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T&T’s Top 5 Models Revealed Christopher Nathan counts down the country’s top 5 models Written by Dr. A. Martin3

French, he dreams of working with foreign based photographers such as Arron Dunworth and Loretta Houston. His advice to fellow models is “don’t let anyone sell you dreams… believe in yourself and be you at all times.”

4 P

ossessing that “it” factor, they have successfully been able to carve a niche within the modeling industry. They have been the catalyst for our desire for and consumption of a range of products. They have inspired our adoration and they have also been flying our national flag abroad. We decided to compile a list of the top 5 models in Trinidad and Tobago. We were guided by Mr. Christopher Nathan, CEO of Coco Velvet International Fashion and Model Management and board member of the Fashion Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Industry Fashion Forum. Here they are:

Mauricia de Peza 23 year old, Mauricia De Peza, from Belmont has strong facial features, long legs (she is six feet tall) and is known for her signature walk. Encouraged to model by persons who noticed her height and physique, she began her career at the age of fifteen with the House of Jacqui. Over the years she has delved into runway, commercial and print modeling, even participating in a relative to the modeling industry – pageantry. She was the first (1st) runner up Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe 2012 and the second (2nd) runner up Face of T&T 2013. In terms of commercials her clients include MasterCard, Sacha Cosmetics, Micles, Wonderful World, Bang Bang and CPL T20. She s pivileged to have been photographed by the likes of Anthony Scully, Calvin French, Damian Luk Pat, Gary Jordan and Kerron Riley. Her advice to young models is to “never let anyone tell you that you can't; if you believe it and have the passion for it, you can do it.”



Justin Wang This 21 year old 6 footer from Maraval has been in the industry for the past four years doing print and runway work, both regionally and internationally. Some of his recent work includes advertisements for Courts optical eyewear and clothing store Bang Bang. While he deems it an honor to have worked with internationally renowned photographer Calvin

Russell Wilkinson Russell burst onto the scene in 2006 when he competed in the Synergy TV supermodel competition. There has been no stopping this Belmont native since. His image floods a multitude of print and television ads. One night we saw him advertising for a beverage and literally the next morning we noticed him on a huge billboard portraying a farmer in a government ad. It seems that his ‘boy next door’ looks and an amazing physique make for a good combination because he has been quite successful in booking

governmental as well as private jobs. He has even been featured in a very popular soca music video. Most recently his ripped torso could be seen displaying costumes at Harts Carnival mas band launching. With a physique that cannot be ignored, chiseled bone structure, a compelling gaze and an apparent strong drive and passion for the industry Russell Wilkinson may have only tapped into a small percentage of his real potential yet.


Leah Mari Guevara She is one of the most successful products of our modeling industry. 6 foot tall, Arima native Leah Mari’s career skyrocketed when she was selected at a Radical Designs model casting which led to her signing with a New York modeling agency that required her to live and work in that city for six years. She has one of the most impressive resumes in the Caribbean having been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence Magazine, Vibe Magazine and Caribbean Belle magazine. She has also worked for an esteemed cadre of designers on runways and in showrooms including Alexander McQueen, Patricia Fields, Jean Paul Gaultier, Moschino, Meiling and Claudia Pegus, just to name a few. These days she only participates in selected projects that are fun for her. She is mostly focused on being a wife and mother and on her major responsibility as the Pageant Coordinator for the Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe Pageant, a position which allows her to merge the pageant and the modeling world to create an enriching experience for pageant delegates. She has also worked in personal and editorial styling.

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our catwalks and our billboards you are bound to know Soowan “The Body” Bramble. Hailing from Moruga South Trinidad, she was thought to be initially limited in the industry because of her height. However she has been able to use her other assets such as her physique, facial structure, walk, positive attitude and general likability to stand out in a field which includes hundreds of hopefuls. Her 8 years within the industry have seen her rack up a wide array of accomplishments, on local to international stages including Miss Southern Games, The Best Model of the Universe, face and brand ambassador for the Italian brand, Campari for the Caribbean region and the first Fashion Sketch and Fit Model at the University of Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design at Parsons Fashion School in New York. Her most recent achievement has taken her to the United States of America where she was honoured at the Caribbean Style And Culture Awards, Fashion Show and Award Ceremony. Also in June she received the Model Pioneer award at the San Fernando Fashion Week for outstanding achievements in fashion, print, Soowan Bramble runway and pageantry. At 21 she If you know anything about can be considered a pioneer as she the modeling industry in Trinidad continues to break new ground and Tobago and if you pay enough and open new doors for upcoming attention to the faces that grace models. • JULY, 2014 • ET&T 1


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Readers Discuss Top Miss T&T Candidates Written by R. Ellis


ith the Miss Universe – Trinidad and Tobago pageant in July, pretty ladies seem to be the topic of everyone’s conversation. In an interview with members of the general public, they said their pick for a Miss Trinidad and Tobago should be someone who is well spoken and they should have a “hot body with a pretty face.” Our past Miss Universe and Miss World contestants seem to fit this description perfectly. However, of all the Miss Trinidad and Tobago representatives, it was interesting to find out who are the favourites amongst the Trinbagoians. “I like Wendy Fitzwilliam!” This was the first statement made by most. One person said, “I would choose Wendy first because she is so graceful and her presence is felt wherever she is.” Another added, “I had the opportunity to meet her once and she is so nice and humble, her personality is beautiful.” It is no secret that Wendy Fitzwilliam won the Miss Universe pageant in 1998. Since then she has been a very significant figure in both the legal fraternity and for the culture and Trinidad and Tobago. No doubt, Wendy has fully embodied what it means to be Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Coming in second we have Miss Universe of 1977, Janelle Penny Commisiong. “She was so pretty and moreover, she was the first black woman to win Miss Universe in the world. She has to be in my top five,” one person said as they rattled off their top five picks of Miss Trinidad and Tobago representatives. “I’d choose Penny as well because she went to New York Fashion Institute of Technology just like me,” another added. Since winning Miss Universe, she has established her own business and hosts many seminars for young female entrepreneurs. She too has fallen nothing short of a true Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Another favourite amongst the people was Anya AyoungChee. She is most popular for her victory in season 9 of Project 2

Giselle Laronde-West

Janelle Penny Commisiong

Wendy Fitzwilliam

Runway where she was able to gain contract with some of the best companies in the world like L’Oreal Paris and HP and Intel. She has since partnered with the United Nations Associating of Trinidad and Tobago as an advocate for the Millennium Development Goals. One person reasoned, “Although Anya didn’t win a title, her overall contribution towards Trinidad and Tobago has been profound. I went to Trinidad Fashion week a couple

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

years back and Anya’s collection was astonishing.” Next up, representing Trinidad and Tobago at Miss World 2008 and was the second runner up, Gabrielle Walcott. Since winning this title in 2008, she went on the represent Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss Universe pageant in 2011. She is most popular however, for her charity work being named the 2008 Miss World Beauty with a Purpose where she raised more than $100,000 for

the Just Because Foundation. She is also a long time member of Trinidad and Tobago Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. One person said, “Gabrielle’s philanthropic spirit is heart gripping. Personally, this makes her my favourite because her work with the Just Because Foundation has saved so many lives of young children suffering with cancer.” Last, but certainly not least, coming in with the title of Miss World 1986, Giselle LarondeWest. “You have to love Giselle, she was the first Miss World Trinidad and Tobago and even now her beauty is still breathtaking,” someone remarked. She was awarded the Chaconia Medal and had a BWIA plane named after her for her contributions towards the overall development of the Trinbagoian society and culture. Today, Giselle LarondeWest, mother of two boys, is now the Corporate Communications Manager of Angostura Ltd. These beauties proved that they had what it takes to compete on the world stage and make a difference in the lives of the average citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. Their philanthropic spirit, their beauty, their education and their ability to nurture have not gone unrecognized. Representing their country was no easy task and so hats of to these women and all the others who are able to fully embrace their beauty and use it for the greater good of humanity.

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French Designer to Launch line in Trinidad

Iris Atsin to introduce La Parisienne at Carlton Savannah


rench designer Iris Atsin plans to capitalize on what she describes as a “fashion boom” in Trinidad when she launches her first international collection here this month’s end. The globetrotting fashion expert will reveal her La Parisienne line to invited guests at the Carlton Savannah hotel on Friday 25th July. Atsin says the reason to launch her collection in Trinidad was because of the growth she saw Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion industry experiencing at the moment as well as the fact that she fell in love with the country since she first visited several months ago. She says visiting Tobago Fashion Week and meeting designers such as Heather Jones and Peter Elias was inspiring to her.

Iris Atsin

Now, she says she is willing to impart the knowledge and expertise she acquired in Europe and her travels around the world to Trinidad. Atsin says her global experiences are important to her craft since they opened her up to a greater understanding of how the market operates. She went on to note that fashion is not just about designing talent, but the ability to turn creativity into a sustainable economic platform. Atsin describes the designs which will be previewed at her launch as chic and cosmopolitan. She says they reflect Paris with hints of Global touches. Iris also spoke about the format of her launch. She said she chose for it to be free so more people could be included in the experience. After all, fashion is for everyone.

The Top 4 Alternative Entertainment Options In Trinidad


cool, doing your sightseeing with a more hands-on approach is even better. Adventure lovers will appreciate the surge in hiking as several groups congregate to visit nature trails on foot. Annual turtle watching during nesting season also falls into this bracket as T&T’s east coast becomes littered with curious people. Then of course, there is the fairly new zip lining craze which has taken over Trinidad’s west coast. The Macqueripe beach facility is attracting more visitors than usual thanks to this addition. Before, watersports such as kayaking and jet-skiing dominated activities in the Western Peninsula.

ou wouldn’t be lying if you said Trinidad and Tobago ranked with Las Vegas and Ibiza as one of the party capitals of the world. This country is undoubtedly the party capital of the Caribbean and if a party isn’t the pump you can bet a good lime is in order. Yet, there is much more to entertainment in Trinidad and Tobago than just parties and bar-hopping. Here are the top 4 entertainment alternatives in no particular order. Theatre We don’t mean cinema either. We’re talking real live stage acting, song and dance. More and more people are visiting auditoriums across the country to see a number of well-crafted plays. Raymond Choo Kong and Richard Ragoobarsingh are just a couple of the well-known names whose plays receive sellout crowds. While plays are popular, stand up sets like Rachel Price’s latest series and comedy festivals also draw large turnouts.


Tours Excursions as we call them in T&T are a well-known pastime. However, many of them amount to partying on buses. This isn’t about parties so we will focus on tours such as the PTSC Know Your Country Initiative. It has been around for some time, but

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

it is becoming popular again. These bus rides take people on educational tours to various historical points around the country with pit-stops to facilitate liming in between. Adventure Entertainment While riding around on a bus is

The Zoo The local zoo has done much to market and promote itself in recent times. Plus a multimillion dollar renovation and the addition of new exotic animals have added to its lure. This destination is a great alternative because of its ability to cater to entire families.

Local ET&T’s Celebrity Hot List Revealed News Trending local celebrities examined


ocal stars constantly and consistently seem to find a way to excel and stay relevant when you least expect it. The thing is, there is so much competition in the celebrity world that maintaining that relevance is hard. However, the people on this list have found ways to stay hot and they are the non-political figures being touted the most at the moment.

Flipo Rising star Flipo is enjoying a good run of publicity after the success of his soca crossover smash ‘Doh Tell Mih Dat.’ Since the tune’s local Carnival release, he has been riding a wave of growing popularity thanks to some cool remixes which added to the song’s longevity. The artiste who is very much in the vein of Orlando Octave in terms of his versatility recently followed up ‘Doh Tell Mih Dat’ with a popular dancehall/reggae track entitled Far Away. Then he released ‘Last of the First,’ a rap single that is also getting radio play and ensuring he gets booked for shows throughout the year till next Carnival. Few entertainers are as hot as him right now.

9.74. A malfunctioning wind gauge meant his time would not stand as a national record. He also ran a sub 10 time to win the 100m event at the Hengelo FBK Games, in Holland, before having his sub-10 streak snapped with a second place finish at the Diamond League meet in France earlier this month.

Michelle Lee Ahye Speaking of speedsters, Michelle Lee Ahye has been decimating fields recently. She is currently the fastest woman sprinter at 100 metres outdoors this year and she underlined this with a standout performance at the IAAF Diamond League Athletissima meet in Lausanne. Her 10.85 second 100 metre time was accomplished as part of a sprint double at the Sagicor invitational. Also, she earlier clocked a fast 7.13 seconds to strike gold at the prestigious Millrose Games in New York. The 22 year old deserves a spot on our hot list.

Richard Thompson Athlete Richard ‘Torpedo’ Thompson medalled in the last two Olympic Games and has enjoyed various successes at different points in his career. Now, the sprinter is blazing hot again as his form over the last two months has been consistently spectacular. On June 21st he lowered his personal best time in the 100m to a national record of 9.82 seconds. Before that, he ran an unofficial world best of 6

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Anya Ayoung Chee The 2008 Ms. Trinidad and Tobago Universe and 2011 Project Runway winner was as hot as they come at the turn of the decade. She has since utilized her opportunities well, making herself a true international brand. Ayoung Chee’s recent business initiatives have placed her on the current hotlist as she just launched her cANYAval concept in the United States. Anya described cANYAval as: “my newest brand that acts as an umbrella brand for Pilar by Anya, ANYA and a curation of Trinidadian and other Caribbean designers, forming a brand unto itself that represents that sexy and irresistible Caribbean energy through fashion.” cANYAval was creatively launched in NYC last month at a concept-driven, Sunday rooftop party featuring fashion, sounds & vibes inspired by Trinidad Carnival and set against the urban skyline of downtown Manhattan.

Rachel Price Rachel Price is one of the most polarizing figures in local entertainment. Hate her or love her, the Red96.7fm Morning Show hostess has a way of getting ingrained in your psyche or

ending up in your conversations. The comic uses her abrasive and aggrandizing brand of humor to deliver her messages daily and her shock value adds to her lure. Her recent standup comedy series at venues across the country has continued to draw large crowds and social networking posts and video blogs have brought her closer to fans. Speaking of social networking, Price controversially drew a great deal of attention to herself with her role in a Titter war with longtime friend Fay Ann Lyons at the end of April. Price’s name has not come out of the public’s mouth since. As they say; all publicity is good publicity.

Valley-wood Video Productions It is a rare occasion when a local film house ends up on an entertainment hot list, but these dudes deserve their due. While Lexo TV may have changed the game with their content and marketing, relative newcomers Valley-wood Video Productions are the most talked-about guys at the moment thanks to their movie ‘Welcome to Warlock.’ The Jeffrey Alleyne production mirrors the harsh realities of life in depressed areas of Trinidad, showing the impact violent crime can have on lives, relationships and families. Ironically, the underground film is a hot seller by pirates in the streets which in itself is evidence of the rampant, bold-faced crime spoken about in the film.

regional news of the iTunes chart on her Instagram page with the message, “Oh snap!!! #CountOnMyLove #OutNow #itunes #walmart thank you all so much!!! I couldn’t even begin to do this without you. #SoGrateful,”

Elephant Man Responds to Beenie Man after Hot 97 Interview Tessanne Chin’s ‘Count on my Love’ Makes Strong iTunes Debut Jamaican songstress, Tessanne Chin is seeing immediate results after releasing her sophomore studio album, Count on my Love, as the 10-track set hit the top 10 on the iTunes charts just hours after its release. The album, her first since winning season five of the American talent show, The Voice, last December, peaked at number six on the iTunes Top 100 albums chart Tuesday afternoon, trailing only Robin Thicke, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Magic! and Hillsong Worship. Chin expressed shock at how fast the album garnered such buzz, posting a snapshot

Beenie Man recently reignited his old beef with Elephant Man when he called the deejay washed up. During an interview with Hot 97 last month, Beenie Man said he was the only artist keeping dancehall afloat and also shared some not so kind words for other veteran deejay’s like Elephant Man, Baby Cham, and Sean Paul. “I am the balance in dancehall music,” the self-proclaim king of the dancehall said. Beenie Man says he has not seen or heard anything from Elephant Man in over two years. According to the Doc, dancehall is not broken but rather some of the artists are broken. Now Elephant Man has shot back saying Beenie Man is bad mind.

WORLD News orderly conduct and harassment after police said he interrupted a performance of "Cabaret" inside New York's Studio 54, used obscene language and became belligerent when asked to leave. "He understands that these recent actions are a symptom of a larger health problem and he has taken the first of many necessary steps towards recovery," Kates said. A disheveled-looking LaBeouf did not enter a plea to the New York charges, which are all misdemeanors or violations so the former Disney child star would face minimal or no jail time if convicted.

Actor Shia Labeouf Receiving Treatment for Alcoholism Actor Shia LaBeouf, who was accused recently of disturbing a performance of the musical "Cabaret" in New York, is undergoing treatment for alcoholism, according to his publicist. LaBeouf, 28, has voluntarily sought outpatient care for addiction, Melissa Kates, the former "Transformers" star's spokeswoman, said in a statement. The actor was arraigned on charges of dis8

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Nicole Scherzinger Details Bulimia Struggle Nicole Scherzinger has told of the "miserable" and "dark time" in which she battled an eating disorder. The singer and former X Factor judge, 36, told Cosmopolitan magazine how she struggled with bulimia for eight years while touring the world as a Pussycat Doll before finally getting help. Nicole, who went public with her bulimia struggle in 2012, said: "It is such a horrible paralysing disease and it was such a dark time for

“Beenie Man bad mind until him teeth and the middle of him hair a drop out,” Elephant Man said. “He never has nothing good to say about other artistes.” “Nobody cyah guh up a di hills and point pon Beenie Man house,” Elephant Man added. “Yu gone pon interview gone tell people sey a you alone a duh good inna music, after dem never ask yu bout yuself. When Vybz Kartel deh road, yu run bakka the man and talk bout Gaza yu sey, then yu same one gone pon interview gone bash di man. Mi deh Europe, and di bwoy know sey mi deh Europe, and gone tell people foolishness.” Both Elephant Man and Beenie Man are veterans in dancehall with several big hit songs under their belts since the 1990s. me. That's why I can empathise so much with people who have demons and voices in their heads, who aren't nice to themselves. "It robs you of living your life. But you can recover and you can get rid of it forever. I did it and that's why it's so important for me to share my story. "I felt so alone... but I made myself so alone. You hide it from the world, you isolate yourself." Nicole told how she finally got help. "I had started losing my voice, I couldn't sing at shows, and then I remember my manager finding me passed out on the floor in Malta or in the south of France," she told Cosmo. "I thought, 'I'm going to lose everything I love if I don't love myself.' One day when you feel like you've reached the end, you just say, 'I'm not doing this anymore.' It's sad to see how I wasted my life.




Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics

NAME: Kieran Hagley AGE: 29 HEIGHT: 6’-1” WEIGHT: 170lbs CAREER: Engineering Tech BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Briefs FAVOURITE SCENT: Burberry Brit FAVOURITE THING: Progress DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: An intelligent, tall, slender and untamed thoroughbred with luscious hair; a beautiful mind, gorgeous body and peaceful soul. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Yup. What a sensation. YOUR HERO: My Father in Heaven. FAVOURITE FOOD: Buss Up Shut THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Unconditional love and a lil curry dumpling. YOU’D NEVER DO: I’ll never forget God or give up on myself

WHAT ABOUT PETS: Dogs, hamsters, turtles are all cool. THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: Base Jumping FAVOURITE ARTIST: Jamie Foxx FAVOURITE MUSIC: Gospel, Soca and Dancehall FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: Ox Tail soup at savannah food court or maybe Buzo. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: Nope THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: It involves a jetty, a boat and a rocky coast, tourist attraction and public transportation (lol). WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: In low valleys and on high mountain peaks. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: Failures, encouragement and accomplishments HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: Muscle confusion, food and nutrition, sex education and relaxation 5 THINGS U CANT LIVE WITHOUT: • God • Food • Healthy Sex • Shelter • Money

model mania

Name: Candice Beckles Age: 20 Hometown: Chaguanas Hobbies: reading Career: Flight Attendant Candy has been enamored with all things modeling for some time, but like most Trinis actually started modeling late. She has two years of modeling experience under her belt, but she has caught the eye of

some top-notch photographers including Kerron Riley and Jermaine Hamilton. Beckles is a very fashion forward individual with confidence just oozing out of her pores. You can tell she is a model by looking at her walk the streets which makes it harder to digest that she hasn’t done more work. Candy’s traveling experiences have opened her up to a world of

12 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Photos by J. Hamilton and Keron Riley

Candice Beckles

fashion and of all she has seen and worn she admits that her favourite designer is Moschino. In order to maintain the sleek figure needed to stand out in her designer garb, she says she is an avid believer in squats. This easy going girl likes to take her days lightly, though she confesses to being put off by guys with hairy chests and backs. Go figure!


Top 5 Beauty Looks


rends come and go, but true beauty is timeless. Be that as it may, a little help is always welcome. If you are thinking of enhancing your image with makeup these are just a few of the looks that will be dominating the streets this season.

Ravishing red lips form part of a look that will never die.

Pale pink lips help to create a flawless finish on this nude look.

This look is all about attitude. Bold black lipstick takes this look to the next level.

Rich and earthy tones dominate this smooth Nubian look.

Colourful, creative and fun. This does not seem practical until you are daring and pull it off.

14 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

The 10 sexiest Players of the 2014 World Cup



he World Cup may be over, but the memories live on. For the girls who tuned in for reasons other than the actual games, we’ve got your back. Here’s a reminder of why you secretly stared.

Alexandr Kerzhakov – Nuff girls said they wanted to rush this Russian.

Diego Lugano: We were shocked to hear of the Uruguayan’s inclusion, but something about him works.

Cristiano Ronaldo – The pride of Portugal… Need we say more?

Olivier Giroud – The Frenchman went into the Cup fresh out of a sex scandal. We don’t blame the chick.

Kevin Prince Boateng – He’s happily married, but girls still want to be Prince’s Ghanaian princess. •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 15


Sergio Ramos – The sexy Spanish defender with bull fighting in his blood.

Sergio Aguero – This Argentine has a boyish cuteness that suits some women fine.

Neymar Jr – The hometown Hero you would love to take advantage of.

James Rodriguez – This Colombian looks young, but he knows how to score. 16 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

James Troisi – Yes Ladies… This Aussie loves it down under.


best of hot seat HOT



biggest gangsters. They can do what they want.They control everything and feel they know what is best for the country, but still can’t begin to solve the problem.

wine!!! Trini’s are DANGEROUS when it comes to dat! (LOL) but who knows? One day I may pluck up the courage LOL.

what I like and stuff, sometimes he brings some things and I be like “hell no!” because it’s not me, but mostly we work out stuff.

or this edition of ET&T’s Hot Seat we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane for some of our standout Hot Seat moments. Some we’ve put for the questions and others for the answers.

ET&T: Has a girl ever approached you and confessed her love? Heidi Walcott: LOL… yes….I must admit I have gotten approached by girls here, but abroad is different. Here, they will come and talk to you and I’ll just be like “Hi…no I have a boyfriend” not in the States; they don’t take a hint, they don’t stop. I remember once this girl approached me and asked if I wanted a drink so I smiled and said “no,” but she kept on coming at me for the entire night, even though my boyfriend was there. It was kind of intimidating.

ET&T: On stage at the Kartel and Bounty Killa event in 2009, you said the government’s the biggest mafia. Do you care to expand? KMC: Yes, yes, yes… They’re the

ET&T: With all the songs you would have recorded and released over the year, are there any songs that you look back and make you think “way boy, what made me decide to release this song?” In other words, if you fine de song was “tooz.” Kerwin Dubois: LOL!! Just one song boy. That was a song me and farmer did. Believe it or not, it was a fast song, a song named “Shut Down.” Well boy, hmmm, did that get shut down. As a matter of fact, ah man walked up to me… Kernel walked up to me and said “that song with you and Farmer is s**t” he does just keep it real like that.

ET&T: What do you usually do during the Carnival season? Nehilet Blackman: From childhood, people used to come by us in Piparo and camp out and that never really changed, I still do that. (You’ve never seen mas? Gasp!) LOL! Actually one year I did to into the city because everyone said you don’t know till you try, and well… uh no opinion change.

ET&T: You ever wrote a song for someone who you felt didn’t carry it well on stage? Kerwin Dubois: Yeah, and you know who it is. It’s been three years in a row. ET&T: Have you ever cheated while in a relationship? Whitney Husbands: [Long pause] Yes I did, but the person cheated on me… I know that’s not the way to solve anything. Don’t judge me. ET&T: Ever did Trinidad Carnival? If not… WHY NOT GIRL? Tessanne Chin: No I haven’t because I’m afraid of di trini

ET&T: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you? Devon Matthews: I drank a Suppligen and ate a doubles on my way home. You do the math. I ended up stopping by Pro Sports Bar and went in the Ladies Room (laugh). I didn’t even notice until I walked out and girls were waiting by the door (laughs).

ET&T: Who’s your wardrobe manager? Umm cause sometimes… we jus’ dunno… Patrice Roberts: LOL. I have a stylist Yosiah and we discuss •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 17


atrons seeking enlightenment and spiritual rest sought P the serene backdrop of the beach for their party experience. Nirvana was the apt title for the event which drew


a decent crowd to party from day into evening. Ironically, this was no snooze-fest. The party was jumping at some points and left little time for rest. However, it seemed as though that was what the patrons all wanted. Peep the pics.

Enjoying the ambience

Woman fuh so

Biceps never looked bigger in pink

Patriotic prettiness

They had a time

Class is class

Posing with sips


Why not?

Colourfully clad and cute


How dare he photo bomb them? •

Getting the best out of black

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 19



ith all the competition around, there are very few boatride party W events that are as populated and vibe-filled as the recent incarnation of YES. The promoters got it right with this Harbour Master shindig as

there were celebrity sightings, good music, shots and more. ET&T didn’t pass up on the chance to cover this soiree and if you doubt how good it was, peep the gallery on our Facebook page. Here is a sneak peek for you hardcopy lovers.

Friends share a photo

Three’s company

Fresh in fatigues

Where is the rest of those pants missy?

A simple, but effective pair

Well dayum Britney

20 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Take win for flawless skin

Illuminati swag with the vest

Boat ride regulars

Bout that fun life

Quality on board

They took no prisoners


Stamp of approval


Pure High 5

et’s make something clear off the bat. Not to L discredit our own talented photography staff, but these photos do not do this epic party jus-

tice. The Anchorage came alive for the fifth installment of an event which has constantly recreated the Las Vegas party atmosphere. Ultra-premium drinks flowed throughout the festivities and while there were some premium quality patrons, there was no stushness involved. Bring on part 6.

We’re not sure what’s going on here

We like Heineken too

All smiles

Pure beauty

Promotions just got better

Two reasons to have been present

Enjoying the pure experience

A good reason to have been present

Showing off her Colgate smile

Behold the fairy dress

Giving models a good name

22 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •


Cocktails in hand

All this pace and she sitting down?

Ladies in Red

She had pure fun

Just smiling and sipping

They chose the right party to attend

She thoroughly enjoyed herself

Pour it up

Not letting him get away

Purely fine •

Snuggled up

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 23


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Men In Heels 2

EVENTS EXTRA fter the first edition of Men In Heels, there was much A fanfare leading up to the second one. The competition was much more intense this time around as an ob-

stacle course was added to the mix. The Hot 93FM personalities made sure those who crammed around to see the action were well-entertained during the brief pauses in between races. The event featured a lot of great organizations who were all willing to put their best feet forward for charity. Here are some photos. •

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ometimes the stress becomes so great on our officers that we prefer to seek some form of respite from the hard work. We wish that instead of S having to put offenders through the court process we could just give them a stern talking to and get the desired results. If only it were that easy, we would simply put out a PSA saying EMU. For you folks who don’t understand internet ebonics… it means “Ease Mih Up!”

Whatever happens in Vegas stays there, but unfortunately this is not Nevada. This girl was at a Vegas-themed event dressed like some sort of runaway bride mascot. As hot as she is and as much as it played into the theme, it wasn’t necessary. EMU.

There are fashion crimes being committed in multiple places, but take a look to the guy to the left of the photo. He is rocking a jacket and jeans to a pool party. What made him stand out was the way he tucked his jeans into his socks. Mind you, he is wearing shoes – not sneakers – with white socks. Ease mih up nah.



Sexy Soca Warrior Carlos Edwards was sighted at pure 5

Hot 93 Presenters Patrick Anthony Alexis and Jus Jase seen at Men In Heels 2

Dancer Pablo and athlete Darrel Brown share a photo at YES! •

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celeb profile

Iggy Azalea

Name: Amethyst Amelia Kelly Age: 24 (7 June 1990) Occupation: Rapper, model. Claim to Fame: Iggy Azalea has been making waves in the music industry with her tough girl attitude, hip-hop glamour look (retro hair, Snow White-

esque skin and tattoos) and rapping prowess. She's been working at it for years, but 2014 is proving to be her biggest year yet — she's just released her debut album, The New Classic, and guess what? It's soaring the charts. Not bad for a girl from subtropical

Australia who only went to the US in 2006. She is riding the wave of her number one single Fancy, but before that she was the first international and female rapper to make XXL's annual Top 10 Fresh-


Movie Mix W hile the megabudget blockbusters continue to do their thing, there are a couple of smaller budget films that should not be overlooked. Take these two films for instance. The first is a comedy, while the other should have you on the edge of your seat.

Dale, Kurt and Nick decide to start their own business but things don't go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme.

Horrible Bosses 2 Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day return for more employee revenge in this followup to the 2011 comedy. Once again Seth Gordon directs from a script by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. In it, 28 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Aftermath The devastating horror of a nuclear apocalypse is now reality and nine desperate strangers find themselves clinging to life in a farmhouse cellar, while radioactive fallout descends on the darkened world above. These wouldbe survivors face the nightmare of dwindling supplies, poisonous air and the greatest threat of all - the hordes of zombielike refugees who want in. With each dying day, their choice becomes clearer - stay and let the makeshift shelter become their tomb or face the unknown.

man list and later appeared at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards Rap Cypher. In 2011, she signed to Interscope Records and her biggest xo-sign came from Southern great T.I. who produced her New Classic album.

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ET&T Vol. 8 July Issue 2 2014  

In this issue: 10 Sexiest Men of World Cup 2014 5 Fabulous Beauty Looks Inside Candy Hopes to be #1 Find out his 4 favorite things

ET&T Vol. 8 July Issue 2 2014  

In this issue: 10 Sexiest Men of World Cup 2014 5 Fabulous Beauty Looks Inside Candy Hopes to be #1 Find out his 4 favorite things