone can cope with certain types of people. Your actions should depend on your judgment. Plan your course of action accordingly. So use your own judgment on the course of action that you should take. •

MARCH, 2014 • ET&T 17

Monday Mas

ondays are usually the most dreaded day M of the week with the exception of Machel Monday and Carnival Monday. Carnival Mon-


day is actually a day much of the region looks forward to with great anticipation. It is on that day that the real street parade which makes up the climax of Carnival kicks off and revelers take to the streets. Though it is more of a dressed down affair compared to Carnival Tuesday; Carnival Monday is still one of the highlights of Carnival. Here are just a few of the sights captured. Get more action at •

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Tuesday Mas on d Road

arnival Tuesday is basically what the entire season built up to. It is the final day before the Lenten period, so suffice it to say, people behave with reckless gay abandon beC fore they once again become the pseudo-civilized humans who led ordinary lives before the jumping and waving. It is on this day the Road March is decided and the Band of the Year battle is judged in earnest. However, many just see it as a time to enjoy the colourful spectacle and frolic known as Carnival. Here are some photos. For more, check us on facebook or grab our special edition Carnival magazine.

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events •

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J’ouvert Joy

EVENTS EXTRA hether you call it J’ouvert or Dutty Mas, CarniW val Monday morning is undoubtedly one of the festival’s most exciting experiences. It is a celebration

of mas without the frills. Here is where the devils and freaks reign and where, oil, mud, paint and powder become a masquerader’s ultimate accessory. Jouvert encourages more fun on the streets because most of it occurs in the dark before the pretty mas takes over the cities and towns. Our ET&T photographers braved taking their high tech equipment to this dirty fiesta and got some photos of the J’ouvert revelry. See more on •

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A Crying Shame

arnival may be over, but some people are still making mas with their outfit C choices. Just when we thought our busiest period for the year was over, these people came to remind us not to ease up.

The girl on the right is pretty. The girl on the left is probably pretty too, but you’d have to get past her horrendous outfit selection to notice that. The first of her crimes is that she is attempting to mix and match jewelry. A big silver chain with an oversized medallion should not be worn with those beach beads. Also, she is wearing a pair of lace leggings underneath her short denim jeans on the beach. This entire outfit seems to have had very little thought put into it. The judge thought about it and gave her 15years.

This hapless man was charged for the crime of wearing a red t-shirt under his blue shirt. Visible underwear should never stray from the general theme of your clothing’s colour selection. Stick to wearing white vests or tees under clothing to be safe. He was read his rights and has a day in court pending.

These girls were arrested back at Linx’s Birthnite party in Blu Tantra some weeks back. The one on the left for wearing a pair of tights with the lacey part chewed off on the right leg and the other for taking off her shoes and dancing barefoot. Fashion is supposed to be functional…there should be no need to take your shoes off.



Singer/song-writer Screws is surrounded by sexy dancers from the HD camp

Former First Lady Jean Ramjohn-Richards and daughter Maxine frolick in the streets on Carnival Tuesday

Veteran mas man Mike ‘Big Mike’ Antoine parades with his band •

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celeb profile

Pharrell Williams

Name: Pharrell Williams Age: 40 (April 5th, 1973) Profession: Producer, musician, songwriter, singer, rapper, fashion designer. Claim to Fame: Pharrell Williams is an American rapper, singer, record producer, composer and fashion designer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo The Neptunes, producing hip hop and R&B

music. He is also the lead vocalist and drummer of hip-hop band N.E.R.D, which he formed with Hugo and childhood friends Shay Haley and Mike Etheridge. To trace the beginning of his ascent, you have to go back to 1992, when Teddy Riley tapped him to write a verse for Wreckx-n-Effect's "Rump Shaker." Since the late '90s, the Neptunes began scoring songwriting and production assign-

ments that slowly but steadily infiltrated mainstream music, whether it was via dance-pop (Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U"), hardcore rap (Clipse's "Grindin'"), or contemporary R&B (Babyface's "There She Goes"). Williams and Hugo were relatively obscure during the mid'90s, doing spare work for the likes of SWV, Total, and Mase, but they would eventually develop a style that would become as recognized


Bring on the Blockbusters W

hen the Lenten period is over, movie buffs can usually expect to be bombarded with a slew of big budget movies made with the intention of ruling summer. While we don’t have summer in T&T we can still appreciate a good blockbuster with that traditional summer feel. Transformers: Age of Extinction The Transformers film series continues with this fourth entry from director Michael Bay and

executive producer Steven Spielberg. Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor star in a storyline where a mechanic and his daughter make a discovery that brings down Autobots and Decepticons - and a paranoid government official - on them. X-Men: Days of Future Past The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

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and as mimicked as that of fellow Virginia Beach native Timbaland. Pharrell went on to develop a solid solo career as well apart from producing for the world’s biggest artists. His stature continued to grow and he was lucky enough to have his hand in scoring movies as well. One of his most recent highlights was providing the musical accompaniment for the Grammy Awards in 2013.

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ET&T Vol. 8 Mar Issue 2 2014  

In this issue: The Carnival Tabanca Begins Recapping the Season's Winners Tobago Jazz to be the Biggest Ever This Model is Too Real

ET&T Vol. 8 Mar Issue 2 2014  

In this issue: The Carnival Tabanca Begins Recapping the Season's Winners Tobago Jazz to be the Biggest Ever This Model is Too Real