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Avionne Opens Up On Fashion Sense Busy-Bodied Beauty Queen Avionne Mark Speaks on Style and More!!!

012 Miss T&T Universe Avionne Mark is one of the hardest working former pageant winners in the country. The extremely driven Champs Fleur native is still a fixture at many a photo-shoot for the region’s best designers and photographers. Mark also spends a large quantity of time doing volunteer work across the country for different charities; all the while preparing to embark on the next stage of her education (she starts her MBA next month). Not to mention, she is an active member and brand ambassador for fairly new mas band Passion Carnival as well as an ambassador for Du Jour Hair Extensions. While that may constitute a full plate for some, the beauty has also dedicated her time and talent to training potential pageant competitors on what it takes to be successful in the field. Everything from runway walking to talking and comport is taught to her students in what Mark calls a

trial run for something she plans to eventually turn to a business. Despite all she is involved in, the belle has neither lost her penchant for beauty nor her style savvy. She continues to effortlessly astound at public appearances and she gave ET&T the skinny on her style philosophy. When it came to her style secrets she shared: “Whatever I wear must exude a bit of class. I’m into chic clothing. However, I’m not afraid to wear flats or a vest and jeans. It’s all about being comfortable and classy.” Avionne also touch on h beauty regimen which she confesses is a simple one. “I tend to use mostly Revlon products because they really suit my skin-type. Also, I make sure clean off all the makeup from my face before bed. Keeping my face clean

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she continues to develop both herself and those she has recently invested time in. Keep following us to find out her next move or follow her on Facebook at Avionne Mark - Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2012. keeps me from getting pimples.” ET&T won’t be surprised to see Mark make a triumphant return into the limelight again as

Photography by Garth Williams, Hair by Teion Sealey, Makeup by Jaumark Pierre

Tiffany Sets Sights On Miss WorlD After Asian pageant experience, former Elite model finalist seeks further success


wenty-one year old Maraval native Tiffany Hunte recently returned from Seoul where she participated in the Miss Asia Pacific Super Talent Pageant. The former Elite Top Model Finalist enjoyed a successful spell in Korea where she advanced to the finals of the competition and she believes the eye-opening experience is merely a stepping stone to fulfilling her future goals. “I was focused on my goals before the pageant. After experiencing diverse cultures and attending numerous sessions for career building as well as marketing conferences, it definitely made me more determined to accomplish all of my short and long term goals,” said Hunte. These goals include furthering her course of study in Graphics Design before embarking on other studies which will

enable her to fulfill her passion for Graphics Architecture. Tiffany also plans to continue competing in pageants with the next miss T&T World Pageant being her chosen arena. Hunte believes there is a high possibility of success for her in that particular pageant as she

constantly speaks and envisions it into existence. She said her previous experiences have contributed to the feeling that she will make it as they were learning experiences that ultimately changed her for the better. “I felt different when I returned home. It was definitely one step further in the

right direction” she posited. In the meantime, the young model continues to develop her portfolio as she works with designers on private shoots. Some of the photographers she has worked with in this regard are Gary Jordan, Kerron Reilly, Russell Butch and Calvin French. Hunte is also doing the requisite stuff needed to keep in shape until she enters the Miss World fray. “I don’t really believe in dieting, but I eat a bit of everything in moderation.” She also admits to working out and keeping active via her hobbies of swimming, lawn tennis and gardening. ET&T will continue to monitor Tiffany’s progress as she seeks to put Trinidad and Tobago on the world beauty and talent map again. •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T


Local Celebs Speak On Fitness PART II News Fellas Rocking the Bodies of Winners! Written by Aba Luke


hile taking selfies of his rock hard abs may not be his thing, one of T&T’s hardest working entertainers is not afraid to admit that his favourite body part is his chest. Shurwayne Winchester’s been viewed by many women as the soca artiste with the hottest bod, for years. He maintains his sculpted physique and says he really doesn’t dwell on his physical appearance, but basks in the fact that he generally lives a healthy lifestyle. Outfitted with a pool in his back yard, the artiste who hones his craft at his own SW Limited studios in Arima, told ET&T that he enjoys swimming but hates the treadmill. “It reminds me of a hamster stuck in a cage,” he said, almost annoyed. Nevertheless, the Tobago boy says he runs often and opts for spaces in Arima and Port-of-Spain when he has to. “I do Chancellor Hill, the Savannah and Arima,” he said. With several carnival bands having already announced band launch dates, Shurwayne’s getting his body in shape for what’s to come. He says he’s been getting requests for music sets that include a lot of high-energy songs and in a bid to always please his clients and his audiences, Shurwayne’s working on building his energy levels. “These days, it’s all about building energy and I’m also working on my legs more. When it comes to eating, my metabolism is really high so I don’t have much of a problem there but generally, I don’t eat junk food and I try to avoid too much bread,” he explained. And while it may sound strange to some, it’s a fact that this Trini soca star does not smoke or drink alcohol in abundance. “I’ll drink a glass of red wine on occasion, but I’m not a drinker,” he admitted. All of this, he says, aids in his overall sense of wellbeing. “It’s a lifestyle. And while it’s nice to know that people admire how I look, for me, the accomplishment is knowing that I’m healthy.”


ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Entertainment personality Mr. Smooth shows off improving physique

Shurwayne on stage with Iwer

On the flip side, the Make Up Or Break Up man, Mr. Smooth of Boomchampions 94.1FM is happy to simply look good when he glances in the mirror. He says the politically correct answer for many people would be, “it’s a lifestyle… it’s about being healthy,” but for him, it was about toning up his body so he could feel confident about the way he looked. As an entertainment personality, Smooth who is brand ambassador for several top companies, is always in the public eye. Even when he’s on radio, fans can see him online, so he says he works hard on ensuring that his body is in the best form. “I wanted to tone up my legs, arms, abs and chest so I started the gym life seriously about a year ago,” he explained, adding that it’s a hard commitment to maintain. “The thing is when you’re in the gym, you can’t eat certain things and it’s very tempting when you’re out with friends and they’re eating things you shouldn’t be eating, like fried foods and rice or flour,” he said with a sigh. He however admitted that he’s had a bit of a rough journey throughout the past year as he’s been unable to go cold turkey when it comes to his beloved Coca-Cola. “I just love Coke,” he said with hint of guilt. Smooth says he really doesn’t want a big stomach and so he works arduously on this area that’s considered a problem for many people. “I do a lot of work on my abs and although I hate doing legs, I work hard on them because I see too many top heavy people in the gym and I don’t want to look like that. Not like Johnny Bravo,” he said with a laugh. Smooth says he generally wants to maintain a lean body and he wants to feel good everyday. “One of the reasons I started the gym as well was the fact that I used to sleep late and I wanted my body to be energized all day. When you get up early and exercise, your body gets a burst of energy all day,” he admitted.

Local News T

he Lexo TV team has been extremely busy in recent times and with good reason. Lots of big things have been happening for the outfit behind the extremely popular Santana series. They recently signed a nonexclusive distribution deal with Fullscreen to market its content outside of its You Tube Channel. This agreement allows Fullscreen to distribute Lexo’s videos with digital outlets such as Roku and other popular on-line platforms. Fullscreen is a global network of content creators and brands on YouTube. As the largest independent YouTube network, Fullscreen equips content creators and brands with technology tools, premium services and strategic consultation for audience development and innovative brand solutions on YouTube. Lexo also opened up its doors to include children’s programming. Lexo head, Roger Alexis

Santana Brand Continues To Grow Internationally Shorts being filmed abroad while Lexo Kids TV launches Roger Alexis with Santana the puppet

spoke exclusively with ET&T where he expanded on the new kids programming initiative. “Fundamentally puppets are used for entertaining children. We were able to use puppets successfully in an adult demographic. However, parents have been asking us to do something for the kids in the absence of consistent local kids programing. Also, the Film Company had a call for that sort of content. I applied and got through so I am getting a bit of funding from

the Film Company for the project. We took the popular Leroy character and cleaned him up a bit and shot some shorts. That’s how the kids station was born.” Alexis also spoke on Santana’s drive to break into the international market. A Santana short was recently shot in Orlando and one will be shot in New York in August. “It is part of a campaign to spread the brand in territories with a high concentration of West Indians. Santana was a massive success regionally so we did shoots in Barbados, St.

Kitts and more. Now we hope to infiltrate a larger diaspora.” He also touched on the I’m Santana 2 movie project which he promised is being worked on assiduously. Alexis shared that he is trying to incorporate a few celebrities into his shorts in order to build anticipation for the film. Of the film itself, he is hopeful that he can get a few celebrities involved as well. Recently, the original I’m Santana: The Movie was officially released in full length via YouTube.

World Cup Fever Changes Entertainment Landscape


hile 2014 will be remembered for a lot of things, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable events that took place this year. This is the biggest global event for sports enthusiasts and by extension it has changed the entertainment landscapes of several countries including Trinidad and Tobago. World Cup fever has spread far beyond the football fields and home TV screens. Local party promoters have even tried to cash in on the hype by hosting a slew of Brazilian – themed events, with Samba style music and more. Popular Cascade club Fuzion hosted a football flavored event on its most popular night for “Boom Thursdays” where patrons were urged to wear their favourite team jerseys in a show of support. This offered a more relaxed party environment with4

J-Lo, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte pre World Cup performance

out the regular strict dress code that has seen boatrides draw much of the club faithful. Speaking of jerseys, soccer merchandise has been a top seller in the past couple weeks with football jersey sales eclipsing any other period within the last

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

four years. Well known clothing outlet Francis Fashions has had to restock shelves on several occasions for international football uniform merchandise with the most popular sellers being Spain, Argentina and Germany t-shirts.

While parties still continue to take place as planned, the numbers of attendees has actually dwindled a bit over the world cup period especially for daytime events. Many have admitted that they prefer to stay at home and host football limes or go to the nearest sports bar where they can follow the game and enjoy good drinks and atmosphere. In fact, groceries and sports bars alike have admitted that alcohol sales (especially beer) rose by up to 600 percent in some cases. Even the radio landscape has changed with almost 75 percent of the ads played using a World Cup or football reference. The music itself reflects soccer fever as opposed to soca fever with Shakira’s ‘La La La’ and Pitbull’s World Cup theme song ‘We Are One’ getting the most spins on urban radio since the first kickoff.



aribbean menswear label Millhouse presents “a perfect combination of ‘Caribbean chic’ meets Savile Row” Millhouse brought the Caribbean to Savile Row in a private menswear presentation on Sunday, June 15, 2014 at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in London. The presentation, ‘Intersection: The Caribbean Meets Savile Row’, marked the re-launch of Milllhouse after a hiatus to pursue technical capacity development, which was aptly pursued in London. Intersection explored the recent journey of the Caribbean based and Savile Row trained label. The brand’s leads Coline Baptiste Mills and Gregory Mills stated, “intersection is a visual reflection of who we are, what we have become and where we a heading.” The presentation took the form of a static showcase featuring 12 looks – all footed by luxury shoe brand Mr Hare. Imagine... colour rebellion meets refinement, tropical casual meets sartorial splendour, and Caribbean ease meets British dandy, those were the key characterisations of the brand’s presentation. Com-

Photo from GCaribbean London Acubien shoot

Photos courtesy Anesta Broad Photography

menting on the presentation Erica Wong of Conde Naste lauded the designer’s craftsmanship and abilities to be on-trend yet unique. She remarked, “I love the quality of the tailoring and the infusion of colour—it evokes a tropical vibe.” The re-launch presentation was facilitated by GCaribbean Magazine in partnership with ACU|BIEN and supported by the Ministry of Tourism. Millhouse is a menswear label founded in 1997, the brand has come to be known for its penchant for organic/natural fibres and clean tailored line of male apparel in two divisions, ready-towear and bespoke tailoring. Millhouse’s aim is to bring the Caribbean aesthetic to the world stage in a sophisticated way. The label is owned and operated by Coline Baptiste-Mills and Gregory Mills. Mrs. Baptiste-Mills is the Chief Creative Officer and holder a Master of Arts in Fashion Retail from the University of the Arts, London College of Fashion. Mr. Mills is Millhouse’s Chief Tailoring Officer and a graduate of the prestigious Savile Row Academy, London.

Big Win For Anslem Douglas At Black Canadian Awards


nslem Douglas, songwriter of the internationallyacclaimed and Grammy Awardwinning hit “Who Let The Dogs Out?,” has won the Black Canadian Award over five other nominees Ammoye, Jahsmin Daley, Shalli, Soca Emperor and Ms. Paige for Best Caribbean Style Artist. The awards, which took place in front of a large crowd at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in June is the first of its kind in Canada and was jam-packed with the highest quality of entertainment. Not just a music awards show, the program included many honorees from all walks of life in the Black community in Canada, including fashion and business. 6

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Anslem performed his 2000 massive internationallyacclaimed hit and Grammy Award-winning single “Who Let The Dogs Out?”. The song was made famous by the Baha Men, but was written and recorded two years before, in the very exciting and traditional soca style by the Trinidadian-born and now Toronto-based singer-songwriter. Also nominated for an award was Queen of Bacchanal, Destra Garcia. The Black Canadian Awards ceremony is an event that reflects a commitment to showcasing and celebrating achievements of Black Canadian professionals, artists, trailblazers and leaders within the community.

regional news

New Kartel album set for release in June A Reggae album by incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel will be released in early June, according to reports Saturday, marking the first compilation by the deejay since being convicted of murder in March. The 14-track album, Reggae Love Songs and Other Things, is produced by Short Boss Musik, the label founded by Kartel’s common-law wife, Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson. It

will feature a number of songs released since Kartel’s conviction under his Addi Innocent moniker, including Crashing Head On, Can’t Call This a Love Song, Miami Vice Episode, Downtown Kingston, My Love My Love and Love Mummy, featuring PG13, a group comprised of Kartel’s sons, Little Vybz and Little Addi. Reggae Love Songs and Other Things also showcases production from TJ Records, So Unique Records and Bigga DonDon. The album largely showcases songs speaking on social issues, love and other topics. A release from Short Boss Musik says that despite Vybz Kartel’s situation, his music will forever live on, saying, “music cannot be imprisoned.”

says it was inspired by a previous Beenie Man hit. "He had this great idea to remake Who Am I (Sim Simma). So he [Pharrell] goes, '(Sim simma) Beenie Man, ah dem girls dem sugar / Sim simma the girls dem world class lover,' and that's how it was put together. And we got a Grammy Award for it. It was a great thing, and then we put Mya on the track and the rest was history," Beenie Man related.

Pharrell Behind Girls Dem Sugar Success Beenie Man credits prolific hit maker Pharrell as creating the idea for his 2000 hit song, Girls Dem Sugar, which was done with American singer Mya. The Grammy-winning deejay told BET. com that Pharrell was a member of hot production team The Neptunes at the time. He

WORLD News Beyoncé gave the huge donation to Embrace Innovations - a charitable organization that has designed and now distributes an ingenious infant warmer for babies born in poverty. The baby warmer is a low-cost alternative to an incubator that looks like a tiny sleeping bag.

Justin Bieber Hints at Selena Gomez Reunion with Instagram Picture

Beyonce donates $125K to help fund life-saving invention for newborn babies She is famous for her big voice but singer Beyoncé showed that she's also got a big heart when she recently donated $125,000 to help save the lives of premature babies in developing countries. 8

ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Justin Bieber has recently posted a mysterious black-and-white picture of him and Selena Gomez on Instagram, but unfortunately he deleted it shortly afterward. The 20-year-old singer sent Jelena lovers into frenzy when he captioned the picture with, "Our love is unconditional." The posting hinted at a possible Justin and Selena reunion. The picture shows Justin being cradled by Selena in her arms, while she looks at the camera. Although Justin's face is not shown, everyone will know it's him because of the tattoo on his neck. Back in April, the 20-year-old singer unveiled the tattoo on the right side of his neck with the word "Patience". Previously, the Canadian singer-songwriter posted a picture of Selena which was taken

when she attended Vanity Fair after-party in West Hollywood in March, captioning with, "Most elegant princess in the world." There is still no comment from Justin about his relationship with Selena. His representative also declines to comment on his personal life. Justin has lately been spotted hanging out with other female celebrities.



NAME: Reon Augustus AGE: 28 HEIGHT: 5’9 WEIGHT: 170.5lbs CAREER: Information System Support Technician BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxer Briefs FAVOURITE SCENT: Vintage Black, Kenneth Cole

FAVOURITE THING: Technology. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: Sweet, funny, helpful, caring, alluring, thoughtful, fun to be with and a pretty face to capture my attention, but a beautiful mind to hold it. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Yes. YOUR HERO: My mother the woman who raised me, watched me grow, provided for me and supported me. Thank you mama!! FAVOURITE FOOD: Macaroni pie, baked chicken, stuffed potatoes and fresh salad. THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Being REAL letting

me see the “imperfect” parts of you, that’s when I can really open up to you and get close. Why? Because you’re allowing me to see that you’re human, just like me! It intrigues me, it makes me want to know more, and, above all, it makes me feel SAFE enough to show you my not-so-perfect parts. YOU’D NEVER DO: I would never Question GOD. WHAT ABOUT PETS: I love dogs especially. THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: To fulfill my purpose on earth. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Sizzla. FAVOURITE MUSIC: Soca &

Reggae. FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: Crews Inn Light House Restaurant. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: Yes. I am not perfect, but that was in my high school days. THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: Hmm… I don’t think I should say on this platform. WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: My neck. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: Knowing that nothing worth having comes easy. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: Sex, weights & protein shakes. Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics


model mania Name: Shannon Hutchinson Age: 31 Hometown: Port of Spain Career: Airline pilot / Artist Sleek, sexy and stylish, Shannon finds it hard identifying with the label model even though her catalogue is more extensive than the majority of Trinbagonians calling themselves models these days. She admits to modeling on and off since childhood and being a Carnival queen at the tender age of 4. Since then she has done a fair bit of catwalk and editorial work in Trinidad, as well as Canada, Italy and Qatar. While Hutchinson says she enjoys shoots and backstage at fashion events, she says it requires quite a bit of balancing between her career as an artist and pilot. A generally cheerful person, she hesitates to list her pet peeves. However, there is no shortage of likes. Of her favourite designers she said “when I lived in Qatar I'd frequent Dior Locally, Meiling has done some lovely pieces for me, and it would be remiss of me not to mention Gerald Hart, who has always come up with spectacular designs for the section leader costumes he has put me in for carnival over the years.” Shannon also spoke highly of the photographers she worked with locally such as Butch Limchoy, Ker-

Shannon Hutchinson

ron Riley, Roger Jackson, James O'Connor and Gary Jordan. Her work has led to ad placements for Caribbean Airlines, Angostura and House of Jaipur. Even though modeling is not her premier passion, Shannon does take care of her body like a supermodel should. Her favourite feel sexy tips are a good night's sleep, a good workout and drinking lots of water. “There is nothing sexier than being healthy. It also doesn't hurt to never leave home without a lick of mascara and lip gloss” she opined. The beauty also works out 6 days a week and has a healthy diet year-round. That should come in handy as she plans to compete in this month’s TTBBF (Trinidad and Tobago Body Building Federation) competition in the bikini fitness class. Don’t underestimate her either. She also climbed and summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics

12 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

feature W

Are You Vain Enough?

hat’s really wrong with being vain? Nothing! In fact, without it you probably won’t succeed in getting the body you want. If you want to develop your ideal physique, you need to be vain. This is a point which causes a lot of people some discomfort. Many feel guilty about spending so much time and effort on the way they look. They’re terrified other people will condemn them for such an awful sin. But to paraphrase a line from Michael Douglas in the movie Wall Street, Vanity is Good! Although the word “vain” has taken on lots of negative connotations, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it. If taking an interest in yourself and in your appearance is vanity, then so be it. What a backward world we live in, where keeping your car or your house clean and attractive is praised as “being responsible” and having “pride of ownership,” but paying the same attention to your own body is condemned as being “vain.” (Oh, I see - it must be because you can buy another body, but you can’t buy another car. Yes, that must be it.) All too often, emotions like anger, fear and yes, vanity, are considered to be bad things; but when harnessed properly, they can all be incredibly motivating forces. Anger at being thrown off a “whites only” train prompted Gandhi to take up the fight against racial discrimination in South Africa, and later on the struggle for India’s freedom. And as any professional fighter or soldier knows, fear keeps you aware and alive. Anger and fear can be good things, so why should vanity be any different? The truth is that it isn’t any different. As long as you stay in control of your vanity and use it to push you to succeed then that’s a great thing. Let me make something clear though: I’m not talking about walking around with an attitude, or bullying people, or being rude or anything like that. There’s a big difference between being vain and being arrogant.

The other huge bonus of vanity is that it automatically forces you to take care of your health. This might seem like an odd thing to read in an article about exercise, but I’m not really interested in talking about health. Frankly, I find the whole topic of health to be very boring, and I switch off when I even hear the word. You see, what most people consider as “health” is pretty darn pedestrian and unglamorous. For most people, being healthy means little more than not being sick. Look at the newspapers or the television and you’ll see that most people are concerned about things like heart disease, blood pressure, aching joints, diabetes, asthma and stuff like that. To them, if you’re not

14 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

sick with any of these conditions then you’re “healthy.” Now, obviously I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be concerned about these illnesses; of course they should be. But the absence of illness really shouldn’t be considered anything special, or something to aspire to. If you’re going to put effort, time and money into exercising, don’t settle for being merely “healthy.” Make yourself extraordinary. Set your sights on having a perfect physique, like one of the Greek gods of ancient mythology for example. Yes, you’ll be getting stronger, healthier and more mobile from doing your training, but you should view all that as a side benefit. Last time I checked, no woman ever looked

at a man on the beach and said, “Oh wow, he’s got low cholesterol!” And I’m pretty sure no-one’s ever landed a modelling contract because they’ve got a healthy heart and arteries or good “core stability” either. To draw an analogy with money, I find most conversations about health - and, more recently, “wellness” - to be as boring as talking about mortgages and pensions. You need to view your training as something akin to winning the lottery or starting a business. It’s about the excitement, the rewards and, yes , it’s about the glamour too. Can you think of any good reasons why you shouldn’t have any of these things in your life? I certainly can’t.

Shania Shows Off Her Style Savvy



t James resident Shania Perez is only fifteen years of age, but she is already making waves as a stylist in the local fashion circuit. Her journey began at age 12 as a young model and she was so engulfed by the pieces she wore that she started putting pieces together herself. Some of the more established names in the industry have raved about the work of the home-schooled teen who also works part time at well-known fashion boutique 212. Now, Perez is ready to bring her talents to the masses, starting with a spread in ET&T magazine. Here is some of the stylist’s work. Enjoy!

Stylist Shania Perez Be bikini bad with a unique denim twist

Stylist: Shania Perez Photographer: Zacques Morrison Wardrobe: Fashion Chase and Zadora (In Collaboration with P.Noire Vou Agency) Models: Paige Bunsee, Kesha Bunsee and Nicki Taylor.

These bold beach looks will make you do a double take •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 15


Nothing says summer style like something sheer to accompany your beach wear

Be bold in black leather with a sheer skirt and gold accessories

Rock out in a leather jacket and pants with faux cheetah trim. The Bad ass biker boots, hat and sunglasses seal the deal.

16 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •



Anya Shares Career Insight Written by Daniela Nandlal


When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? I had been obsessed with all things style and fashion from a very young age but I never really thought I could do it for a living. Then at 25 years old, had the privilege of representing Trinidad and Tobago at Miss Universe 2008 and the franchise holder, Peter Elias, was willing to let me get involved in the design and styling of my pageant wardrobe. Alongside Peter and my now mentor, Meiling, I co-designed some of my pieces and I finally acknowledged that this was my passion and it was worth pursuing as a profession. What influenced you to enter Project Runway? By early 2011 I had experienced several challenges in my life almost back to back and had to spend some time remembering who I truly am deeper than all the events that had happened till then. I enrolled in a spiritual course in Utah that took me on a very powerful journey to my true self, and helped me learn how to love the real me. I think that I was then ready to take on a new adventure and I happened to see a tweet one day advertising that Project Runway applications were being accepted. So I decided I had nothing to lose by applying and just went for it. I never ever thought things would turn out this way. How did this opportunity enhance your career? Winning Project Runway opened doors and presented opportunities I could never have imagined. The exposure of my brand via this massive media platform has allowed me to reach a global audience that otherwise may not have ever known me or my line and this gives me tremendous leverage in the marketing and sale of my product. Who are some of your mentors? Meiling has been my mentor from the beginning of my career as a fashion designer. My mother, Michele Jodhan, has been my guide and mentor from day one till now. What advice would you give to those wishing to enter in the industry? Be true to your unique vision as a designer to ensure you produce an

authentic product that stands out in the market. Focus on your strongest skills and make those your primary selling point. Market to your core audience directly and allow your business to grow from there. Best career advice you received? My mantra is Risk being yourself FULLY. This has come from a range of influences and lessons from various people and events over the years. What’s is one piece of clothing every woman should own? Confidence is all any women should seek to have. Any piece of clothing looks fabulous once you have that. An ANYA caftan isn't a bad thing to own also :p You would have had your ups and downs. How do you deal with negative comments and disappointments? I can't say the negativity doesn't hurt me, I think that is natural. But I remember always that when people are hurtful towards others it’s generally because they are hurting within themselves and are projecting their pain outwards. So I try not to take such comments personally and I simultaneously pay attention to what I may have done to cause such pain in another person. There is always an opportunity to learn and become a better person through such disappointments. When was the last time you cried? Today. I value crying because the vulnerability of crying helps me grow closer to my true self every time it happens. Do you plan on having kids in the future? It would be an honour to have children. How do you network?

Generally by being out at events I think will expose me to like-minded people and/or people in the industry who may be able to assist with the growth of my business and my brand. Having a mentor or several who are well-positioned in the industry is an excellent way to meet people who can assist with the development of your business. In addition, I have found that my friends in the same industry and related industries have become some of my most successful partnerships over the years. Peerto-peer mentoring is also a really powerful method of networking and growing your brand. How would you describe your brands PILAR and Anya de Rogue? Pilar by Anya is an edgy, sexy, Caribbean meets urban brand designed for women who love expresses their individuality. Anya de Rogue is my experimental line that allows me the chance to design from an artist's perspective. Its first manifestation was as a lingerie line which was less for commercial output than it was for my personal expression. ANYA is a women's contemporary line of high end dresses, caftans and other items geared toward destination living. cANYAval is my newest brand that acts as an umbrella brand for Pilar by Anya, ANYA and a curation of Trinidadian and other Caribbean designers, forming a brand unto itself that represents that sexy and irresistible Caribbean energy through fashion. If you were to choose a celebrity endorsee for those brands, who would it be? Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Lupita Nyong'o, Mindy Kaling,

friends, brainstorming new ways to innovate through my business. Can you tell us about some of the projects you are currently working on? My current project is the launch of cANYAval in NYC, to be followed by a program of similar events in key North American cities. cANYAval: NYC is a concept-driven, Sunday rooftop party featuring fashion, sounds & vibes inspired by Trinidad Carnival and set against the urban skyline of downtown Manhattan. Showcasing my brand new capsule collection alongside collections by Trinidad's most established and hottest young designers, including MEILING, Keisha Als and 1ndividual, all curated by ANYA. The event will include a live fashion shoot, sounds by Trinidad's own, Jillionaire of Major Lazer, performance by Kes, live music inspired by Trinidad Carnival, grilled foods by the renowned NYC restaurant, Miss Lily's, and more. The driving force of this event is to encapsulate the irresistible vibe that is Trinidad Carnival, merged with the strength of my fashion brand, and reinterpreted to create a new Caribbean voice set against the urban glam of cityscapes such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami and London. I believe in the potential of Trinidadian and Caribbean fashion, music and lifestyle to capture the minds and hearts of new audiences all over the world and in the potential for cANYAval to be the vehicle to accomplish this.

What are some of the things that set you apart from the rest? I believe there is tremendous amount of creative talent coming from T&T however I think that my particular When you’re not designing, skill set is the ability to merge my what else can you be found fashion background and television doing? celebrity with an authentic and Reading, obsessing over magazines of extremely passionate expression of all kinds, watching basketball when my Caribbean upbringing, into a its the playoffs, drinking wine with commercial and very salable brand. • JULY, 2014 • ET&T 17

Audaz Eventz Exclusive Website Launch Party events vent management and décor services company Audaz Eventz is normally behind E the scenes making other people’s events successful. However, the Maracas-based entity organized an event of its own recently and showed those in attendance just how skilled

they are. The shindig was filled with artistic flair and unforgettable ambiance. ET&T was there for the website launch and we can attest that the experience was a great one. See more on Facebook.

Enjoying the premium drinks

Free makeup touch ups were available

I‘ll have one of those

Christian is always all smiles

Familiar friends of the fashion arts

Dressed for the occasion

A model is part of the live décor

Delivering the feature address

Wouldn’t mind being in his shoes

Model Soowan Bramble made an appearance •

Two style savvy ladies

Adding more beauty to the event

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 19


Red Run: World Cup Edition

ed 96.7FM has a large fan base thanks to great programming by DJ’s who are R always willing to engage with their audience on a personal level. Their annual sports and family day is an event where RED staff can really get up close and per-

sonal with fans. This year, the event took place at the Eddie Hart grounds for a football themed edition. While bragging rights was especially important, there was love and camaraderie shared by all involved. Here are some photos. For more, check us on Facebook or visit

OGUFU indeed

Like yuhself Zan

Feeling the fire already

5th Avenue on the inside

Ready to fly

Tim Tim in a happy place

Island swag

20 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Two fine fans

Repping the red team

So cute

Prints and more prints

Doh hold back the smile

Yes Hoppy… You


Spirit N Lime

cheeky play on words and a nice display A of skills contributed to this quaint, but far from quiet event at Shakers. Benedic-

tine monk Richard Jones had a mini concert where he featured his own stylistic blend of dance music in the event aptly named Spirit and Lime. By the way, you read correctly… a monk was behind the boards for much of the event as he took patrons through a host of original songs carded for his album. Here is a bit of what went down at that faithful Father’s Day fiesta.

At least one of them is impressed

Round table meeting

Happy with the proceedings

Enjoying a treat while they wait

Ready for action

Jones makes his entrance

Spreading the love

Clearly a Barca fan

22 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

Silently prepping for his appearance

Apparently ladies love Monks


Shorts and denim

ing’s Bay Chaguaramas was the venue for the epic parK ty experience known as Njoy. Free cocktails and free souvenirs greeted patrons upon entry and a great selec-

tion of music kept them entertained throughout. The fact that the event was on land meant longer hours than the usual boat ride parties people have become accustomed to. The fiesta was well enjoyed and ET&T looks forward to the follow up.

Shades of Aaliyah

Giving the ladies something to look at

Love the work they do

Thick is it


Showing her urban fashion sense

Printed pants are all the rage

Ohh YES!!!

Happy campers

1-1 is fun •

Party regulars pose

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 23


COCONUT UNSHELLED A delicious blend of natural coconut, passion fruit nectar and premium French spirits that offers superior mixability. Satisfy your customer’s taste for the islands with New Alizé COCO.

LIFE’S MORE COLORFUL WHEN YOU MIX IT UP. ™ Mix It Up Responsibly. | © 2012 Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY | Alizé COCO Liqueur 20% Alcohol by Volume |


EVENTS EXTRA ife can be stressful. From bad bosses to transportation woes and high food L prices, there is always something to make you feel like you need to take a break. The Prez-E-Dential Entertainment collective understands this and they

host their annual Getaway event just for this purpose. The party-style retreat took place at the scenic Salybia resort. ET&T was part of the fiesta and we have the photos of patrons winding down away from the cacophony of the city. Check them out. •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 25

Don’t Overdo

t is easy to overdo something when you like it. Just note that not everyIthing you like is right or worth overdoing. Here are some examples.

The right accessories can add the finishing touches to any outfit. However, the wrong accessories can completely take away from even the best wardrobe choices. This female wore a simple outfit and chose to accessorize with gold. The problem is she wore so many gold bangles and she mixed them with whatever other accessories she could find. Really? What do the pink bands have to do with anything? Sigh. Don’t overdo.

This is another example of someone going overboard with accessories. However, this girl really went overboard. The huge gold chains, bands and earrings are not stylish. It is more the type of ratchet style that makes people from certain areas fall into a certain stereotype. Just saying…



Orlando Octave, Rachel Price, Kernal Roberts and Devon Matthews form a star studded line up in this photo from Red Run

Radio veteran Tamara Williams in her team colours at Red Run 2014

Former model and TV personality Katrina G poses at Pure •

JULY, 2014 • ET&T 27

celeb profile

Mario Balotelli

Name: Mario Barwuah Balotelli Age: 23 (12 August 1990) Profession: Footballer Claim to fame: With all the hype surrounding the FIFA World Cup footballers don’t have to do much for extra press. However, media favourite Mario Balotelli attracted lots of attention less than a week before the tournament by proposing to his Belgian model

girlfriend Fanny Neguesha. He has always made the news for a host of non-footballing reasons and was once described by Jose Mourinho as unmanageable. However, there is no disputing his immense talent and the fact that he is one of the world’s best players. Mario was born to Ghanaian immigrants Thomas and Rose Barwuah in the Italian city of

Palermo, but health problems led to his parents contacting the social services and he was adopted by the Balotelli family at the age of three. He began playing soccer professionally when he was 15 years old with Lumezzane, and failed his trial run with FC Barcelona. That did not stop him as he was snapped up by Inter on a loan deal with an option to purchase in 2006. Balotelli often endured racial abuse during his time in Italy and soon made the switch to England

to play for Manchester City. He showed flashes of brilliance during his spell that was mired by indiscipline. Through it all he was still the Italian national team’s main striker during that period for the 2014 World Cup. Balotelli made a return to Italy to play for his dream club AC Milan last year. A few bouts of indiscipline aside, he had a successful term finishing with 14 goals. Despite that, he continues to be the subject of racist taunts by home and travelling supporters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder and his evil Foot Clan have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely outcast

brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Turtles must work with fearless reporter April O'Neil and her cameraman Vernon Fenwick to save the city and unravel Shredder's diabolical plan.


Coming Soon E xcitement galore is carded for August just before school reopens. If you are fans of action movies, then you will be pleased to know that these two films are coming soon.

Lucy From "La Femme Nikita" and "The Professional" to "The Fifth Element," writer/director Luc Besson has created some of the toughest, most memorable female action heroes in cinematic history. Now, Besson directs Scarlett Johansson in "Lucy," an actionthriller that tracks a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. 28 ET&T • JULY, 2014 •

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ET&T Vol. 8 July Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: Avionne Shares Style Secrets Sexy Shannon soars above the rest Learn his weak spot and more Hot new stylist shows off

ET&T Vol. 8 July Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: Avionne Shares Style Secrets Sexy Shannon soars above the rest Learn his weak spot and more Hot new stylist shows off